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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is just coming to you live from china warns of a tough struggle as its economy slows at the opening of the country's legislative assembly in beijing prime minister. says china is facing many challenges including a profound change in its external environment and find out what this means from our correspondent also coming up. in leader of one quite defines the threat of arrest to return home he tells his supporters were stronger than ever president nicolas maduro shows no signs of leaving. looking for
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a win at home against england star harry kane and his talking team mates in the champions league tonight the match decides which club moves to the quarterfinals. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us china's economy is taking center stage at the end you will meeting of the country's national people's congress three thousand delegates from across the country have been gathering in beijing for the two weeks event a vote on major bills though most have already been decided by communist party leaders head of time in the opening session china's premier league cut the growth target to its lowest in nearly three decades a lower projection is partly due to a tariff war with the united states. at least said beijing would continue to push
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for a resolution to that dispute. should. we will continue to push for trade talks with the us china two years to the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation when development and we'll continue to advocate fair consultations to solve trade disputes we will earnestly carry out the promises we make and will resolutely protect our legitimate rights and interests. and our very own china analyst clifford coonan is with us here in the studio good morning clifford so you've spent a lot of time in china you've attended a lot of these people's congresses as they were let's talk about what we just heard there from the premier league he says china is looking for a win win solution in its trade disputes with the us while defending its interests does that sound to you like china is ready to make concessions. it's very hard to say i mean i think china is keen to present
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a strong image at this party congress so on for a domestic audience it's definitely going to be pushing that message at the same time with that with the number of battles that it's facing at the moment on the tech front diplomatic front it's going to have to come up with some sort of concessions protecting on trade so i think of anywhere we're going to see concessions that will be on trade ok well he also addressed the issue of western companies operating in china they of course feel like they face unfair restrictions let's hear what he had to say on that. sure. we will increase the scope at which we attract foreign investment we will gradually relax restrictions for entering the market and will reduce negative accounts and allow for more sectors to carry out the operation of foreign and independent investment. well actually restrictions for foreign investment broadening scope of foreign investment all sounds like change
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what are the implications of what he's talking about well i think as you say it does sound like change i think a lot of foreign companies are going to be waiting to see how this actually rolls out and we've had promises about more greater market access before more level playing fields which is something the foreign firms have always been looking for so i think people will be waiting to see how how it turns out certainly the message is a very positive one for for foreign companies looking to get into china and for foreign companies already in china it's just going to be a question of ways and i think now the china chinese economy is cooling at this point still growing over you know over six percent which in other countries will be envious of president xi jinping warned in january about a complicated and grim international can set of conditions there what could that mean for the global economy and for china's trading partners like germany well i think as you say the language you know we're seeing is quite tough we also had
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because john as well today's talk about the struggle mentioned this is a crucial year so clearly china is aware of the fact that the economy is slowing that it needs to do something it's keen from its side to shore up stability at home internationally then german firms like the big car farms the pharmaceutical companies who are who are exporting in large amounts to china are going to be looking for indications of what that will mean for for their exports they will again be hoping that the market access and level playing field issues resolved where they feel that they can they can grow their market in china in june with the with their kind of expectations over the last few years clifford thank you very much for your insights clifford couldn't. now to venezuela where opposition leader juan why do the right back in the country defying president nicolas maduro as threat to have him arrested for breaking a travel ban thousands took to the streets across the country in response to quite as call for nationwide rallies to increase the pressure on president to step down
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i he's back in the crowds of caracas airport treat him like a rock star i want to return to venezuela despite a travel ban imposed by the government he might be arrested at any moment but after touching down he was defiant i we're here to serve in a swale and i we're here to serve our people and to fight for our cause i love you venezuela i love you i'm going to be. earlier garrido had called on venezuelans to take to the streets and they responded in massive numbers like here in caracas where thousands came out for a change in leadership and against president nicolas maduro you know what i want but he did not want that i mean we want things to change and get better. we don't want them to a rest. this dictatorship is teetering and they don't have what it takes to keep going if they try to stick him in prison that seem at them but i saw
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a. this abuse of government can only news i resting why do would be a huge mistake because i don't but i don't know but i in caracas cried oh called for more protests to increase the pressure on me to step down. yes. on saturday will continue in the streets all of venice will or will return to the streets were decided and determined to mobilize in search of their freedom we will not rest one second until freedom is achieved you know that without ideas. on sunday he warned monroe if the government takes him into custody it would be a grave mistake perhaps the last june. take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a japanese court has approved bail for the former chairman of nissan motor's carlos' boon but the prosecution has appealed the decision and go and remains in custody he has been in jail some three and
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a half months amid allegations of breach of trust and also applying financial reforms. french president to motherwell mccall is calling for a far reaching reform of the european union and warning of the dangers of nationalism in an open letter to newspapers across the e.u. just three months before european elections but coleen says breaks it symbolizes europe's failure to respond to the needs of its people. u.s. president donald trump looks set to open to new fronts in his trade disputes he wants to scrap preferential treatment for both india and turkey the u.s. president claims india is not reciprocating for duty free access to the u.s. it also says turkey's growth means it's no longer a developing country. and canada's cabinet crisis has deepened with a second minister resigning jamesville paul is stepping down as manager of government spending prime minister justin trudeau as administration is involved in
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a corruption scandal involving a big construction company if there is being seen as a setback to trudeau in the run up to elections in october. italy clinton has for the first time ruled out a u.s. presidential bid in two thousand and twenty clinton says though she will not run she will keep speaking out for what she believes clinton started as the program in the twenty sixteen race but ended up losing. its carnival season and many people here in germany have been joining the festivities as tens of thousands paraded through the streets yesterday to celebrate rose monday revelers often use the occasion to poke fun at politicians but this year some feel that chancellor angela merkel's heir apparent went to four with one joke you know because kate brady has the story. it's kind of on the gain in germany
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time for candy costumes and political satire u.s. president trump gemini's diesel scandal plastic pollution and the demise of germany social democrats are just some of the headliners of parades in cologne amid the festivities angela merkel every parent and leader of germany's conservatives and i think karrenbauer has come under fire for making a con of all joe. into sex and transgender people or their father in fun or for clips of. who's been to berlin recently they've got the let's say my fiance faction they're introducing toilets for the third gender this is for men who can't decide if they want to sit and watch a stand when they pay by being going to a dozen sets in motion that the right to put the quip was badly received by both l g b t rights groups as well as politicians from across the political spectrum but then deputy mayor klaus late over called the footage
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a travesty the chairperson of the largest party in the bundestag finds it funny to denounce groups of people who don't meet the current macho gnomes using khan of all festivities as an excuse he tweeted a shame. on the streets of cologne opinion was divided among revelers. transcendant honestly i think it's a bit overblown it's a cause of all gog just a kind of ol guy could they shouldn't take things like that so seriously as not so bad the system is all about him come about as they say anything guys at carnival but not always and as a politician you have to know what you're saying and i found it a bit out of place i think i learned the floats in kandy have been packed away for another year but caraballo is comments might be back to haunt them would be chancellor for some time to come. football the champions league round of sixteen where german club dortmund face an
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uphill struggle against the english team tottenham dortmund suffered a bruising three nil defeat in the first leg of the tie and they've recently faltered in the bundesliga two but still the club plays at home tonight and regulars come back would get their season back on track. dortmund are about to face their toughest test in what has been an increasingly dramatic and difficult season if they're to come through their champions league tie with tottenham they'll need big performances from every one of their star players foremost among them marco royce who is returning from injury. it's really important that we believe in ourselves we need a top performance we have to be about best. and i'm told that if they get a golden of course it's going to be very difficult for the whole team and everyone around us delays we can do it and we have to keep faith. tottenham have their own
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returning star in striker harry keane. spurs managed to defeat dortmund three nil in the first leg without the england international they'll be even more deadly with him back in the squad tottenham know they are in control but they won't be sitting back on defense. in the. start of the game you know that it would live in. to be out to see if we must to to fight from the beginning. then we'll have to be at their best if their defense can shut out tottenham and their attack off or scoring chances and they could still be in with a chance. you're watching news just reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today as leaders have
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warned of a tough struggle as the country's economy slows at the opening of the country's rubber stamp parliament in beijing the prime minister. said china was facing many challenges including a trade war with the u.s. and what he called the growing pains of economic transformation. was good news on the. play. store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world push notification breaking news and also used. to send us photos and videos. and you have been watching the news remember you can always get all the latest news and information around the web site at. the top of the next hour we've got another full of news for you sumi will be with you for that thanks for watching
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