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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2019 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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back in the country and hasn't been arrested yet but neither has he achieved his goal of forcing nicolas maduro from office and setting up a new presidential elections so has venezuela's latest revolution run out of steam i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day. i was able to enter venezuela thanks to you and your demonstrations. we have made a decisive step towards the conquest of our freedom. victory. everywhere is because of you that is willing people and it's a reason to celebrate. our fall and. if the regime dares to kidnap me it will be one of the last mistakes no doubt that it will commit at this moment. also tonight the worrying spike in
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measles outbreaks around the world as parents debate the need for vaccination health officials say it is critical challenge to her. that you have. that. i don't mean there. and in fact others. venezuelan opposition leader. back in the country defying a threat by president nicolas maduro to arrest him for breaking a travel ban after a hero's welcome at the airport the country's self declared entering president addressed supporters in the capital caracas thousands have taken to the streets in response to his call for rallies across the nation to increase the pressure on president maduro to step down. we are stronger let's carry on in the
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streets mobilized he declared had then went on to tell the crowds this. yes the way that i did i was able to enter venezuela thanks to you and your mobilization in all of venezuela we feel today we have made a decisive step forward towards the conquest of our freedom this small victory today the south american tour this conquest everywhere else because if you venezuelan people and it's a reason to celebrate and to honor our victims. let's get more on this from manuel us over venezuelan political analyst and welcome to d w so. why don't back in the in the country should he expect a knock on the door. where they'll come back today to bet as to whether this is a big plan and a huge challenge for the opposition maybe to try to step down. dictatorship ok but his back is madeira going to go and going to arrest him i don't know but i'm not
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sure about this is really. i think the possibility it's not too big and made me. we could see in the next days barry strange because the two asian with two president in the same country so why would choose not to arrest him. beat. the big soup or the. white dog. more than the fifty democratic contract around the war and. bury important political phenomenon at the moment in business well i checked a. few minutes ago the sorbets and he has more than seventy percent of support in the bears so the landscape has more than
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it's never had so. big political phenomenon right now so what then is my duros plan this is just to sit and wait for something to happen to stay so long as possible until you are fifth we don't know so the. so is there any indication the president will do or is feeling the pressure from. the best. show that this situation is that way though he's free minutes so he could flit to colonia and i around this is turning around latin america and now today again in caracas this is where is. proof. that madurese in safe enough is let's look at the wider picture there's been lots of speculation that the united states might turn its warm welcome for one go i dove
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into military support is there any sign of that actually happening no we don't have any. just from donald trump on the ministration but we don't have any real science about that and the indication from one about what he would feel about a military intervention from the united states he said every possibility is are on the table. in tears political situation we could say every possibilities are possible of. it's all there so it's on the table but it doesn't necessarily say that he welcomes it because it's one thing to to wrest power from dictators quite another thing to to remove that dictator and have a foreign country come in and effectively occupy this survey says thirty minutes well a brief third and integration for an international coalition that they're reading
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from and they were. so given the trumpet ministrations dislike of expensive foreign and gage lutes what might there be in of venezuela an adventure if you like that might make it worth their while. because it is right now exist the biggest challenge of western or it is for and this is. a very big and great possibility to return to recover democracy a culture of like been a spoiler and do you think he's not alone so it is. given that this is a president who has. announced that he effectively wants to withdraw from international engagement what would be in it for him what would be in it for the united states that he would commit troops and money to a military incursion into venezuela what would the united states get out of that
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maybe because the importance of your graphic on a geopolitical location of venezuela been a key contrie in the continents not only because oil just because it's a big contrie in the middle of latin america with a long democrat to go through the asian that was broken from chavez and it is at the moment maybe the horror in the continent and not only the u.s. not only donald trump also european contracts are engaged in this challenge to recover democracy may as well and i think this is the possibility to do to give a new future to give to give the freedom to venezuelan people that that's move at the moment the trumpet ministration to engage this this movement to to step down the road dictatorship and see will we will watch and wait with phenomena well
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silver. thank you so much for joining us here today with. this is news and still to come. but carnival celebrations reach their peak in cities around the world we'll take you to rio where this year's festivities are taking place amid political change in brazil the growing influence of evangelicals in latin america's biggest country is even being felt on the beach. now to a disease which is seeing a global resurgence of measles the world health organization says the number of cases doubled last year to almost two hundred thirty thousand and that's just reported cases the actual number is believed to exceed two million more than a third of cases were reported in europe with the biggest outbreak in ukraine there they have seen more than twenty thousand cases in the first two months of this year alone and eight people have died the conflict in eastern ukraine has contributed to
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the spike as well as a low vaccination rate of just a forty two percent there's also an epidemic in the african nation of madagascar which also has a low vaccination rate or the nine hundred people have died there since september another country suffering as the philippines where more than two hundred people most of them children have died a death of public health officials say could have been prevented if safe effective vaccines have been used but there and elsewhere a mistrust of vaccines is growing the government has responded by launching a major immunization drive. tents have been erected to deal with the overflow inside the sickly in wheat worried parents watching on the philippines has been gripped by a measles outbreak. early in rubio's two month old baby the highly infectious virus before he was old enough to be vaccinated. my baby had
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a lot of rashness i thought it was because he was getting antibiotics for his cough and cold but it turned out to be measles i know it's already painful to see your baby sick even more so when you hear that so many have died because of measles i don't want that to happen to my baby. i am certain. there have been more than eight thousand cases of measles in the philippines since the start of the year the health department has declared a measles outbreak and says that it is now struggling to contain it. this really need to do a d.v.d.'s because challenge is to attain the herd immunity herd immunity means that you have enough people or vaccinate that so that those who are. are able to meet their. vitals and in fact others. in the philippines have been dropping in the last few years a recent scare involving
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a dang vaccine caused immunization rates to plummet even for their. resources. we have a vaccine coverage in the. it even what about the forty percent. efforts to tip the scales haven't been fast enough charmaine abad such she'd been immunized but picked up the virus at a health center for a prenatal checkup measles can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women. i'm scared about what will happen to my baby but i'm trying to be strong. little also could have been. my doctors said the condition shouldn't affect the baby because i'm at thirty two weeks already. but i'm scared.
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to let go. of it local authorities are working with the red cross to increase hospital beds for those affected and immunize as many people as possible to try and contain the outbreak. mothers. are not taking any chances. going out in the news about kids dying from the dengue fever vaccination scared me so i was scared to have my children vaccinated. but now i know it's for their own safety. immunization rates are steadily rising again health authorities hope that the continued confidence in vaccines will help them this measles outbreak. misinformation about vaccines is dangerous and it's also incredibly easy to find online the delusional of the crane can tell us more welcome than i was social media
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fuelling the solution messages well we know nowadays a lot of people go to social media to get their news websites like facebook the problem is they're often directed to pages where there's a lot of information and in the case of the anti vaccine movement far removed from any kind of scientific fact now to show you how bad this is we've done a little experiment we want to see to imagine that you are a parents and you're concerned about the possible risks if there are any of vaccinating your child so you type in the word vaccination risk here in the facebook search and then you'll see your immediately confronted by links to articles blaming vaccines for all kinds of other house problems is a common one that vaccines cause autism simply not true several scientific studies of dispelled that meth but it won't go away and if we keep scolding we come to this place in the national vaccine information center sounds impressive it's got two hundred fourteen thousand likes even got that tick which many will think is some
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kind of mock the approval but this is an organization that promotes anti vaccine propaganda under the guise of medical sources like this unsubstantiated claim that vaccines ought to d.n.a. another one here saying unvaccinated children quote pose no danger now again scientifically follow. this stuff is being said in this case that nearly eight hundred times now this movement is very media savvy pretending to have science on its side it's well funded and if you're that parent and you're already on shore how do you distinguish between what's reliable and what's not and this is the stuff that's out there a lot of these groups are a closed you have to be approved to be a member so the misinformation spreads in this echo chamber i don't know which is more concerning simply the fact that people believe this is all about the people go to facebook to find out something as important as this so it does sound like social media companies themselves are part of the problem by allowing this to just spread yeah that's right they they talk a good game saying they want to stop misinformation that can lead to what facebook
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calls quote real world but in the case of the anti vaccine movement on facebook a lot of the content doesn't specifically violate the company's guidelines now we know you cheated because in particular has come under pressure to change its algorithms to the videos promoting conspiracy theories or propaganda recommended only uses pay there's the videos on the right hand side it's worth remembering that facebook for example still gets money from ads run by and see vaccine groups recently and if they were in the allowed that but the the problem the worry for health organizations is that vaccinations rely on this thing called head immunity a certain percentage of the population being vaccinated to protect everyone is that the sense is just slips even a little bit in the risk of an outbreak as a lot greats of the world health organization calls it vaccine has it and see it listed as one of its biggest health risks the top ten health risks for this year so that's why this information is so dangerous and why social media companies are
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being asked to act and so this misinformation on social media is influences people about whether or not to sell it yes sure of course it does and i think that's a problem but the extent to which it does that is something we don't actually know we know it conscious. it's because the social media companies making that data available to research is that we can't say how far that goes we should also point out there are pro-vaccine groups of course on facebook but these are often far outnumbered by the anti vaccine ones and social media is just one part of the puzzle of course there's lots of websites out there as well dedicated to the x e n c vaccine movement so cracking down on social media weren't necessarily solve the problem jonathan krohn thank you. pope francis has announced at the vatican is to open up its archives on the catholic church as controversial world war two era leader francis said files
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regarding pope pius the twelfth would be made available to researchers next year pius became pope in one hundred thirty nine and has been criticized for staying silent about the plight of jews during the holocaust he died in nine hundred fifty eight a rather than wait the usual seventy years after pope's death before opening his archives the vatican appears to be responding to pressure to declassify the documents while holocaust survivors are still alive. because reported extensively on religious affairs for the welcome john what did pope pius the twelve do or fail to do during the war that was so controversial. well i think the situation is that most historians today agree that probably the twelve new full extent of the genocide against the jews were not to germany even before the ana the question of course is why then didn't he condemn it was strong
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it's not that he was silent he wasn't he in fact criticize genocide and racism in general but he didn't specifically criticize nazi germany by name and he didn't name what was actually happening in places like our streets and although he probably knew about it the reason was probably that he was wanting to preserve the official neutrality of the vatican on the one hand and he was also worried about reprisals against catholics in. europe remember there were some reasons of catholic priests for example ridicule concentration. so let's just pick up on that point because in twenty fourteen pope francis described pius as a great defender of jews and said that we need to say his role in the context of the time was it better for him not to speak so the voters would not be killed or for him to speak. explain to us how the pope speaking out would cause
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more jews to be killed. well his predecessor as the elevons risen sixty cook noted in one thousand so yeah it's called brenda zog it's the only in cyclical take a letter written in german not written in latin it was a gross pacifically to the german church and it expressed in very forceful language his concern about the rise of nazis and her that in fact led to. a tremendous anti vatican atmosphere in germany and the pressure of simply put pressure on the church now in the during the reign of pius the twelve's the dutch mission is trying to do exactly the same thing when the nazi occupied it started running out jews the dutch bishops very courageously issued a pastoral letter condemning it in the strongest terms but it didn't save
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a single jewish life what the nazis did was simply intensifying what they were doing and they started going after jews who converted to to christianity who up until that point had been examined. now twenty vatican archivist sav been organizing these files for thirteen years already what are they likely to going to to contain and the people believe that they will be complete and redacted. well. there's a two yes two important questions what i'd like to see content i did some research for a documentary on i as a twenty some years ago and i talked to the john mattick and. peter gunn for the german jazz years who was responsible for the case examining whether pius a twelve was in fact a saint or not and they're going to was absolutely convinced the wire was a sin and he had of course access to the vatican archives and he took me to listen
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to a few years ago but there was nothing in the archives that possibly could incriminate . the trust what i think it will do and this is the thing that will interest historians use it will establish definitely. a document with document documentary evidence whether the highest the twelfth knew full extent of the genocide now that's the that's an interesting point and and important point. he probably did as i said earlier because he was being informed by a network of bishops and parish priests right across. europe now so this is in information was probably not the allies and in fact we know the vatican was secretly despite its official neutrality passing on information to the american so that will be an interesting fact for job erica thank you so much for joining us thank you. for
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thousands of dancers from brazil's l.a. to san best schools are taking part in the world famous rio de janeiro carnival fourteen of the top schools operating along the main procession route into featuring as many as four thousand performers and elaborate floats as the first carnival since the election last year of writing president diab also are they came to power on a wave of support from conservative and evangelical groups. members of one of rears evangelical churches praying ahead of carnival. like selloff and we're also going on the street today to tell all the people that jesus loves them that he wants to enter their family's lives and that god loves them. it is indeed an unusual samba school gathered at copacabana beach that part of the charismatic ball or jeanette a horse noble evangelical movement. no
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skimpy costumes here and also no alcohol that's to boo at this church it's minister says they want to celebrate it clean carnival. you see you can have fun without alcohol without disputes without all the things that you usually associate with carnival like having affairs people getting killed not. everything is better with jesus they saying even jellicoe deserved growing force in brazil and they have powerful allies in politics some ministers evangelicals and evangelicals strongly support the recently elected right wing president child both . a short distance down the street another sound the school is getting ready yet if the name of beach korea's gay community also celebrates carnival. they're deeply concerned by the election of polson r.-o.
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who's repeatedly expressed homophobic views on if he's gotten that we're going through difficult times with all these crazies who have just come to power in prison but will have to send up to them that's why they're scannable the thing is the states they've got not always states. but they have nothing against evangelicals getting into the carnival spirit. we need religious and social freedom the evangelicals don't drink and i want either today the. this is water i said the main thing is that everyone feels good and happy. the evangelicals at copacabana have a particular goal for carnival they want to convert nonbelievers. they say we want to reach those who don't yet know jesus christ who can also be happy without alcohol drugs and those kinds of things in this world we don't need them we've got jesus just i not exactly the usual carnival slogan.
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finally tonight hollywood actor luke perry has died at the age of fifty two he rose to fame as a teen heartthrob am a nine hundred ninety s. t.v. series for the hills minor to moderate his publicist said his suffered a massive stroke last week. and that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. don't forget to use a hash tag the day of a good. game
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as an illegal immigrants get a productive life and got to pause it or it. can say is gone and he's not welcome back. lady liberty is tight just looking down shaking her head like what happened to america. donald trump's tolerance policy has torn a pos illegal immigrant family in america. the next day w. . no
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nothing to look at well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that we should have been thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes question in here think you see these are the countries that i now know the time. needed to be taken as drama down to me it's all about. my my show join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. an extravagant venue. to hosts who really know their stuff. with a good building and stick punished on. the guardian chat with musicians from around
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the world. groups every week on. the roads used to be happy she had a man she loved two children a house and a job everything seems perfect. that is until the day that her husband was taken away from her no she's struggling to cope with life as a single mother.


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