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tv   Close up - Wheres Jose - Illegal Immigrant Families in America  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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dozens of us are joining us on the line and out on the streets but our rights are not up for discussion. they are women who are changing the world not reading. digital. starts marching on g.w. . rose used to be happy she had a man she loved two children a house and a job everything seems perfect. that is until the day that her husband was taken away from her no she's struggling to cope with life as a single mother. i did sign up for the night that morning and took my vows you know i knew it was forever and i knew that i would have
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a party. and tell death do us part not. that immigration not our present. now i have to wake up at four am every morning drop off the kids to my neighbor go to work for twelve hours come back pick them up. their homework. reels. their snacks for the next day and their clothes. just so they won't feel the difference and try to keep it exactly the same. roses husband was one of the first to be deported as part of the trumpet ministrations new crackdown on illegal immigrants. during the election campaign donald trump had promised to round up these people and send them in fact where they came from and that appealed to his political supporters who wanted the government to get. with criminals and gang members.
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but what about family man mike rose's husband. the owner ok rose i need to be strong and i said oh ok he goes they deported me last night. i didn't see it coming he said that they woke him up in the middle of night and told him escobar get dress and he goes why there are you're going home so he got very excited and he's like can i call my wife they said no can i talk to my lawyer he said no so when they put him in the van he saw a plane and he said so i'm supposed to be going back home and the guy like that him say yeah back to your country. it was indeed a perfect marriage. rose met jose when she was fourteen he just arrived from el
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salvador and unrolled at her school the u.s. took in a number of people from the latin american country after the big earthquake there in two thousand and one rose and jose later married and they were happy until about two years ago. rose was left entirely on her own. here she's picking up her son at the school bus stop when she can't make it an older neighbor boy brings him home. that's her got his grades earlier today and he proudly shows them to his mother. oh he's good maybe people. know though pick up walter's sister carmen after a day at nursery school she usually stays with a neighbor family. i think you're very. right there
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oh carmen was just two years old when her father was deported carmen was reaching for him and when they meet the man goes rose please go i'm sorry i love you just go i don't want to see me like this and then tell him that pm that i'm not going to leave you alone you know i'm here for you don't say anything don't don't talk to them and they had to escort me out. i remember being in the parking lot the first thing i did i put come in her car seat i put on the movie for her and i got on my knees outside of the government is crying. like. a member of the family lives in a good neighborhood in a suburb of used in texas rose works at a children's hospital was a work as a construction supervisor. the couple bought a house a dream come true for both of them they wanted to provide their children with
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a safe home and a secure future but jose's deportation has deeply affected them something changed her that day and i didn't realize it in to my mom brought it to my attention that she's not talking she would walk around with this picture i had to hide it it was a picture we were all in sea world and she will be like the doorbell ring she really happy. and then she is with me in the sun and. rose always make sure that the children do their homework. you do it first and then i'll look over. her parents also came from el salvador i just hope they arrived in the u.s. years ago rose is an american citizen. you
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know the song can you sing the song for me sing it. early eight rows once a better life for her children she knows that a good education is a key to success in my nose attended college for just one year herself her parents couldn't afford to pay for more. but now carmen and walter need psychological help as they try to cope with the loss of their father yes you know what you have to do . he's been gone for almost two years now. you don't want to. come he's not the favorite are the family uses the internet to stay in touch with jose in el salvador. rose wants her husband to play and have role law families every day life just she updates him on
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how the kids are doing at school now they're deciding which film they want to watch tonight who they can watch the movie to on his end of the connection. yet you have a country really honestly that i knew. or like when it's tough to keep a family together when the father is living two thousand kilometers away you know i don't think i meant me why would you separate a father from his children i hope been from his wife the breadwinner did you not think hell is she going to pay the bills her the kids going to feel without daddy around. nobody thinks about that. twice a month on sundays a large private home in a miami florida suburb opens its doors to the children of illegal immigrants.
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there'd been there then this fantasy under that doesn't let their children live kelly is ten years old she and her siblings were born in the u.s. so they automatically became american citizens their mother has been living illegally in the us for eleven years their father has been deported i feel so sad and i have i could effect this since we were always together we'll make that he heard me or not when my mum was working and then sense when he got deployed a guy so affected and i had to go on to someone to help. them that kelly is receiving psychological counseling to help her cope she used to be a good student but now she's lost interest in school and her mother is afraid that she too will be deported was no obvious which up until recently there wasn't a lot of talk about deportation but now that we have
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a new president there is when we leave the house we're afraid especially because of our children it's not just about us we have children and if we're deported they'll be left alone or they won't have anyone to take care of them. you know that's really sad. that these days. but it is a knows that in an emergency the woman who owns this house will help her daughter san diego is an immigration activist she's taken on the responsibility of representing more than thirteen hundred children who are american citizens but whose parents are living here illegally if both parents work accorded nora steps in to help. the parents have given two he's a fish a legal authorization to look after their children if they're detained. nor as foundation provides the children with clothes food medicine and
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a place to play. at the age of sixteen nora fled the civil war and nicaragua and came to the united states for years she's been working to reform american immigration laws as part of her effort to provide some security for millions of undocumented workers and their families i'm looked up pretty soon and really speak. what happened in the past with the us government. the big problem is simple missing for almost forty years. if they were. the president they will secure. the move in the community but they have eight years and that is the power. they have a zero in the white house is nothing. now. with
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a new administration. at least we're clear that they will not see for us that they will not support that even when the man. with his hips parents were deported to india after many years in the u.s. he was nine at the time and had to return with his family but rooted wanted to come back to america he was born there and felt at home there nor in san diego took him in he's been going to school in florida for nearly five years a couple come she had a you don't know what project going through from back home like my parents she loved n.p.r. because they're having a pop political problems my granddad was a politician my family's going to write. so my parents fled here you know and then the government sees it because you know there are always good people you know there's somebody you allowed to come you understand that you know but when the good people come you're in the work you for a hard living they have children here and give them
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a better life i feel like the government should send out. the american flag is displayed prominently at nora's san diego's home. on sundays she hosts a big party for the children and their parents. nora wants these children who were born in the u.s. to identify with their home country. in the book i an american citizen i love this going to be in i respect it's going to be in my in my eyes these are my children to respect and love and thinks their own quantic because most of my children can see descent to. rose escobar was born in the u.s. but she fell in love with a man whose immigration status was less thing clear and then the rumors began. they
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started telling me oh he's only marrying you for papers in maine for papers but i knew at that point but i got to the point that it was so many people coming up to me i asked that question which i regret i guess did you mean me they pursued ever asked you for papers or was when i said no he goes and i won't if you're worried about that i won't and. he never asked me for papers but once walter was boy i knew then that me and jose have this little person that we both need to take care so that's when i first said hey. i want to start working at your papers and he goes are you sure yes i'm sure and i do and if he i'm doing it for walter because walter means you're here to the us and he goes you're not doing it for me i'm like ok i'm excited. the couple put
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a lot of work into updating jose's immigration status. a marriage certificate doesn't automatically qualify an immigrant for citizenship rosen who's a hired attorneys and paid them a lot of money but it didn't help one lawyer advised jose to miss an important meeting with immigration officials and that just made the situation worse. it all started with a letter that came to our house saying that they need to go ahead and see his passport and his birth certificate. i didn't want to give him that because i know this is what they needed to deport him. but we were following the rules and that's basically it we were following isis rules. a routine hearing in february of twenty seventeen turned into
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a nightmare for jose he'd been detained on an immigration violation and twenty eleven but was released after several months soon after the trumpet ministration took office the government expanded the categories of immigrants who could be subject to deportation i push to door when i want them the room where was it when he was sitting there in the chair just like that looking down he had been crying because there were tears on the floor he had five men around him like he was this big criminal and i went in and i said what's going on in jose goes i'm sorry and i said what are you sorry for if you went like this he was already changed. you know instead what are you guys doing they say oh your time is that you didn't do anything to legalize them and say i'm that warding burger your pizza this takes time you know it look at our record yes
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we have they said no your time is up with the new administration here now it's everything has changed. jose was deported and march of twenty seventeen only a few days after he was detained his wife had no time to try to appeal the decision president trump was committed to making good on a campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration yes. so now jose's family can stand touch with him only via the internet it's no compensation for the physical loss of a father and husband rose says she's concerned about the president's attitude towards immigrants. it's different because obama had a certain way of saying things that weren't hurtful similar meaning but not as hurtful this president the way here expresses himself
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it's like we're not humans we're just stuff that's here in the world for now until we're useful to you then we become somebody. three weeks after jose was deported rose traveled to washington d.c. to call attention to her husband's case. he won't be allowed to return to the united states for at least ten years thank you senators like rose at a press conference attended by senate minority leader chuck schumer rose made a tearful plea for help. why is my american dream being prized by my own country because my own president does not understand that i'm in love with somebody who is even legal immigrant however i'm trying to do things the right way i'm a us citizen i've been trying to do the right thing but there's no pathway please
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help me help us we can only do so much with our voice we need your help to. thank. you. thank you rose for the courage to tell your story. they were there with you when rose also met with greene who represents her congressional district in texas and has been working to reunite jose and his family green even traveled to el salvador to meet jose at his office on capitol hill greene discussed the situation with rose and an immigration rights activist green has proposed legislation to help to ported immigrants whose families are american citizens to return legally. they've been good citizens but for a lack of citizenship it's that's how we would call classify them as good citizens
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but they don't have citizenship so i think that they'll be people who want to see this circumstance changed i don't think that having some eleven million people live in what we call the shadows is an appropriate way for a great country to compress persons who are within its borders because in the final analysis a great this of a country is not measured by the height of its buildings the size of this military is really measured by how you treat people within the country asked america's founding fathers generally took a liberal stand on immigration. these photos show norris sunday go with various politicians both republicans and democrats the u.s. authorities helped nora when she was a refugee now she wants to help others. yes nora keeps comprehensive files on all the children in her program she's now the legal guardian for more than thirteen hundred youngsters all were born in the u.s.
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but their parents live here illegally. they know my phone number. they call me in the we have. the forms. will ring will call my form a note will ring you know not for you doubt this or that one in the bottom here. but someone will answer always sees if it was sensed donald trump was elected president inherits from all over the country have given nor a sunday go power of attorney for their children the parents fear that if they are departed they'll lose custody because. if someone is nora's program is designed to protect the family's legal rights she provides a number of other services too for example booking a flight so. that the children can visit their parents. but we need to do everything down to protect the children and to the children for the time we're
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going to really do with the one that you did to build up their. dresses that this though. because they are not coming from this full signify me to be are coming from not very happy you can buy me they love the children's. good people good workers good human bein's. we return to euston police helicopters patrol the skies later today president trump is scheduled to make an appearance here. yet miss maris tennis there are a trump supporters. and trump opponents. police have been deployed to keep the two sides apart. roses on the anti trump side of the line after jose was deported she started playing an active role
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in politics. one thing i have learned throughout. your boy's parents out there so many people are that are immigrants. i have a friend look at that i have family. they have no voice or they feel as if they have no choice so me as a u.s. citizen i think there is something that i need so you thought it was legal and i was like i don't want to read it but. many experts say that american society has now this deeply divided and decades. rose says she's been subjected to verbal abuse by some trump supporters and since she started campaigning on her husband's behalf she's received he thinks. it's cool says mark. how stupid are you to mean illegal immigrant and i'm going to put spare minute so you can have its way back children kill them and kill yourself you're not
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american you have nothing that's american in. i can't read the river. rose tries to protect her children from this kind of hatred she wants them to lead normal lives. she stops into a store to buy birthday presents for the kids but with jose gone her financial resources are limited. her first priority is to keep making payments on the house so she buys opinion a container filled with candy or small toys that's broken open during celebrations for both of their birthdays in the same week so carmen asked me why can't i have a princess and walter want superman like it because it's not a mommy's budget but what if we just do balloons because it's it's very you know very cheap and it's something i can afford and it's simple. so i don't
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you know when to go back i have one big party for celebrate thanksgiving christmas birthdays even daddy's birthday promise you guys so we don't know we're going to call that walter was the color of the escobar and that's what we might call it how we can get a ping at it too. rose doesn't want the children to see how worried she is about jose he hardly leaves his house in el salvador for fear that as an american would be kidnapped by criminals and held for ransom wrote in martin what about the people who work in this shop know several others who situation is similar to roses . perhaps that's why some of the best selling items here opinion is that look like donald trump. those remembers well the night of the twenty sixteen election jose was deeply concerned about the results and he woke me up he was true
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one. he goes. normally why why are you saying it's my god he was so good for us rosie you know would only i was trying to be positive more than not to be make it because i knew he was already worried. they say look well we're following the rules and we're ok and left it like that but then maybe i will forget it was it was life changing. not just for us but for a lot of americans. to see this hear what may happen when they are so naive it's pizza for dinner welters reward for getting good grades at school and. what's more roses put in a long day and she's glad that she won't have to cook. jose keeps an eye on the family dinner via the internet. he has no real time as to
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el salvador after all he left when he was fifteen years old he'd like to talk to the children but right now they're busy eating and watching t.v. . rose tries to get josé involved in the family's every day life as much as she can get that way. all right. and. when we watch it there's also a camera on top of the television rosen who's a had a surveillance system installed after a break in now jose can always see what his family is up to. for almost two years now rose and the children have held on to the hope that jose
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will be allowed to return home soon. but rose is worried about the political direction that the country has taken. and here in the united states the land of opportunity people are coming here for what the american dream that's all gone lady liberty is pite is looking down shaking her head like what happened to america stopped. can you see us. these days everyone sleeps in the master bedroom the price since their father was deported the children no longer want to sleep alone. every evening the family prays together for jose to return. monoline this isn't my sister so i was so so worried that. walter asks god to help them.
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cross my her. down will you give her so placid a week this has become an important daily ritual for the family. serves as a constant source of encouragement for her husband she reminds him that he's married to a strong woman she's a fighter the children know that too. really. mauled her says that the family needs to stay strong like my dad to return. i think i was a praise along with them alone in el salvador i have a father thank you for the same reason this is your work i thought. how can i. say thank you find each other we thank you.
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i'm secure in the fame or that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance. what's your story. i'm with numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. another visitor not the guests you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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this is developing news live from above it venezuela's opposition leader returns home one quiet dove defies the threats of arrest by president majority and addresses a huge anti-government rally in caracas telling his supporters we are stronger than ever also on the program cuts in algeria as thousands protest president putin figures decision to run for a fifth term the ailing leader office to step down within a year if reelected but bull that satisfied demonstrators.


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