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tv   Doc Film - Missing Women and the Bachelor Time Bomb  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 9:15am-10:00am CET

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becomes just the second man to achieve the one hundred title milestone after us that and jimmy caan that's. you know watching a w. news live from berlin remember you can stay up to date around the clock on our website stats database dot com i'm rebecca riches thank you for joining. us policy it's a real policy because there is no rubbishing about everyone rights that only him in the room and the republic and you know what the great thing is your original image .
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this is a film about women who had to abort their daughters. about men who can no longer find a wife. and about goals who were kidnapped because of that. and about desperate parents. almost two hundred million girls and women are missing globally today. how could have come to us and why do we know so little about us. here have a look. would you please read this please help us. was. come she is
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a province in southern china. and don't know who lives and our parents who are searching for their daughter. three year old punk shooting disappeared a month ago without a trace. a fast nobody believes that something terrible could have occurred in this peaceful village where everyone knows each other. but the search for her has remained fruitless. wow me we looked for her for days. we searched every corner. day and night the only five days and nights he said she was gone. all that remains for the parents are the memories and baby photos from happier times.
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and she's so small here. she was so cute so adorable. how could this happen. do you and there's a lot of despairing parents he works for a relief organization. throughout china there are already two hundred thousand volunteers searching for missing girls such as puncture ting. pearl you are kidnapping of little girls are not uncommon in china with the other a son's marriage is expensive because the bride's family expect expensive and gauge
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meant gifts or. for this reason parents have little girls kidnapped you know that if they didn't raise the girls together with their son. and when they've reached adult hood they are married to one another so they are shields up. there is a shortage of millions of women in the world's most populous country one hundred thirty five boys alone for every hundred girls in some provinces in china. this is the result of an experiment that started decades ago on the other side of the world . in the usa after world war two it was the era of the economic miracle people in the west were doing better than ever before if not for the fear that their prosperity could soon come to an end. a big concern was constantly growing populations due to
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medical advances especially and developing countries. affluent americans started a new movement together they wanted to curb the large numbers of children worldwide . most of them are men from well known scientists to the super rich like john d. rockefeller the third. they were people with influence and connections to the high . levels of the american government. there from dayton still continue to exist today the ford foundation the rockefeller foundation the population council. they triggered a rising tide of fear of a population explosion that soon also spread to other countries and they formed the head of worldwide measures taken to decimate the population of the impoverished.
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this is been examined by matthew connelly has story in a columbia university in new york he has researched in detail the development of this movement from its beginnings to its impact to day. i believe in council saw its mandate not just to control the rate of population growth but also to address problems in the quality of population so they had an explosive mandate to try to do something about the growth of the fertility rates among people who they thought you know would eventually take over the world if something wasn't done to reduce fertility rates across the board but especially among people who they thought would be poor parents and would have even more poor children. this way of thinking also too cold in american politics in one thousand nine hundred sixty six u.s. president lyndon b. johnson attached conditions for receiving development aid one of them being that recipient countries must reduce their population. it was a time of drought and starvation and india. the
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president spoke on the phone with his secretary of agriculture. but out of the corner it all the people at the grove the bears articulated a lot but if you want to know. exhibit a want to know what we had. already put there by the way over thirty eight would be. no particular what else we get out of. it it would. be stopped food deliveries until indian president indira gandhi bowed to the demands. accusations were made that the west had imperialist intentions with its population control projects. as apartments of population control was founded at the united nations in one nine hundred sixty nine the un f.p.a. the united nations population fund. through this stance of neutral party western
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governments channeled millions into population control in developing countries the major donors the site the united states sweden great britain germany and switzerland. south korea was among the earliest testing grounds for population control. the country was devastated after the korean war at the same time there was a baby boom with the highest birth rates in the world the united states participated in the reconstruction from the very beginning population control was high on the agenda. for korean women grow up in a village two hundred kilometers from seoul and still remember the war and the time that followed. could it be as a tree government said we should have fewer children and that's why we stuck to it
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. we women had abortions we thought we were doing the right thing and we did it voluntarily. western countries donated buses and jeeps that were converted into mobile medical units document show that the time was not health promotion the population council an american foundation expressed a clear cut mission to the korean ministry of health. these vehicles are given. to help improve living standards in korea through a vigorous attack on the problem of excessive population growth. instead of letting citizens plan their own families family planners made having fewer children a citizen's duty they were not interested in fighting poverty but only in preventing the poor from having babies. were.
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mobile clinics in india went to secluded villages as early as one nine hundred fifty six because indians were also supposed to have fewer children. western family planners flooded the country. one of the pioneers was the american doctor sheldon cigar. he founded an apartment for reproductive medicine and one of the largest state hospitals in new delhi and trained india medical students. although early versions of i.e. days had fallen into disrepute in the west cigar smuggled them into india in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. he declared them as christmas decorations at customs and had them inserted into the usual right of women without the knowledge
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of the government. in a letter he wrote. the present approach is to distribute the ones i have on hand to private gynecologists we are also inserting some in monkey you to write my feeling is that in the long run it may be faster to quietly accumulate evidence from the sources before trying to press for wider distribution in government family planning clinics i do not want to raise the question with health minister dr najjar if the answer is likely to be negative because we would very be in a precarious position if we pursued human studies at all. it didn't take long for the indian government to give the green light the united states agency for international. development even sent non-sterile interview trying to vice's to india more serious complications often arose sometimes with fatal consequences. despite this the family plan has increased the pressure and the indian government
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cooperators basic quotas for sterilizations an i.e.d. insertion pain doctors and health workers premiums. poor an education women were the main targets the bait money in exchange for their fertility. so you had the system where people at every level were being it being given money money from the united states from the united nations from sweden from norway money to agree to start as ation or money to get other people to agree to sterilization even if in some cases that eventually bad rounding them up and trucking them to camps where they were sometimes sterilized under the most appalling circumstances. sheldon visited one of these camps in one thousand nine hundred sixteen. he described it to his superior i spent sunday at a women's there realization camp and found it fascinating after the surgeon sows up
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the abdomen the ladies get off the operating table by themselves and walk out of the operating theatre. the situation in india spun out of control in one nine hundred seventy five the government of india again they forced eight million women and men to undergo sterilization. this dark chapter in indian history became known as the emergency period. the idea of population control what was so seductive to national leaders people like indira gandhi was the idea that they could achieve maturity in one generation and they could do it with crash programs even if it required taking some risks even if were some people were going to get hurt this was something that was going to make india a modern nation and was going to improve everyone's welfare in the long run what they didn't understand was that in many rural societies these children were their
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parents only a source of security in all these and not only that but in poorer societies even children in many cases are able to support themselves and help their parents even from a relatively young age. but there is another reason as to why people in asia have many children they want a son and so they continue to have children until they have been mailed ascendant. the family planets recognise this preference for sons as the key to solving the population problem. people at places like population council or the ford foundation they realize that parents and poor societies in many cases prefer to have stars that what they began to think was if only they had some way of helping those parents determine whether the fetus was a female or a belle they might along with abortion they might have a quicker way of reducing fertility rates. the head of the population council laid
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down a clear course in one nine hundred sixty seven. men to research efforts leading to improve contraceptive technologies a practical methods of determining the sex of an unborn child so that parents could be assured of a son. in the early one nine hundred seventy s. the time had finally come scientists developed a curry on it will a sampling c.d.'s with this method of child sex could be identified before birth. abortion was forbidden in almost all developing countries sheldon cigar and his colleagues used their connections to the highest ranks of the u.s. government and with great success. henry kissinger was u.s. president gerald ford secretary of state at the time. in the one nine hundred seventy four document that was long kept classified he
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demanded the massive d. population of developing countries and declared abortion to be an indispensable tool for population control. no country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion. while women in the united states were still heading to the streets to demand the right to control their own bodies american foundations and politician. were pressuring developing countries to legalize abortion. in the following decades a massive surplus of men was created in asia through the abortion of daughters the consequences are only present in india today. once again those who suffer most are girls and women of low socio economic standing . like nineteen year olds and gina.
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my mother an older sister died on two consecutive days i was six months old at the time. then my father contracted polio and my grandmother raised me. my father went out to beg and we lived off what he brought back. to us about. that's how we four kids grew up. today selina lives with her brother shanshu his family he is her protector and saved her life three years ago when she suddenly disappeared from her village. after seguin a vanished shamsul sold everything travel two thousand kilometers to new delhi and reported her disappearance to the aid organisation of nobel laureate kylie are such a hearty. that. some men offered my sister
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work she declined after that she disappeared she was able to get hold of a phone and call me when she wasn't being watched. she was crying and begged me to get her out of there. i went there and saw her. blood was coming out of her eyes and her face had been cut. coming from a lower caste shamsul was not able to accomplish anything on his own. the police turned him away several times. after pressure from the aid organization they finally went to the village where seguin it was being held. the only man in. the world for. a woman claiming to be so dina's mother and all pulled out
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a marriage certificate. this root edge of women is particularly extreme in the northern india state of how. parents desperately seek wives for their sons the village elder eventually explained what had happened to the gina. oh god only if we bought we've paid fifty or sixty thousand rupees as a down payment. that i can prove it. i know bill miller to tell you just give us a go we're not leaving without her. they're going to it's all legal that if you die out the mother and i married her in front of eleven witnesses. the truth finally came out when the residents turned the girl over to police the entire village and collected money to buy citynet for a number of branches. she was married to one man and abused as a sex slave by seven others. this is one of the consequences of the severe lack of women. such ina is no exception
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human traffickers can mess homes looking for girls. when they disappear hardly anyone goes looking for them the traffic and so often equate all nighters. to genius kidnapper still lives in her village. nobody blames him where she was labeled a whore and was forced to leave home. goes on women like cindy you know suffer the consequences of population policies introduced and expedited by western family planning as fifty years ago in india. the pregnant woman thought that you could selectively goods and have only boys so this was created by the so-called academic medical profession promoted by
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a ford foundation and a lot of other in jews who tried the whole project. i think it took thirty students per year in b. a c. generated. so at about five years there was a co-op with over few hundred people who could barely whether it's a boy or girl. gynecologist put in a meeting was trained at the same hospital where sheldon seagal carried out his research. as a young student fady had a dramatic experience in the delivery room. the first made their way into the hospital i saw. st cat in the hospital it might surprise the words not unusual government hospitals to see stray dogs that go getting go what looked like a mass of flesh or something running out of the liberal so i went inside to ask people what happened so one of them said the we have to get every other place and
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order for you to deliver it so. six seven month old peters was delivered and was just under the bed of the feet of the living woman so then it was. normally it is a project a bit of research going on somebody that i think people and how to find god is a boy or a girl before but by doing everything do says oh they produce a girl of course me about. prenatal sex determination was the biggest breakthrough in population control. this way girls were aborted on mars and birth rates were reduced to fold she were babies were being born and few were girls that could later their children. and. daughters are weeded out in china as well one and five boys presently born will later be able to find a wife mother someone it may have
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a times that countless marriage markets for their surplus sons. and shanghai there is such a market every sunday in people's park. was in the us and i'm here for the second time today i'm looking for the right girl for my son. many people have come up to me. we exchanged phone numbers and information. about how much the mothers will now ask their daughters if they're interested in my son. and then we'll talk on the phone. we parents help our children to establish contact lenses that's it it changes it. these are mothers who only have one son because they were pressured to only have one child this was the chinese strategy for population control. u.s. president richard nixon and secretary of state henry kissinger arrived in beijing
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in one nine hundred seventy two it was a historic meeting with nazi don't discuss the balance of power and a mutual commitment to world peace. there is no reason for us to be out of it. neither of us domination over the other. neither of us big to stretch out our anger. and rule the world. but the americans were worried about the growth of chinese power and the spread of communism and the fact that chinese population growth seemed unstoppable. nixon to visit open the floodgates for west and found planets. the chinese government had a sympathetic ear for them. to. mass
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excess shopping introduced the one child policy. millions were trained as lay health workers the so-called barefoot doctors. their mission distributing contraceptives all over the country and ensuring that couples only had one child. i am. young family planning became a matter of state if anyone expected a second child they faced draconian punishments. the government used graffiti on building facades to warn people to turn the line you can beat it out you can kill it you just cannot give birth to it. in spite of media reports of for sterilization abortions the west continued to
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donate money to the chinese population program at first as only came from organizations like the ford foundation but in one nine hundred seventy nine even the united nations population fund gave fifty million dollars to the chinese government. an employee of i.p.f. one of the donor organizations sounded the alarm when. i think that in the not too distant future this will blow up into a major press story as it contains all the ingredients of sensationalism communism forced family planning murder of viable fetuses parallels with india etc and when it does blow up it's going to be very difficult to defend. but the warnings were not only ignored the u.n. population fund also presented china with an award for outstanding contributions regarding back control who they choose to give it to you it wasn't
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a reproductive rights advocates you know it wasn't to people whose lives were risk because or trying to campaign to get people and especially women the rights only control their own bodies it was just the opposite they decided to honor the leader of china's course of population control program a chinese general. you know who had presided over the most egregious period in the entire history of the program and they chose to honor indira gandhi who was responsible for what until then was the worst population program of all the emergency period program in india. is the u.n. population fund facing up to this dark chapter of its past. but what is almost never discussed is the history of that program and how it is at an early stage the u.n. population fund was deeply involved in incredibly of course a program and if we can get the u.n. population fund to a knowledge that then how is it they're going to get people to trust them to do the
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right thing now and in the future. why did the u.n. population fund financially support countries that forced people to be sterilized and have abortions. need to be very clear. here. that goes awards are given by the united nations won by states. got to fix it with dying structures. at that time the united states was the most important member state contributing forty percent of the budget and policy supported by the west over f.m.c. million chinese men remain involuntary bachelors because of the shortage of women. this is why millions of unemployed men from rural areas move to the cities. activist in yemen because it's the parents of punk shooting the little girl who
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disappeared but he doesn't have good news there are still no trace of their three year old daughter. put it on until how am i doing. i don't know. his message as we never found blood anywhere i believe she is still alive. i wait for signs of life every day i'm very worried. and. the girls are often abducted by someone from the village before the child reaches the past and who contracted to have a taken she will have passed through many hands from the kidnapper to middlemen from the village to the city and from there often to another province. with each
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transaction the price goes up. ultimately the product go costs roughly eight thousand dollars and for the bias the deal always pays off. but they are. three hours early. if a son doesn't like the bride after all or if the two don't make a good match then the parents can still marry the young girl off to another family because of a story after all they raised her as their own daughter in a way lara yellow seat at the high bride price is often agreed upon your offer of a lump of a human for them it's worth it either way. just with a little bit out of oil and. statistics in india show the higher the surface of men the higher the crime right and the number of violent crimes against women.
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the indian government has since reacted and outlawed sex determination and the ending nine hundred ninety s. and yet there has never been as many abortions of girls as today because with ultrasound technology sex determination has become cheap and safe. despite the ban it's only a question of money to find a doctor who is willing to break the law and reveal the gender of the unborn child . the middle class in india is growing and as expected educated indians want fewer children little has changed about the preference for sons especially in the upper class. let me show with twenty five years old when she married a computer scientist. and her father in law was
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a high ranking government employee. in india the bride must pay the groom's family a dowry. a major gave her in-laws an apartment. having a son is like winning the lottery for some people in india. mcglone. they wanted me to have a son monday it had to be a boy. give me a son an heir for the clan. i mean i was kept completely in the dark. and. they said to come see the doctor so i did. i never knew what they had discussed with the doctor. if it was a girl the doctor would say j. mater d.
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the holy god yes. that was their code word. then they would know i was expecting a girl. but the doctor then gave me an injection in my belly and when i woke up with the baby my belly was gone they did that six times in eight years. then went to me with not only did my daughters die i died during all this too i'm dead inside. immediately make it when i was pregnant with a daughter i have now they tried the same thing again. but i got sick and went to my mother's. they wanted to pick me up and take me to the doctor. but i refused to
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go meagerly me. i mean she was lucky a lawyer for human rights took on a case. he had her in-laws put in jail for a short time and negotiate a settlement. but he couldn't help her get over the loss of her six children. it has gone virtually unnoticed that fewer and fewer girls are being born. today there is officially a shortage of one hundred and seventy seven million and the number of countries that are coming daughters is growing there are currently nineteen. as in china and india the lack of women of marriageable age in south korea has now become a problem. just
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like in china and india the lack of women of marriageable age in south korea has now become a problem. you'll get half like to go yes there are too few women here so the farmers can't find wives. they look for one somewhere else they say it costs around ten thousand dollars to get one from viet nam. these women are usually about twenty years old and give birth to very lovely children. and there are many of these women living in our area putting nat'l we could i knew what. a lucrative business has emerged around women as a commodity. that which is missing in one's own market after decades of selective
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abortion is simply import it from poor and neighboring countries. but south korea faces another problem nowadays many south korean women do not want to have children as will the population is drastically declining. once again politics has intervened with drastic measures. whereas young women sixty years ago were encouraged to have abortions now it is strongly from the plan and criminally prosecuted to terminate a pregnancy. leon n one she song two students from seoul recalled what they learned at school on the subject of abortion. what are the tonic that we were taught about pregnancy in abortion in elementary school the fell in a stomach that shows films about abortion and they say that the embryos neck is cut in the uterus and then the whole embryo is cut up and disposed of. that's how they
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explain abortion and they say abortion is murder this is what's taught in school and what stuck in our minds. we are only able to view abortions as something terrible to. the young women examine the subject of abortion for their master's thesis. was soon he directed the women's development institution sol for twenty five years is an advisor to the students. the students tracked down dubious agencies. that arbitrate illegal abortions for large sums of money. once again women are the victims of population policy. illegal abortions bear great health risks. but the south korean government holds on to the ban on abortion. today their mission as children at all costs. they also
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have warmer it koku are what was the government after back then when they allowed abortions. did they want to support women's rights. but today we can see that it wasn't about that. it was about population control they were using women's bodies as a political tool that was the solution that. the south korean government has even gone so far as to publish a map of seoul on the internet showing where women of childbearing age live. the darker the pink color the greater the selection for men seeking a wife. the chinese government has also noticed that a society without women will die out in the long run. a two child policy has been
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introduced in the hope of regaining a gender balance and solving the problem of an ageing population. the government has again resorting to advertisements on building for science this time it is for daughters and therefore potential future mothers. no girls means no daughters in law. the government in india is also backpedaling. it also wants to motivate people to give birth to daughters there was one information campaign after another. once again the indian government is offering incentives anyone giving birth to a daughter receives thirty five u.s. dollars in the thank you letter from the ministry of health and family welfare. gynecologist pointed bailey is familiar with the pressure on pregnant women. he too
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performs abortions but never when it is a master of the sex of the fetus. has to be sick it is dr bailey doesn't think much of the new government programs. we wonder is that how it was as a woman she was pregnant who was there will go to school who's been but the she was born she was born that she's because she was a woman and then she got pregnant in a new home with seven other people are telling her every day that we will lose everything if you produce a girl how do you know what. or you don't raping a boy or. television support no it doesn't work now the ultimate solution is of course that people start to.
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respect the girls more than boys. they wanted to protect the world from a population explosion but they waged war on the poor not on poverty. had they supported education and the economic security of women birth rates would have gone down on their own. instead they forced through contraception sterilization and abortion. now history is repeating itself the u.n. population fund still uses sixty percent of its aid for family planning and once again private foundations demand population reduction. makes me nervous just as the nineteen fifties and sixties it was a rockefeller and ford foundation that issued marching orders to people all over the world it makes me nervous when i hear it's the gates foundation now because of its money that's preying upon a role in global public health some of the back of the native fifty's and sixty's
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you had leaders from all over the world agreeing their population growth was a crisis and agree that the united nations had to implement crash programs it makes me nervous now when people talk about the crisis of climate change and her. others who might even have to engage in crash programs. today africa as the main focus for population control the world bank and the u.n. population fund a currently pumping millions into family planning on the second largest continent and a large american corporation is supplying eight alter sound devices. as in china south korea and india people in most african countries prefer some.
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