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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 24  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CET

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it was a. long time ago on the streets of our rights are not up for discussion . they are women more changing the world already. digital. starts marching. to w. i. i. sometimes things don't go as well as you'd like and you have to try everything in your power to get back on the right track. and begin to doubt yourself.
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much of that and in those i don't see why doesn't the. even if you're top of the table like dortmund but start to stick up in your game. because a few don't want to deliver against alex bilodeau men tough to play with confidence it's time time because the streets of brooklyn. can finish and what about if you are in shelters position last season rounded up this season everything is. written people. that's a fact but how do you still confidence when even your coach is feeling down in the dumps. hoping to freeze it sucks because like the. fish try to doesn't miss the stocks. because next best chance to show its strength is against the small promoters clubs fortunate to sold off some clubs the dropping the bull well. i'm
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more in control of my client at the moment this time up against when she. gets a moment this is sort of the sphere. kinds of things the center levels of confidence we kick off and missed a twenty four that stops in. the football world just keeps on turning a few weeks ago they were nine points off the top spot going into the weekend just three and byron even had a chance to draw level will. never lose the belief you always have to believe that you can make it on the quality and the saudis just huge so huge that they're now talking about being champions after all this and over a few games to go and we want to win the league. swatted aside by own three nil in the reverse fixture which plunged buyer into a serious crisis similar to the one bloodbath themselves are now where they'd
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mustered one single point from their previous four out byron meanwhile you know that great run and we're losing confidence and the resulting corner from that first minute shot was headed in by last weekend's match winner pati much as i host protested that the spaniard had showed nico of the ad of the way to score. me did have a point. for me she says not so fall for me when you're just bending and get a push and it sends you off. on that vicious proceeded but the goal stood and buyers were eager to follow it up especially one man who hadn't scored in ten games i told boss miller had done a lot of bench warming in recent weeks. as his demands proved to be exaggerated to nil with an assist for sir. as for gladbach they did wake up midway through the first half. acrobatically netted the ball i believe the right side.
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but byron were clearly looking for a third with first level dusky. and then cannot believe being denied. yon summer camp bloodbath in the game. and went by and defensive frailties reared their head in the thirty eighth minute lashed into was on hand to cut the deficit she was. not enough to turn it around good bye are now let the nerves get to them home crowd certainly fancy their chances. but that hope was short lived as well but live in dusky finally got on the scoresheet just two minutes after the break. the visitors to go advantage had been restored in sumptuous style. this by and were back to their awesome best. but still took the opposite goal but never looked like staging a real comeback. while biron remained focused as if the day was our best performance in the league with. a lot of byron's recent wins have been down to individual
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brilliance but on saturday it was teamwork the solid work from seattle eleven dusty and above all going up to grab the fourth himself. by an unrecognizable from the fall as our blood bath who for their part seemed to be imploding in stoppage time told on has not conceded a penalty and they've stepped up to finish off the hosts. the top brass likewise but a lot happier than a few months ago. we were playing out well in october november and i'm in for a hunger games alone we dropped six points system so we sat down together with the coach in the team and said this is mine munich on this is unacceptable unfortunately two parties in particular reconciled and since then it's been going nicely and i think i can from one side i'm lost before straight league win is a great confidence boost but none of that matters if don't win themselves i still smile.
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except things are not hunky dory at dortmund to sort of course the result is a disaster and there are a few things that will have to improve something this was a nightmare that the team will want to forget but also to learn from if you want to be here in the summer league go in then we have to be more steady. don't lend we're left to rue de road oversleeps in the dirt for individual mistakes can happen one. is too many still. and two men didn't have much to laugh about on friday after two mistakes cost than they get against alps work. two mistakes too many for a team intent on winning. by and keep on winning games don't mind a looking increasingly vulnerable they say when it rains it pours.
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a painful friday night for the league leaders dortmund's leaned over by and had been slashed to a slender three points during marco royce's absence and captain fantastic wasted no time pushing his side forward but this was to be a great goal kobolds day no choices. things were initially looking good for the visitors seventy two percent possession bossing midfield and country up a good lots of chances just like in the full but it was. celebrating first a lapse by nineteen year old dan axles that they do allowed on train hard to seek and find seemed to have won the south korea forwards giving out school a shot pleads office and desperate defending by dortmund one nil to fifteenth placed out school. and it's not as if don't mean to been playing badly sometimes they were there oh worst enemy. it was shocking to find their.
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the magic that we are used to we want to play good football and to yeah day to day again not hitting the the level. dunes build up play was at times magical but not so good this finishing could bring nelson shooting straight to kobe here and he's one of a number of very young players now featuring in front wrist systems i think might have passed their driving tests but sometimes they need to up their grades on the pitch an arsonist twenty jagan sanchez just eighteen and ashraf had kimi twenty boy he was inside the mall with apprentice's sticks with depression and in the twenty fourth minute it was a fatal error by kimi he's one full of crosses and back line was a gift gratefully accepted by see the secret finish but when the league title is in the balance perhaps he's against it and not man enough to handle the pressure i watch rubbish honestly when we play great
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stuff like in the fall people talk about this young team and how great they are zero much of the above are now they make one or two bad mistakes it's mad but it happened so the response you never know about its content for house books were in bold and to special a great go call but twenty one years young and having the game of his life savings everything don't want could launch its head here you have no caps a quarter of an hour from top. but six minutes later the spaniard again lived up to his super sub reputation she was i to see him first seemed confident his side could still turn it around in the last ten minutes but despite continuing to place very soon the football it was our sport to have the last love meanwhile don't mention just one call she would from that last six league games but you have such beautiful long we've only lost twice in the league so it's hard. the
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a crisis. in. those defeats came against sides that are a bit lower down on the table. but i would never think of telling myself the score of the team there were a crisis. crisis what crisis but still buy in are now level on points time for don't want to wake up from the nightmare. not exactly been a dream season for have to berlin and they yet to win a home game this year. where's their self-confidence gone well body language speaks volumes in football and here's a selection of low lights from the first half. and the hosts have the woodwork to thank for minds not taking the lead before half time. but right after the restart that luck turn the other way. it was expertly headed by. whose body
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language said it all. but hats are no slackers and five minutes later. their confidence a boost with an equalizer. another ten minutes later valentino powered past his marker before cutting the ball back for stock who made amends and scored in the right goal. that gave head to the lead and three points a further boost for that self-confidence. near him back had little reason to feel buoyant about anything rock bottom in the table and winless in seventeen and nazis were in town and the hosts first meaningful attack ended in a penalty for a foul by a brainy monk on a take on team. how do parents she.
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does not school back off the crossbar a cane. not say she unbeaten in six shifted up again you cause close to a man with the first and only goal of the game. for the hand since the kind of result the dash is any self belief that is if you had any in the first place. these guys have self-confidence school or frankfurt unbeaten eight games apart from time in five was a board draw in store then. not a bit of it twenty minutes in frankfurt went in front the after philip quest a true kick. in fact it took a nick off on to the beach head on its way leaving all of obama no chance.
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who did this week. but often i'm still haven't given up hope of qualifying for the champions league and made that clear just before the break. out of sol his knee back eel tapped in by julie one of. the visitors even took the lead with an hour on the clock and each shot deals effort clearly motivated his boss uli on not as much. but then hoffenheim handed the initiative back to the hosts when cutscene adams picked up a second car. and there would still be half an hour to play and fans leaving now missed a lot of action first the equaliser in the final minute of regular time when sebastian make a chain of ifs cross. the crowd and the keeper went wild while further up the field goal score remained cool and focused there were still six minutes of stoppage time to play. and six minutes later on their turn provide. i don't have
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a cross we're going. to head home for each year and that wind takes frankford into a europa league qualification spot of all sort of dollars for yourself conference. play. though it's not an alien invasion it's kind of all time in the wrong hands so smiles all round also for freiburg coach the stench trying to show he's just had his contract extended. but by anybody who's in soon made it clear they wouldn't be making this a policy for the guests chalice and volleying to make it more. than a shock moment for the hosts in the twenty eighth minute aspect and then down to be taken off after this clash of heads. never clues in didn't come up with much else to that. but they eventually
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managed to put the game to bed with a quarter of an hour left the chips a little cross from union thugs and how was that exactly. to be played with fields of leon bailey to be the accidental those go around not let anyone in the neighbor whose income level crowns but it can't. play. carnival isn't very big in northern germany of course. getting a pretty unhappy time keeping the game. but it was his opposite number because often half time on came. eight minutes later this captain was still laughing until. the books one notable spoke. that fred had something to celebrate after all after the double of the school play a minute. both winning streak and get
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a moral boost to boot. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the well live football. and. we travel the world and really feel. right i'm going to make this stuff never people and. i am chris here it's an. important question. is a football. following saturday's match too many go to tesco set out on a singular walk of shame in front of furious fans to apologize what happened there he actually had high hopes before the match against. after last week's
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embarrassment in minds everyone was questioning whether he was really the right man to still be sitting a child has held. i see my future here. and i've never felt any differently about the kind of moment he was on the scheme i believe your true character comes out in a crisis and i want to be strong for shaka so i could i think that i. will just show strength in times of crisis well this was perhaps this prettiest moments. and this their strongest one in the entire match and the rest was a disaster for instance this turnover from i mean colleagues and five scattered the defenders around to do so off players to leave st. shout they were lucky that the v.a.r. rule dirty looking back you school out because of a foul just before. while you set off looked relaxed taking their chances with these now. much came from shout the other than an assortment of nasty fouls. in the
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first thirty five minutes alone shot to receive three yellow cards. the hosts were lagging far behind in almost every just enough attack the back line was positioned far too high when you cock you took off. my t.l.'s the siege sloppy hand reflects in any case it like a bucket to the spot penalty in the one mill for the bok you thirty five minutes in . the second half started with a brief interval when the royal blues refocused pushback against you sold off. but hardly anything worth much praise. on the contrary poor passes. defenders getting up minutes and full backs that simply couldn't catch up awful if you know the chance to make it you
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will die because the slot is just one minute after the first. once again the chain reaction it's not even the simplest mechanics in the game we're working for a shot. that we're showing no signs of confidence but it's. there was a lot we wanted to do since we at least plan to far east we were just losing too many tackles it's like them and losing possession. and then they even failed to make tackles. outnumbered look at pocky it was left with ample space and time to pick out they need to run. an awesome strike into the top corner. after an awful sixty minutes for shots. this afternoon was just not going the way to disco had planned. whatever the game plan he had his team were not following it . for the fourth they were six childhood offenders in the box none of them.
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as they stood around they could not be swept to disco was also looking increasingly prefer i that for new final score lead shall go with their worst standing at this point in the season for twenty three years the fans are not just i mean it's over the next few weeks every one of the farts and give one hundred percent of those who don't want to do that will have to go it's not simple and focused on. a truly pitiful performance by the oil. so just how many more walks of shame to see intend to subject himself and the fans to. come on no quarter asked. all eyes are on to disco bikini who shall get out of the relegation zone speaking of let's see what happened in stuttgart. when the going gets tough and it's all about the agony of the ecstasy it must be
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a relegation battle site second to last versus at last. the consulate's your own issues are that we're in a situation where we're playing a direct rival. and if we win we're still not out of trouble this intrigue mr pickett. in days with just fourteen points and a catastrophic in front of results and performances not many people expect them to beat the drop. got themselves were only sixteen points and still waiting for a win in twenty nineteen but perhaps in mario gomez could lead from the front. with eleven games to play both teams had to show whether they had any bites in the relegation six points. but from the off there was only one team playing football got ten more ideas more metal and moment going forwards i got my spot in the way classic fashion in the first minutes scoring his. first goal of the year has still
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got to have a few unlucky results recently but on the porch of the mas they were looking very good as it would sound tough but but then soon it up have i am i the boy and the eighteen year old even made it three on the stroke of half time was to go past the club record signing his first since joining us in january. and of that one looking like they were battling anything but still got relegation people for me it's because true don't need pessimists right now. but we don't need people who only think positively either he didn't pose a chief thing not that there's much forward thinking will forward anything at the moment handovers first shot on goal from going key had a gucci five minutes after the restarts in fact hannover had coupled together just
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nine proper chances from their last four games so perhaps they were surprised themselves when they actually managed to get the ball in the net. dollars bringing on the show not tell us was looking like an im split into moves. but it wasn't to be kind of a fail to clear a corner properly allowing stephen suba to reassert stuttgart so so much it wasn't so sad to deflection of the tops. to what is in the woods his side and he also grabbed a brace with ninety minutes to play was that they did live on the fire was. another dismal showing from how to get wealthy enough bit of we were playing a team who haven't exactly been in good form either and that's what we come up with it's pretty sobering isn't used to do so as you say understand. that never looked more resigned to the mrs didn't two hundred. hapless and to sticky like non top
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flight material but the show got really. assists that was a crucial game we withstood the pressure and played a great first half three nearly half time at some five one of the end on the sri lankan bines day one and up against it still got came out with the goods this still in the relegation playoff spots but they're now five points clear of and they need to show off of that one important face to face place. match day twenty four so a handful of decisive defeats lockbox one five thrashing from bahrain the one five drubbing for hanover and of course shock is defeat. that makes dolphins one goal last seen not that bad in comparison but it's dalton's loss that brings real change in the board this league and it's stable. because now mendham by and then level on points in the title race is completely up in the side from the top two. and boasts
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budgets back below the international point if occasion spots in the bottom half not much has changed except that the gap between shock and the relegation playoff spot shrunk remarkably strict guard is now only four points behind the royal blues that's cutting it close but now for a match day moments for. the dossiers jokes. because. with one smooth moves making calls to opponents and going straight for goal no battle. for. face could finish the problem by and at the candidates. they are a nice little shimmies from soccer. seven dusty. the
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but. the race continues next week i see you that. much. above x. to actually. feel.
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good. we would dive into the deep blue water. we would like the old fashioned way severe. the bumps we lived on never stayed in one place the only. promise to sleep was. the disappearing world of the scene oh my god it's been seventy five minutes on d w . closely.
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carefully. simply. to didn't pick. to. discover the of. the a pig. pig. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i said nothing with the ten. i think the german culture. will take his grandmother to you because it's all after a long time rachel join me for me to get the bungee jumping course. being
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born. you're allowed to comprehend but since. you want to look at the school. you want to be put on a love tool. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for free you will be invisible to. have no feeling. when you die there's no proof the exists. every ten minutes. ten million people in the world the stakes have no nationality in the total made up along the lines of that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to send home.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin china warns of a tough struggle as its economy slows at the opening of the country's legislative assembly in beijing prime minister leek a chung says china is facing many challenges including a profound change in its external environment find out what this means from our correspondent also coming up with us well as opposition leader of one why dode defies the threat of arrest to return home he tells his supporters we're stronger than ever.


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