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tv   Reporter - Behind the Scenes of the Cologne Carnival  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 9:45am-10:00am CET

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lol. i. love. the. end of a set at a hotel in calais i'm heading down there to do with one of the baby like. exciting nice because now they're kind of all's well under way the triumvirate sleep at a hotel though not much they put in four hundred appearances at carnival events in less than two months and are often on the go twelve hours a day still despite their grueling schedule the job has its rewards i mean when you go to a seniors home in a ninety year old woman in the front row says i had to reach ninety to get this close to the triumvirate there's a moment you don't forget if it was. a horse. each year a new term for it is selected by the cologne carnival festival committee the three men's convoy resembles the visit from a head of state legend has it that during carnival they other ones who rule the
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city. after some last minute adjustments they're ready for their first appearance of the day for the sort. of fell asleep standing up. obviously like you should have shaped your legs you look silly. there's no big states here it's a quick visit to a local newspaper as ever the prince is god's own hand. he's crazy news the charming prince mark the first mark michelle. in his normal life his craziness is the boy but he doesn't and essentially his princely performance. reviews.
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going it is hard to miss the present marcus miles. it isn't normally and his living as a financial advisor and like the other two men he's also thought. in. the hope of god peasant's main job is to look threatening to represent the city's defensive capabilities i think i have to look pretty much down pat because chris. could you give us a little demonstration place. for sure and are now the prettiest thing on earth colognes protector and mother from the society of days as airshaft return from one thousand nine hundred two her loveliness the maiden catalina. ever. in his other life her loveliness evidence runs a firm that makes welding equipment and gas supply systems. and of course they
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would be remiss if they didn't have some flashing words for the host a local newspaper. journalist as nice and relevant coverage that describes the vox. if i want to know something or get a good overview of that so i turn to. now so i should be. in cologne it's customary to cultivate good relationships those who want to be part of it cannot refuse the carnival there is a take part have a good chance of being remembered long after the crazy days are over people in other parts of germany call this cologne cronyism and businesses are willing to splurge to piece their image. the princes fleet is sponsored by a local comic. triumvirate second appearance is at a retirement home here it's more about spreading could share than cultivating contacts. is crazy news prince mark the fast.
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food. oh they they're coming with a convoy of ten cars they think that maybe they couldn't get a bus quiets. so do i look ok little. guy next to you looks better next up the poem is fair the atmosphere is surprisingly they back under. fire. but. this soldier may look rather skeptical but it's the forty sixth time the triumvirate has joined the german army for a day. after
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all they way uniforms to. decide if there's a way a loss by two point three kilos. the maiden struts her stuff in front of the first big crowd of the day. and this is just the place for the prince to step out of character and tell a personal anecdote. just my the time mistress because my little sister is a soldier who's currently deployed abroad.
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for this is you always what we discussed it before cannibal season and she said maybe it's better that you play the prince while i'm away because then mama will have something to distract her and she won't spend the entire time worrying about me. so i said ok ok thank you. so here in that one thinks anything of it that the carnival is parade through the barracks. the busses are close together because we're ordinary citizens we really appreciate cologne carnivals tigers and of course we're allowed to have some fun because we're not just serious really our work is serious but we know how to party. any half an hour later the prince is already posing for photos his elsewhere it's a lot of running around to spread some good cheer so why do it. but will match their goal are two folks from cologne do this to hold a mirror up to fellow residents and their city it's from the juster who hold
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a mirror up to the people they're starting i have to go slide. please. please please. please please konovalov and christianity go hand in hand the faithful enjoy life to the fullest prior to the depredations of lent.
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well he brings joy to others every day the prince's own family season just once a week. you obviously view it with mixed feelings they're happy to always get lots of folk. me and say look there's papa but on the other hand they miss me a lot of fellows like a philistine child alone to be able to sleep at home again on ash wednesday. not before that. beside me. instead like uh this will be exchanging medals and kisses which are known here as puts. the most us boy you have to want it the plan was hatched two or three years back as i've had so much fun since getting involved in a carnival organization. i played the jester bellyache before that was great so i wanted to do more and now i'm in the triumvirate it's just fun that's what this is about. it's a cost
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a pleasure then this of the triumvirate pay for their regalia the medals and the bells of drinks themselves the tab can run to thousands of euro's. and what happens if all the hubbub gets to be too much. to get goods inside of the printer is a role just like as a lawyer i take on a role in court and then i fulfill it as the prince i must radiate love and make people smile. as a lawyer i must convince people of something was restored to follow those words or is it really funny ya ya of us all is kind of a list serious matter how announced carnival serious to an traditional basset in bodies human and shows we can be different than usual that's really important and speaks to their courage to clone human that's simple. it's a free and easy attitude towards life it's the little things like the prince who's annoying me a little right now. the. whole cover so much fun you can have fun with
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that and we do every minute. and now unfortunately i must go. ahead and move forward. if you lost your left go on move attack was talking to me. like. that menus are getting larger and the excitement is building this is the trias eighth performance this evening at home picked up then they'll perform for two catholic church congregations. how many people is that no idea but the stage will be so full that i can't really do my paralympics just to be. that the laden is played by a man is one of the cologne carnivals longstanding traditions it's been that way since eighteen twenty three only in the late nineteenth thirties during the nazi
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era but the custom tabs and females played the part. it's after midnight and the triumvirate have put in twelve appearances today some days they do even more now they had back to their hotel. and the load. we wear the stockings. sir you don't like the prince then of course. they're done for today but it's not over yet not till wednesday.
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judd's all good. venezuela's broken health system. people who are seriously ill can't get medicine. doctors often go on pain. people try to help each other but their efforts fall short. that israel began its major humanitarian crisis. in fifteen minutes d w. i am. every saturday at twelve pm the church in the heart of bahrain fills with people. to come for the noon song. to the special service some other cities singers perform choral music broadcast a presence. a spiritual celebration. ninety minutes.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a new town the painter ship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information as attorneys i have walked off the streets like many cat interest and they have problems are almost the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and. work on the fourth to stay silent when it comes to the fans something humans and seem right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison and part of.
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin at least twenty three people were killed in a tornado when the storm has caused devastation in parts of the state emergency workers are still pulling bodies from the wreckage authorities fear the death toll will rise also coming up in the programs. such a look in algeria as thousands protest against president bush's plea because.


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