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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the students in algeria are leading sunday's call for change in the capital algiers hundreds joined together in calls for president of egypt because not just a fifth term days of demonstrations have erupted across algeria and of today's deadline for candidates to enter the race also coming up. hungary's prime minister viktor orban at odds with brussels hungary's conservative ruling party faces expulsion from the european parliament approved after an anti immigration toaster campaign now or bonds and rhetoric has prompted growing calls to also exclude his party from european parliament elections in may. and byron munich is full of
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momentum in the bundesliga after winning five one against mention gladbach now on the team is back at the top of the table together with over its indoor. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us algeria has seen another day of widespread protests police in algiers confronted students protesting against president. candidacy for a fifth term in office and estimated two thousand demonstrators marched towards the constitutional council where political candidates must register some reports say police fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse the protesters the president's office confirmed that the eighty two year old incumbents candidacy will be submitted at the concert. council by tonight's midnight deadline well with me in
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the studio now for more on this is always bashir on roun algerian journalist bashir thanks for being here so as we just mentioned the deadline for candidates to register for algeria is presidential polls in april is tonight do you think but to think it is going to run again well according to german constitutional experts the candidates need to go in person to the constitutional council and announce they would run and as we know which defy is in switzerland in geneva and he's very unwell and receiving medical treatment so the only possibility in my opinion is that they break the constitution and announce his kind of the trip. without requiring him to do it in person. also there are three possible scenarios for today the first one is as the talk now that the regime puts
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. in the race and announces his candidature today before midnight and that would be very risky because the protest as we gain strength and the direction could escalate and. in the coming days the second scenario is that. scenario which is very unlikely but the regime don't put which is if a further as a candidate does that can do that but that would require that they have another can do that which is to pad secretly and they will put him into the very next days and the third scenario which is very unlikely in my opinion is that the regime announces all the. constitution and consul and also the cannot work as a presidents a president because of his have in that case the president of the council of constitutional council with take over the power. for the next one that. he would
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prepare. elections and that scenario is fitting for the regime because they can win time and that i want counted as another time when you mention but a flake is in geneva getting medical care he's eighty two years old i mean we've we've seen his wheelchair bound. is he even capable of doing another term. of course not but was not even able to be sworn in before five years as a president so according to the constitution of a jury he is not and that it's meant president because he didn't make his rule and so well the constitution respected in nigeria he won't be in office no. well if he does not run i mean you see it's not likely but let's say he doesn't run again what will happen to this protest movement well for
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a big part of the protests as i think the rigaud the return to the home because i think this is the most with what they can reach in this situation in nigeria but they would be cool with us those who think they will request saw the change in the very and to be very crucial how big the number could be in the next days and of course if there's no blood shed are i do w. bush or only we really appreciate all your insights thank you. let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world flash floods in southern afghanistan have left at least twenty people dead the army evacuated some four hundred families from hard hit regions of kandahar province but rescue efforts have been hampered by heavy rains the united nations says further air support is needed to rescue people who are trapped and in urgent need of aid five
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years after the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy cuomo corps says it's open to proposals from private companies to resume the search for the aircraft the statement by the country's transport minister offers fresh hope to victims' families. the crew of the international space station has been checking out the crew dragon capsule that arrives today after an unmanned test flight the space ship is built by the private company space x. nasa hopes its astronauts will be able to start using the new space ship later this year and there you. are. now hungary's controversial prime minister viktor orban has lashed out at members of his own e.u. wide conservative party accusing them of serving the interests of the left speaking to germany's newspaper orbán was referring to a push by members of the european people's party to object hunger in politicians
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from its ranks that p.p. is worried about or violence fetus parties strident anti e.u. rhetoric or bonds repeated clashes with brussels came to a head last month when unflattering fetus campaign posters and you commission presidential clothes younger and hungary and financier and george soros went up across hungry all right let's get more on this from brussels correspondent barrett regards but hello to you tell us more about why a leading figures in the e.u.'s considerate conservative party want to kick orbán and his party out. pod views are now actually trying to kick him out and many others have serious doubts so the party will now have to talk to the party family even though i have to talk a bit about this all done did one provocation too much for the taste of these people with his comparing the billboards showing the commission president and the
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american investor george soros who happens to be a jew this campaign has a clear and he said magic and also and the european subtext in this cannot be tolerated in the christian democratic party family even the german c. is you party turned its back on the nationalist was invited last year to a party conference in bavaria this year this is no longer possible but nevertheless you have to say. this is campaign is quite successful in hungary he's leading in the polls fifty percent and he's writing this right wing populist wave in europe by blaming europe for everything. but just how worried should your of be over or just how significant it. the feat is in the parliament has only twelve three pts and is projected to gain only one seat
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in the next round of elections as so he's not a big fraction of the group but it would be a symbol and a sign of course that's a christian democratic party family is falling apart and it might well be that all done tries to form a try to form a new party group among together with other populous leaders in from italy from austria and also from germany and this new nationalistic right bring prop two through could make it much more difficult to find majorities in parliament and to actually to come to legislation so this is a threat and he also but is also fostering the divide between east and best on migration in the european union and but he's also taking on the very risky gamble because he gets lots of funds and money from the e.u. but should so many people here in brussels also wonder why you see biting the hand that is feeding hungry our idea is correspondent in brussels that we thank you for
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that. now so-called islamic state fighters have been launching suicide car bombs against u.s. backed forces in the village of five it's a last ditch effort to stave off defeat on the last patch of land i asked controls capturing bad news from islamic state will mean freedom for many but for the orphaned children of i.a.s. it only brings more uncertainty. the said truth of the war in syria is that when liberating areas you're often also destroying in the syrian town of bargains for conny near the iraqi border is no exception after syrian democratic forces mainly kurds supported by the us military beat the bull work of the so-called islamic state they have now begun what many believe to be the decisive offensive they think it'll take about another week and then the caliphate will be no more in syria. and i'm going to talk on the call money from across the
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entire expecting brutal resistance from the terrorists they'll fight with everything they've cut and we'll call in airstrikes and artillery barrages and move in with ground troops and no doubt that they're going on in the triangle well i think she got a lot of i think. thousands of iowa supporters have been fleeing during a cease fire the past few weeks including citizens from almost fifty countries it seems as though for them their dreams of an islamic state have been destroyed. something is among the dead of night to head back. doesn't go down and i'm not going to sit and said i cannot go on i'm red buttons from indonesia and i come from the young lions unit of the caliph that my father is fighting for i guess. if anyone here regrets anything at all it's mainly the fact that i as his days are over no one here talks remorsefully about the people who suffered simply because they were of other faiths or held other values but there are also other scenes and
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bargains for conny at the last moment some yazidi women and children are able to leave after being slaves for almost five years it might have been a relief for them if it wasn't for the other problems they face. i don't know about the fate of my father my mother my four brothers all of them were imprisoned by this only one brother got out. and. it's believed many you see the women and children are still in the hands of islamists somewhere argues for conny may soon be liberated for some that will end a long nightmare but for many others the suffering is likely to go on. one does leave a song and on the back of two straight home defeats barroso mentioned god bach played host to reigning champions barre munich on saturday night gladbach could not reverse their fortunes as byron romp to victory to go joint top of the week.
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but in a write in got back in a determined mood and i turned on the burners from the off problem levon tusky with a glorious chance after just thirty seconds. from the subsequent call and i have the martinez put by the head with barely a minute on the clock. the spaniards had his second goal in as many games. his tussle with nico verdi in the build up went to the video referee box they saw nothing amiss. cutbacks just worked at the races with point completely in control and after eleven minutes thomas moore made it so nail the defending champions handing data hacking side a brutal lesson the hosts did find a break for crave talk and has finding captain lush tindall. has something the ball home to one heading into the break. the second half started much like the
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first with binah lugs and ruthless. eleven dusky put the guests three one up the deadly pole with some textbook footwork and finishing. but crumbled from there in the seventy fifth minute serge never even made it full one. beyond some left stranded by his passive teammates. and in injury time you're short kimmie one his teammate penalty robert levin dosti stepped up and completed the routes his fifteenth goal of the season by end trumping gladbach five one and turning up the hate on league latest dortmund. a quick reminder now of our top story. demonstrators are out on the streets algeria ahead of next my deadline for presidential candidates to submit their bid
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protesters same company president abdelaziz will to. he is not fit to run and some are calling him to resign. you're up to date on t.w. news thanks for watching. my first boss also sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this notion to remember something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle it isn't. since i was a little good i wanted to have both eyes at the loss of my home but it took me mr bunn despite their. finally they gave up and mentioned buying young guys like that but returns because sewing machines sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes them.


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