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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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we're. already. digital. storage portrayed on t.w. . this is d w news line from berlin a space x. rocket and an unmanned capsule to blast off from florida to the test flight goes well the private company will be one step closer to launching astronauts into space from american soil for the first time in eight years also coming out. tens of thousands of old jerry and take to the streets calling for the president to step
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down one man has died and dozens have been injured in the country's biggest anti-government demonstration since the arab spring. welcome to the program. the u.s. aerospace company face x. has launched a rocket designed to carry astronauts to the international space station after lifting off from cape canaveral in florida it's due to reach the i assess on sunday stay for just under a week there's no one on board this flight but if it's successful we could soon see astronauts taking off from u.s. soil for the first time since the end of the space shuttle program. three to one here isn't. this rocket could soon bring manned spaceflight back
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to the united states for the first since twenty eleven for space x.'s finder this moment was along tell you in the making. it's been seventeen years to get to this point from two thousand tutor now. and incredible amount of hard work and sacrificed for a lot of people that are afraid. well emotionally exhausted. because. those super stressful. but it worked. this time are right the only old cuban told board to create dragon capsule is a dummy it's connected to sensors to monitor what a human would experience nasa plans to put two astronauts aboard leecher this year how do they feel about it. seemed like everything went smoothly all the way up until launch and so far so good so from our standpoint this is this is what you want to see you want to see the team hitting its stride. as we get ready to put
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people on these things. this test flight will measure the vessels reliability i'm safety in real life conditions it paves the way for one of musk's long held ambition for the future of space travel. we go back to the moon cern that's the goal yeah. we should have a base on them or. their promo really occupied here in paris on the moon and send people to mars you know sort of posing on mars those were. a giant leap perhaps for now i must add nasa are a small step closer to sending ordinary people into space. now on to some other stories making news around the world. at least five civilians and two soldiers have been killed in an exchange of fire between indian and pakistani troops along the border and the disputed region of kashmir tensions have been running high since indian aircraft crossed into pakistan on tuesday to carry out
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a strike against militants. german federal police officials are under fire for storing video footage from body cameras on the servers of internet giant amazon opposition politicians have raised concerns about security and privacy issues the federal police say their own state infrastructure is insufficient to store the images. u.s. president donald trump has hit out at his political opponents in a key speech to conservatives trump is under mounting pressure on both domestic and foreign policy after this week's failed north korea summit and the explosive allegations made by his former lawyer and congress the u.s. president has been addressing the conservative political action conference it's his third successive speech to the gathering which for decades has played host to republican leaders at the event trump criticized democratic congressional investigations into his affairs. but they fight so hard on those which charge this
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phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to check huge deals we're going to check these people. for more let's bring in n d w washington correspondent all of us knowledge all of our what else has donald trump been telling his gather this gathering of conservatives. well this was donald trump's first appearance after his failed north korea talks with kim jong il and where he went back empty handed really and also after at the same on the same day cohen his former lawyer and fixer testified in front of congress so all eyes were on the u.s.
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president here today in the big question was how was he going to react to respond to his latest failures and how is he going to get out of this defensive position that he found himself in an interesting lead at the start he did not mention michael cohen or north korea he just went directly off script just like we know him knew him especially in the election campaign of two thousand and sixteen and started attacking his opponents really ridiculous the democrats and making fun of the investigations against him just as we've just heard in the in the sound bite you played as well and this is like the donald trump we've experienced here today and went out pretty well for him there was a cheering crowd supporting him and that was exactly what he was trying to achieve to get back on track with this message. does he after all this still have the full support of conservatives itself. well he does have some
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major setbacks that he's suffering from right now but the republican narrative in fact is quite a different one and those supporters in fact they evaluate him based on what he achieved and which part of his promises fulfilled and he renegotiated the trade agreements with canada and mexico for instance he also. the american economy is growing again so those are all achievements off of him and his supporters very much work on that rather than on these setbacks that we've seen here in recent days and weeks meanwhile the democrats are accelerating their investigation into terms affairs following that explosive testimony from his former lawyer michael cohen how much pressure is the president now under so the testimony of like bill cohen last week was after all especially an embarrassing situation for donald trump he called him a racist and
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a coleman and he delivered some evidence for that as well but that was evidence that we've heard before mostly so there was not a lot of new material coming out of this hearing however these these these testimony went on behind closed doors and we'll move on in the next week and we're all waiting for the russian inquiry to come as well so it will be uncomfortable times ahead for donald trump and you'll be following everything from washington d.c. that's our correspondent thank you. now tyria one man has died and dozens have been injured during a mass protest against the president has been unrest across the country since president abdelaziz bouteflika announced his bid to run for a fifth term in office the demonstrations are the biggest anti-government protest since the arab spring eight years ago. it was the biggest turnout so far
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after a week of nationwide protests the demonstration in algiers started peacefully as thousands took to the streets after friday prayers. five by beautifully could they chanted and peace peace. large crowds also counted in other cities. the protesters oppose president abdullah as ease beautifully standing for a fifth term in elections next month they say he is no longer fit to lead under fed up with his iron fisted rule. it's simple we just want a change for our country we want a better idea under the model twenty years are enough here that it is sure we do people who are here protesting that it would only we want change and freedom. later in the day violence flared the police used tear gas and food with protesters
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near the presidential palace one elderly man reportedly died after being caught up in a stampede. earlier prime minister ahmed wahid issued this warning after demonstrators gave flowers to police. but we should recall. that in syria it also began with roses. food flicka who's eighty two is reportedly receiving medical treatment in geneva he suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since zero thirty say the president does retain a firm grip on public affairs his opponents claim but flicka is too frail to lead the country they say algeria is being ruled by advises in his name. and as these protests in algeria grow in strength they're being organized in large part on social media did earlier report and shared readers here he's been following the story how are people using online media to rally for support well we've been
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speaking to activists in algeria and basically they've told us that these protests began quite spontaneously through tools like facebook messenger and basically what this means is that people were receiving chain messages from people they knew and people they didn't know in their facebook in boxes and these messages contained instructions on where to go or wish to gather and we've got one of these to show you this is a screen shot sent to us by an activist in algeria like i said it's giving instructions the diet at the time the location of where to gather in this case it's the twenty second of february at nine am in the jury in capital the message goes on to say we're hoping fourteen million people will hit the streets and it says avoid bringing flags that are not the algerian flag instead bring musical instruments and whistles so it can be a happy and joyful march don't use violence don't engage with security offices less
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it's be peaceful and what also says of also told us is that it's not quite clear. roach these messages they're choosing to stay anonymous but what is clear is that they have been spreading on social media a message. it's like a want all very similar people beginning their emotions of all of these missing is organizing something like this on a public page which you might expect in anywhere else but you know lots of countries but in our area it would be kind of dangerous to do that because of the situation there reporters without borders says the government is cracking down on the media's reporting of this and in the media in general so this is why these types of events have to be organized in secret and anonymously who are the people going out to protest the government it's particularly young people young professionals university students and we have to keep in mind that demonstrations like these in algeria pretty rare but it is these elections coming up that have
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really keep things into good is the elderly and quite frail president once a fifth term in the the protests is saying well no it's time for you to go are you and ahead of the protests pictures like these were being spread on facebook message or we can see a picture of the president with a big red cross series face saying no to a fifth term we're calling for peaceful demonstrations in all of algeria's forty eight states on the twenty second of february the day they began and on twitter people tweeting no to a fifth term which is one of the hashtags on algerian tweets and message just like these to the president that say whatever you're planning in these elections in algeria you're not going to succeed we want allow ourselves to be manipulated and at the end here it says algeria will be left in peace so these are the types of messages that are being spread on social media it's really interesting to read them
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and also to see how people are organizing themselves thank you very much. and they've been busily goes saturday's early fixtures saw five matches with teams from both ends of the table an action shot disastrous season continuing with a foreign mill loss to distil golf frankford struck a late to defeat fellow european hopefuls hoffenheim bottom place nuremberg lost one nil at home to rb lights a clear because and beat fiber and and had to billin defeat it might inspire munich are currently winning their match against four one they could go level at the top of the table after leaders doughton one suffered a shock defeat and out spoke on friday night and sunday just got host hannover and braman travel to book. and tennis roger federer has become just the second man to win one hundred career titles after winning the dubai championship
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final he shares the distinction with the legendary jimmy connors the thirty seven year old defeated stefanos fifty six four six four it was sweet revenge for federer after the greek wonder kid knocked him out of the australian open earlier this year federer's win comes eighteen years after he won his first title i. i this is d.w. news next up a documentary about events remember you can stay up to date around the clock on our website. thanks for joining. street by street. most colorful. going for. the most traditional. trying to do all that any time. with a whip special. take
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a tour of germany or st. w. dark car.


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