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i. bring to me. not everyone who walks books has to go and say. i don't think you literature list hundred german streets. but. there are a lot on there so if she waits but there are the first of all before you know what which one are the best well then bung up the t.v. hello and welcome to your own max i'm evelyn sharma and i'm glad you could join us later on we'll be showing you how seaweed can be turned into a delicious dessert but first here is what else we have lined up for you.
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miniature art on the tip of a pencil. and visits to europe i think music festival. but first we go to venice italy where people are celebrating one of the world's most beautiful carnivals a mosque like this one as a small part of a mcniff and costume which has a long tradition there so it's hard to believe that the most beautiful costumes for the venetian carnival come from germany horse track has already won first prize several times at the competition for best costume at venice and this year he is back with new ones. carnival in venice is both elegant i'm just curious. it's the highlight of the year for haas talks and
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johan schluter. hoodlums. in their hotel room the couple make sure they fragile costumes survive the trip on home and. they hope to win the official costume competition again this year have designed the costumes and then spend hours making them i would have a close beautiful one you ever made for me. because you know the main theme for me this year was the children of lights. that's being that's why i used a lot of lights including fiber optic lights. it all still in the small town of anna in north bay soon to me it often takes years for an idea to become a finished and selling. food
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which is where they're from. the other half welcome to our castle real life looks like something out of the eighteenth century but it's also my studio. what about some of. the judges in venice award points for creative design extensive detail and craftsmanship. i'm a creative person by nature and i'm at my best when i'm doing this i have to express all this creativity it just comes pouring out holes. that use them first to us in the venice competition ten years ago and won first place. they've taken the top spot another four times since then. is a goldsmith by profession he designs and makes the costumes in his spare time. one in every corner is the venice carnival after all. he pays close attention
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to the fabrics and the materials the plastic placemats is turned into headdress. the whole thing should look like a marie antoinette's her style but made of glass. i bought some of the materials at hardware stores and discount stores. simple stuff really. i think it's great that the whole product completion is done by one person. and i enjoy wearing these costumes because they're so beautiful. i'm back in venice the couple are just about to make their first public appearance with a new costumes.
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i'm excited and i'm curious to see what sort of reaction we get and if we can move around ok. the big good. the very first still presents a bit of a challenge. but it's not easy to walk around on the city streets. costume ways around ten kilos but the first reactions seem positive. because we're quite pleased but it's tough to get through alleys upstairs and across bridges headdresses pretty heavy and hard but now we know where the problems are and we can fix them. they ride in st mark's square this is where the costume competition will take place. there are
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positive reactions from the crowd to. the costume it's all so elaborate so carefully put together. i didn't so many people seem to be involved in it just just seen anything like it anywhere else it's amazing was there no good stuff like the was shot. but the highlight of the evening will come after sunset when the last cox costumes really come into that. and it seems they stand a good chance of winning the competition again this year. so what do you think of horse tracks costumes which will give him first prize you can vote on facebook for our next report you'll have to look very closely and fact you only need a magnifying class to see fit dice works of art because they're so tiny the
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russian artist is a big fan of game of thrones and we found out how the us t.v. series inspired a new miniature work of art. old purported six year old son of a the tips of pencils serve a totally new purpose instead of drawing with them the russian artist turns them into miniature works of art is wrong material is the graphite at their core. today he's carving out wolf from the famous us series game of thrones the don has a studio in his apartment in the russian city of he doesn't need much space to sculptures are tiny usually between two and five millimeters the work requires both concentration and position to. control my breathing and i literally work on the sculptures in between heartbeats under the microscope you can see how each heart beat moves the blade that's why this work feels like meditation to me.
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came of thrones often inspires the artist two years ago he dedicated a whole exhibition with thirty sculptures to the series now he's preparing the next one. the work of the show's artists and its costume and prop designers is inspiring and wonderful i'm a huge fan of the series from as a fan i like using the series and my work through to the. sullivan feed i have specialized almost entirely in pencil miniatures since twenty fourteen he buys his materials at an art supply store in town. with a pencil graphite is both mellow ball and hard that's why you can do a lot with it my dream is for graphite a grand surely to be taken as seriously as a material for sculpting as marble bronze or clay are for example leave me with.
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the dice pencils have gained him a lot of attention he's based near the ural mountains in a city with a population of more than a million but his many a tree you. vers is regularly on show at museums around the world and most of his clients aren't in russia they're in the u.s. australia and europe. don't miss him or want to go i think it bang it had an instagram account he would have been famous during his lifetime was a little slow on the internet is the decisive factor here when you it's not important or you are now where you live social networks can make you popular around the world. moves from your. cell about to die has more than seven hundred sixty thousand followers on instagram the making of videos for his sculptures are especially popular. i didn't come an artist right away after studying to become
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a lawyer he worked for more than two decades before. he's been making a living from heart since twenty fourteen. his miniatures sell for around a thousand euro each sculpture takes at least eight to twelve hours to complete but usually it takes several days and sometimes after hours and hours of work the pencil lead can split the last moment even after more than four hundred carved pencils the miniatures just keep drawing him back in. this tiny world is like its own universe to me and the more i magnify are the more interesting the structure of the material in the surface become for me it all looks totally different under the microscope and that's a challenge for me can i really manage to create even more detail on such a small object. cell of outfeed i has created a miniature universe with his pencil art and has carved out his own small niche in
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the international art world. now let's listen to this. can you guess what it is. that was music played on instruments made of ice sounds like those can be heard once a year at norway's ice music festival which has just taken place for the fourteenth time and this time of apartheid hendrik welling was there hendrick is constantly on the road for us to explore the most extreme and unusual places around the continent this time he chose europe's coolest music festival. the sound of ice. all the instruments here are made entirely of ice. this is europe's coolest man probably most remote music festival you're
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a max reporter hendrick belling has travelled to financier there are no roads or cars here just a railway station a few big asian gnomes and lots of ice and snow. is in southern norway and an altitude of one thousand two hundred twenty two meters it's about halfway between bergen and oslo. the village surrounded by glaciers ice and snow may seem like an unusual venue for a music festival last year temperatures dropped to minus twenty seven degrees celsius. the festival was the brainchild of terry east set in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he discovered the many kinds of sounds that ice can make quite by accident. i just fit in well with it with both the close it sounded so fantastic on the. it also looked really nice so i thought it would be really nice to have
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a fair through all word teen why they are so creative people. and see what they can do. with i thought snow and having only one rule they were on how to deal with eiffel still. there's certainly no shortage of ice here in december the first of all organizers begin sawing blocks of ice out of a frozen lake later there carved into instruments during the winter they use a total of nine tons of ice it has different qualities in different spots on the lake. there are several different types. it depends on how the water is self loathing when interested that's important for the sound is. clear and not too many air bubbles. i think we can.
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get some good sound for the instrument. it doesn't take the musicians long to make their instruments here to use working on what will become part of them i remember. the higher pitch. or so. levels. somehow you can make all kinds of instruments but i think the most interesting thing is to try to make. instruments that are not actually copies sold to existing instruments. and rick wants to try out this particular instrument kind of ice saxophone created by a norwegian jazz musician cuter than mr it was hard to make it's even harder to play.
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it's so hard it's so hard but at least once all i got one solid right is nothing could be thinner this is how it's supposed to sound. and there are a total of eight concerts in jeans and music fans come from around the world to see the. kind of like get to realize r.j. mouth to you and next to me it's really yes and you came all the way and they can always call me like two parties tested really. because i thought something amazing cried. the audience take their seats out son and it's cool to the concerts rarely last more than forty five minutes. whether percussion or wind instruments it's often the softer notes that the
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listener is like best. after three days or norway's ice music festival and rebelling heads back home but the harmonious sights and sounds of the countryside and the ice music remain with. the. you can find out more about hendrix europe to the max report if you go to youtube dot com slash t w your. take shares look like a real works of art but in fact their show nature taking place in the guy flocks of
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birds and their changing formation fascinate the spanish photographer chappie bull and his pictures give us a completely new take on the hidden beauty of births in flight. images that resemble a tornado taken over the letter valley in catalonia. letter a flock of airborne volunteers that live south of the peyronie's. they were captured by spanish photographer charlie. merely for. the fascinating look in the dark it's really beautiful if there were one of them there for them i was there now they're gathered to go into a circle or ocean and they come in there. to capture that motion tell the boat has to take dozens of exposures per second.
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plane then three and the third i wasn't trying to just ordinary pictures of voters who've all seen before you know i wanted to show another side of nature's beauty a beauty that's created by patterns of movement so they're more immune to. the results of his work resemble calligraphic out where that portrayed in flight. these passions are made back cormorants taking off. this is the flight path of the herring gull. and this the motion of full mass and confidence in iceland is. the form of fashion photography lives in barcelona he has devoted eighty years to his photo project titled only telegraphy from the greek word for birds and for writing. his first
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graph so worldwide. is that the word for the math of these patterns of always being invisible to us of a perception is limited to the moments of somebody else we see here is a few seconds compressed into was. single image what it is if you could see those seconds as a single moment. but so windows that's not possible except with this technology the former secret worm was well known. to create one image he meticulously cases hundreds of photos on top of one another. in rapid succession following the principle of the krona photograph the process developed in the mid nineteenth century to study motion sequences. in eight hundred seventy eight english photographer edward my bridge used it to show that a galloping horse actually leaves the ground for a few millisecond. individual beds can hardly be identified in charge of those
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images. look at the good that is going what's important is the pattern of the motion. so people see a d.n.a. strand a wire a computer graphics and that's what interests me. what do people see with a few an image like this for the first time look at that when the. window was a child pick up bird watching with his grandfather he's been fascinated with butts ever since and he doesn't have to travel far to five is motifs he says can be found everywhere for example in this park in barcelona. momento right on their own are surrounded by birds that are making kinds of different surrounds. but we're always so wrapped up in yourselves that we don't notice. but also people to people's curiosity so they look up for a change listen and enjoy this beauty even if you know if i was going out on their
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own in the belief without the three f. or. without of high speed photography it condenses time and makes the invisible visible. now algae are said to be one of the top food trends for two thousand and nineteen and while some people may not like the idea of eating fee wheat they might think again if they found some of the dishes prepared by star chef ed. taste of the sea please adorned with mussels edwin vink is cuisine is based on local maritime ingredients. a life without the sea a lot of. all of the projects is one picked by frank. today i think in his friend john krause are visiting the north sea coast in the netherlands. drink is the only person in this region who holds an official permit
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to harvest the algae. because some bills everything immediately. this is. a barrier see we were dry and i want is the right even more intense it's even more. they seem like like the sea. so this is really this is not my favorite but this is really great they're great if we figure put this creative skills to good use of this restaurant the crime of the guy look at it right near the shore so we started it with all the different kinds of seaweed. this is the rolls royce between the argus this is. when you make like something like oil or something from this there's like. we don't have struggles in the kitchen but this is my question. to the vinca prepares is cooked with salt water from the sea filtered and boiled of course to kill off any bacteria. to see
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what happens to. the water reduced the salt in the water is on the potato and then you have this salty potato. and so simple. the menu features mostly fish and shellfish and think you use a c.v. consider chefs would use vegetables. much easier see to see what so people come here to taste the seed to experience the sea when you walk around here you smell the see they want to have this on your plate. muscles are a favorite item on the menu because serves a bit twenty different varieties the pending season. will thing about it is they all have their own taste one of them sweet one of them has a bit of a sour so i would have all those different kinds of taste that we have that is
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bringing another extra dimension on the shelf. or like on the shelf see which but you have to taste them all before you know what which one are the best and then you have to test them out so i have to call them you have to bake them you have to make over it you have to eat it raw if you want so it was a long time. thinking has finally developed the sweet and salty desserts. roasts. and combines it with big chocolate mousse red bean paste and. this is reminds you of the wrong north sea coast this is sesame street just one block from your plant george smith's japanese. seven years running think this restaurant has been awarded two michelin stars for its creative combinations of unusual ingredients. it's very important that people come in here one day leave the
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table have to be fit you have to retire and we tried to do to make it as clear as possible that's healthy as possible so we don't know a sure winner in our dishes also like they're always sure we was honey we have our own bees in the garden so i would try to make our kitchen as light as possible and as healthy as possible because it's very important that when you think it has made a name for himself as a chef he prepares fresh nor seen greedy and served in innovative combinations. you can find more food topics and many of the reports on our facebook page and our website also don't forget our current job way you could win an exclusive a year max the rest good luck hope you can join us again next week until then take care and bye bye.
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this is the guy on the plane from things a bit beethoven brahms bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. today i want to find out what bon has to offer in connection with the legendary retold in the old style along the river rhine in a ballroom dating back to the great man's time. thirty minutes of double. digits all good.
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venezuela's broken health system. people who are seriously ill can't get medicine. doctors often go unpaid. people try to help each other but their efforts fall short . in israel a managing major humanitarian crisis. in seventy five minutes w. . much of it is a fairly. sure link to school africa more story link to exceptional stories and discussions. some of these eat and wear out with safety deputed comes much for joining us on facebook g w for guy.
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thing or did you tweet more years. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined a campaign for women's rights. for peace. they mobilize against the kind of song. or compulsory they are. their messages are spreading like wildfire but social media is quite critical as in the mountains are. not the streets for. women or changing the reading of. the digital. storage march. on g.w. .
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this is due to the news line from the space x. rocket and ahmed capsule blast off from florida into the night sky if the test flight goes well the private company will be one step closer to getting astronauts to mars also coming up. tens of thousands of algerians take to the straits calling for their president to step down dozens have been injured in the country's largest anti-government demonstrations since the arab spring. and most.


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