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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is true that when you fly from delhi and pakistan frees a captured indian pilots calling it a gesture of peace when command i've been on down bottom and walks across the border into india for a hero's welcome a whites and also on the program day long the battle with militants and efficiency is over first they bombed a hotel in the somali capital that according to police special forces surrounded and killed them all.
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i'm so going to welcome to the program pakistan has freed the indian pilot captured with his plane was shot down a pakistan administered kashmir indian air force as wing commander i've been and is now undergoing medical checks indian prime minister and the rendering and their entry modi tweeted the nation is proud of your exemplary courage pakistan says the release of the pilot who was captured on wednesday after each acting from zach raft was an effort to deescalate tensions between the nuclear neighbors. and hero's homecoming. wing commander done via time and walking across the border into india two days off to pakistan's side shot down his fighter jet over its territory. locals gathered in the day at the atari border crossing as anticipation mounted across the country ahead of the pilot's release. planetaria dozens am
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a yes no nike ever since i heard the pilot was captured by pakistan i've been praying for his return to india that's all i wanted damn anwar yeah i'm so happy now what he called yeah as a captive in pakistan i've been undone became the face of surging tensions between the rivals the disputed kashmir region once again edging the nuclear neighbors to the brink of war the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian troops were killed by pakistan based militants and. news of a benign duns release described as a gesture of peace by the pakistani prime minister was also welcomed in pakistan. on humanitarian grounds and under the geneva convention pakistan had to hand him over to india we did so quickly to show the world we respect human rights and. does
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hope now on both sides of the kashmir conflict that the pilots released will be enough to calm tensions. a welcome how was a wink about. welcome what was that like. well for india if we had to do it for being commando and then by the mons welcome to welcome him back into the country information was trickling in all the time from last evening five pm local time but pakistani prime minister cameron khan was to made his statement saying the pilots would be released late last evening while india had aust for the pilot to be flown back to new delhi pakistan confirmed that they would be sending the pilot back over the border and all day today there was actually a wait at the border two of the difficulties were collected there and he actually eventually came through five hours later than expected the reports are that this
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was because of documentary d.v.d.'s and procedural d.v.d.'s but of course when he did step across the border at about nine twenty pm local time a hero's welcome to him nonetheless and of course members of the indian armed forces were dead agree to much the border and many public figures and many on to the civilians in india reject him on social media and with dogs all across to it as well so definitely a long day for indians but one with which ended in their wanting manno and despite this gesture of peace from pakistan there is still shelling along this border between the two countries in kashmir that this line of control. well the term gesture of peace was what imran khan the prime minister of pakistan used but india is not seeing this as a gesture of peace india seeing it to stand abiding to the geneva convention and of course while this release off this pilot does deescalate the immediate tensions
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that have been building up over the last three weeks the fishmeal issue is far from resolved as you mentioned firing along the line of control which is the de facto line that divides india out in the me from pakistan administered kashmir does still continue today earlier this evening before military personnel were killed once again in another encounter in the cup lot of district of fishmeal so the valley is still fraught with tension tensions continue india alleges that pakistan is not doing enough to combat terror pakistan of course denies this so even the immediate tensions me have come down a solution is still far from say ok you but that this has been going on for decades now and they're still shooting at each other what do you think is going to happen next in this crisis. well phil it's hard to say at this point what exactly can be expected next also important to understand that there's a lot of political pressure on each side india is heading into
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a general election very soon and there was a lot of pressure on prime minister nuri and more the to act in an emphatic manner after the dead attack there was an expectation of a strike from india's and that was delivered however to step back from this war mongering sentiment all from this kind of boy perceived meant making would be politically and in advised move politically even today we heard from mr modi making grand statements in an election rallies so i it does seems very unlikely for these talks to start off maybe the next government whatever comes in might have a better solution at hand mr drives well in delhi thank you. police in somalia's capital mogadishu say the almost twenty four hour gun battle with extremists is over special forces are reported to have killed all of the al shabaab fighters who were besieging the you know who besieged in a building next to the hotel they bombed on thursday night causing the heavy
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casualties. and nights of chaos right in the center of mogadishu people flee for their lives just after an explosion in the busiest area of the somali capital the target. a luxury hotel in impoverished mogadishu house about his targeted before last night it was ablaze after a car bomb exploded at its gates. while i was driving in market mccotter mastery suddenly i saw a speeding luxury car heading towards a hotel and the explosion rocked the whole area. for residents of mogadishu it was a horrifying night. we're being told the man who made this video in judah ho not a fighting just a hundred meters from this apartment where he took shelter. and this was the same in the newly opened library mogadishu a symbol of hope for somalians who have endured so much violence for decades now it
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has been badly battered and so too has the confidence of somalians. i can't express in words how anxious and shocked i was. the fighting lasted through the day two it took nearly a whole day for the security forces to put an end to the militants attack and its aftermath locals returned to find the magic they filled with wreckage al-shabaab has repeatedly shown he can hit the center of mogadishu now after this latest violence somalians are again angry at the government which seems on the able to stop major attacks like this one from occurring. let's get more from journalist a fool is a below the line from mogadishu welcome what's the latest. well police in somalia have confirmed that they have secured the premises it's a group al-shabaab launch a complex attack on because they even in using two compounds before their fight is
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stormed. out of a nearby building along market strategic hold in downtown mogadishu that is most popular with government officials are going to remember the security personnel and the vast majority of mogadishu residents of the area has been secured right now security forces have cleared that the deadly have checked all those who remained behind them also killed the number of clinton even though there is no visual a comment from the somali government that the area has been secured are right now you speak to members of the media bob from reporting from the scene yesterday evening finally at around six pm in mogadishu time the government announced formally that this huge had ended that it killed all the militants who are holed up in most tall buildings and the area is now secure the big security challenge but they promise that they're going to walk more in the coming days to give
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a full report of. survival be able to cut out such a complex attack in the heart of the capital despite all the security measures. these al-shabaab attacks to keep happening as we heard in the report people agree with the government for allowing this to continue what's been the government response. well that's a very important question because one that issue has. the brunt of a devastating civil war then i. think it eleven pm so we're talking about thousands of lives that are going to last for one decade and samadhi a mouse is enough for the current administration in place that the president obama module has been in power for the last two years and one of the priorities of the government gave doing that election period what they're going to eliminate al shabaab strategy by two years next time frame was officially expired as of a category of the somali government is doing much yet to address the root causes of security and tackling shabaab we haven't see any major military. over the
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past two years that can experts can say is that someone is reaction to al shabaab we also know that there was a deadly attack on the fourteenth of walkabout in june seventeenth that killed six hundred people the deadliest so far the c.s.o. move that issue residents are on with the somali government for the fact that despite all the security measures will become put in place. to contain a militant group of a coward and just keep out of mogadishu for the a.t.'s of this year able to carry out such great an attack doing my can do it they are high and fertility recruiting government is a joke so this is the main concern for political residents and they're demanding regarding the latest. in rocket issues thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world turkey has refused to renew the work permits of two german journalists want to employ it by german state
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television the other by a newspaper turkish officials didn't provide any reason for the decision with eighty foreign correspondents there are currently waiting for work permits to be renewed. police and protesters have clashed in algeria's capital algeria's tens of thousands of demonstrators against the country's president and his bid for a foe for a fifth. president optimises who to flicka has been in power since one thousand nine hundred nine and is reportedly in full health. swedish climate activist a gratitude book has a joint strike from students in the german city of hamburg people from around the world have rallied behind these sixteen year olds fridays a future movement and walking out of class isn't one of them politicians it takes trying to action on climate change. and saudi arabia has stripped citizenship from the son of the late to al qaeda leader osama bin ladin the action against homs of bin ladin comes after the united states offered
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a million dollar reward for information about his whereabouts officials believe he's based near the afghan pakistani border and that's easy emerging as one of al qaeda is leaderless the islamist militant group brought down the world trade center in the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one. today's al qaeda is not stagnant it's rebuilding and it continues to threaten the united states and our allies in recent years the world's attention understandably has been focused on the isis threat al qaeda during this period has been relatively quiet but that is a strategic pause not a surrender make no mistake al qaeda retains both the capability and the intent to hit us. and tennis roger federer is just one win away from his one hundredth korea title he cruised past croatia's up for a college in the semifinal of the by championships winning in straight sets six two
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six two this first play could become only the second man to reach the one hundred mark after jimmy connors said it will reach the milestone on saturday if he if you beat stefan last subsists mr subsist beguile the fish in three sets to book his place in the fine. arts council time in many parts of the world here in germany celebrations have begun in cologne the brazilian city of rio de janeiro is gearing up for its world famous party which begins today with millions of people taking to the streets and cities putting the finishing touches to the russians before carnival parades and dancing up again. it's a reminder of our top story at this hour pakistan has freed the indian pilot captain when his plane was shot down over kashmir i just upsets the release of one command that there have been on down the bottom line is an effort to escalate recent tensions. coming up next all knotted up in business news by candidate gives
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the green light to the u.s. request to extradite a while way said chief financial officer she's charged and she's wanted on four charges in connection with her dealings in iraq. to tell the world to hit without story how to move off the days of business news. and i would have more world news on top of the offer of a good. earth . home to means of species. own words if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps googling two years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. like to use the country to turn it loose to green energy solutions and reforestation.


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