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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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visited the view news live from a breakthrough in the fight against hiv a four of a second time and a child the positive patient is in sustains remission from the virus that causes aids raising hopes of an eventual cure also on the program france's president matt kroll writes an open letter to europe's voters ahead of parliamentary elections in may he calls for major changes to the fans europe's borders to defend against nationalism and to defend against what he calls the digital giants added looks like
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the end of the road for some of germany's top footballers national team coach love drops three of his longstanding regulars almost. zero what's happened the radical change after germany the world cup in russia. i'm from gail welcome to the program. we begin with a breakthrough in the treatment of h.i.v. for only the second time doctors say this in a positive patient has been cleared of the virus that causes aids raising hopes that the disease which affects almost thirty seven million people around the world might one day be cured and it's the second time someone has been shown to be free of the virus after stem cell treatment. but is transplant therapy a cure for the pathogen that can cause aids researchers are urging caution.
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so we were now eighteen months in and we're confident that this will be a long term remission but it's too early to say as to whether this is a cure. the treatment works by transplanting cells from people who was naturally immune to each of the two the infected patients but finding a donor who has a gene that makes them immune is like finding a needle in a haystack more than ten years ago to if you brown also know when a bone marrow transplant and was killed of hiv yes i'm advised i'm going public. i would say take your time and if you if you want to become public do it it's been very useful for science and for giving hope to kure the positive people. can people were being that they can be some research and have hailed a new development i just emphasized that the procedure has little to offer for the almost forty million people living with hiv that in itself is it is not
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a treatment that one would want to give to somebody who was living with hiv be on the current medicines and is very healthy all patients have it i mean normal life expectancy and we would never want to give somebody treatment that could potentially threaten wants for now drawbacks of the treatment mean the search for a cure to hiv is set to continue. and we'll have it so if you break through it later in the program for that though we'll move on to other stories making news around the world counterterrorism police in the u.k. are investigating a series of small improvised explosive devices the center stuff buildings at three london transport hubs it's emerged that they were sent through the post with irish stamps police in ireland not assisting with the investigation the devices were discovered it heathrow and london city airports on the country's busiest railway station waterloo. this sounds former chairman carlos golden says he's committed to fighting what he said were meritless and unsubstantiated accusations against him
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his comments came in a statement published ahead obvious expected to release from prison on bail he's been in jail for three and a half months amid allegations of breach of trust and fraud. an elderly couple in austria have had a lucky escape after a truck crashed into their living room the vehicle careered into their home when a station house near brown now after it was hit by a train while crossing the tracks the couple are in shock the house will be torn down. and france's president emanuel macro has called for far reaching a new reforms and warned against the dangers of populism three months ahead of european parliamentary elections he laid out his vision in an open letter to the citizens of europe twenty eight newspapers in all twenty eight e.u. member states published a letter in which he said we are at a pivotal moment for our continent a moment when together we need to politically and culturally reinvent the shape of
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a civilization in a changing world it is the moment for european renewal is more on emanuel and big ideas and they're being received. man with a vision for europe french president manuel mccullough convinced european cities the continent is in danger in his latest pro european initiative the french president has addressed europeans directly in major newspapers across all twenty eight a u. member states the raft of proposals is directed against nationalism and calls for a european or thore to protect democracy a statement by german chancellor angela merkel spokes person said bellin supports the quote lively discussion about the orientation of the e.u. of the german parties were notably more critical but welcome the principal campaign is tight i don't go into every sentence or project but the core idea is that we
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need to change europe to maintain the peace project that's essential and we see that just like mccrone with just three months to go until you citizens head to the polls the proposals have been widely well received including in germany but just touching people and this is really about the preservation of europe and as i see it our democratic structures are also in danger of populist parties over this to share part time in my home country to please. i think my call wants to urge europeans to work for the e.u. for human rights and for democracy and i think that's important. because usually sample. critics however claim that my current appeal aims only to fuel his personal campaign for may's elections. some of germany's syrian refugees are refusing to make appointments at their embassy for fear that they will be forced to provide information about opposition activists at home they also worry that
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relatives still in the war zone could be harmed but that means they can't get the paperwork they need to stay in germany to w.'s alex months i spoke to one of the refugees fearing for their family's safety. and there's always a lot going on in this syrian family small apartment where now they're allowed to say where exactly they live in germany nor what their real names are the father is afraid of the regime in syria from which the family fled in two thousand and seventeen. i am wanted for military service and so it won't be safe in syria it's difficult very difficult along with three. clubs. the father says that people who flee from military service in syria are thrown in jail we'll call him amin he says he has seen too much fighting and dying in his hometown of dares or images of the place bring trauma flooding back. i remember what happened in syria the shelling how i would see children dying when
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bombs were dropped on day or is or. how we would get the children out from underneath the rubble what. these images remind me of horrible things from the past and how my children would hide under the stairs or in cabinets when they would see a plane in the sky ready to drop bombs but. my children had witnessed horrible things. but i mean was unable to show the german authorities any draft order he tells us it was lost while he was fleeing syria as well as his old passport both reasons why his application for asylum was turned down he and his family are now only allowed to stay in germany as war refugees until the fighting in syria and german authorities want to get valid syrian passports for his family at the syrian embassy for which they would grant him a longer residence permit and german travel documents but refuses. and of up in the
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us i cannot go to the embassy even if there is no immediate danger i'm wanted for conscription with and i can't go because it would endanger the lives of my family. each day hundreds of people come to the syrian embassy in berlin to apply for travel documents many of them are war refugees without asylum like i mean known as people with subsidiary protection and german legal lease many lawyers feel that a visit to the embassy is reasonable for this group you know our new me here mom dad and. i do not believe that someone who has subsidiary protection needs to have any worries he is not being persecuted himself instead he has been taken in because there is civil war in syria. and here united one house but many who come here are still afraid they are also worried about loved ones in their home country especially if they belong to the opposition according to syrian human rights lawyer anwar boney he says syrian intelligence tries to get information about opponents of
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the regime during people's visits to the embassy those who refuse no passport they read the people. knows. about them where. they go or they may. send this information to the security in syria so it's a program for that if yours is there then said it's appropriate for that presence in syria under the regime controlled so is the embassy doing the syrian and ologists agencies bidding we confront the embassy head with the accusations in berlin he dismisses them health them at morton slowly at the madness of office any syrian who has been here claimed he has been questioned about anything beyond his passport matters. oh we do not do that and. we do not gather any kind of personal information we only want documents that are necessary for
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determining identity of house. i mean doesn't believe a word and he does not want contact to syrian authorities at all nor does he want to apply for passports or other documents for himself and his family even if that means massive disadvantages such as when looking for work in germany or travelling . i would want to do it that's why the german authorities won't renew my residency or give me a german travel documents i would still not go to the embassy. and that's why i'm means family's future in germany is uncertain their biggest fear is having to go back to syria when the fighting ends there and the old rulers are still likely to be in charge. this is state of the news live from berlin still to come a shock for german football national team coach jurgen sucks three of his long time regulars thomas millet not so most unsure of what we'll find out why. a
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mustache for the masses indian man head to the barber shops in tributes to the pirates has become a national hero. to china where the economy is taking center stage of the annual meeting of the national people's congress around three thousand delegates from across the country in beijing for the two week event of the opening session premier league cut the growth cut the growth target to its lowest in nearly three decades we'll have analysis on what that means for the world's second largest economy in just a moment first this report beijing's new airport it's said to be the world's largest when it opens later this year china's leadership often uses political advances an occasion to flaunt its successes to the media. and it's a welcome distraction china's economy is burdened with the consequences of its trade dispute with the u.s. municipalities and state run companies are struggling under high levels of debt
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addressing china's national people's congress premier league chang issued a warning. well. we face a complex and serious situation as well as challenges foreseeable another was that are greater in number and in. size. also announced market reforms and leveling the playing field for chinese and foreign companies this bid to diffuse u.s. complaints has made delegates more optimistic that the trade dispute with the u.s. could soon be resolved jointly. and the u.s. is starting to get used to each other i think there is growing trust between the people and the governments of both countries. china has announced a further increase in defense spending up seven point five percent on the previous year with this china hopes to strengthen its military allowing its troops to train under more realistic conditions. with longtime china correspondent
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for a welcome to the studio. with the people's congress what is it how important is it well it is a rubber stamp parliament and there's no election behind it or whatever but it is very much a bad it is a way to see what their communist party is thinking about what kind of direction it wants to go and what its moves could mean for the rest of the world so when announcements are made that is it for domestic consumption or is there for the outside world looking in well it's a bit of both this year because of the economy slowing down because of the various international headwinds that it's facing on things like trade and and also in diplomacy it's a machine that china is strong both as a domestic audience which wants to know that it can it will stand behind the communist party but also let the international audience know that are these national community you know that it's it's still strong despite the economic slowdown and i guess i mean for
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a lot of people talking about oh blimey look at china it's economic it's its economy slowing down but it's i think. numbers figures were sort of like six point two percent in the growth forecast is what is it six point five percent whereas you look at the united states us to point something percent it's slowing down but it's far from broken that's right i mean it's a very big economy china is coming from a lower base but it's still these are still very healthy figures i think the reason we're people are worried is because we've become used to double digit growth figures in china so when it starts slowing down even to these relatively high levels people do get a bit concerned and so a slowdown to even six point whatever percent so the rest of the world will be glad of those sort of figures if china's economy slows down does that affect the rest of the world well this is always the fear china has become a very important player in the global economy now so a slowing china economy will have repercussions around the world so just to what
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extent that will be that will affect the rest of the world we still have to see and so they'll be looking now to see if the current trade route with the u.s. for example they can find a solution there will that whether that will help shake things up and maybe breathe a bit of life into the chinese economy. tonight thank you for that insight into what's going on in beijing thank you. let me remind her of our top story this hour there's been a breakthrough in the fight against h i v for only the second time the positive patient is in sustained remission from the virus that causes aids as he hopes of finding a cure. let's get more on this from michael porter he lectures in molecular genetics at the university of central lancashire in the u.k. welcome to d w why is this patient being talked about just being clear of hiv rather than being cured. i think to to to ever say that someone is
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fully cured would be a fate a difficult thing to do. the hiv virus is capable of sitting in a race of our fighting a we in clean sales in sales of the immune system on via matching only to the know what the team has done is to loot using very specialised take needs and as far as can be seen there is no virus left there is no days of wa but really it will take time to see whether that is the case the has been a feast case the so-called berlant patient that's over ten years ago that is still cleared of the hiv virus ok so we have two patients who have not been treated in this very clear in this way what is the next step for the development of this technique so that it is something akin to
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a cure. boast the strange thing is that this can never really be curating take me to the extreme take me being used in this case come down to the fact that in both cases one had a lymphoma and this country had. hodgkin's lymphoma in the previous patient at kenya so the extreme cancers they were treated to. lee and destroyed when stem cells stem cells that were going to produce all these white blood cells to stem cells that contained the hiv virus and it was the indirectly by dorner that donors white blood sales their stam sales were capable of blocking the finest bought the came very close to death because this treatment is extreme so it is not a good treatment what it does do is open the door to
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a whole say of treatment potentially in the future which look at the same protein. the sufis of sales. before as a type this idea that some people are naturally immune to aids i v how well known that and how do we find how do we how do we find out about people have this propensity. we have known for quite a long time it really is only one to two percent of northern european populations that sure this particular feeding of our true team and not gives they. resistance to the hiv virus effectively their sales the hiv virus cannot buy into it cannot use a door into the different sales so we can find them we can look at them genetically
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of course the thing is these patients thankfully have not caught hiv possibly being in dangerous positions. thank you thank you so much for joining us michael porter university of central bank. tensions pinch last week after pakistan shut down an indian air force fighter jet and kept its pilots later released him in what was i what it said was a gesture of peace and wing commander i returned home to a hero's welcome how many man have become inspired by his mustache and a heading to the babas for that unique look thought. he may have been shot down and captured but this fighter pilot is now flying high as india's new national hero and his macho mustache has become a star. now men who want to be just like him only have to get entrenched. here in bangalore but whiskered fans are
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lining up for the i'll be non down special. that is very similar to mine so i wanted to change my look inspired me why do you like him yeah do you think it is because you see or hear oh yeah he is he's my hero . that's why we are doing these things because that place. that he came back from back is that so that's why we talk to. the pilots here sweet fans now paying their respects to his close shave with danger . taller short. fat or thin
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in india the ivy nom don can make anyone feel like a hero. three of the most prominent. players in germany twenty fourteen zero world cup winning squad received some bad news on tuesday from a small amounts hummels and jerome were attacked were informed by coach your love that they will not play a part in germany's upcoming qualification for euro twenty twenty this is the first major step in the coach's plan to hit the restart button on his team. for years they took to the pitch for germany and were pillars of the twenty fourteen world cup winning squad thomas twenty nine and the two thirty year old defenders much moles and tang are currently employed by by in munich but now their international career is coming to an end after last year's disastrous world cup. is finally
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making radical changes. in the year of qualifying for the european championship two thousand and twenty we are sending out a clear signal the young national team players will have the space they need to fully develop they have to take responsibility now. even at munich the three players have dealt with frequent injuries and delivered modest performances so the lives decision did not come completely out of the blue as suggested by boa tens reaction on twitter i'm sad about this news because it has always been the greatest thing for me to represent my country however i respect the new course and understand the decision of the national team coach now boa tang and will have to make room for the next generation.
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so we're just talking about sending a clear signal so it's a p.r. stunt i think maybe a bit. you know. a lot about the signals in the messages they send and not necessarily just about the sporting aspects of keeping these players in the sport. has to show he's taking significant steps to draw a line under the disastrous world cup that germany produced last summer he promised . for a long time he's promised that he was really going to put the past to bed and make it clean break with what went before and this is actually to be honest the first time we see anything really materialize of that the fact even the us removed is still in this job is obviously a pretty strong element of continuity with what went before the world cup and he can't afford to keep all the same players because then really nothing has changed
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what you know you might expect to see when a player ends their career in the national team is that they get gradually phased out but you are in love went down to munich today had a meeting with all of these three players and told them that basically they're getting forced into retirement so is obviously a pretty bold move in a fairly radical step to take which ranged the youngsters in the squad now see that opportunity who is who is coming up through the ranks absolutely will germany of course have got plenty of young talent i mean one year before the world cup there was the confederations cup. team of took a very young squad so that tournament in russia and they blew all of their opposition out the water so there's plenty of talent waiting to step in and fill the shoes the homo's boating and. was filming for a second that's almost of course leave behind at the back players like matt. nicholas who we started to see emerge in the national team in recent times anyway
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of course antonio is also a big figure for germany in the defense. going forward you know. leroy sunday who's exclusion from the world cup squad was really kind of symbolic for germany's you know argand's going into that tournament team event of course going forward. so yeah of young talent way into. the coach keeps his job three three longstanding players got thrown under the. thank you would be a footballer. mexico have made an exciting new discovery as a nation may inside the. ruins and they get a time on the cape containing a two hundred or so well preserved ceramic vessels inside they found bone fragments seats and presumably placed there is offerings. could be over a thousand years old many of them like it's off the bed go. down and will probably
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place that to ask for right. coming up next to the w. kick off with a review of much day twenty four i'll be back at the top of the self a good day.
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kickoff. shugart in free fall a dismal showing against new promoted doesn't offer the club closer to the drop some. short godrej scream the mystery over summer is hanover street godman some in rome amphorae points in the battle to move from a geisha a good law. to come. what's
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