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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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you. tube. i am. this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin and venezuela's opposition leader plans to fly home despite threats he will be arrested one by those called on his supporters to take to the streets in the tens of thousands but president nicolas maduro wants why those could be arrested for breaking a travel ban also coming up attorney joe kills at least trying to treat people in the new and state of alabama emergency workers are searching for survivors in the wreckage but authorities fear the textual build rise. and the un has spent decades bringing measles under control but there is
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a sudden spike in the number of people infected with the disease what's behind the sergeant cases around the one. class we go to rio is big party the carnival is loud flamboyant and excessive but this year the banjo little christian groups are hoping to make a few converts. hello and welcome i'm on with a pleasure to have your company. venezuelans have responded to a call from opposition leader one why though for nationwide protests to coincide with his return to the country why though has proclaimed himself interim president and is recognized as venezuelan leader by more than fifty countries supporters took to the streets of caracas in defiance of a cord from president nicolas maduro scholar. i meant for people to celebrate
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conover instead of rallying for why though why the left venezuelan last week to travel to colombia and other countries to garner support for his bid to overthrow president maduro my girl has said why the could be arrested on his return. on sunday one by the release an online message calling for his supporters to take to the streets ahead of nationwide demonstrations here's what he had to say. the regime believes that this is the moment when the movement loses its strength. but it's the opposite. tomorrow we will return with much more strength to each and every single street of venezuela. tomorrow we will return with much more strength to each and every single streets of our country. so joining me now is due to the chorus one hub gaiters he joins me from bogota now via one of why go was in colombia where you are doing know about his latest where the
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boss is see on his way to lead demonstrations in caracas. well he probably is somebody thought that would be the most logical thing to do and it's also very certain because of the way he left been as well in the first place he crossed through the border into colombia and was here for the protest that he organized on february twenty third so considering the support that he has received by the colombian government and by the colombian armed forces it's very likely that he traveled from ecuador where he was yesterday into colombia we don't know the details of the flight we only saw off a plane departing but no one knew where he was headed to he probably landed here then and crossed the border in one of the border towns like the city of for example and is most likely in venezuelan territory where of course can confirm this information information about his travels is very scarce a secret if you will because of the security situation that he is confronting not
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only threatened possibly by the government but also by supporters of nikolaus model that have threatened him and his family so it's very difficult to tell where he is but his people certainly do expect him to appear in caracas today organizing and leading those protests of what was going to international and regional support including a bogo del rey you via as you said he's not going in for demonstrations across venezuela which odd getting under way what does the opposition want to prove with this protest action. well they want to send a very clear message in support of why door and call for a free and fair elections that would put an end to the government of nikolaus a little but let's not forget that venezuela has seen this very situation many times before and people have been disappointed so many times seeing opposition leaders come and go people who they thought and they trusted could somehow put an end to the government of nikolaus my little call for free elections
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a transition in the government and they didn't achieve that they essentially disappointed them and that could happen again with one white or despite the amount of international support that he has let's not forget that he already organized massive protests on february twenty third he wanted to enter a humanitarian aid into venezuelan territory it didn't achieve that he told everyone that he had the support of the military forces apparently he does not so people are very sensitive to what he is doing and to how he is actually trying to manage the situation especially considering that they cannot have another disappointment they face consequences when they go protests on the streets it's a risky situation they then have to confront more and more oppressive situation by the equal as my little regiment against those who protest and support the opposition so they do think twice before a gathering in order to protest that's why he will have to deliver these coming days in caracas harvey and get us in india but i thank you very much for that
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update. turning to the united states now at least twenty three people including children have been killed by a powerful tornado in the state of alabama tens of thousands of homes are without electricity and buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed or damaged risk your teams are searching for survivors amid the debris. the two nato films from a far as it wreaks havoc in alabama. and this is what it left behind. the devastation it's all too clear to see in the small community of borough of god one of the areas was tate in lee county. here the violent twisted destroyed everything in its path. the damage is significant i would put it in the category of catastrophic based on the destruction of the homes we sing. for those in the eye of the storm it was
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a terrifying experience. but i was watching this up to quell dan and everything. everywhere names and we were. allowed to briefly. just watch out when the sun will come outside so happened the community as we were just trying to get out of this area right and you mentioned off and three as you driving yes man coming up around the corner as i was making a left right up there around thirty eight. the whole area right. is where emotion is now you know. a stage of emergency already in place in alabama to last month's funding has been extended. with many people having suffered serious injury in the storm the authorities are warning the death toll may rise. and joining me now on the line from birmingham alabama is andrew here till he's
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a reporter and announcer a w b h m public radio welcome andrew a difficult time for the region what can you tell us first about the casualty situation there. well as you reported there are twenty three casualties so far that's what we know and authorities in alabama say they expect that to rise today as they search for survivors look through wreckage some of those are children we don't know we don't know a specific number but at least one child six years old appears to be the youngest victim and other children are expect to be among the victims as well. and what about the infrastructure damage this hurricane has any put that into perspective for us. well from what we've seen with the with the tornado that rolled through there have been damage to many homes and one picture on social media that's been circulating about mobile phone towers that crashed down across a busy highway this mingled. twisting. you know.
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hunk of metal so there's a lot of structural damage in those regards seen some reports of homes completely blown off their foundations so it's pretty severe damage not the most damage that a tornado can cause but certainly very severe damage and very detrimental to that community and receiving some pictures of how people have lost their homes and you know thousands of homes of without electricity how are people there coping but this is. well it's been less than a day since this storm hit so it's pretty much in shock you know for folks who were directly affected by this tornado they'll be clean up gathering with loved ones figuring out how they're going to move on for the community as a whole you know they'll be involved in the cleanup they will be helping their neighbors out we've already seen calls around alabama of how to offer that support
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whether it's monetary donations or just simply goods getting to the affected area and to what about emergency responders how well prepared to deal with this kind. well tornadoes are a familiar sight in the american south so it's not unusual to have a storm like this and there were warnings that were issued and meteorologist began as early as thursday warning that there could be severe weather on sunday so there were warnings in effect we have heard some reports though that people say that it did catch them off guard perhaps that's because it was a sunday afternoon people weren't paying attention to the news or the weather but this is unfortunately a regular occurrence in in alabama in the american south and one that well we do handle when it comes and do you get from a w.b. . in birmingham alabama thank you very much for talking to you thank
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you. let's all take a look at some other stories making news around the was british prime minister to resign me has visited swords vary on the first anniversary of the no reach attack in the english city met may declare so was very open for business now that the decontamination process is over britain has officially accused russia of being behind the nerve agent attack and allegation russia has repeatedly denied. the vatican says it will open the archives of pope pius the twelfth in march next year by its lead the catholic church during the second world war and the move could shed light on why the pope did not do more to stop the nazi holocaust during his reign. you're watching the debate is coming up ahead cleaning up the economy it's known for excess and decadence but now evangelism groups are hoping to use real as big party to convert people to christianity. but
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first to algeria new anti-government demonstrations have broken out there after the president of the seas beautifully cohen and he would granted elections next month even have been taken to the streets for the last ten days to protest against the president's plans to stay on for a fifth and opposition presidential candidate has scritch the race in protest to figure says he will step down within a year if he's reelected but it's unclear whether that will appease the demonstrators. german strange sions are officially banned here but that didn't stop thousands of people from taking to the streets these protests have been going on for almost two weeks now most of the demonstrators are young and they want an end to the beautifully era which has lasted twenty years. actually i think i'll cheer ians have gotten over their fear on the streets to show that we reject the system of government. we're calling for freedom all kinds of freedom
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including freedom of the press that's why we hear what they found all day long. we're here to denounce this mafia our government these criminals who have taken the people hostage she wants to make a man whose parody a life president again g m o m p a person even. the man the protesters are unhappy with president putin registered on sunday to run again in the upcoming election or more to the point he had his team register for him the president himself was in a swiss hospital in geneva officially just for a routine check up he's been in a wheelchair since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen and rarely makes public appearances his reaction to the demonstrations is what he's always done when things get dicey try to reassure the public he's promised to call for early elections should he get reelected whether that would be enough to calm the on rest is far from certain. the
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only thing that would work to get the people off the streets is if the president renounce his candidacy so that could be done on medical grounds. however at the moment that doesn't look likely is in fact a resource rich nation with large gas and oil reserves but recent drops in the price of crude oil has hit the economy hard every day life has become a struggle for many algerians almost half of the population is under age twenty and unemployment remains high people are frustrated and the government seems to be paralyzed to the people outraged with the president who has become more authoritarian yet he himself has barely been up to the task of ruling and his closest allies have gotten rich over the years the people don't know whether to flick on himself has decided to run again or someone else decided for him to. cross the country protesters are demanding a new better future to flee because rule may very well be coming to an end what
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happens as. afterwards raises many questions opposition parties are hopelessly splintered and powerless these are indeed decisive days syria. turning out of disease which is seeing a global deadly resurgence measles the longest organization says the number of cases doubled last year to almost two hundred thirty thousand and that's just reported cases the actual number is believed exceeds two million over a third of those cases were reported in europe with the biggest outbreak in ukraine it had more that twenty thousand cases in the first months of this year alone h people died as a result of measles now the conflict in eastern ukraine has contributed to the spike and a low vacs a vaccination rate of just forty two percent is another factor there is also an epidemic in the african nation of madagascar which also has a low vaccination rate more than nine hundred people have died there since
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september another country which has been badly hit is the philippines where more than two hundred people died most of them children debts that public health officials say could have been prevented if saved effective vaccines had been used but there in the philippines and in other countries mistrust of vaccines is growing the government has responded by launching a major immunisation drive. tents have been erected to deal with the overflow inside the sick lay in wait worried parents watching on the philippines has been gripped by outbreak. early and rubeus two month old baby caught the highly infectious virus before he was old enough to be vaccinated. my baby have a lot of rashes i thought it was because he was taking antibiotics for his cough and colds but it turned out to be measles. it's already painful to see your baby
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sick. what more when you hear that many have died from the disease but you don't want that to happen to your baby was. there been more than eight thousand cases of measles in the philippines since the start of the year more than one hundred people have died mostly very young children who are unvaccinated the health department has declared a measles outbreak and says that it is now struggling to contain it. really a need to do a d v d's because the challenge is to obtain the herd immunity herd immunity means that you have people who are vaccinated so that those who are not vaccinated are able to transmit their missiles vitals and in fact others. rates in the philippines have been dropping in the last few years a recent scare involving a vaccine caused immunization rates to plummet even further. these
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are. the songs. we have a vaccine coverage where the. even what about the forty percent. efforts to tip the scales haven't been fast enough charmaine abad such she'd been immunized but picked up the virus at a health center for a prenatal checkup measles can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women. i'm scared about what will happen to my baby but i'm trying to be strong. little loss i couldn't believe my doctor said the condition shouldn't affect the baby because i'm at thirty two weeks already. but i'm scared so maybe my luck in the. local authorities are working with the red cross to increase
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hospital beds for those affected and immunizes many people as possible to try and contain the outbreak mothers like angela are not taking any more chances. but i'm going out in the news about kids dying from the dengue fever vaccination scared me so i was scared to have my children vaccinated. but now i know it's for their own safety. immunization rates are steadily rising again health authorities hope that the continued confidence in vaccines will help stem this measles outbreak. now the rule of vaccines as we heard in our report is critical in dealing with infections and diseases like measles yet they are groups opposed vaccines and uses social media to spread their message and johnson cream from all social media destroyed so we now welcome jonathan now what are people saying on social media about this not using vaccines and vaccinations indeed these
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people on social media call themselves and see facts is now essentially they believe that vaccinations do more harm than good and that they shouldn't be given to children that the science just does not bat out at all but despite that these kind of groups have been on the rise in the last decade so misinformation has been spreading now facebook is one of the biggest homes for this we've been taking a look how easy it is to come across such groups if you just type in the word vaccinations you can see that in the facebook search bar it's one of the top results that vaccinations cause autism about numerous scientific studies are shown is simply not. true but it won't go away what happens then when you just type in vaccine a seemingly neutral word the algorithm immediately throws out this one the vaccine treats movement we click on that takes us to a group seventeen thousand members based in phoenix arizona in the us now it's a closed group which means we can't really see what they're posting but obviously
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it is very and see vaccine and we can see some of the rules and guidelines of being a member of this group a couple of them one says no suggesting doctors pharma o.t.c. drugs as over the counter drugs or other poisonous substances you will be removed and the other one says that any post conveys the approval of vaccines will be deleted removed and blocks now because this is a closed group and read away. members have to be approved of used unchallenged this is one of many such groups that are cropping up all around the world a lot of social media platforms like facebook and you tube if this false and misleading information isn't a data sponsibility to actually to move it yes social media groups like you chub and facebook have long been accused of allowing conspiracy theories and propaganda to thrive you chub in. has come under pressure to change its algorithms the such
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videos recommended there is the video is the come up on the right hand side of your feed now and the chief says it's taken steps to reduce that is the quote misinform uses in harmful ways face because they said last year it would delete misinformation that causes quote violence or physical harm it's important to know the facebook still makes money from ads run by and see vaccine movements you tube did recently say they wouldn't allow that anymore but the reason health organizations are so worried about this is because vaccinations rely on what's called herd immunity that's basically saying that some percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated to protect everyone and even if that number just drops by a small percent. the risk of an outbreak grows that's why this misinformation is so dangerous that is it new and what impact this kind of misinformation on social media platforms is having on people's decision whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate well the truthful answer is we don't actually know we know it's
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contributing to the problem but because the social media companies don't make data available to research companies we don't actually know the true extent of it and we also have to point out that these that i'm see vaccine groups they are there but they're kind of preaching to the quiet because people are naturally skeptical of the ones joining them and there are pro-vaccine groups as well and also social media is just one pos of the puzzle there's numerous websites out there that are dedicated to the and see vaccine movement so cracking down on social media alone won't solve the problem johnson came from a social media desk thank you very much. and thousands of dollars says this is a leech song taking part in the one famous rio de janiero con of a fourteen of the top schools operating along the main procession route each featuring as many as four thousand before it was an elaborate floats it's the fun scott of this since the election last tale of rightwing president a giant about some out he came to power on
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a wave of support from conservative and event and then gentle groups traditionally those groups don't like the wild revelry during carnival this era they are joining the fun but they have a mission. members of one of rears evangelical churches praying ahead of carnival. like so often we're also going on the streets today to tell all the people that jesus loves them that he wants to ensure their family's lives and that god loves them. it is indeed an unusual samba school gathered at copacabana beach that part of the charismatic ballinger never a horse no bull evangelical movement. no skimpy costumes here and also no alcohol that's to boot this church it's minister says they want to celebrate it clean carnival. you see you can have fun without alcohol without disputes without all the things that usually associated
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with carnival like having affairs or people getting killed not. everything is better with jesus they saying even jelly calls are a growing force in brazil and they have powerful allies in politics some ministers evangelicals and evangelicals strongly support the recently elected right wing president. a short distance down the street another sound the school is getting ready if the name of peach rio's cake community only. so celebrates konovalov. deeply concerned by the election of both scenarios who's repeatedly expressed homophobic views of the make the fisa crowd in that we're going through difficult times with all these crazies who have just come to power in prison but will have to stand up to them and that's why there's accountability is this they say they got not always hate so. i have nothing against evangelicals getting into the
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continental spirit. that when these religious and social freedom the evangelicals don't drink and i won't either today this is water i suppose the main thing is that everyone feels good and happy i want to reach those who don't yet know jesus christ can also be happy without alcohol drugs and those kinds of things in this world we don't need them we've got jesus not just i think secondly the usual carnival slogan. i just want to bring you some breaking news the venezuelan opposition leader one why though has returned to venezuela he is in caucus and this despite threats from president nicolas maduro that he could be arrested of course i'll have more on that story for you at the top of the hour i hope you join me then if you kept.
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enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as comforts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sun isn't. cutting through the rhetoric holding the conference to account the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian kong t.w. . stop. playing an extract begin to cut the toasts who really know their
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stuff. which failed and stephanie stormed. the party and chatted with musicians from around the world. groups every week from dublin. belonging to an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia neatly and illegally. already uncle will return to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters . made from minds.
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this is the wus a sure coming up on the program the little red china. it has speech use the videos and quizzes mostly about president xi jinping an educational tool. deadly flash floods hit southern afghanistan officials and called to have saved. and after a winter of heavy snow could there be more to come. and how to locate your missing loved ones among the millions. we'll look at the first of all.


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