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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from bernie and donald trump goes off script as he gives the keynote speech to a major gathering of u.s. conservatives it's been a difficult wait for the u.s. president and he'll be lightning to rebound politically by energizing to the conservative base also coming up. syrian defense forces say they're close to ending the so-called islamic state hold on territory in syria that will mean freedom to some but for the many orphaned children of the i.s.c. it's our it only brings more on certainty. and by munich is full of momentum in the
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going to sleep after winning five one a guys mentioned above but now the team is back at the top of the table together with proceeds of what meant. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has lashed out of political opponents in a speech to the conservative lobbying groups a pac trumps facing pressure on both domestic and foreign policy after this week's failed summit with north korea and the explosive allegations made to congress by his former lawyer but at saturday's conference conservatives loyal to trump rallied around him. the warm welcome was just what the politically under the gun president needed trump was received like a rock star at the conference. he took the opportunity to question the credibility
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of special counsel robert mueller and his investigation into whether the president's election team had secret dealings with russian officials trump described the investigation as a witch hunt unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with both ok it seems the more person in trump gets bogged down in the so-called russia affair the more his supporters get behind him nineteen year old jacob martin from new jersey believes trump when he says the whole thing is a conspiracy by the democrats i think it really is manufactured i think there was legitimate concerns to begin with but i think it's gone far beyond that into looking for anything to take down trump. alley jane nicolae is a university student she's only slightly put off by claims from trump's former lawyer michael cohen that the president had paid hush money to
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a porn star obviously i'm not supportive of any of that extramarital affairs i think it's a terrible thing but i look at him as a president of course character is very important but i do see that that was in his past and he has moved forward from that. griffin from new mexico is the founder of the support group cowboys for trump he thinks the president is being treated unfairly as far as all the the garbage at the media is trying to dig through and president trumps a lie. i as well as most americans are more concerned with the future of our country than the past. it seems that no matter what trump says or does his base group of supporters are staying faithful in fact more than eighty percent of republican voters say they're satisfied with the president's performance that seems to back up a statement trumps made some time ago that he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and would not lose any voters are. our washington correspondent all of his talent was closely following the event and sent this
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analysis of the fiery speech. well that was his first appearance after his failed summit with north koreans kim jong un and also after his formal lawyer and fixer michael cohen testified at congress so all eyes were on the u.s. president here today to see how he tackles his situation how he deals with the pressure is he's currently under that is mounting on him right now and interesting lee he did not go about talking about michael cohen or north korea at first and then went straight off of his script really just as he did in the two thousand and sixteen election campaign and started attacking his political opponents he ridiculed the democrats made fun of the congressional committees that are currently investigating against him and that was exactly celebrated in fact by cheering crowds that was all fired up and cheered for their president
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really and those were the pictures donald trump needed at this point. to go back into the political the offensive really after suffering a major setbacks here in recent days and weeks i have been clearing the city of baghdad. thousands. chill the children of i s. fearing for what comes next. the said truth of the war in syria is that when liberating areas you're often also destroying in the syrian town of bargains for conny near the iraqi border is no exception after syrian democratic forces mainly kurds supported by the us military beat the bull work of the so-called islamic state they have now begun what many believe to be the decisive offensive they think it'll take about another week and then the caliphate will be no more in syria. and i'm going to talk on the call mani think that's all
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going to work spect and brutal resistance from the terrorists they'll fight with everything they've cut and we'll call in airstrikes and artillery barrages and move in with ground troops and no doubt that the player on the tyan helen well i think she got a lot of i think. thousands of iowa supporters have been fleeing during a cease fire the past few weeks including citizens from almost fifty countries it seems as though for them their dreams of an islamic state have been destroyed. something is not needed and i did not. know that and i'm not going to sit and say i cannot go on that i'm red buttons from indonesia and i come from the young lions unit of the caliphate my father is fighting for i guess. if anyone here regrets anything at all it's mainly the fact that i as his days are over no one here talks remorsefully about the people who suffered simply because they were of other faiths
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or held other values but there are also other scenes and argues for conny at the last moment some yazidi women and children are able to leave after being slaves for almost five years it might have been a relief for them if it wasn't for the other problems they face. i don't know about the fate of my father my mother my four brothers all of them were imprisoned by his only one brother got out but. it's believed many you see the women and children are still in the hands of islamists somewhere for conny and may soon be liberated for some that will end a long nightmare but for many others the suffering is likely to go on. now to some other stories making news around the walt. in a stranger fire crews are battling numerous bushfires in the country's southeast hundreds of people have been evacuated in victoria some thirty fires burned across
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the state the blazes come amid the hottest start to march on record. flash floods in southern afghanistan have left at least twenty people dead the army evacuated some four hundred families from hard hit regions of kandahar province but rescue efforts have been happened by heavy rains the u.n. says further air support is needed to rescue people trapped and in urgent need of aid. and it's well an opposition leader and self appointed interim president on why doe's says he'll be returning to venezuela despite the risk of arrest why don't we met with ecuador's president lenin rayno on saturday as part of his bid to gain support from latin american countries quite owes called on venezuelans to stage more demonstrations against president nicolas maduro in the coming days. civilians in the disputed territory of kashmir are
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in fear of their lives after the latest exchange of fire between india and pakistan at least five civilians and two soldiers were killed in the latest violence which followed pakistan's release of an indian pilot captured earlier in the wake meanwhile people in the area have been burying the victims. another victim in a decades long conflict a funeral procession winding up the hills of pakistan controlled kashmir. the man was killed in a gunfight between indian and pakistani troops near the disputed firms here that divides kashmir between the rivals. only i spoke to my son yesterday now i can no longer speak to him i wasn't aware of his death until other family members who pitches on the internet poker. of course what i'd do without him to do that is you know you've got to tell you the poor man had to go near the border to
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work indian troops are deliberately targeting the civilian population i appeal to the international community to urge india to stop what little you know there's a bungling. but on the indian side the latest escalation of hostilities has brought casualties two shells fired by pakistani soldiers left several dead and wounded. in the fighting was going on in the night and the shell hit my house it was completely destroyed my son was injured and so will my wife and daughter. to try and protect those living along the volatile border the indian government is building cells and have fun because but the shelters might not be enough to put people's minds at ease as tensions flare up between the new states. this league of football now and on the back of two straight home defeats more back played host to reigning
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champions by munich on saturday night live back couldn't reverse their fortunes as buy and run to victory to go joint top of the league. in a right to got back in a determined mood and they turned on the burners from the off problem leventhal ski with my glorious chance after just thirty seconds. from the subsequent corner i have the much pain is put by and ahead with barely a minute on the clock. the spaniards had his second goal in as many games. his tussle with nico verity in the build up went to the video referee box they saw nothing amiss. cutbacks just weren't at the races with point completely in control and after eleven minutes thomas moore made it so nail the defending champions handing data hacking side a brutal lesson the hosts did find
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a break for praise talking has a funding captain lush tindall. who sump the full home to one heading into the break. the second half started much like the first with binah lugs and ruthless. eleven dusky put the guests three one up the deadly pole with some textbook footwork and finishing. but crumbled from there in the seventy fifth minute surge not brave made it fall one. young son left stranded by his passive teammates. and in injury time joshua kim in one his team a penalty robin leventhal ski stepped up and completed the routes his fifteenth goal of the ses and by and trumping gladbach five one and turning up to hate on late late as dortmund. and with chalco floundering near the foot of the
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table coach to many current a desk i was praying for a win in order to silence growing calls for him to be set up it wasn't today. throughout testing times this season shall because home support has remained faithful. but coach dominica to disco knows patients is beginning to within and it seemed his side got off to the worst possible start window to luka back here gave to the lead midway through the first half only for the river e. to roll it out with the help of a are for this challenge in the build up but v.a.r. went against shell because shortly before half time at cns the sitz handled the ball in the books giving luka back you know an opportunity from twelve yards and the man on loan from what that put his sight ahead for a realist time. after the break fortuna picked up where they left off the neato run and fed debit cards netsky who slotted home when the sixty second minutes. just six minutes later they were at it again looking back you know found ram and on the run
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the witness backed the ball home support the visitors three up. the belgian six goal in twenty pulis league appearances this season they weren't down there either to catch use army found space to cross on the eighty fourth minute before called netsky back to second from close range for until the final score. as the rain fell after the final whistle to disco pleaded with the seating section of the home support it appears however the patience has run out to the felt his arena. has been used as a no i don't believe he should be sacked i like them and he has done a good job. as it is not the coaches fault we are the ones out on the pitch we need to give everything and we didn't. job if indeed full it is on under two is not my place to say whether i have the quality to turn this around by have the will and the desire. whether or not he's given time to do so remains to be seen.
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it watching data when years live from berlin remember you can stay up to date around the clock on our website that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us up next shift living in the digital age. i'm secure in the by a war that's hard and in the end this is a me your not a lot of the here and more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who are liars and. what's your story. with numbers and women especially in victims of violence.


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