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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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demanding. as conflict intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the centers of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account past the conflicts. conflict zone with jim sebastian. t.w. . i click i like i shop online and that produces huge amounts of data but who analyzes it one culprit is the advertising industry i look for a curry recipe online and suddenly ads for indian cookbooks pop up everywhere big data is it a blessing or a curse our focus today on ship. i'm always online my smartphone is always connected wherever i go along the way i leave
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digital footprints and help create a pot of what's known as big data. researchers have analyzed close to a million apps from the google play store they found that ninety percent of data and many of these apps send data to several companies that sounds unsettling but does big data have a really affect on my life well let me know if i need my umbrella tomorrow. this vaguer rocket has a new kind of weather satellite on board at an altitude of three hundred twenty kilometers any of us will collect data that will help meteorologists create better weather forecasts. for the first time a satellite will be able to measure wind speeds using laser rays it even works in locations that are normally inaccessible like over oceans there's a perfect storm brewing out there big data can help us predict the weather.
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insurance companies also use big data for instance to estimate the impact of natural disasters like flooding and car insurers set their rates according to the risk of theft where the policyholder lips so you might pay more or less for your policy to pending on how many cars have been stolen in your neighborhood. big data can also make your sat nav more useful and precise in a las vegas pilot project an onboard computer tells drivers how fast to drive to catch the green light. and in estonia the port of tallinn is a digital showcase project trucks and goods are checked in electronically big data to better logistics and shorter waiting times. so big data is big business companies are investing. in software that analyzes it in twenty eighteen more than six billion euros were spent on big data applications in germany alone. here's
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a stunning application from the field of medicine predicting flu epidemics with the help of twitter data researchers at university took five hundred million trees from around the world and fed them into a watson computer system watson found the relevant tweets was more it recognized what they were about for instance if the writer got a flu shot or already had flu symptoms this process is known as cognitive computing the digital simulation of human thought processes. watson for example search for key words like room and put information into the right context even berlin sorry to a hospital is using big data to diagnose illnesses more quickly and treat them more effectively. this is a tumor cell which has specific molecular markers no two chamber cells are the same and ideally therapies would be targeted to the precision medicine hopes the term in
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which therapy is likely to be most effective researchers identify the tumors genetic characteristics to select a targeted treatment. dr claudia fall brecht's from berlin charity hospital is using big data to improve cancer treatment she's collaborating with the molecular health data analysis company. did it is generated worldwide through various clinical studies and research experiments and then collected in databases for example molecular health checks these databases regularly on a daily basis and compares the results with those from the patient samples and after that to get such results tumor cells molecular markers are analyze the process called sequencing doctors at the sheraton a send the results to molecular health. but you are cells molecular markers are compared with those of thousands upon thousands of other stored in the company's database. the database also contains information about therapies
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a report is produced the provides doctors would have recommended treatment tailored to the specific characteristics of the tumour cell. this is what we're looking for it's the direction we hope things will go in the future we'd like patients to receive personalized treatment based on molecular changes we can identify during sequencing. the idea behind the project is revolutionary but using data from so many people as the basis for medical decisions and possibly superseding diagnosis of the patients doctor is also country. is at the dozens in germany people are still quite cautious we're afraid to give others access to our data which is understandable as a researcher i'd like to manage my own data and know exactly what's happening to it . but i think we must do away with this idea of keeping it all to ourselves the amount of data is just too large for that. big data has already allowed berlin's
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charity hospital to identify individual therapies for some thirty cancer patients. treating illnesses with the help of big data that's real progress and it shows that ai and humans can work together for the benefit of mankind. another thing that big data has done is make human behavior more predictable that's especially interesting for companies who want to target us online with personalized advertising that can still be hit or miss just because of research diving expeditions doesn't mean i want to buy a wetsuit right away but data analyst paul monk from from thailand are working on ways to optimize targeting when you click when you like when you stop to see your id you already did this didn't go to whatever. we are the technology to help the brand to know how to talk the right way to the right consumer with information.
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from and his fellows andrew co-founders have been actively collecting data since twenty thirteen today the firm employs more than one hundred sixty people and mainly analyzes data from the asian market they help authorities and companies to control their image there's been little criticism about how they process the data our job is not only data but our. father brand to understand it so in the end we help it to understand it. but data security specialist cash to normal is more critical he believes that the global trade in data is a multi-billion dollar business from which only a few players profit. google alone earns over one hundred billion dollars a year with online. and of course not hundred billion dollars has to be recovered
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somehow through the products that are being advertised so a single company earns hundreds or thousands of dollars a year from each internet user. then there are the data brokers who profit from collecting and analyzing this flood of data using special software we try to find out who's tracking user behavior the. triangles here be represent the trackers the circles the web sites visited. even users who don't log in aren't surfing anonymously with every click the trackers network grows in this test there were close to twenty trackers for every web site visited. big data analysis helps link that information and produce a digital profile of the user. and. a profile like this describes the person and their fears their needs and possibly their financial situation allowing for advertising to be tailored to meet their budget or to be described as better than even our best friends could one become. so companies might know me
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better than my friends do even very sensitive data like that used by health abs is often passed on to data collectors without users knowledge the legal basis for this is sometimes highly questionable. massive amount of data is generated every day it comes from a variety of sources not just the internet. whether on facebook instagram or net flix every day we humans generate two point five million terabytes of data but not all of it on the net visit a doctor in your sentence and diagnoses are stored in servers this data is often anonymous the person known to market researchers when you found someone the call length location and contact details are scooped up and become part of big data brokers encyclopedia defines big data as a monster so large change so fast or so very that they can't be process with
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standard software. exactly how much data counts as big it is hard to say as it's not stored centrally i see analysts estimate that in the next six years the global dot the sphere will rise to one hundred seventy five bytes per year one set of by does equal to one billion terabytes one trillion gigabytes one quadrillion megabytes in comparison a three minute m p three track is around three megabytes in size so ones that are played can store around three hundred thirty three trillion songs processing such masses of data isn't easy there are three aspects to consider. there is the hardware aspect what hardware can handle it. second there's the software that processes the data directly. there's the algorithms which glean information and knowledge from this data.
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hardware software algorithms it's a big business. big data is analyzed using software platforms called frameworks they divide data between several high performance servers where it can be processed simultaneously processing that data quickly is key. data artisans abroad and best start up comes that they analyze very large amounts of data very fast using an open source platform called apache flink they help create it processes incoming data in real time and can simultaneously analyze data has already been stored stream processing is a big new thing so it's no surprise that chinese conglomerate alibaba snapped up their dozens for an estimated ninety million euros earlier this year that's great for the startup founders but is it good for society when hearing that poses
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a risk to the data could be compiled on unaligned in such a way that for instance human behavior becomes more predictable and transparent. a nun could end up limiting individual freedom the media fired as i mentioned i'm good friends films honestly i'm pretty generous when it comes to my personal data if i look into a service and like it i'm willing to pay for it with my data but maybe the prize really is too high is trading your personal data for free apps or services a fair exchange all will big data turn into a surveillance nightmare what do you think join the discussion on facebook on the w dot com goodbye until next time.
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