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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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about recipes for success strategy games that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . this is d.w. news live from a space x. rocket and an armed man capsule will blast off from florida if the test flight goes well the private company will be one step closer to launching astronauts into space from american soil for the first time in eight years also coming up. tens of thousands of algerian take to the streets calling for their president to step down
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one man has died and dozens have been injured in the country's biggest anti-government demonstrations since the arab spring. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the u.s. euro space company space x. has launched a rocket designed to carry astronauts to the international space station after blasting off from cape canaveral in florida it's just reached the i s s on sunday where it'll stay for just under a week there's no want to board this flight box if it's successful we could soon see astronauts blasting off from u.s. soil for the first time in years. three to one here isn't. this rocket could soon bring manned spaceflight back to the united states for the first time since twenty eleven for space x.'s finder this moment was
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a long time in the making. but it's been seventeen years to get to this point from two thousand seater now. and the incredible amount of hard work and sacrificed for a lot of people that are afraid. well emotionally exhausted. because. those super stressful. but it worked. this time are right the only old cuban told board to create dragon capsule is a dummy it's connected to sensors to monitor what a human would experience nasa plans to put two astronauts aboard leecher this year how do they feel about it it. seemed like everything went smoothly all the way up until launch and so far so good so from our standpoint this is this is what you want to see you want to see the team hitting its stride. as we get ready to put people on these things. this test flight will measure the vessel's reliability i'm
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safety in real life conditions that it paves the way for one of musk's long held ambition for the future of space travel we go back to the moon cern that's the goal. we should have a base on the moon like a promo really occupied here in paris on the moon and send people to mars you know supposedly on mars those who wish to a giant leap perhaps for now i must give nasa a small step closer to sending ordinary people into space. staying in the u.s. and president donald trump is coming under mounting pressure on both domestic and foreign policy in a rare move republican congressional aide is have been criticizing trump over his closeness to north korean leader kim jong il but trump is set to try to rally his base when he addresses a k. conservative conference in washington every since he became president trump has
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spoken at the conservative political action conference. for more let's bring in a washington correspondent on the sound of it all though what can we expect trump to tell the delegates at this conservative convention. or donald trump urgently to get backing off his supporters and off the conservative conservative party of the republicans he's experienced some very serious setbacks in recent days days and weeks of the hearing of his formal lawyer and fixer michael cohen on capitol hill was above all very embarrassing for him and the donald trump had hoped to hide himself behind some good news coming from one lawyer where he met a north korean leader kim yong and those talks this bilateral meeting there stalled as well where he wanted to show himself once again as the great deal maker he sees
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himself and the result of that being that you showed himself when i level or put kim on eye level once again he received lots of criticism for that again so now what he really needs to do is to get back on track to bring his message across and there's probably no better way than to do that at the conservative convention here today you know trump has certainly experienced several setbacks both abroad as you were just saying and at home this week does he still have the full support of conservatives. right i mean those set bags were serious no doubt of all of that but the republican take on this and the republican narrative is slightly a different one the republican member members of the republican party are trying to look at the bigger picture and that is that donald trump delivered to most of the of the promises he made during the election campaign for instance he renegotiated trade agreements with canada and mexico he's currently negotiating to find an end
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on the trade war with china and it's looking pretty good on that and. the american economy the economic data is also on his side economic growth is high unemployment is low so several aspects of that need to be taken into consideration from the republican perspective at least so it will be would be too early to say that donald trump is losing support just because of the bad news he got and because of the stalled talks here in recent days and weeks meanwhile democrats are accelerating their investigation into trump's affairs following that explosive testimony from his michael cohen how much pressure is the president now and. well so the hearing and the testimony of like bill cohen was above all very embarrassing we. called him a racist a coleman he delivered some evidence for that as well but this was all evidence
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that we have her we have heard before so i'm not a lot of new inside coming out of the public part of these hearings at least we do not know what happened behind closed doors and the hearings will continue next week on capitol hill the big question right now and a lot of attention goes on goes to the russia inquiry that is still under way the results of robert as smaller to muller's team might be published very soon the big question of course is is will he or not will you or not be able to deliver that missing links link to the question of donald trump colluded with russian government officials or not but no matter what the outcome will be they are donald trump will certainly face very uncomfortable weeks ahead demis washington correspondent all of his and i thank you and now it's to some other stories making news around the world indian and pakistani
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soldiers have again targeted each other's posts in villages along the border in the disputed kashmir region killing at least six civilians and two pakistani troops tensions have been running high since indian aircraft crossed into pakistan on choose day to carry out a preemptive strike against militants. in syria heavy fighting is reportedly underway in the last main on klav of the so-called islamic state u.s. back syrian defense forces say they've moved in on the village of the last militant stronghold suspected spices and their families have been surrendering to s d s forces outside the town. an official in southern nigeria says more than fifty people are missing after a leaking oil pipeline exploded and triggered a stampede the blast caused a massive oil spill in by else a state on friday near the heavy heavily polluted niger delta the country is one of
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the world's largest oil producers. in algeria one man has died and dozens have been injured during a mass protest against the president there's been an arrest across the country since president fix the think announced his binturong for a fifth term in office the demonstrations are the biggest antigovernment protests since the arab spring eight years ago. it was the biggest turnout so far after a week of nationwide protests the demonstration in algiers started peacefully as thousands took to the streets after friday prayers. five by beautifully cut they chanted and peace peace. large crowds also counted in other cities. the protesters oppose president are. standing for a fifth term in elections next month they say he is no longer fit to lead and are
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fed up with his iron fisted rule. it's simple we just want to change for our country we want to better our jury awarded the medal twenty years around over here that is for sure we the people were here first protesting what they really were already we want change and freedom. later in the day violence flared police used tear gas and food with protestors near the presidential palace one elderly man reportedly died after being caught up in a stampede. earlier prime minister ahmed wahid issued this warning of to demonstrate his gave flowers to police. but we should recall. that in syria it also began with roses. food fleak who's eighty two is reportedly receiving medical treatment in geneva he suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since the thirty's say
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the president does retain a firm grip on public affairs his opponents claim but flicka is too frail to lead the country they say algeria is being ruled by advisers in his name. and as the protests in algeria grow in strength they are being organized in large part on social media reportage outrage is here to tell us more chad how are people using their own line networks to rally and support well we've been speaking to activists on the ground and what they've been telling us that is that the protests have been organized quite spontaneously through tools like facebook messenger and what this means is that people receiving chain messages in their personal facebook inbox from people they know when people they don't know are in these messages contain instructions on where to go or to rally and we've got one of these messages to show you this was sent to us by an activist in algeria on the ground he's
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a screenshot of one of the messages to organize the protests which began a week ago as i said it's giving instructions the dice in the time in the location of where they're in this case the twenty second of february at nine am and it says here we are hoping to bring forty million people to the streets it says avoid bringing flags that are not the algerian flag and bring musical instruments and whistles and so it can be happy and joyful don't use violence don't engage with security officers let's let's be peaceful and what else sources have. been saying there is that it's not quite sure who's behind these messages they choosing to stay fairly anonymous but as i said they are spreading very quickly and people are receiving either that message or very similar ones from all types of people in their facebook in boxes and organizing something like this on a public page would be quite risky in a place like algeria reporters without borders is saying that the government is
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muzzling the media there at the moment so that's why these things being done sort of secretly anonymously. what i like what are the types of people who are the types of people that are going out and protesting well it's generally young people so university students young professionals we have to keep in mind. protests like these in algeria fairly rare but of course it's the upcoming elections that are kicking things into gear this this elderly sikh president once a fifth term in these protests is saying nor will we don't want. head of the protests which began last week of course these are some of the pictures that was spreading on tools like facebook messenger a picture of the president with a big red cross series face saying no to a fifth term we're calling for peaceful demonstrations in all of algeria's forty eight states on the twenty second of february on twenty. on twitter this message says no to a fifth term one of the b. hashtags in the algerian twitter is this one to
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a few people writing messages to the president saying we're not going to allow you to manipulate us so really interesting to see what people are saying in nigeria how they're organizing this person saying we're not going to allow ourselves to be manipulated basically and that's something that a lot of people are putting out there and they're obviously getting a lot of traction but falling a bit short of the forty million that you mentioned in that coup i mean the protests have been going for a week they are gaining in strength but it doesn't seem likely that they'll get washed out many people out gerri great thank you very much for coming in. some sport now in the german sokoban was league late as brasil don't men have suffered a major setback fourth from the bottom houseboat a hundred dollars and a shock to one defeat she don't want once played on bolton's reserves side scored in the twenty fourth minute off the woeful defending from the businesses the south
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korean forward stung his form of tame with his second goal after sixty eight minutes. eighty first minute strike was to no avail. this is date of news coming up next world stories that we can report remember you can stay up with the up to date around the clock on our website at state over the dot com i'm rebecca races thanks for joining me.


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