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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is deja news live from venezuela as opposition leader returns home. defies the threats of arrest by president and addresses a huge anti-government rally in caracas telling his supporters we are stronger than ever also on the program. in algeria as thousands protest president bush to fix his decision to run for a fifth term the ailing leader office to step down within a year if reelected to satisfy demonstrators. what's behind the
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worldwide surge in measles the u.s. has spent decades bringing the disease under control now i was responding to a sudden spike in infections. in india. comes to an end it's easy to get lost amongst the two hundred and thirty million the attentiveness seven week for the just festival we look at it's unique lost and found so. i'm from gail welcome to the program. but as well as opposition leader why and why don't has arrived back in the country defying president nicolas maduro as threat to have him arrested for breaking a travel ban first item of business on his return was addressing supporters in the capital caracas thousands also took to the streets across the country in response to his call for nationwide rallies to increase the pressure on the doro to step
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down. i eased back on the crowds of caracas airport treated like a rock star i returned to venezuela despite a travel ban imposed by the government i might be arrested at any moment i could after touching down he was defiant i we're here to serve venezuela we are here to serve our people and to fight for our cause was if you would have been. earlier go i know had called on venezuela to take to the streets and they responded in massive numbers like here in caracas came out for a change in leadership and against president nicolas maduro. you know what i want to meet that and we want things to change and get better no no no we won't allow them to arrest. those dictatorship is teetering out and they don't have what it takes to keep going if they try to stick him in prison ok if you look at the n f and that seem at them but it's always
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a this abusive government can only loomis one of the arresting would be a huge mistake. because i don't but i don't but i i think caracas why the call for more protests to increase the pressure on the duro to step down. the phone saturday will continue in the streets all of venezuela will return to the streets decided and determined to mobilize in search of their freedom everything but imo it will not rest one second until freedom is achieved look at all of you say one of the again that i would add that you have. on sunday he warned of a duro if the government takes him into custody it would be a grave mistake perhaps the last. resort. so the country's. interim president has had a hero's welcome but how important is this protest stuff for him and put that question to our correspondent how to get us in bogota in the words of one way or we already heard that he is planning another mass protest action for saturday and he
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needs to show strength right now who left the. for over a week in a situation that is desperate and uncertain for many and let's not forget that we have seen many opposition leaders in venezuela come and go who could not achieve a change in their government and that is a fear that many have that one could also not really succeed in his mission that is why he needs to come to them as well he needed to come he needed to show strength and tell its people i'm here i'm your president we're not going to give up and you could as moto won't be the president for long that is the message that many need to hear his support is very strong especially among the poorest among the people that are suffering from the consequences of the shortages especially let's not forget that he managed to do two things first you fight the opposition which was a very difficult task for the opposition of venezuela has been separated for a long time now and of course he also has a very strong international support so those things are in his favor but the
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crucial question is will the military support him and that is the showdown that we will have to expect in the coming days. get this report now to the united states where at least twenty three people including children have been killed by a powerful tornado in the state of alabama tens of thousands of homes are without electricity buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed and damaged rescue teams are searching for survivors amid the debris. a tornado films from a far as it wreaked havoc in alabama. and this is what it left behind. the devastation is all too clear to see in the small community of borough god one of the areas west hit in lee county. here the violent twisted destroyed everything in its path. the damage is significant i would put it in the category of catastrophic based on the destruction of the homes
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we've seen. for those in the eye of the storm it was a terrifying experience. i just watched this. area when we were. just watching out the window and we come out the community as we were just trying to get out of this area right and you mention you often get free as you driving yes ma'am coming up around the corner over there was making a live right up there around thirty eight. there for one area right. very much as you know. as days of the merge and see already in place in alabama to last month's funding has been extended. with many people having suffered serious injury in the storm the authorities are warning the death toll may rise.
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after some of the other stories making news around the world in the united states the democrat controlled house judiciary committee has launched a new investigation into possible abuse of power by president trump is advisors it's demanding documents from dozens of individuals including the president's sons . british prime minister theresa may has its sole sprayed on the first anniversary of a nerve agent attack with the decontamination process now overseas may declare the city open for business britain accuser. russia being behind the attack which russia has repeatedly denied. america to look perry has died at the age of fifty two rose to fame as a teen heartthrob in the hit nine hundred ninety show hills nine o two one his publicist said he died after suffering a massive stroke last week. you have to government demonstrations have broken out in algeria after president abdelaziz bouteflika announced that he would run for
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a fifth term in elections next month people across the country have been taking to the streets a day students in algiers been boycotting classes president bush is like it says he will step down within a year if reelected one opposition presidential candidate has quit the race a. journalist a sufi and philip and has been out amongst the protestors and joins us on the line from the algerian capital algiers so welcome to day double what's happening now. i'm deducing what is this is a main street in downtown r.g.s. connecting gone past and trucks on there are two of the main squares in the heart of the capital where our protest happened in the park studio but it's quiet there was a lot of police forces deployed. during the whole game thought to be a protest happening in school can you negotiate during the day and a little bit in the city center but it's quiet and people are actually getting used
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to going to protests. talking to one protest where factor in the capital. since last. second doc had very very good luck getting used to it again and it's turned something quite normal. and so two questions in one what is that main objection to the president standing again what is embolden them to take to the streets despite this ban on demonstrations. there were like strikes and social economic protests all over the country in the last years but usually locally and very small and. usually when you switch to protest movements like this game momentum you need a combination of social economic and political sectors and the fact that. didn't speak to his people since two thousand and twelve he had a joke until the end of the life on a regular basis that. fed up by the fact that they do not know who's actually in
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charge of the country. who are ruling or not. for years but you could do a country know who is in charge so. dark that was necessary to get popular mobilization like this. the fact that he announced that she will run again. and what do people make of his offer to stand down in a year if he's elected again. or talk only several hours after this announcement when. the staged a spontaneous protest all over the country. or just look out here there are no protests at night usually the protests have been in the morning and during the day on sunday nights eight nine pm for just a staged all across the country and they were like who are you doing on t.v. and in the morning even and on. a lot of protests seven a lot of gatherings the main square as police helicopters in the air on city and in
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the morning so this was a very very clear symbolic sign offs that people do not. were not happy with the solution and. that this was definitely. just a step down otherwise the. result his intention to. to run for president otherwise protesters definitely go on. in algiers thank you. let's take a look now at a disease which is seeing a global resurgence missiles the world health organization says the number of cases doubled last year to almost two hundred thirty thousand and that's just reported cases the actual number is believed to exceed two million more than a third of cases were reported in europe with the biggest outbreak in ukraine there they've seen more than twenty thousand cases in the first two months of this year alone and eight people have died the conflict in eastern ukraine has contributed to
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this spike as well as a low vaccination rates of just forty two percent there is also an epidemic in the african nation of madagascar which also has a low vaccination right more than nine hundred people have died there since september another country suffering is the philippines where more than two hundred people most of them children have died deaths of public health officials say could have been prevented if safe effective vaccines have been used but there and elsewhere i mistrust of vaccines is growing the government has responded by launching a major immunization drive. temps have been erected to deal with the overflow inside the sickly in wait worried parents watching on the philippines has been created by measles outbreak. early and rubeus two month old baby caught the highly infectious virus before he was old enough to be vaccinated. my baby
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had a lot of rations i thought it was because he was getting antibiotics for his cough and cold but it turned out to be measles and it's already painful to see your baby sick even more so when you hear that so many have died because of measles i don't want that to happen to my baby but i am among as i know there have been more than eight thousand cases of measles in the philippines since the start of the year the health department has declared a measles outbreak and says that it is now struggling to contain it. does this really need to do a d v d's because the challenge is do i thin the herd immunity herd immunity means that you have and i have people who are vaccinated so that those who are not vaccinate that are able to transmit their survival and in fact others. in the philippines have been dropping in the last few years a recent scare involving a dandy vaccine caused immunization rates to plummet even further. of these
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are. the songs. we have a vaccine coverage in the. it even what the forty percent. efforts to tip the scales haven't been fast enough charmaine such she'd been immunized but picked up the virus at a health center for a prenatal check up measles can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women. i'm scared about what will happen to my baby but i'm trying to be strong. but you never let us i couldn't believe my doctors said the condition shouldn't affect the baby because i'm at thirty two weeks already. but i'm scared
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you may laugh a little. local authorities are working with the red cross to increase hospital beds for those affected and immunizes many people as possible to try and contain the outbreak mothers like angela are not taking any more chances. are you going out but the news about kids dying from the dengue fever vaccination scared me so i was scared to have my children vaccinated. but now i know it's for their own safety. immunization rates are steadily rising again health authorities hope that the continued confidence in vaccines will help stem this measles outbreak. so to robyn. unicef's the chief of immunization welcome to day what do you think is behind this spike in measles cases. thank you thanks for the opportunity
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things laying by to me this is very concerning and this is why the recently issued a press release as you mentioned it's affecting a very diverse set of countries pretty much right across the globe we have. in addition to the countries you mentioned ukraine philippines and madagascar we have had museums resurgence in the americas. standing out of the venezuelan. crisis and that's a real region that previously been measles free so. the reasons given the diversity in context that measles is really we're seeing needles in is is is very concurrent expensively but an overriding issue is complacency. we have taken it for granted measles has missiles vaccine has resulted resulted in
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. it was a reduction of mortality in the last twenty years. we have relatively high coverage with huge pockets of unvaccinated people are not seeing the disease at the levels that the been seeing. i've seen measles before so the trend perception is not there among communities so the complacency is with the program because they think that perhaps the link is the job is done and in the community in the households because they don't see measles outbreaks anymore you don't prioritize the vaccination and you know i think this shows how the progress of the strong progress we've had over the last few nights decade is is extremely vulnerable if you don't continue now as well as the complacency that you view you've mentioned that's also is there also some of this rising skepticism around the world about whether vaccinations actually useful and might actually it damage children where
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does that come from. yeah i mean i think you know you're referring to and the vaccine sentiment i think it's important to put in perspective that and even since sentiment is as old as vaccines itself it's been there from the get go i think. the difference now is that there are all sorts of social and digital media that can be used and as you know better than me you know media can spread as much. misinformation as much as as as information so i think you know important to also. you know look at you know all this other cause is a very effective non-acceptance i mean access through immunization is still a big problem in many countries including and against god as you mention the people
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that you have a long distances from it seems quality of service is in the job or long distances are not good if they don't get the vaccine then they don't come back but then you've got obviously you know people of color who are open. misinformation and they have a mistrust in the system so they're more and they're going to do need decisions well we thank you for helping us to clear that up robin nandi from unicef thank you thank you. this is d.w. still to come a carnival in germany it's always been an occasion for political satire and this year chance for a bad cause and apparently is going to self into hot water for making an ill advised joke. of the seven week long cool mailer in india has come to an end around two hundred and thirty million people took the ritual dip in the confluence of holy reverse the
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ganges and the young ruler but in such a vast sea of humanity some people inevitably get lost. it is the largest religious gathering on earth millions of souls descend on one of hindu isms most sacred sites but for some the pilgrimage is not the experience they had prayed for. your family will come here to find you you can sit here they will find you there's nothing to worry about. that is this is a lost and found like no other stuff you are dealing not and possessions but and people mostly all mostly poor mostly illiterate separated from their family in the chaos of the crowds some spend days waiting to be fired and to reckon with the life they've been given a lot of their doubt whether you have sons or daughters it's very important to
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educate daughters my aunt used to tell me come study i should have studied instead of working in the field i got married at the age of twelve or fourteen there were no photos taken back then i'm just sitting here today thinking about it. you know for forty years organizers have relied on good old fashioned methods to help set up where unions are and. now part of the world i mean was laid out over a tunnel system in an endless roll call of the lost. but a new digital ice center is aiming to improve the system. no fingerprints and photos are being used to connect separated families. and all up in it but the elderly and the children sometimes don't remember phone numbers or addresses of their families such quite a challenge for me to find their families we contact the police station in their district get the head of the villages contact information and arrange for
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a police escort to take them back to their families. will be the nikki. she is my aunt he says for some new police escort is next. the moment of reunion overwhelming. but for the other lost. we can do little but wait keep the faith and hope to spot a familiar face. sports and then motor sports team of british army veterans is planning to become the first the disabled fit to race in the famed twenty four hours of limo british racing injured troops known as team grit the race in specially equipped cars which allow them to compete on equal terms with able bodied drivers they're aiming for the top and want to compete at the malls as early as twenty twenty five martin compton suffered seventy five percent burns when his convoy was attacked in afghanistan in two thousand and six now the former british
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army soldier has what tank tracks for racing tracks and has his sights set on the limb on graeme tree. it's a great buzz from a. step on which is. lost both of his legs while on deployment in afghanistan but thanks to a specially designed car fitted with high tech hands controls he is also training with team brits and he too hopes to achieve his lofty goals. never with. this. team or the same as the same thing for us is amazing also on board is nicholas hamilton who has cerebral palsy and is the brother of the great luis he's involvement has helped to raise team brit's profile the academy is certainly ambitious but it's still
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a long way to the. thousands of dancers from brazil's schools and. in taking part in the world famous rio de janeiro carnival it's first of all since the election of the election last year of rightwing presence to have balls that are he came to power on a wave of support from conservatives and evangelical groups and they take a dim view of the carnivals excesses. colorful source of been taking place in germany tens of thousands of people parading through cities like cologne to celebrate rose monday this year chad so i got back was apparent got herself into hot water with an ill advised car before joke. it's carnival again in germany time for beer candy costumes and political satire u.s. president trump germany's diesel scandal plastic pollution and the demise of
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germany social democrats are just some of the headliners of one parade in cologne amid the festivities angle america's every parent and leader of germany's conservatives and click come karrenbauer has come under fire for making a carnival joke about into sex and transgender people their father in front or a short clip from him billy who's been to berlin recently they've got the letter a monkey also a faction they're introducing toilets for the third gender this is for men who can't decide if they want to sit at a stand when they pay by being go no doubt and sets in motion that's right that's right you should do this the quip was badly received by both l g b t rights groups as well as politicians from across the political spectrum but then deputy mayor klaus lead over called the footage a travesty the chairperson of the largest party in the bundestag finds it funny to denounce groups of people who don't meet the current macho gnomes using carnival festivities as an excuse he tweeted
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a shame. on the streets of cologne opinion was divided among revelers. transience honestly i. think it's a bit overblown it's a con of all gog just a carnival guy they shouldn't take things like that so seriously as not sorry about this islam is all about him coming out of his they say anything guy is a con of all but not always and as a politician you have to know what you're saying and i found it a bit out place i think i learned the floats in kandy have been packed away for another year but caraballo is comments might get back to the chancellor for some time to come. flint from the trial blazing electro pop band the project died at the age of forty nine a place in britain say he was found dead at his home in essex outreaching staff are suspicious he sang lead vocals on international hits like fire and bring. yourself
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a major chore to promote their new album notorious. as reminder of our top story at this hour of others where the opposition leader one quite goes been addressing a huge crowd of supporters after arriving home in caracas from a tour of south american countries to fight a threat by president. to arrest him. with the day event but you can always keep up to date so with the news from the website called of the day.
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play and who will win this do we believe that renewable energy play an important role in the future. of poker game the geopolitical estimation starting monday to continue w. well israel a self declared interim president is back in the country and hasn't been arrested yet but neither has he achieved his goal of forcing nicolas maduro from office and setting up new presidential elections so has venezuela's latest revolution run out of steam i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day.


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