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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CET

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we're. ready. to do. stories march. on people. this is d.w. news live from berkeley and donald trump goes off script as he gives the keynote speech to a major gathering of u.s. conservatives it's been a difficult week for the u.s. president and he'll be hoping to rebound politically by energizing his conservative base also coming up. syrian defense forces say they're close to ending the
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so-called islamic states hold on territory in syria that will mean freedom for some but for the many orphaned children of the i.r.s. it only brings more uncertainty. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at political opponents in a speech to the conservative lobbying groups a pac trump facing pressure on both domestic and foreign policy after this week's failed summit with north korea and the explosive allegations made to congress by his former lawyer but at saturday's conference conservatives loyal to trump rallied around him. the warm welcome was just what the politically under the gun president needed trump was received like a rock star at the conference he took the opportunity. to question the credibility
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of special counsel robert mueller and his investigation into whether the president's election she had secret dealings with russian officials trump described the investigation as a witch hunt unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with both ok it seems the more person in trump gets bogged down in the so-called russia affair the more his supporters get behind him nineteen year old jacob martin from new jersey believes trump when he says the whole thing is a conspiracy by the democrats i think it really is manufactured i think there was legitimate concerns to begin with but i think it's gone far beyond that into looking for anything to take down trump. alley j. nikolai is a university student she's only slightly put off by claims from trump's former lawyer michael cohen that the president had paid hush money to a porn star obviously i'm not supportive of any of that extramarital affairs i
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think it's a terrible thing but i look at him as a president of course character is very important but i do see that that was in his past and he has moved forward from that point griffin from new mexico is the founder of the support group cowboys for trump he thinks the president is being treated unfairly as far as all the the garbage that the media is trying to dig through and president trump's alive. i as well as most americans are more concerned with the future of our country than the past. it seems that no matter what trump says or does his base group of supporters are staying faithful in fact more than eighty percent of republican voters say they're satisfied with the president's performance that seems to back up a statement trumps made some time ago that he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and would not lose any voters off. our washington correspondent all of his talent was closely following that event and sent this analysis of the fiery speech. well that was his first appearance after his failed
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summit with north koreans kim jong un and also after his formal lawyer and fixer michael cohen testified at congress so all eyes were on the u.s. president's here today to see how he tackles his situation how he deals with the pressure is he's currently under that is mounting on him right now and interesting lee he did not go up volatile talking about michael cohen or north korea at first and then went straight off of his script really just as he did in the two thousand and sixteen election campaign and started attacking his political opponents he ridiculed the democrats made fun of the. congressional committees that are currently investigating against him and that was exactly celebrated in fact by cheering crowds that was all fired up and cheered for their president
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really and those were the pictures donald trump needed at this point. to go back into the political the offensive really after suffering a major setbacks here in recent days and weeks while donald trump was addressing conservatives democratic senate have bernie sanders officially kicked off his second presidential campaign in new york city he called on americans from all walks of life to join his fight for a political revolution and pledge to create an economy and government that works for all people sanders said his campaign was built to defeat on a trend he called the most dangerous president in modern u.s. history. here in europe hungary's controversial prime minister viktor orban has left out at members of his own a u wide conservative party calling them useful idiots of the left speaking to germany's. newspaper oban was referring to
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a push by members of the european peoples party to reject ariens from its ranks p p p is worried about three days parties increasingly anti semitic and anti e.u. rhetoric although repeated clashes with brussels came to a head last month when unflattering physics today is campaign posters of e.u. commission president john paul. and hungary and finance george soros went up across hungary. to help us explain the tit for tat i'm joined now by correspondent stefan boss in budapest stefan thanks for joining me how does this interview reflect the ongoing tensions between hungary's prime minister viktor orban and brussels. sure well i think it is far too often a wider campaign by prime minister viktor orban against the european commission they have already plastered with. the european commission president.
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as well as. george soros so i think. that pain. and tight migration pain i have to add and i think we can really explain it. at the moment a. pain which will last until march fifteenth to launch a new campaign against the advice of the european commission. has already set belief. in a different light and how likely is it that obama has actually banned him from the . well it seems increasingly likely because.
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several countries have already said that day really wants the governing c.d.'s to be removed from the e.p. of course we have to wait and see death being secret negotiations going on. by the . prime minister in berlin for instance so we have to see. germany place of course of a need for control. but i think the pressure is really mounting owned the prime minister today step down boss in budapest thanks very much for that analysis. at one point the so-called islamic state held large swathes of land in syria but forces on the ground say those days will soon be over thousands of supporters vyas of fleeing the last rebel held on place of bag and many orphaned children fear they have nowhere to turn. the sad truth of the war in syria is that when liberating areas you're often also destroying in the syrian town
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of bargains for conny near the iraqi border is no exception after syrian democratic forces mainly kurds supported by the us military beat the bull work of the so-called islamic state they have now begun what many believe to be the decisive offensive they think it'll take about another week and then the caliphate will be no more in syria. and then it will come a call non-lethal corresponding to our expecting brutal resistance from the terrorists they'll fight with everything they've cut and we'll call in airstrikes and artillery barrages and move in with ground troops and no doubt that the player on the tyan helen well i think she got a lot of i think. thousands of iowa supporters have been fleeing during a cease fire the past few weeks including citizens from almost fifty countries it seems as though for them their dreams of an islamic state have been destroyed.
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something is not needed and i did not. know that and i'm not going to say i cannot go. i'm right buttons from indonesia and i come from the young lions unit of the caliphate my father is fighting for i his. if anyone here regrets anything at all it's mainly the fact that i as his days are over no one here talks remorsefully about the people who suffered simply because they were of other faiths or held other values but there are also other scenes and argues for conny at the last moment some yazidi women and children are able to leave after being slaves for almost five years it might have been a relief for them if it wasn't for the other problems they face. i don't know about the fate of my father my mother my four brothers all of them were imprisoned by this only one brother got out but. it's believed many you see the women and children are still in the hands of
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islamists somewhere for conny may soon be liberated for some that will end a long nightmare but for many others the suffering is likely to go on. now to some other stories making news around the world in a straight year fire crews are battling numerous bushfires in the country's southeast hundreds of people have been evacuated in victoria some thirty fires burn across the state the blazes come amid the hottest start to march on record. flash flooding in southern afghanistan has left at least twenty people dead the army evacuated some four hundred families from hard hit regions of kandahar province but rescue efforts have been hampered by heavy rains the u.n. says that support is required to rescue people trapped and in urgent need of aid. and venezuela's all physician leader and self-appointed interim president want why doe's says he'll be returning to venezuela despite the risk of arrest met with
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ecuador's president lenin rayno on saturday as part of his bid to gain support from latin american countries has called on venezuelans to stage more demonstrations against president nicolas maduro in the coming days. well it seems the call for action against climate change is being answered more and war by young people around the world since all this tens of thousands of peoples in europe and as far and wide as a strain and uganda have walked out of their friday classes to push for more ambitious carbon cutting targets young people in nigeria have also been taking action to secure the future of their environment. they call themselves the climate warriors of lagos. they are determined to take back the beach and turn it into what it once was the place for sea shells. yet this bitter legacy can find pretty
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much everything you can imagine like the flip flop or just before i fall the tooth brush and of course volume of plastic now all of this of course belongs to us humans but it's them cured teenagers young students who are on a mission to protect the bridge a generation for their future. every week they collect about fifty bags of trash and the more they clean the beach the more it's changes that. changing my lifestyle farming fans i don't you single use plastic and i have my what are you going to take to work and then my recycling. bag to the market plastic waste is one of the biggest problems worldwide especially in places like lagos where single use plastic for example plastic bags is not prohibited in rwanda or in kenya. the thirty year old activist has been busy battling pollution since she was
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a student an overwhelming task she quit her job as a lawyer it takes everything from you physically mentally you know you have to be one hundred percent in this if not you just where unfortunately children are the ones that are most affected it's really bad that we have so many plastics that come from the ocean to the shows. i come here. and drink when you're trying to miss cleaning up the beaches just one of today's staff planting palm trees is a way to finish the state has a population of more than twenty million people it generates about fourteen metric tons. waste every day the work seems unrealistic but for them not hopeless. our minder of the top story we're following for you conservative activists challenged preys on u.s. president donald trump at an annual gathering outside washington his two hour
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speech highlighted immigration and trade issues and hit democrats and the ongoing investigation into his twenty six staying presidential campaign. you know watching d.w. news line from berlin remember you can stay up to date around the clock on our web site at state of or you dot com up next the born this lakers showed looking at all of saturday's action in the german topflight thanks for watching. players. table. the stage.


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