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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from a space x. rocket and an unmanned capsule blast off from florida if the test flight goes well the private company will be one step closer to getting astronauts to mars also coming up. tens of thousands of algerians take to the streets calling for their president to step down dozens have been injured in the country's biggest and
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anti-government demonstrations since the arab spring. and nigeria's climate warriors we made the youngsters taking the fight against pollution to the beaches of lagos. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the u.s. air aerospace company space x. has launched a rocket designed to carry astronauts to the international space station after blasting off from cape kennedy canaveral in florida it's two to reach the i assess on sunday where it'll stay for just under a week there's no one on board this flight but if it's successful we could certain say astronauts blasting off from u.s. soil for the first time in almost a decade. three to one here isn't.
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this rocket could soon bring manned spaceflight back to the united states for the first since twenty eleven for space x.'s finder this moment was a long time in the making. it's been seventeen years see at this point from two thousand here to now. and incredible amount of hard work and sacrifice from a lot of people after a program i'm. well emotionally exhausted. stressful . but it worked. this time the right the only old cuban told board to create dragon capsule is a dummy it's connected to sensors to monitor what a human would experience nasa plans to put two astronauts aboard leecher this year how do they feel about it. seemed like everything went smoothly all the way up until launch and so far so good so from our standpoint this is this is what you
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want to see you want to see the team hitting its stride. as we get ready to put people on these things. this test flight will measure the vessel's reliability i'm safety in real life conditions it paves the way for one of musk's long held ambition is for the future of space travel. we go back to the roots or that's the goal. we should have a base on the moon. permanently right here in paris on the moon and sent people to mars you know sort of posing on mars those were. a giant leap perhaps for now i must add nasa are a small step closer to sending ordinary people into space. now and some of the other stories making news around the world at least five civilians have been killed in violence in the disputed kashmir region between india and pakistan this comes less than one day after pakistan released a captured indian pilot in
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a so-called peace gesture the nuclear countries are embroiled in a heated standoff. canada says it will allow the u.s. extradition case against wild ways chief executive one job to proceed canadian authorities arrested the chinese technology companies see if last december at the request of washington man is wanted in the u.s. for allegedly conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran. in brazil rio de janeiro's world renowned con of all has officially opened the character leading the festivities known as king momo received the ceremonial key to the city at the summit drawn fourteen late summer schools will compete there for the top title around seven million people are said to participate in the festival which has been celebrated for more than four hundred years. the son of a former algerian prime minister has died during
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a mass protest against the current president in the capital algiers demonstrations have been taking place across the country against president abdelaziz the defeat but flicka since he announced his bid to run for a fifth term in office the demonstrations are the biggest anti-government uprising since the arab spring eight years ago the eighty one year old conflict has been in power since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but protesters say he's unfit to lead. it was the biggest turnout so far after a week of nationwide protests the demonstration in algiers started peacefully as thousands took to the streets after friday prayers. five by beautifully cut they chanted and peace peace large crowds also gathered in other cities. the protesters opposed president uphill as e's bouteflika standing for a fifth term in elections next month they say he is no longer fit to lead under fed
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up with his iron fisted rule the loaf oh it's simple we just want a change for our country we want a better arguing that all twenty years are enough here that he or she we do people here was protesting that it would really we want change and freedom. later in the day violence flared. the police used tear gas and food with protesters near the presidential palace one elderly man reportedly died after being caught up in a stampede. earlier prime minister ahmed while here issued this warning after demonstrators gave flowers to police. but we should recall. that in syria it also began with roses. food flicka who is eighty two is reportedly receiving medical treatment in geneva he suffered
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a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since authorities say the president does retain a firm grip on public affairs his opponents claim but flicka is too frail to lead the country they say algeria is being ruled by advisers in his name. and as the protests in algeria grow in strength they are being organized in large part on social media get out the reportage out great is here to tell us more shout how are people using their own line networks to rally and gain support we've been speaking to activists on the ground and what they've been telling us that the protests have been organized quite spontaneously through tools like facebook missin and what this means is that people are receiving chain messages in their personal facebook inbox from both people they know and people they don't know are in these messages contain instructions on where to go or to rally and we've got one of these messages to show you this was sent to us by an activist in algeria on the ground
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he's a screenshot of one of the messages to organize the protests which began a week ago as i said it's giving instructions the dyson the time and the location of where they're in this case the twenty second of february at nine am and it says here where hoping to bring forty million people to the streets it says avoid bringing flags that are not the algerian flag and bring musical instruments and whistles and so it can be happy and joyful don't use violence don't engage with security offices let's let's be peaceful and what else sources have been saying there is that it's not quite sure who's behind these messages that choosing to stay fairly anonymous but as i said they are spreading very quickly and people are receiving either that message or very similar ones from all types of people in their facebook in boxes and organizing something like this on a public page would be quite risky in a place like algeria reporters without borders is saying that the government is
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muzzling the media there at the moment so that's why these things being done sort of secretly anonymously. what i like what are the types of people who are the types of people who are going out and protesting well it's generally young people so you know. versity students young professionals we have to keep in mind. protests like these in algeria fairly rare but of course it's these upcoming elections that are kicking things into gear this this elderly sikh president once a fifth term in these protests is saying nor will we don't want. head of the protests which began last week of course these are some of the pictures that were spreading on tools like facebook messenger a picture of the president with a big red cross series face saying no to a fifth term we're calling for peaceful demonstrations in all of algeria's forty eight states on the twenty second of february on twitter. on twitter this message says no to a fifth term one of the b.
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hashtags in the algerian twitter is this one to a fifth term and people writing messages to the president saying we're not going to allow you to manipulate us so really interesting to see what people are saying in algeria how they're organizing this person saying we're not going to allow ourselves to be manipulated basically and that's something that a lot of people are putting out there and they're obviously getting a lot of traction but falling a bit short of the forty million that you mentioned in that coup that right i mean the protests have been going for a week they are gaining in strength but it doesn't seem likely that they'll get that many people out gerri great thank you very much for coming in. to turkey now where foreign journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to work many of them having to wait longer than usual to get the accreditation needed to do their jobs and to german journalists have been denied work permit extensions
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without any justification thing off. they only wanted to work as foreign correspondents in turkey but on thursday afternoon in istanbul several german reporters were thrown out of a regular news conference about turkey's economic ties to the e.u. that sparked protests in berlin is to. close contacts with the turkish authorities over this because it's clear that press freedom is of paramount importance and it's essential that journalists are allowed to do the job freely. kernan the german foreign minister who's traveling in africa appealed to his turkish counterpart but without success. by early evening the press accreditation for your class or a reporter for german public television stations e.d.f. was revoked no reason was given you took a n.c.t. this means turkey is preventing z d f from reporting from there even though we've been in istanbul for decades we have no idea why this happened c.d.f.
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will appeal this we hope the talk show thora ts will reconsider that decision. eventually i don't know if we're going. without press accreditation the journalists including your gaza are required to leave turkey within ten days that also affects thomas i bet who writes for the berlin daily newspaper. big enough and this is a further restriction of press freedoms it's no coincidence that this is happening right before the local elections press yet we've seen cases of journalists being deported we've seen cases of even criminal prosecutions against the international media in turkey so denying press accreditation both for journalists local journalists in turkey and also for instruction journalists is you know a small part of a very big picture of oppression it's still unclear what lies behind this decision and what happens next. and it seems the call for action against climate change is being answered more and more by young people around the world since august tens of
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thousands of peoples in europe as far away as a strain in uganda have walked out of their friday classes to push for more ambitious carbon cutting targets young people in nigeria have also been taking action to secure the future of their environment they call themselves the climate warriors of lagos are big clubs and they are determined to take back the beach and turn it into what it once was the place for sea shells. yet this beach in lagos you can find pretty much everything you can imagine like a flip flop or just before i found a tooth brush and of course volume of plastic now all of this of course belongs to us humans but it's them curator and teenagers young students who are on a mission to protect the beach with a generation for their future. every week they collect about fifty bags of trash
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and the more they clean the beach the more it changes the. changing my lifestyle. i don't you think will use plastic in my have my what you can take to work and then my recycle a blue. bag to market plastic waste is one of the biggest problems worldwide especially in places like lagos where single use plastic for example plastic bags is not prohibited on like in rwanda or in kenya. the thirty year old activist has been busy battling pollution since she was a student and. she quit her job as a lawyer it takes everything from you physically mentally you know you have to be one hundred percent in this if not you just where unfortunately children are the ones that are most affected it's really bad that we have so many plastics there come from the ocean to the shows. i come here. and drink when you're trying to
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miss cleaning up the beaches just one of today's staff planting palm trees is a way to finish the state has a population of more than twenty million people it generates about forty metric tons of waste every day the work seems and less but for them not hopeless. you're watching news up next a look inside venezuela's broken health system for remember you can stay up to date around the clock on our website. the most traditional. check in with a special.


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