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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 4:02am-4:16am CET

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captain marco royce's face says it all down to me and it looks like they're sweating to its magic twenty four and we have a war at the top of the table after the league leaders drop points and struggling out spurred the underdog home side show their songs through want here's a south korean stand with the ball in front of goal completing his brace for the day another look good x. was actually do couldn't get the job done to physically do it means instant profits of threat kakul costs are pulled one back late but the damage was already done it took me down to one buy outs work. welcome to the point is they get it here or d w m chris harrington now you know biron had to sleep well knowing dortmund's last could be there again the champions visit to gladbach couldn't have come at a better time byron have been hot since the start of december collecting
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a league best thirty points while the foles wants a force to be reckoned with at home having been lately losing their last two matches there in shutouts could buy or make it three let's see. in a rotten club back in a determined mood and they turned on the burners from the off probably levon tusky with i glorious chance off to just thirty seconds. from the subsequent call and i'll have the martinez put by the head with barely a minute on the clock. the spaniards had his second goal in this many games. his tussle with nico verity in the build up went to the video referee box they saw nothing amiss. but backs just weren't at the races with thought and completely in control and after eleven minutes thomas moore up made it so you nailed the defending champions handing data hacking side a brutal lesson the hosts did find
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a break for crazy talk and has finding captain lush tindall. who's something the bulls home to one heading into the break. the second half started much like the first with by the looks and ruthless. eleven dusky put they get straight one up the deadly pole with some textbook footwork and finishing. but crumbled from there in the seventy fifth minute surge not brave made it full one. young son left stranded by his passive teammates. and in injury time yahshua kim a one his teammate penalty robin leventhal skee stepped up and completed the routes his fifteenth goal of the ses and by and trumping gladbach five one and turning up the hate on late late as dortmund. five
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so that's a tough two teams what about those in pursuit like our be a lifesaver who travel to the leagues a punching bag at the moment nuremberg well the bulls delivered as expected. against the cellar dwellers just before the break lucas close the bonfire to the game's only goal off the corner this was cos the monster third goal of the campaign the defender gives the bulls a bump up to third place. the race for europe is getting heated in both frankfurt and hoffenheim have been solid says the winter break and are looking to secure qualification for next season the sides meant to test their mettle frankford had a slight edge going into this when having already beat their opponents earlier this season could the eagles complete the sweet. by track frankfurt show there is more than one way to score from a set piece fill it cost it is free kick was diverted in by and say read it the
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cost it was awarded the goal officially. track for its lead lasted until just before half time adam saw a lawyer with the incisive backheel making life easy for joe linton his seventh ponders league a goal of the season and is set the scene for a frantic second half. fast ishak belfield cut inside and squeezed his shot between goalkeeper and post hoffenheim in front with an hour gone but the balance in tipton frankfurt's favor cassim adams handed a second yellow for this foul on sebastian al as the ten men resisted until the eighty ninth minute there with a bullet header you simply can't afford to give the strike had that much space in the box my the push through when it was on and it came in the six minutes of injury time and there's cross found gonzalo passy and cea. thanks
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for rewarded for their persistence. my whole image of them forty we have a brilliant team with great character we have a strong mentality a winning mentality is back after a few draws that was a good win a road that was still on beat and this year today was an exceptional performance with a lucky punch at the end just with lucky punch to jews. leyva couzin came out raring to go against frye back and needed just four minutes to take the lead shot as the randy's lashed towards goals from the edge of the box and he went in with the help of a slight deflection. sights dominated this match the second goal a perfect example of what makes them so exciting to watch have it slinking out with the union branch and his stink across the pokes was prodded in by leon bailey one more reason to celebrate some carnival weekend. visit looking very good in
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position when you see the second goal and how that played out from the goalkeeper when we scored the goal that was very good reason those. often by and leyva couzin in the most informed team this year. now it's not every match day we feature a promoted side but some games are just must see t.v. sulk a welcome dusseldorf the town in what seemed to be an easy way to get back on track for the stuttering royal blues i mean they had lost a duesseldorf in over twenty years but of course for most of that time for tuna worked in the top flight could sulk who's closer to relegation then they return to europe next season if they're in battled coach off the hot seat with a long overdue good showing. throughout testing times this season shall because
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home support has remained faithful. but coach dominica to disco knows patients is beginning to within and it seemed his side got off to the worst possible start when don't you come back here gave the lead midway through the first half only for the referee to rule it out with the help of a r for this challenge in the build up but v.a.r. went against shell because shortly before half time might see and that's the sits handled the ball in the books getting back here an opportunity from twelve yards and the man on loan from what put his side ahead for a realist time. after the break fortuna picked up where they left off and it's a run and said that it comes not steve who slotted home when the sixty second minute. just six minutes later they were at it again looking back you know found ram and on the run the winger spanked the ball home to put the visitors three up. the belgian six goal in twenty people in his league appearances this season they weren't down there either to catch you saw me found space the course on the eighty
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fourth minute before called netsky back to second from close range for until the final score the. as the rain fell after the final whistle to disco pleaded with a c. the section of the hunch support it appears however that patience has run out to the felton's arena. has been used as a no i don't believe he should be sacked i like dominate he's done a good job. this is not the coaches fault we're the ones out on the pitch we need to give everything we didn't. if indeed he did so in under two it's not my place to say whether i have the quality to turn this around by have the will and the desire . whether or not he's given time to do so remains to be seen. here are the results from match day twenty four so far outward shock dortmund. by and beat down losing by four goals. was all fortuna nuremberg life stick with the
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bulls way frankfurt and hoffenheim left the home crowd crowd in a five goal thriller leverkusen put to pacify burke and berlin got the best of my us with the score a level one one had to sneak last stop in at the game winner at the hour mark here is the build up to the play. to the saturday goal was scored fifteen minutes after the stock scored an own goal the youngster made up for his mistake in the capital could get the win. on sunday two matches to go stuttgart hosts hand over in a bottom of the table clash and then braman goes to wolfsburg let's see how those results of affect the standings don't mean in bahrain are now level on fifty four points with two mins goal difference giving them the number one spot light sic hurls over glod by since third was four could move up to fifth with the win on sunday down at the bottom
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a handful of teams as you can see looks safe yet far from european qualification show and alex burke have their feet to the fire as for the bottom three they'll still be there at the end of match day twenty four. it's time for our goal of the month competition who do you think scored the best but to see a goal in february here are the three finalists for you to choose from.
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my pick leon chippy bailey no doubt about it now those are the three top goals for the month of february be sure to send your pick to the address there on the screen with a bit of luck you could win the bonus take a jersey of your choice and that's full time for us on the bun as they go we'll be back with the action from sunday's games and we'll be going through the weekend tough talking points with former but as the player michel didn't say and deep w.'s very own jonathan crane who's always very easy go we'll leave you now with some images from saturday's game for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. compete as.
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