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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is d.w. new life from berlin hungary's prime minister viktor orban at odds with brussels agrees conservative ruling party faces expulsion from the european parliament after an anti immigration minister campaign and close bond and rhetoric has prompted growing calls to also exclude his party from the european problem until elections in may also coming up with the donald trump goes all scripted and even give the keynote speech to a feature gathering of the west conservative been
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a difficult week for me where the president and it will be hoping to rebound politically by energizing his conservative base. and roger federer has become just the second man to reach one hundred per year titles now aiming at the all time record of tennis legend jimmy carter. welcome to the program i'm marion evans team hungary's controversial prime minister viktor orbán has a lashed out at members of his own e.u. wide conservative party accusing them of serving the interests of the left speaking to germany's event tug newspaper or bond was referring to a push by members of the european people's party to inject. hunger ariens from its ranks that is worried about. or bunts fetus parties strident anti in the rhetoric.
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repeated clashes with brussels came to a head last month when unflattering he does campaign posters that you commission presidential and time carrying financier george soros went out across hungary. all right let's get more on this from brussels correspondent band regard that hello to you tell us more about why a leading figures in the e.u.'s considerate conservative party want to kick orbán and his party out well it's hard because i'm not actually trying to kick him out and many others have serious doubts of the party will now have to talk to the party family even though i have to talk a bit about this and obama did one provocation too much for the taste of these people with his comparing the billboards showing the commission president and the
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american investor george soros who happens to be a jew this campaign has a clear and he said medic and also and the european subtext and this cannot be tolerated in the christian democratic polity family even the german c. is you party turned its back on the nationalist was invited last year to a party conference in bavaria this year this is no longer possible but nevertheless you have to say. this is campaign is quite successful in hungary he's leading in the polls fifty percent he's writing this right wing populist wave in europe by blaming europe for everything. but just how worried should your of be over or just how significant of. well the party feed itself in the parliament has only twelve three pts and is projected to gain only one seat in the in the next round of elections as so he's he's not
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a big fraction of the group but it would be a symbol and a sign of course that's a christian democratic party family is falling apart and it might well be that all done tries to form will try to form a new party group among together with other populous leaders in from italy from austria and also from germany and this new nationalistic right wing populist group could make it much more difficult to find majorities in parliament and to actually to come to legislation so this is a threat and he also is also fostering the divide between east and best on migration in the european union but he's also taking on the very risky gamble because he gets lots of funds and money from the e.u. but should so many people here in brussels also wonder why you see biting the hand that is feeding hungry our i did las correspondent in brussels that require it we
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thank you for that. let's get a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world five years after the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy kuala lumpur says it's open to proposals from private companies to resume the search for the aircraft the statement by the country's transport minister offers fresh hope to victims' families. the private u.s. companies space x. is a step closer to sending humans into space after its unmanned test capsule successfully dog to the international space station for the first time the firm is working with nasa astronauts who've been riding with russia's space agency and its nasa retired its own shuttle program eight years ago is now the good flash floods in southern afghanistan have left at least twenty people dead the army evacuated some four hundred families from hard hit regions of kandahar province but rescue efforts have
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been hampered by heavy rains the united nations says further air support is required to rescue people who are trapped and in urgent need of aid. is bracing for a widespread protests as demonstrators await confirmation on whether or not the country's president of jealousies beautifully will seek a fifth term students turned out of the capital algiers and other towns calling on the eighty two year old incumbent to drop his plan to run again. has been in power since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and is reportedly in poor health rallies demanding his resignation began ten days ago in a wave of dissent protests are expected to gain momentum ahead of sunday's midnight deadline for candidates to officially submit their intention to run.
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turning to the united states now where president donald trump lashed out at political opponents in a speech to the conservative lobbying group c. pac. is facing pressure on both domestic and foreign policy after this week's failed summit with north korea and explosive allegations made to congress by his former lawyer but at saturday's conference conservatives loyal to trump rallied around him. the warm welcome was just what the politically under the gun president needed trunked was received like a rock star at the conference he took the opportunity to question the credibility of special counsel robert mueller and his investigation into whether the president's election team had secret dealings with russian officials trump described the investigation as a witch hunt unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with both ok it seems the more person in
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trump gets bogged down in the so-called russia affair the more his supporters get behind him nineteen year old jacob martin from new jersey believes trump when he says the whole thing is a conspiracy by the democrats i think it really is manufactured i think there was legitimate concerns to begin with but i think it's gone far beyond that into looking for anything to take down trump. alley j. nikolai is a university student she's only slightly put off by claims from trump's former lawyer michael cohen that the president had paid hush money to a porn star obviously i'm not supportive of any of that extramarital affairs i think it's a terrible thing but i look at him as a president of course character is very important but i do see that that was in his past and he has moved forward from that. griffin from new mexico is the founder of the support group cowboys for trump he thinks the president is being treated unfairly as far as all the the garbage that the media is trying to dig through and
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president trump's alive. i as well as most americans are more concerned with the future of our country than the past and. it seems that no matter what trump says or does his base group of supporters are staying faithful in fact more than eighty percent of republican voters say they're satisfied with the president's performance that seems to back up a statement trump's made some time ago that. you could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and would not lose any voters. and one point this so-called islamic state held large stretches of land in syria that forces on the ground say those days will soon and thousands of supporters of bias are fleeing the last rebel held enclave of by groups for many that will mean freedom but for the many orphaned children of a i.a.s. it only brings more uncertainty. the said truth of the war in syria is that when liberating areas you're often also destroying and
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the syrian town of barga was for conny near the iraqi border is no exception after syrian democratic forces mainly kurds supported by the us military beat the bull work of the so-called islamic state they have now begun what many believe to be the decisive offensive they think it'll take about another week and then the caliphate will be no more in syria. and iran into a chemical monophonic that's all going to work spect and brutal resistance from the terrorists they'll fight with everything they've got and will call in airstrikes and artillery barrages and move in with ground troops and no doubt that the player on the tie you know well i'm sure that a lot of i think. thousands of iowa supporters have been fleeing during a cease fire the past few weeks including citizens from almost fifty countries it seems as though for them their dreams of an islamic state have been destroyed. something this monkey did and i did not. know that and i'm not going to i'm sorry i
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cannot go on that i'm red button from indonesia and i come from the young lion talks remorsefully about the people who suffered simply because they were of other faiths or held other values but there are also other scenes and argues for conny at the last moment some yazidi women and children are of able to leave after being slaves for almost five years it might have been a relief for them if it wasn't for the other problems they face. what i don't know about the fate of my father my mother my four brothers all of them were imprisoned by i has only one brother got out the bill and. it's believed many years see the women and children are still in the hands of islamist somewhere argues for kamin may soon be liberated for some that will end a long nightmare but for many others the suffering is likely to go on. in australia
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fire crews are battling bushfires in the country's southeast hundreds of people have been evacuated in the state of victoria the blazes come admit the hottest start to march on record. somebodies house somebodies home exploding in a bushfire in bunyan state park east of melbourne an army of firefighters is taking to the roads and to contain flames on several fronts. the biggest fire sparked by lightning strikes has already eaten up more than six thousand hectares. what are you guys are saying the front and that huge wall of flames it's huge it's brought me it's a monster it's the revelers and it's scary it's really really scary dozens of residents have been evacuated not knowing what if anything will await them when they return. i also want to say that this is an active far it is moving
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and there is every likelihood there will be for the property losses. the worst bushfires in a decade come as southeastern australia still buckles under a record breaking heat wave. as imagine sea crews try to gain the upper hand against these fires the hope for some natural response that is keener than ever. until yesterday just one man was ever able to reach the one hundred title milestone in professional tennis that's right us legend jimmy connors but now this staggering feat has also been achieved by someone else roger federer the swiss have become the second man to reach one hundred career titles after winning the dubai championship final. if there was ever a well deserved standing ovation this was it. and even the cool roger federer got a tiny bit emotional. well it makes me look back at how it all started how
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about a little one of my first title back in milan which was actually owned by the dubai tournament at the time. and yeah i was hoping that one day i was going to win a title just before the final and i did and i was sitting here today having one hundred is i don't know is this believe this was dominated greek youngster stuff honestly teapots from the start winning the first set six four. thank the second set was pretty much the same to us didn't play bad but federer played better six four six four the final score. six thank the swiss was first congratulated by titi pass and then praised his opponent will see so much more often and i always enjoy playing the next generation you know that come through because one day i'll be sitting on my couch and i'll be watching them on enjoying their tennis one day but not now the first federer is attacking the next milestone
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one hundred ten titles that would beat jimmy connors record. up to date now and d.-w. news up next after a short break. thanks for watching. kickoff i saw how it was. ours was the best thank the best place for. the best goal. in this league highlights. kickoff d.w. .


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