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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 4:02am-4:15am CET

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matchday twenty four is no more who wants to win it all it looks like the definitive champions doesn't it and more rules yeah more rules coming soon to a pitch near you gotta love that. under pressure then. after doing that having shaky february they march into march with a defeat inter byron munich the defending champions trailed at the table leaders by nine points nine match days ago now we have a two force race and a change to the handball rules is coming how will that affect german football and will it put it in the past controversies we'll discuss of that and more. welcome to the bonus league i'm chris harrington joining me in studio for this sunday powwow our michelle didn't say a former but as they can midfielder welcome back to the show michel how are you very good thank you chris all right and we have been as
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a reporter jonathan crane welcome back j.c. how goes it pretty forswear i'm loving your theme crafts i appreciate it now let's hit the pitch for some football in sunday's game the wolves of wolves bird welcomed braman the home side's been on the rise recently winning three of their last four which put them at europe's store step ahead of kick off but the visitors wouldn't be easy prey braman had yet to lose in twenty nine take. grin a lot of dia is clearly still loved by the fans sporting director you had caused a stir by describing their personal relationship as frosty during the week ahead of contract negotiations the green and white of fast started off with a bang visiting goalkeeper usually puzzling collided with me a match maybe in the twelfth minutes both players received treatment and were able to continue in the fifty fourth minute among the million arnold freekick found john anthony brooks to get votes pulled that lead is to teammates were offside but not
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judged to have interfered play ball could have the majority of chances and the goal stood. twenty minutes later braman hit back captain much truth a with his fifth of the season brilliantly set up by a cross from maximilian you're starting to make it. a much finished with lot of data clearly the more frustrated coach as braman continued their unbeaten run in twenty nineteen let's break down this result all start with the michel now just a point there for they're stuck at seven in the table outside of the european places was this a big missed opportunity in your opinion i don't think so it's a great season for that the only point and at the moment is. the problem between the coach and manager does this to because. at the moment but i really hope that they will clean it off today i think can make it to pull for
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a european qualification ok now over to you jonathan and that michel touched on some issues you know behind the scenes involving their coach. how's it this season been going and what's your take. time to side fighting against relegation offseasons one vying for the european price is that he's doing very well actually and i think he's kind of dunnit. under the radar with buggering quietly going about their business and britain i've been here is a coach he's used to fighting fires he gets brought in when teams that are in trouble he got hamburg out of the mire when they were fighting relegation and a few seasons ago this season he's had time to mold a team bringing some players out bay horse finally scoring goals for humans in this and i think if you're a speck found this craft and grab it there it's must be very frustrating you have it is a contract is up at the end of the season and you have to think with all this kind
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of argument that's going on will it be reviewed to be a shame i think you know but whole as it happened the manager says to the cameras it's not personal and to have a personal fight it must be present a fight between both of them and this can be happen because everybody is talking about us now right now we have to see this drama play out we have to wait and see how you know the end story with it how it happens now our next match a bottom of the table battle between stuttgart and hanover defensively both endangered sides have more holes than swiss cheese can bind the two sides it can see that over one hundred goals so with little defense expected which side showed superior firepower. it was still cut who run riot so the how no for in this relegation clash mario gomez put the hosts ahead off to just four minutes kind of a look last at the back was on come back added two more goals before half time to
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give staccato deserves three goals laid. out a glimmer of hope a right for how to go for up to sixty eight minutes when jonah tusk headed home to make it three one. punch hannah has shambolic defending went nowhere and steven super made it for one ten minutes lights up. a second for the swiss completed the five one mauling. it was stuttgart first win in knowing games and perhaps a sign that they can still escape relegation. so clearly stuttgart has disappeared firepower let's take a look at the standings after massed a twenty four man holding on to the top spot by a thread to goal advantage over biron then there's a nine point drop to third place life's it gets pretty tight from third place to seventh as you can see in the bottom half things haven't changed much down here stuttgart helped themselves out with the win but are still in the relegation
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playoff spot not far behind. and shall. now the conversation continues of course michelle let's talk the top of the table dortmund they're a young team stumbling like they have allowing buyer to catch up so quickly some have blamed it on a maturity how do you see it as you said it's a very young team but he knows definitely what he has to do with all these young says it's normal after a while everybody expects the earlier that they're going down but you know the the race is open and they start it again but but by a minute by minute at the moment they are clever they started a long time ago with a mental thing and now no bank has laid out on the pitch now over to you j c when did men start to buckle break down the numbers for us at one point thought men had a nine point lead over bar yeah i mean february has not been a happy month was not
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a happy month only one league win from five i think we've got something to show you the how nine points reflectively disappeared in nine match days you can see from state twenty this is a kind of following that path of awesome actually is matched a twenty was when brian really started closing the gap chris while his men start winning don't win fair to beat you and out spec during that time and that's really not good enough i think you know they've struggled with some injuries that really missed markers royce when he was away but i think the biggest problem has been in defense they were so tight before christmas addressing a big problem from last season but the floodgates kind of opened and they really took france on in this and don't forget the game against. time just three in the lead and in the end of the game with the first resort unbelievable the developing and a team like this they have to we discuss definitely maybe a case of taking their foot off the gas now and the buyer and players in the shell say they're jersey weighs a bit heavier how much credit did they deserve catching up to byron dorgan so fast
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you see the mimic they have. one hundred percent what they have to know is not only the team it's all the people who newsroom a nigga and they talk to them all the times and brought so also and unbelievable what they did in the past weeks but the season is not over and i expect a little bit more but an end of the day i think bayamon is going to go for the title instinct is telling me but j.c. what is the buyer camp been saying about their reason for i think you sort of touched on it a bit because even when they started their good run just before christmas they were not talking about dortmund they're same which is focusing on them and things trying to keep their expectations in check because i think none of us really expected to open so full off as badly as they have and none of us really expected bias when proved so well i mean the brilliance yesterday bats of every best clinical in front of goal having not seen as well played often
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a game goes under the radar but he's given them some real back and relief in the car and we're going to hear from him in a second because he was asked what he would have said if you told him at christmas the bomb would be level on points by now let's take a listen. it would have been difficult to believe but you can see how quickly things can change in football so you can never lose hope and quality of the team is incredible so we have to use the momentum we have right now and keep on going now level we have to approach the next ten games just like we did the last ten. and you have to say i think if they do that i agree with you to buy and of the ones that will be the ones to beat so yeah. it was on the hot seat at one point players' wives were upset with him and now it's all good in munich but the race is it over so now to our last talking point rule changes football's lawmaking body the international football association board approved several world changes at
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a meeting on saturday among them some changes to the hand ball rules jonathan handball is always a cause of. many changes the emphasis from intent to outcome in goal scoring situations and what do i mean by that will previously referees have to decide whether it was accidental and i think we're going to show you exactly what this means and it. leads to a goal directly from the hands or on even if accidental in the scoring or creating a goal scoring opportunity of the having gained possession or control of the ball in the hand or on even if accidental accidental that he was when a longer be allowed to play a crisis. a little you know a little heavy to digest what does that mean in practice it means they should be more consistent goals the scored the have a good example to illustrate this actually how it will change next season from the season. just before christmas coming. from the visitors but as you can see.
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the head fit to his hand now under the new rule even though that was and was given it would not count in the new rules it didn't change the result in the event when it's raining i think they're complaining about it because of computer problems at the moment kind of prevents. these rule changes does it make life easier for the players. really. because all these changes makes me crazy. i have no idea what i'm talking about. i think you know what it's made it more confusing it's cleared up attacking situations you would still have situations if a defendant handles the ball that could be ruled accidental in the penalty won't be given i think would be a whole lot easier if you did away with this insane accidental thing and decide if it hits your hand it's a penalty or whatever i think that would make things easier for the games and i'm
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coming with you because right now. i don't have to i can say is nothing about just because just rhodes makes me crazy ok well it will be implemented next season so when we can wait and see that's all we have time for this week i'd like to think michelle didn't say and job and crane for their input instill the next matchday from me and the rest of the team here berlin only he does know. i know nothing. because sometimes i am placed on nothing with him and i don't think deep into the general culture of. predicting his grandmother. it's all that they know i'm rachel join me anything to have an advantage of course. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. has been challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflict intensify i'll be meeting with key
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players on the ground in the sun doesn't. shine through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian. t.w. . i click like i shop online and up produces huge amounts of data but who analyzes it one culprit is the advertising industry i look for a curry recipe online and suddenly ads for indian cookbooks pop up everywhere big data is a blessing or a curse our focus today on shit.


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