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we told you w. p three. player. this is day w news live from berlin algeria witnesses the biggest protest since president bush a flake of hope our students and the algerians are leading sunday's push for change around two thousand people joined in calls for president hu to flake on not to see a fifth term the ailing leader has now offered to step down within a year of reelected in april also coming up. they are in defense forces say they're
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close to recapturing the islamic state controlled town of bug but i ask his hold on syrian territory coming to an end when you go over the local population and might be an even bigger battle. and roger federer has become just the second man in tennis to reach one hundred career titles now he's aiming at the all time record of legend jimmy carter's. nickel frolick welcome to the show. president abdelaziz bouteflika syria says he will not serve a full term if he wins and the upcoming presidential elections those apparent move to peace as critics follows another day of widespread protests and the capitol
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police confronted students protesting against the eighty two year old spent for a fifth term in office. algerians took to the streets again on sunday after twenty years of beautifully because rule patience is running out that did not stop the algerian president's campaign manager announcing on national television that beautifully will run in april za lections but he read from a letter written by the president which made a promise of change to the political system if the people reelect him. i pledge to organize early elections to be set up by the independent national conference i pledge not to be a candidate in that election. but algerians are likely to take his offer with a pinch of salt earlier police were called out to disperse thousands of protesters who had tried to block access to the constitutional council to prevent bouteflika
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from registering as a candidate. algerians living in france also really be in their thousands demanding that put a flick a step aside and allow free and fair elections. because opponents say he's no longer fit to lead due to his poor health and chronic corruption. these are. the people who govern we don't even know who they are they're in the shadows big mafia big everything so you have to stop after a while you have to stop we need justice we need equity we need clarity we need a republic we need democracy and freedom. there are no transparent elections in algeria it's the administration that does everything elections are rigged to have transparent elections the environment must be appropriate they must be active political parties the public spaces are looked the press is not independent it. young algerians complained that there is an urgent need for
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economic reforms to tackle unemployment higher than twenty five percent among people under the age of thirty. joining me now is the sharon roman algerian journalist with dave w.'s arabic service so we're going to focus now saying he won't serve a full term is that likely to convince his opponents and his critics when i heard about it i thought the joke. opponents how people will reject this proposition because it's not trustworthy right now that's because. it was the end of his second mandate changed the constitution and all the two. and he assured the people that it would be only this time and it didn't last for thought and not for a fourth and now he's trying to tie for first. fifteen widespread protests and
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shares even in paris france. how much spending power does this protest movement have to or this is this is the question i think a big part of the protesters are disappointed because they thought they have a real chance to push the regime to stop the candidature of defeat but there's also a hot core of the protests as well. demanding. a change of the system of the whole system so i think a big part of the protesters will regain the streets. for a real change and i'm sure you know there are of course asking for change but what are they looking for in that change of government what they say is that they want a second republic a real democratic states where there was the people divides and human rights are respected where they can elect the president and members of parliament in the real
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unfalsified votes. and. i think dependent on that. also to have hope to to live in a country with a good economy with a real job opportunities that's the big problem in the jury. and these elections now what's the alternative to beautifully what about the other candidates those no alternative the other candidates have no chances because of the elections would be falsified and defeat. when he ran for the last fall monday it's they didn't let and he can do that to put the challenge him and that would happen again this time to share a room thank you very much. now on to some other stories making news around the world. flash floods in southern afghanistan have left at least twenty people dead the army evacuated some four hundred families from hard hit regions in the khandahar province but rescue efforts have been hampered by heavy rains the u.n.
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says further air support is required to rescue people trapped in an urgent need of a. stony essential rights reform party has won sunday's parliamentary election with almost twenty nine percent of the vote the senior partner and the current coalition the central party of prime minister nuri iraq has garnered twenty three percent of the ballots the far right a stone in conservative people's party it placed third with almost eighteen percent more than double its previous showing. in common some german media hungry spotless prime minister has lashed out at the bloc in the european parliament that his own party belongs to victor oregon's remarks came after the conservative bloc called for his party's exfoliation. accuse the central european peoples party of serving the interests of the left the p.p. is worried about orbital speed ish party strident and you and anti immigrant
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rhetoric or bad repeated clashes with brussels came to a head last month after his government launched an ad campaign seem to have anti-semitic undertones portraying hunger in american billionaire george soros and european commission president john claude. u.s. backed forces in the syrian village of bug juice are meeting fierce resistance from so-called islamic state militants who are trying to stave off defeat and the last patch of land they control the kurdish let syrian democratic forces and u.s. warplanes have pounded islamic state targets with artillery fire and occasional airstrikes the offensive against i asked to recapture the villa. resumed on friday after a two week pause to evacuate civilians. the u.s. backed fighters might be close to defeating the insurgents but they still have a long way to go to capture the hearts and minds of those who still believe in the
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islamic caliphate at. the said truth of the war in syria is that when liberating areas you're often also destroying in the syrian town of darkness for conny near the iraqi border is no exception after syrian democratic forces mainly kurds supported by the u.s. military beat the bull work of the so-called islamic state they have now begun what many believe to be the decisive offensive they think it'll take about another week and then the caliphate will be no more in syria. and then at the upcoming call money from across the entire expecting brutal resistance from the terrorists they'll fight with everything they've caught him with will call in airstrikes and artillery barrages and move in with ground troops no doubt that they're going to be out by on the tyan how well well i think she got a lot of i think. thousands of ideas supporters have been fleeing during a cease fire the past few weeks including citizens from almost fifty countries it
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seems as though for them their dreams of an islamic state have been destroyed. i love you i want to know something is monkey to dominate your head but it doesn't mean though that i'm not the reason i'm saying i cannot don't belong. i'm red buttons from indonesia and i come from the young lions unit of the caliph that my father is fighting for i guess. if anyone here regrets anything at all it's mainly the fact that i as his days are over no one here talks remorsefully about the people who suffered simply because they were of other faiths or held other values but there are also other scenes and argues for conny at the last moment some yazidi women and children are able to leave after being slaves for almost five years it might have been a relief for them if it wasn't for the other problems they face. i don't know about the fate of my father my mother my four brothers all of them were
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imprisoned by i guess only one brother got out the bill and. it's believed many you're see the women and children are still in the hands of islamists somewhere argues for kamin may soon be liberated for some that will end a long nightmare but for many others the suffering is likely to go on. fire crews are battling bushfires in southeastern australia hundreds of people had to be evacuated in the state of victoria the blazes were sparked by multiple lightning strikes on friday and have already burned over six thousand hectares. somebodies house somebodies home exploding in a bushfire in bunya state park east of melbourne an army of firefighters is taking to the roads and to contain flames on several fronts. the biggest fire sparked by lightning strikes has already eaten up more than six thousand hectares.
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what are you guys are saying the front and the huge wall of why it's huge it's brought me it's a monster it's a residence and it's it's really with. dozens of residents have been evacuated not knowing what if anything will await them when they return. i also want to say that this is an active far it is moving and there is every likelihood there will be for the property losses. the worst bushfires in a decade come as southeastern australia still buckles under a record breaking heat wave. as imagine sea crews trying to gain the upper hand against these fires the hope for some not to respond to it is keener than ever. and their spaceship built by the private american company space x. has successfully arrived at the orbiting international space station. that's the
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crew dragon capsule docked to the station after an unmanned trip from florida the station's crew has been unloading cargo from the ship and the astronaut visible at the far end of the capsule as a dummy equipped with sensors nasa dragon will carry its first real astronauts later this year american astronauts have been forced to ride with russia's space agency was nasa retired its own shuttle program eight years ago. until yesterday just one man was ever able to reach the one hundred title milestone in professional tennis u.s. legend jimmy connors but now the staggering feat has also been achieved by someone else roger federer the swiss has become the second man to reach one hundred career titles after winning the dubai championship final. if there was ever a well deserved standing ovation this was it and even the cool roger federer got a tiny bit emotional. well it makes me look book. it all started to
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live one of my first title back in milan which was actually owned by to buy tournaments at the time. and yeah i was hoping that one day i was going to win the title just before the final i did but i'm sitting here today how do you want to hundred is i don't know is this believe this was dominated greek youngster stuff honest sixty plus from the start winning the first set six for. the second set was pretty much the same to us didn't play bad but federer played better six four six for the final score. the swiss was first congratulated by t.t. pass and praised his opponent will see so much more often and i always enjoy playing the next generation you know that comes through because one day i'll be sitting on my couch and i'll be watching them on enjoying their tennis one day but not now the first federer is attacking the next milestone one hundred ten titles
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that would beat jimmy connors record. coming up after the break all the highlights from sunday's matches on the bun nestle go with chris harrington to a high flying sides faced off as well as borg host and graeme and relegation strugglers start gods and hand over battle laid out that i'm planning discussion of twelve men stay twenty four coming up in just a moment's. you're watching w. news i'm nicole foley thanks for joining me. we speak different languages we fight with different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom for global news that matters w made.


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