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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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because we can't stay in venezuela. closely global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is news live from berlin no mr nice guy canada's justin trudeau no longer gets a respectful hearing as pressure builds after a second. he has questions to answer over a construction bribery scandal also on the program. france's president. response from european leaders to was open letter to. citizens calling for major
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changes to defend europe's borders and to defend against what he called. and it looks like the end of the road for some of. the national team coach. three of his long standing regulars a radical change after the country's debt of the world cup in russia. the program support for once highly popular canadian prime minister just in truth has fallen for the first time behind the main opposition party according to the latest opinion poll it comes after a second cabinet minister quit in protest at the way he's been handling a scandal involving a construction company and bribery. justin trudeau still knows how to work a crowd but his days as politics mr nice guy may be gone for good just as he's
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campaigning for reelection a clear favorite only months ago he suddenly fighting an uphill battle after second minister quit his cabinet over a bribery scandal trudeau tried to put a positive spin on the resignation. of democracy like ours and in the space where we value our diversity so strongly we're allowed to have disagreements and debate we even encourage chain fill pot was in charge of canada's finances until she resigned on monday she accuses the government of putting political interests above the rule of law global conglomerate s. and c. level is a major player in canada's construction sector it stands accused of paying kickbacks to secure lucrative contracts in libya if convicted of corruption it will not be able to tender for canadian government contracts putting thousands of jobs at risk . in february attorney general and justice minister jody wilson raybold was the
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first to go she says trudeau and senior government figures had pressured her to stop the prosecution of s. and c. level lawyer for i experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of canada traduced denies any wrongdoing but his popularity is sliding with elections that for october he's now polling behind the rival conservatives it's got more on this from campbell clockers chief political writer account of this globe and mail newspaper which broke the scandal welcome to day w tell us more about justin trudeau is response to these allegations. i think part of the problem has been that he hasn't had much response he has sort of dribbled out answers over time and first denying that he had pressured or had directed the
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attorney general to interfere in the prosecution and then when she testified. in front of commons committee he didn't respond other than to say she he disagreed with her characterization of events we haven't really heard just and you know and you know people expected him to be the kind of open frank different kind of politician and the fact that he sort of hiding behind you know the old politicians barrier and saying little is part of the problem so as an attorney general and i'm a finance minister that those are two significant resignations i'm more likely to follow it doesn't appear that more likely to follow that at the moment there are one or two in cabinet that we think probably sympathized with the well the first one being the minister of justice a very general jury will will sit raybold so that it seems they're all on board for now these are two very important cabinet ministers not only because of their positions but because of who they were joined also rebuilt was the first indigenous
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woman and they were named justice minister in canada and that was considered a highly symbolic trudeau appointment and. the second person jane to fill thought who is the treasury board president she is known for being a highly principled highly ethical and competent person and those two people the two strong women in cabinet saying we don't have faith in just a true would it true anymore that's the real damage they're talking to you thanks for joining us accountable for mckenna splode and mail and newspaper. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world researchers say a second person is in sustained remission from a child the virus that causes aids the news raises hope that the condition could one day be cured and this case comes more than ten years after a first hiv patient appeared to be cured of the infection after a blood stem cell transplant. counterterrorism police in the u.k. are investigating a series of small improvised explosive devices sent to staff buildings at three
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london transport hubs it's emerged that they were sent through the post bearing irish stamps the devices were discovered at heathrow and london city airports as well as the country's or busiest railway station waterloo. france's president emanuel macro has called for far reaching reforms and warned against the dangers of populism three months ahead of european parliamentary elections he laid out his vision in an open letter addressed to the citizens of europe news outlets in all twenty eight e.u. member states published a letter in which he said we are at a pivotal moment for our continent a moment when together we need to politically and culturally reinvent the shape of our civilization in a changing world it is the moment for european renewal. so let's take a closer look at some of what the presence of the french president is proposing a new european agency for the protection of democracies would help shield the
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member states and the elections against cyber attacks and manipulation. mr macro also proposes a batting foreign funding of european political parties another hot button issue is migration the french president wants to reform the schengen border free area to set up a common border force and a european asylum office it will give all e.u. states the same acceptance and refusal rules for refugees the letter also proposes a social shield for all workers guaranteeing the same pay in the same workplace and a minimum european wage appropriate for each country. is more on emanuel because big ideas and other been received. french president in manuel micron's latest pro european initiative has been widely met with positive reactions across the e.u. member states in his home country concerns over the far right fueled support.
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i think it's important because as we can see in eastern europe there are more and more parties like victor organs in hungary nationalist parties that are against freedom of the press against freedom of democracy because meanwhile in berlin a long time ally of friends an official statement from german chancellor angela merkel spokesperson said the german government supports the quote lively discussion about the orientation of the e.u. micron's proposals also prompted calls from germany's opposition for berlin to show more of its own initiative one of the you will most of the government must finally wake up from its hibernation in european politics i just currently acting according to them or to which european project or reshooting died this week be it the digital tax be a whistleblower protection. with european elections just three months away but when is widely supported micron's calls to prevent the manipulation of elections ones that stay here i already see what's being demanded of democracy as i'd never have
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imagined a couple of years ago or that we're really in a situation again we were having to fight for democracy so that is certainly a step in the right direction. but in the lift at least as a strong it's important to do something but i don't know if an agency for democracy would be the right thing because i had a feeling while some italians in rome supported a united europe now everyone is convinced that mccrone is the man to steer the e.u. back on track. i welcome the european union. i welcome a reconciliation with friends with germany because italy in europe and europe. italy. is a euro foil so you can definitely create a more pro european atmosphere but as leader of europe i don't know it's all in hungary however the far right populist government dismissed macros call for voters
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to rejects nationalists in coming over p. and elections voters too seemed less concerned. but you know. i think it will be somewhere in the middle i don't believe that the extreme right will make such big gains that's what i think but i'm not an expert on that. but. while some critics complain that mccrone suggestions don't go far enough towards solving europe's problems others claim that his appeal aims only to fuel one thing his personal campaign for main european elections. three of the most prominent players from germany twenty fourteen world cup winning squad received some bad news on tuesday. by coach you're in love that they'll play no pots a japanese upcoming qualification for euro two thousand and twenty this is the first major step in the coach's plan to hit the beach stop on his team. for years they
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took to the pitch for germany and were pillars of the twenty fourteen world cup winning squad forward thomas miller twenty nine and the two thirty year old defenders months ramos and jerome boa tang all currently employed by by in munich but now their international career is coming to an end after last year's disastrous world cup. is finally making radical changes. in the year of qualifying for the european championship twenty twenty we are sending out a clear signal the young national team players will have the space they need to fully develop they have to take responsibility now. thank you even at byron munich the three players have dealt with frequent injuries and delivered modest performances so lives decision did not come completely out of the blue as suggested by boa tens reaction on twitter i'm sad about this news because it has always been
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the greatest thing for me to represent my country however i respect the new course and understand the decision of the national team coach now boa tang and homos will have to make room for the next generation. from d w a sport welcome tom so we just heard your him love talking about sending a clear signal so it's a p.r. stunt i think p.r. stunt may be a bit much i think this is an argument in favor of the interpretation that you know this is. a lot about the signals in the messages that it's sent and not necessarily just about the sporting aspect of keeping these players in the sport or getting rid of them. you know has to show that he's taking real significant steps to draw a line under the disastrous world cup that germany produced last summer he's promised drastic change for
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a long time he's promised that he was really going to put the past to bed and you know make a clean break with what went before and this is actually to be honest the first time we see anything really materialize of that the fact even the u.s. the move is still in this job is obviously a pretty strong element of continuity with what went before the world cup and he can't afford to keep all the same players because then really nothing has changed what you know you might expect to see when a player ends their career in the national team is that they get gradually phased out but you walk in love went down to munich today had a meeting with all of these three players and told them that basically they're getting forced into retirement so is obviously a pretty bold move in a fairly radical step to take which means that the youngsters in the squad now see that opportunity who is who is coming up through the ranks absolutely will germany of course have got plenty of young talent i mean one year before the world cup there was the confederations cup and you have to move to a very young squad it's about twenty one in russia and they blew all of their
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opposition out of water so there's plenty of talent waiting to step in and fill the shoes the homo's boateng and. was family first and that's almost of course leave behind at the back players like. nicholas who we've started to see emerge in the national team in recent times anyway of course antonio rudy goes also a big figure for germany in the defense. going forward you know. whose exclusion from the world cup squad was really kind of symbolic for germany's you know argand's going into that tournament team event of course going forward so you can say plenty of young talent weigh in to fill these empty boots of the coach keeps his job three three longstanding players get thrown out of the home that is a bit worse thank you. play where hundreds of thousands of flocked to the tuscan coast for the last day of a kind of volley d.v.r. i view huge crowds lined the streets for the city's annual conical parade which is
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one of the most famous in italy and europe spectators of my the possessions massive floats and costumed performers. typically. public figures like celebrities and politicians u.s. president donald trump featured did this year just for brits here golly who designed the float called the must drop. david b. as they have your d w business update that's next on this w by. my first buy steak was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a. bicycle of my home and it took me years to. finally thinking
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about inventing buying and i say this and.


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