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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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after woeful descending from of businesses the south korean forward stung his foreman tame with his second goal after sixty eight minutes. eighty first minute strike was to no avail. this is date of news coming up next world stories the weekend remember you can stay up with an up to date around the clock on our web site at state over the dot com i'm rebecca races thanks for joining me.
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that. said look it was meant that. michael uses his mobile phone to stay in touch with his parents in venezuela and he sends the money when he can but it's not enough to change their desperate situation during breaks michael and his colleagues often talk about venezuelan politics
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a bit more and we hope that interim president quite zero can help us bring an end to this regime. sentiment that you that have behaved carlos is also from venezuela he runs a restaurant here in bogota. back home he worked in the tourism industry before the economic crisis. he wanted to go to the united states or peru but he ended up here in colombia. that he had a mentor to us yesterday again and i plan to go back as soon as the regime falls. but now i have my business here and my family i. i need more time to think about it . i guess i'm staying here for another ticket because i have a job there that i'm. only a few of the transplanted venezuelans make a good living here in bogota most have to rely on casual labor or the goodwill of colombians and almost none of them actually want to be here but the situation back home leaves them no choice. michael desperately needs things to change but as long
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as the government stays in power in venezuela he plans to stay put delivering food and perhaps finding a future here in colombia. for many years people kept quiet about sexual abuse of poland's catholic church but now demands for justice are becoming louder. and the victims want to see their perpetrators brought to trial. standing in front of this house. can't help but be overcome by memories of the crimes that were committed against him modoc was sexually abused here in his home town pony inside these fairy walls. he was only twelve years old when it happened.
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the perpetrator was the local priest. i didn't understand what was happening to me no one spoke to us children about sexuality or masturbation fact. i didn't understand it and with it and it wasn't until i realized that this person had no right to do those things to me that i decided to stop coming here with me it's a good and. it took a long time before he could speak about what happened to him his own father had left and the priest had been a father figure mark was an altar server at the local church when he was abused. today there are three hundred thousand altar boys and girls in deeply catholic poland. although the subject was to boo for decades more reports of priests who sexually abused children are surfacing. about some causes though the perpetrator took advantage of the fact that i came from a difficult family background and didn't want to talk about my feelings when he had
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access to before and sexually abused me for months and. the experience nearly destroyed monica he changed school several times he became increasingly isolated and began drinking heavily at age forty he was finally able to open up to a therapist. it was during one of those many sessions that i was able to talk about the abuse for the first time. i now also think my alcoholism was caused by my childhood experience. because if you change has begun to fight back he's researched reports of sexual abuse and found one hundred fifty confirmed cases he says there are many more. things to mark's courage more and more people are taking to the streets to protest sexual abuse in the church now is taking part in the vatican summit on sexual abuse he hopes officials will no longer keep the problem secret and will speak publicly about the incidents in poland. in
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iran there is a severe lack of medication that has to be imported from the west increased u.s. sanctions are taking effect now the critically ill can only hope they won't fall victim of a shortage. and force a nap this solacing in southwest tiran is her last hope it's open around the clock and is one of the last that still sells important medication for same up as looking for pills for her mother who has a life threatening heart condition but even here the docs are hard to cite. november pacify me every time we come here they say we don't have it and we're short of medicine so where should we get it from what should we do when you can't even get the most vital heart medication how does this country expect to keep going if there's twenty four seven pharmacy doesn't have it normal pharmacies definitely
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won't have it or. the main reason is u.s. sanctions which retired last november. since then the islamic republic has been running short of medicine for heart conditions parkinson's disease and mental illnesses basically almost all medication that is imported from the west. until the exchange mechanism to bypass the sanctions comes into a sect european pharmaceutical companies cannot deliver to the pharmacy around twenty desperate customers come here every day sometimes pharmacists a taliban shot he can offer them iranian medication as an alternative even if as she says they often have severe side effects more often she says she has no choice but to send the customers away bailey has some advantages on how noir i am and how bad it makes me very sad because that people from my country that just like me. we should be united and help each other so it's a very bad feeling when you're not able to do anything.
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today she can help saying up at least in this one last remaining box in stock and she can buy twenty pills from it the rest is reserved for other customers. zainab is relieved but also angry angry at the sanctions but also at the ukrainian government. and finally a twelve year old boy in nigeria is taking social media by storm with his hyper realistic drawings. now critics are already calling him the world's next one direction. every detail martez why reece cairenes aim is to make this join look like a high definition photograph at just twelve years of age kerry is the youngest
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realism artist in the. destroying are usually inspired by his environment and his family sure grew to survive he says the moment he saw this image he knew he wanted to use it. was costly. clothes. and. what's. fisher is the name of kareem's latest joy he started drawing comics when he was just three years old he later joined the eye your will be at academy an art school that started as a makeshift art learning center for children in this poor legal us neighborhood
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tutors helped him to improve his talent within weeks after posting his first joint online he same spread all over the intel it especially after he drew approach rates of french president emmanuelle macron last year this is the research that we haven't really done here and this is. i think this is the beginning of a blow so for example. why reece careens rare talent has brought fortune to his family in his parents proudly display his accolades his mother says she'd always encouraged her son to follow his passion for art but she never expected this level of success. i didn't think you'd be an artist to be recognized by important people at this stage i just decided not to stop him from drawing because you never know what path the child will follow in the future. after is big break with
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president korn the kareem family was invited to move to a new apartment. while why reese was transferred to a better school as a gift from the government according to an official statement the government's intention is to make sure the boy isn't the best and vera meant to not show his talents meanwhile the at academy where why reece got his start now has a far more studio that's more conducive for young students to learn odds. because i do not go to the root of fruits. to. be. good. in english and. you know in the. north korea. why resteal comes to the academy every week and he says arts has always been
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a way for him to escape hard times that's. good. just. i just. say why reece is now well known locally but he wants to keep improving until he becomes a global star. like . it's now in jail as own new natto having cheap that's what my rescaling aims to be by the time he's fifteen.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. beyond your security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names and well the phrases it's also about the special advisers my guest this week his friend rosa former national security advisor to president obama after two years of trying to call while is obama's legacy holding up. in good shape. our topic this week keeping faith while. you might ask why am i not on the trip. or sipping vegetable soup this is because people enjoy life this long well that's a start what else can i do to stay. in sixty minutes.
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story so that people will go for the information they provide. the fans they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch follow us. to. be our new security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names and well known faces it's also about the special advisers who croft global policies and work at the secret heart of government and i guess this week is one of them is ben rhodes and former national security adviser to president obama after two years of the trouble presidency how well is obama's lead.


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