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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 10:30pm-10:45pm CET

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at any one of us. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the ones who've gone home thousands of boko haram griffey g.'s who claims to cameroon back in the nigerian town that's no safer and when they get to the end you championing their placards. and a diplomatic dispute that is filling in east africa the latest skirmish between ronda and uganda sees the closure of an important border so much mileage the breakdown in relations breaking. their culture on parade will have
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a report from guinea-bissau well as carnival draws to a close. i'm christine wonderwall come to news africa i'm glad you're chained in tens of thousands of nigerian refugees have returned to their remote hometown in the country's north despite a lack of food water shelter and security there the town of run in northern nigeria has suffered repeated attacks from boko haram militants after an upsurge in violence in december and january around forty thousand people fled across the border to the cameroonian village of gura which is just eight kilometers away but now three courses of the refugees have returned to run off to nigeria and cameroon . forty's intervened but aid agencies say every day in need of humanitarian help.
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they came here seeking safety tens of thousands of refugees from run in northern nigeria fleeing violence from boko haram. the dollar's got a number go up when the military left we had north the possibility but we had nothing to defend ourselves with so it was better to leave. and. just a few weeks later there's not much left of this camp at the company and village of gura medical charity m.s.f. posted this picture here is the empty space in front of the m.s.f. clinic cameroon after refugees from ron left this morning before that this place was bustling with life. aid agencies say the refugees were told to return by officials from cameroon and nigeria and there's concern about their safety back in
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wrong. reports indicate their return east or dire need of humanitarian assistance international and national humanitarian organizations have not returned to run since jerry seventeenth due to ongoing insecurity back then a boko haram attack on the town left fourteen people dead but those who fled iran have now had to retrace their journey in reverse. we're joined now by stephanie elam she is the emergency coordinator off the gore camp for docsis without borders hi stephanie good to have you indeed i mean yes africa what can you tell us about the fate of the forty thousand people who were in the camp. when those people came in go to following a new upscale of violence in their town in nigeria on their flight to cameroon because they were afraid because they were scared. they were kept in a very precarious situation with very little services available on the site where
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there were staying there was a huge lack of food there was also a huge lack of safe drinking water so i myself was able to provide drinking was for them as food for the most vulnerable household however it was not. and now they're back to run where we know the teacher is to teach you a chemise quite in church and we know that there is no services such as high end food shelters etc ok stephanie thanks the question then who's responsible for for making these people return to a place that's no better than when they missed it. when all that we know is that last week authorities from cameroon and from nigeria came to the side spoke to them and to leave repeatedly. they've been promised that security was improved in iran they think from is that food and services were
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available to the people i spoke to were quite skeptical one given that it's of the first time the few who were telling me that there were left between choosing between life and hunger or they were telling me that there are a treatable but they don't have a choice. all right stephanie of the finally. you know these people you interacted with and you spent time with them while they were at the camp what kind of help do these people need and perhaps what can the international community do. well be need everything but mostly we need security. these are people that have been that didn't want people dying before and it appear that they're not there are that will happen soon then to do we have to revamp. but then during the attack you know their shelters were burned their food was looted they were old school food the kind of new places would be drinking water and that drug acted in a very vulnerable. we really big news in terms of protection and that is. what
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all the humanitarian actors can do all right stephanie jaime on the emergency coordinator for the gore camp for doctors without borders thank you welcome. now a diplomatic spat between wonder and uganda has led to severe disruption to cross border traffic and she is a further deterioration of relations between the two neighbors one day fixedly closed that to an across the last week this after accusing the ugandan authorities off obviously detention of one hundred citizens and accusing uganda off backing groups which oppose the london government and that has led to days and days of long tailbacks at the tuna crossing have been waiting to cross the border since last week negotiations have been ongoing to allow the passage of perishable and flammable goods the tuna carries the vast majority of trade between the two countries. spoke to ugandan government spokesperson or formal he called on one day
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to resolve the current standoff via diplomatic channels and denied that uganda supports armed groups hostile to russian president paul kagame e. not downgraded our respective indices representations to the advisor to those matters not conducted where the media. should be hunted through the normal diplomatic agendas if they received that we should respond to them hopefully satisfactorily we want to categorically denies that we're going to. fact it isn't isn't going to. support people who committed genocide in rwanda uganda can never. be discreet try to talk more on this fred move when you're from africa joins me now hi fred what is behind this latest spanish.
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christina what i can say they know these conflicts sort of conflict between rwanda and uganda. did not just start yesterday it's a problem that has been there for quite some time but there it is i can say like two years ago uganda started by arresting some rwandans in fact saying that some of our spies run them spies coming to uganda to spy on uganda and to disturb rise the country and when seventy started to crack down on some runs he was saying that we need to organize our security apart this is so that's where the problem started are now it's getting bigger and bigger each day and fred as you said there this troubled relationship stretches back decades and there have been incidents in the past but i guess what we would want to know is how serious the current tensions
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. i mean this is for us as random people who watch clear what is happening it's a conflict between two people i mean president museveni of uganda and president kagame may of rwanda one kerry says all things that you know i grew into you i raised you i trained you as a soldier that's the side of i'm seventy because gandhi was part of ugandan military and then later he went to rwanda now he's the sitting president there so seven things that maybe the government should be actually working for him like you know like it's it's just a game of who is big and who is more and no one wants to bow down and respect the each other but it's not a problem between rundowns and ugandans and as such it's a problem between two two two two presidents talk to us about this border crossing
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that's now been closed fred what does that really mean if you look at the. economic gap between between uganda and rwanda random might suffer a lot because it's round rock kountry but then on the other side randall thought that if you cause this war that we are punishing the ugandans who are sending their goods and services to to rhonda but also not only uganda because they use this this border to send the goods to. and even to broaden this so it's they were targeting ugandans and their market which which on one side it was because uganda started. all right you know saying protesting and then but now it's changing because no one it doesn't solve anyone's interest at the end because it's healthy businessmen on both sides. what insight they have from the top the africa
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thank you. you're welcome ok so people are celebrating carnival in many places around the world so you might be thinking rio de janeiro in brazil well let me introduce you to carnival in guinea-bissau. a joyful celebration of culture guinea-bissau as konovalov was originally brought over by portuguese colonizes but after gaining independence in one nine hundred seventy four the country made conifer all its own. was a bit in the roses a day from the one nine hundred eighty s. it became the carnival the. genuine carnival of guinea-bissau is the manifestation of our cultural values. says all those fools who is a platform for demonstrating our cultural heritage the stories on the artifacts of our ancestors that it. held every year
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in the capital of the south the kind of those showcases the tiny west african nations huge diversity. going to what you were born to the more settled the combo is important to me besides because people come here and show the traditional culture. that the carnival is culture and religion to be one of those going to be. for long starts to lose our culture but we shouldn't because we are africans who show we should be proud of our culture. i most want to have and it was easy for. us festivities try to close for this year these kind of a love as a making the most of the chance to show off the scales.
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and that is it is everything you can catch while story is on live t.v. now with more images of carnival and get this out the next time i buy. stay up to date don't miss our highlights w. program online d.w. dot com highlights. the players. table. and the state. patrol. in a poker game of power and money the competition is. most important natural resource
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one thing betting checking. will be able to play and who will win this thing we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. the cook book game the geopolitical list starting monday g t o t w. e. hello welcome it's also in culture all the way for the next quarter and. here's what's coming up. final creations paris fashion week will take a look at his legacy. aerial photo showed humankind's devastating impact on the landscape.
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and the russian. minute. pencil tips we put them under the microscope. we begin with the culmination of paris fashion week that has already been dominated by the absence of design a legend who died the nineteenth of the age of eighty five cheers day saw the presentation of final collection for chanel in the famous garage a scene of some of his graces trial the show transporting. village with snow to. the backdrop of peaks now i'm joined by dedicated follower of fashion mr. q. and a big day for the fashion industry.


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