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freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters to w. made for minds. this is deja vu news line from berlin china warns of a tough struggle as its economy slows down at the opening of the country's legislative assembly in beijing prime minister leaky truck says china is facing many challenges including a profound change and it's extremely important to look at what that means. also coming up and as well as opposition leader on why gold defies the threat of arrest
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to return home he tells us supporters were stronger than ever but president nicolas maduro shows no signs of leaving. u.s. president donald trump announces a new threat to trade with india and turkey will tell you what's at stake. and in football dortmund need a miracle tonight in the champions league they're looking for a high drama at home against england star harry kane and his tottenham team mates this game determines who moves on to the forefront. i'm serious oh my god that's good to have you with us china's economy is taking center stage at the annual meeting of the country's national people's congress around three thousand delegates from across the country have been gathering in beijing for the two week a vent in the opening session china's premier league cut the growth target to its
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lowest in nearly three decades that is partly due to a trade dispute with the u.s. lee said beijing would continue to push for a resolution. beijing's new airport it's set to be the world's largest when it opens later this year china's leadership often uses political advances an occasion to flaunt its successes to the media and it's a welcome distraction china's economy is burdened with the consequences of its trade dispute with the u.s. municipalities and state run companies are struggling under high levels of debt addressing china's national people's congress premier league the chuang issued a warning. we face a complex and serious situation as well as challenges foreseeable and otherwise that are greater in number and in. size. also announced market reforms and leveling the playing field for chinese and foreign companies this bid
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to diffuse u.s. complaints has made delegates more optimistic that the trade dispute with the u.s. could soon be resolved the only issue is that you and the u.s. astonishing to get used to each other i think there is growing trust between the people and the governments of both countries. china has announced a further increase in defense spending up seven point five percent on the previous year with this china hopes to strengthen its military allowing its troops to train under more realistic conditions. with me in the studio now is they a former china correspondent clifford coonan he's covering the story for us thanks for joining us the national people's congress is often described as a rubber stamp parliament the major bills are already decided by the communist party in advance of that being said how important is this body and what can we learn from this gathering well the national people's congress is very important because it's one of the few ways we have of working out what's on the mind of the
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chinese leadership what they're thinking about what directions they're looking out what their policies are going to be so with that we'll leave every every bit of it is poured over by china watchers to see particular at the moment on the economy but also in terms of diplomacy on tech and on trade but what direction china is heading we heard leakage i'm talking about those economic challenges cutting the growth target yet six percent growth is the number that a lot of other countries would be very happy with isn't it it is but china is coming from a lower base and it does become used to double digit growth figures for many years and so i think people are concerned when when it does start to slip back like this . they'll be looking for indications about how the party is now going to try and get growth going again you know one of the issues that has been weighing on china's economy is of course the trade dispute with the u.s. let's listen to what linkage chung said on that front. we will
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continue to push for trade talks with the u.s. china two years to the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation and when development and will continue to advocate fair consultations to solve trade disputes we will earnestly carry out the promises we make and will resolutely protect our legitimate rights and interests. ok we will protect our rights and interests what do you take away from that statement well i think part of me thinks that they would have liked of how to trade deal already going into the national people's congress but i think a lot of the n.p.c. is aimed at the domestic audience they want to shore of stability they don't want to store economic growth to create instability in china so a lot of does is presenting an image of a strong china very much a domestic audience but also presenting an image of a strong china to the u.s. when it comes to further negotiations yet and agreement is so important to the chinese economy how close are we to an agreement there. the sense is that there could be in agreement in the offing we have
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a meeting coming up with trump there's going to be a lot of political will to forge a deal as we saw last week with the north korea talks you know you can't always rely on these forecasts but i think looking up the way both sides seem to be talking we should be looking at a trade deal coming up very soon i also want to ask you about one other aspect of the chinese economy saw that it's china's increasing its defense budget by seven point five percent why is that and what signal does that send well it's slightly lower than it has been in some of the recent years but it's still quite a significant increase and also there's a lot of defense spending that isn't reflected in the defense budget china again it feeds into this narrative of china being a strong power for a domestic audience internationally it's a signal to china's neighbors perhaps that in the in the areas where there are territorial disputes that it's going to have a strong navy for example and then there's also going to be internal spending on defense and security all right clifford could in looking at the annual meeting of
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the countries the national people's congress for us thank you so much for joining us in studio with your analysis. let's catch up now and some other stories making news around the world a japanese court has approved bail for the former chairman of nissan motor's carlos ghosn but the prosecution has appealed the decision and go and remains in custody he's been in jail for three and a half months over allegations that he falsified financial reports. anti-government demonstrators have stepped up their protests in algeria they are rejecting president. has promised to step down within a year if he's reelected the next vote over the weekend he announced his candidacy for a fifth term in office opposition parties have been meeting to discuss their next steps. french president model my call is calling for far reaching will form of the european union and warning of the dangers of nationalism in an open letter to newspapers across the e.u.
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just three months before european elections mccall says brags it symbolizes europe's failure to respond to the needs of its people can invest cabinet crisis has deepened with a second minister resigning jane fell apart is stepping down as manager of government spending prime minister justin trudeau administration is engulfed in a corruption scandal involving a big construction company the affair is being seen as a setback to two ago in the run up to elections in october. venezuela's opposition leader one has arrived back in the country defying president nicolas maduro struck to have him arrested for breaking a travel ban thousands took to the streets across the country in response to those calls for nationwide rallies to increase the pressure on president to step down i he's back in the crowds at caracas airport treat him like a rock star i return to venezuela despite
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a travel ban imposed by the government he might be arrested at any moment but after touching down he was defiant i we're here to serve in a swale and i we're here to serve our people and to fight for our cause i love you venezuela i love you you would have been. earlier garrido had called on venezuelans to take to the streets and they responded in massive numbers like here in caracas where thousands came out for a change in leadership and against president nicolas maduro you know what i'm up at me did not want me to get on we want things to change and get better. we don't want them to rest quite. this dictatorship is teetering and they don't have what it takes to keep going if they try to stick him in prison that seem at them but it's always a. this abusive government can only news arresting why do it would be a huge mistake because i don't but i don't know but i in caracas quite know called
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for more protests to increase the pressure on me to step down. yes. on saturday will continue in the streets all of this way will return to the streets were decided and determined to mobilize in search of their freedom we will not rest one second until freedom is achieved you know that without the idea to do that. on sunday he warned monroe if the government takes him into custody it would be a grave mistake perhaps the last resort. less. more on this story was going to have my hold is the deputy director of the german institute for international and security fairs and an expert in latin american politics now why and why though was as we saw there able to return home to venezuela yesterday seen by many as really a direct challenge to nicolas mothered oh and his government why wasn't quite though arrested the political costs for mobile dural would have been quite high all the public eyes are on this moment of returning of quite
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a door and especially the international community have been quite explicit in. making clear that the consequences for this well it would be very high so much duro opted for. a way out of this very challenging was it to asia and didn't act at all leaving the space open to go to the wall and his followers so where does this all leave why though he left the country visited latin american allies what did he gain from those visits did it strengthen his position. that's a very critical point because at the end of the day we are now in the same situation as the twenty's of january when he declared himself president because we see that he is legitimate. is in power and so he made his tour around lytton america in order to collect a recall commission in order to collect compromises for help in humanitarian issues
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and maybe to freeze financial resources of the venezuelan state owned enterprises in these countries but the challenge is how to get move. in when it's really itself we saw why though as we said coming home to these rallies across the country he's calling for new protests this week he and his supporters as you said are not backing down how do you think we're going to see mother will react to continuing of the situation. my impression is that most is playing for time and he's seen quite well the way the war has a major problem in maintaining high the mobilization of his followers to get grow larger assemblies to times each week and that the end of the day this mobilization will come down and in some way this inflate the power of god or and is
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a legitimate basis and people are going to you said it yourself we have a president mother we have the self-proclaimed president won by bill and their supporters on both sides where is this headed what could actually break this deadlock. what we have now is a confrontation of these two people and we have as well a confrontation of very maximalist positions where the force for the resign and of durable of the road doesn't recognize do so what we need in order to better as a situation of the people in the street is a new idea is a new intention for dialogue and new proposals how to get these working on in order to have all the transition in this country and permit the people to better the situation in everyday life i can tell my help from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you so much thank you welcome. you're
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watching news still to come on the program we speak to a syrian refugee here in germany who was too afraid to go to his country's embassy in berlin he fears it could put his family at risk. by first u.s. president donald trump says he is planning to scrap the preferential trade status granted to india and turkey saying those countries no longer fulfill the requirements for that privilege the move means india will no longer benefit from some five point six billion dollars worth of duty free textile and industrial exports to the u.s. turkey two will lose out on the basis that the u.s. no longer considers it a developing economy. more on the story now with journalist who's standing by in mumbai newport tell us more about this special trade status we just mentioned and why we're seeing this decision from the u.s. . oh so you know this is
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something that is not good news for india most definitely but this is something that was sort of expected or being anticipated by the government or you're as well because the u.s. government had initiated order of you in april twenty eighth this was done because of who sectionals during dust trees. and a medical equipment industry had brought it to the u.s. government that this should be discussed since then so in government had been trying to work out and negotiate certain dom's with the u.s. government but clearly you know despite. your off negotiations and discussions the review was not as favorable as u.s. government and the government wanted and therefore probably will not no longer end up enjoying the state just any longer at the moment in india the indian government is trying to add the concerns and fear and you know there was a conference held for later in the day where the commerce secretary mentioned that
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their impact is going to be limited as far as india is concerned we are talking only about one hundred ninety million dollars in terms of impact on the indian. government so you know this is not something that is extremely tremendous the government is trying to see at the moment we of course have to see how we're going to pan out in the coming days india now says you know being drawn into trumps war on trade deficits at least that's the analysis we're seeing from some people how worried are people there in india about a prolonged a standoff with the u.s. over trade. at the moment actually indian government doesn't seem to be that worried or if they are what to do in order to use for treating it as much because as i said earlier as well in the corner that was headed over there in the day they have tried to address these concerns and i've tried to downplay the feelings of the government of the indian people and in doing industry in fact in the early morning trade in the market as soon as the news had come out the stock market did actually crashed but right after
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that it has corrected and it has bounced back which probably means that people are not as concerned as they are of course there are industries that are going to get impacted and overall there will be there will be some aftershocks that will be fed but at the moment there is not a general sense of gloom doom at the moment in india are journal and speaking to us from mumbai thank you very much. to football now and the champions league round of sixteen the german club dortmund face an uphill struggle against the english team tottenham dortmund suffered a three nelda seat in the first leg and they've recently faltered in the bonus league as well still the club plays at home tonight and a miraculous comeback would get their season back on track. dortmund are about to face their toughest test in what is being an increasingly dramatic and difficult season if they're to come through their champions league tie with tottenham they'll
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need big performances from every one of their star players. foremost among them marco royce who's returning from injury. it's really important that we believe in ourselves we need a top performance we have to be at out best. and then tell me that i get a gold and of course it's going to be very difficult for the whole team and everyone around us to laze we can do it and we have to keep faith. tottenham have their own returning star in striker harry kane spurs managed to defeat darkman three nil in the first like without the england international they'll be even more deadly with him back in the squad tottenham know they're in control now but they won't be sitting back on defense. in the first live leading to forgive if he so voted on. the start of the game you know that it would
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live in. we must to be able to see that we must to to fight for living in dortmund then will have to be at their best if their defense can shut out tottenham and their attack can produce goals and they could still be in with a chance. now it's carnival season and many people here in germany have been joining the festivities tens of thousands paraded through the streets yesterday to celebrate rose monday they often use the occasion to poke fun at politicians but this year some feel that chancellor angela merkel's heir apparent went too far with one joke she said is kate brady has a story. it's cannavale again in germany time for candy costumes and political satire u.s. president trump germany's diesel scandal plastic pollution and the demise of germany social democrats are just some of the headliners of one parade in cologne amid the festivities angela merkel has every parent and leader of germany's
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conservatives and click come karrenbauer has come under fire for making a con of all joke about into sex and transgender people their father in form or a short clip from him billy who's been to berlin recently they've got the latin mafia also faction they're introducing toilets for the third gender this is for men who can't decide if they want to sit and want to stand when they pay by being going to doesn't think he mustn't laugh. with. the quip was badly received by both l g b t rights groups as well as politicians from across the political spectrum but then deputy mayor klaus slid over called the footage a travesty the chairperson of the largest party in the bundestag finds it funny to denounce groups of people who don't meet the current macho gnomes using khan of all festivities as an excuse he tweeted a shame. on the streets of cologne opinion was divided among revelers.
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don't really honestly i think it's a bit overblown it's a cause of all gog just a carnival guy they shouldn't take things like that so seriously it's not so bad. and if they say anything goes at carnival but not always. and as a politician you have to know what you're saying and i found it a bit out place i think i learned the floats and candy have been packed away for another year but carabao is comments might be back to haunt them would be chancellor for some time to come. a saying in germany and some syrian refugees are refusing to go to their embassy because they fear they will be forced to provide information about opposition activists at home they also worry that relative still in the war zone could be harmed but that means they can't get the necessary paperwork to be able to stay in germany did he spoke to one refugee who says his family could be in danger. and there's always
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a lot going on in this syrian family small apartment where now they're allowed to say where exactly they live in germany nor what their real names are the father is afraid of the regime in syria from which the family fled in two thousand and seventeen. i am wanted for military service and so it won't be safe in syria it's difficult very difficult to get through a. club. the father says that people who flee from military service in syria are thrown in jail we'll call him amin he says he has seen too much fighting and dying in his hometown of dares or images of the place bring trauma flooding back to awful . i remember what happened in syria the shelling how i would see children dying when bombs were dropped on day or is or. how we would get the children out from underneath the rubble what. these images remind me of horrible things from the past
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and how my children would hide under the stairs or in cabinets when they would see a plane in the sky ready to drop bombs but. my children have witnessed horrible things. but i mean was unable to show the german authorities any draft order he tells us it was lost while he was fleeing syria as was his old passport both reasons why his application for asylum was turned down he and his family are now only allowed to stay in germany as war refugees until the fighting in syria and german authorities want i mean to get valid syrian passports for his family at the syrian embassy for which they would grant him a longer residence permit and german travel documents but refuses. and of up in the us i cannot go to the embassy even if there is no immediate danger i'm wanted for conscription with and i can't go because it would endanger the lives of my family. each day hundreds of people come to the syrian embassy in berlin to apply for
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travel documents many of them are war refugees without asylum like i mean known as people with subsidiary protection and german legal ease many lawyers feel that a visit to the embassy is reasonable for this group you know our new me go here mom dad and. i do not believe that someone who has subsidiary protection needs to have any worries he is not being persecuted himself instead he has been taken in because there is a civil war in syria. and syria through to its own house but many who come here are still afraid they are also worried about loved ones in their home country especially if they belong to the opposition according to syrian human rights lawyer anwar boney he says syrian intelligence tries to get information about opponents of the regime during people's visits to the embassy those who refuse get no passport read that people. know. about them with me wherever they go. and this information. security in syria
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so it's. not that if yours is them saying it's appropriate for their parents in syria those things are under control so is the embassy doing the syrian intelligence agencies bidding we confront the embassy head with the accusations in berlin he dismisses them health them at malta and slowly at the madness of any syrian who has been here claimed he has been questioned about anything beyond his passport matters. oh we do not do that and you know him as if we do not gather any kind of personal information we only want documents that are necessary for determining identity of house. i mean doesn't believe a word and he does not want contact to syrian authorities at all nor does he want to apply for passports or other documents for himself and his family even if that
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means massive disadvantages such as when looking for work in germany or traveling. that's why the german authorities won't renew my residency or give me german travel documents i would still not go to the embassy. and that's why i'm means family's future in germany is uncertain their biggest fear is having to go back to syria when the fighting ends there and the old rulers are still likely to be in charge. they're for. top story here and china's leaders have warned of a tough struggle was the country's economy slows at the opening of the country's rubber stamp parliament in beijing prime minister leak said china was facing many challenges including the trade war with the u.s. and what he called the growing pains of economic transformation. don't forget you can always get a peek at the news on the go down water out from google play or from the app store
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that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the d.w. up to send us your photos and your videos. coming up on data view a look at how an undocumented family in the u.s. is facing the trump administration's new crackdown on illegal immigration that's coming up in just a few minutes. he
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came as an illegal immigrants had a productive life and got to pause it or. can say is gone and he's not welcome back lady liberty is tight just looking down shaking her head like what happened to america. donald trump's era tolerance policy has torn
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a pass illegal immigrant families in america. close up next on. kick off. show in freefall their dismal showing against mood promoted dissent off the club closer to the dropzone. short godrej straight to the jury over some admirers hanover struck godwin some breathing room and free points in the battle to avoid relegation. had gone in sixty minutes to. the players. table a game to the state.
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patrol. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce the is most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long we'll be able to play and who will win this do we believe that renewable energy play an important role in the future. could cut it in a geopolitical mistake show starting march eighteenth on t.w. . coming. rose used to be happy she had a man she loved two children a house and a job everything seemed perfect. that is until the day that her husband was taken away from her no she was struggling to cope with life as a single mother. i didn't sign up for the night that took my vows
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you know i was for ever and i knew that i would have a.


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