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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 5:02am-5:30am CET

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an open letter to europe's citizens telling them it's time to stand firm proud and lucid against a nationalist sun but digital giants and to all get on the same page about refugees and asylum seekers now his last grand vision for europe announced a year and a half ago was met with polite applause action so will you do better this time i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day. the president and his commission welcome president micron's important contribution to the european debate and his firm commitment to identify and respond to european challenges. it's a realistic assessment an assessment about the state of europe with the united kingdom leaving the e.u. and with increased nationalism in many e.u.
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countries i'll tell you to be a force with which are thinking openly or secretly to influence the democratic choices of european. as was the case with. election campaigns across europe. and to play again to take case with the appeal the elections in may. also on the day of breakthrough in the treatment of h.i.v. sparks new hope in the search for a cure for aids. it's too early to say as to whether this is a cure but it's been very useful for science and for giving hope to q.a. to be prodded people. to people living with aids. france's president emanuel mccraw has called for a far reaching a u. reforms and warned against the dangers of populism three months ahead of european parliamentary elections here's some of what the french president is proposing
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a new european agency for the protection of democracies would help shield member states in their elections against cyber attacks and manipulation is also proposed banning foreign funding of european political parties and other hot button issue with migration the french president wants to reform the shang and border free area to set up a common border force under european asylum office it would give all the e.u. states a say acceptance and refusal rules for refugees so that also proposes a social shield for the blocks were guaranteeing the same play in the same workplace and a minimum european no wage appropriate for each country. president of macro laid out his vision in an open letter published in twenty eight newspapers in all twenty eight member states and addressed to the citizens of europe it he said we are at a pivotal moment for our continent a moment when together we need to politically and culturally reinvent the shape of
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a civilization in a changing world it is the moment for european renewal. this is on the heads the european identity program of the policy one eighty think tank welcome to the w what's president macro trying to achieve with his latest big vision doing it is of course a move which he's done prior to an election he has lately been under a lot of pressure in france itself and now he has. slowed he had the time again to focus more on europe and has come out with a big call to european citizens wishing to perhaps also a restart debate a public debate on european politics and on reforms especially but he did this merely to two years ago this obama twenty seven team that was his his first big vision for europe is that much difference between vis vision and valid vision there
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is a difference first of all we can see that he focuses less on economic and social conversions and more on for example protection and border controls and also it is less of a federal europe vision than a into a governmental one. so it maybe has become a little bit more realistic and also shifted in its topics. yet of course he's already proposed it two years ago but many of the topics which he addressed have not been solved so there was also a need to be looking at these topics again so do you think he has changed his mind from from the last time because as you say very little has been achieved of that particular agenda he got very little support nobody seem to be listening is he likely to be or successful this time while perhaps it is necessary to work close
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and cooperation with other member states governments in order to achieve those that's not what he has done yes. propose these reforms by himself he has already been supportive of a governments today in calling for these reforms. in the past germany and france have always tried to make such proposals together which he has not done and this has been a successful way of performing you. bringing about change in europe so i am actually doubtful as to whether this is the best way off actually achieving those reforms however what he has done is he has made those topics more visible in the public debate all across europe again yeah i think supporters is putting a bit strong the best i've been able to see from world european leaders today is that they talk about it being a great opportunity to talk about the issue rather than supporting the points that
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he raises or a little girl will have a look at a couple that the czech republic for instance is not a fan of these proposals the prime minister under a bob is quoted as saying i have noticed that when france says more of europe she in fact means more of france but that is not the way we are all equals in europe and then here is the co-leader of germany's green party and alaina their book one of the you will move the german government must finally wake up from its hibernation and european politics at the moment it's busy trying to shoot down european project such as introducing it digital tax or whistleblower protection law is there was a blow our shores. so. how hard the so do you think this is going to be for the french president it will be special the issue of migration on the issue of immigration we've seen in the past that there was no. no move by many member states on finding a common line on how to deal with not only border protection but also assume
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securest and this would probably be one of the issues where we still need a lot more talks before we can see a common solution however such a move of proposing ant and demanding it again is necessary and that is of course some countries which will oppose it but there's also support for example by germany in such initiatives and defense comes up again this is been much talked about over the last couple of years he uses letter to talk about to. a european talking about an increased defense spending a truly what he called a truly operational mutual defense clause of the european council with the u.k. board when you listen to that one wonders why talk about all that when you already have vastly nato. well we have seen that to nato even though it is a very essential part of defense for europe is because of the president and the
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u.s. trump. become a little bit less something that europeans want to rely on at least we have had a debate in the past about how. we have our own defense or security interests which we also need to be capable of achieving by ourselves what is the european defense in just a bit outside of nato well we have a much closer. border for to russia for example them so we when we look at defense we of course needs to think about. how will we be able to protect our self even if the u.s. were to decide for example to leave nato this is not something that i'm expecting however this is something that has already raised in the past that this is an option. how do you think this is going to go down with what you want call the squad
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in europe hungary poland czech republic slovakia he speaks a lot in this letter about how we need to protect our values and this is when i hear him addressing especially those countries. i think it is very necessary to find mechanisms of how we can ensure that european values are being followed by all european members this is been raised by many politicians across europe and not specifically in those countries of course but also in germany and there is a lot of support for finding binding mechanisms he also speaks of changing the treaties in order to do anything about those issues when you just need to change treaties so yes i think this is also. shooting at those countries that have been undermining european values such as rule of law good talking to you thank you so much for joining us. from europe from the polish
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a one eighty think and thank you. for china has begun its annual national people's congress which this year comes amid growing uncertainty in the world's second biggest economy some three thousand delegates are in beijing for the two week session most of the bills they will vote on have already been decided by communist party leaders in advance of chinese premier v.p. amounts the guy that was causing it said growth targets of the lowest for nearly three decades but he said that there would still be a rise in military spending. she are facing profound changes in our external environment such bax in the global economy challenges to multilateralism and shocks to the international financial market. most of all the u.s. china trade friction has had an adverse effect on production and operations at some companies and on market expectations. let's get more now from what the curtain that
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tatel oh a journalist who specializes in china reported from the country for more than a decade before moving here to berlin welcome to d w i we've been hearing one of the big headlines to come out of the congress the first day is about the slowdown in the chinese economic growth six point four percent in december in the december quarter of last year but it's still vastly outperforming most western economies so why are people worried good question is fost me outperforming other western economies and it's also this economic growth is also happening off an ever bigger base if you like so a drop in percentage doesn't necessarily mean that things are packing in that they kept him dramatically worse so there's that to think about you know how realistic is this negative. view on the other hand we are seeing quite rapidly shrinking
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growth and there are systemic problems so and for example debt which has been rising very fast in recent years so there are things that people are worried about ok but china grows at six point four percent i think the projection today was for six point five percent while the u.s. is at something like two point to four and. with that continued growth who suffers who outside of china suffers from from from china's growth not being as high this year as it was previously well i think german growth is already slipping possibly that's you know that's one reason why germany is at this point but you're really only dependent on china you know cost sales on these these major industries that's that's a problem. the other thing i wanted to say was that a growth in china is expected that six to six point five percent growth will how you can really expect growth i mean it's kind of a moot point but. these figures are all abstracts that they're kind of guesswork
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they're series made up from a series i don't know what the we don't really know what the chinese economy is how big it is so one of the other big headlines as well forbes are they defense spending that extra seven point five percent of defense spending in order to achieve what. china is quite rapidly. expanding in several places the south china sea is one that immediately springs to mind you've seen a huge miss arise ation there it now has about i think three thousand two hundred acres of terra she which has been somehow shaped to militarize will built upon far more than any other country with similar claim to that territory. so that's that's one thing another thing is that simply china really does see itself as the us a world power after america so it's you know wants to catch up to america once just a possum erica perhaps even. another of the economic advisers that became much as
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they was it was that a stimulus package that there when i was listening to it it seemed reminiscent of sort of western sense or right democracies that talk about lowering taxes and social insurance contributions reduced fees streamlining streamlining red tape bringing down manufacturers the sales taxes. what does this tell us. tells us that i think that they're trying to shift to what's more classic kind of. near liberal it economy's style as you say you know tax cuts tax cuts for businesses above all to try and stimulate the economy in a different way from the stimulus as will the stimuli even that they've been trying to employ over the last few years because the returns on these stimulus is that we've been seeing these huge injections of money so that means a lot of infrastructure building and that sort of thing but so is that if they will tax less. and hope the people will spend that's right just like it completely it is
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like a different approach to trying to stimulate the economy because the infrastructure spending first of all of course creates enormous debt second of all they've done so much of it for so many years now that almost you're almost at a point where you kind of wonder well what else do we spend on you know do we stimulate infrastructure all there is a little bit of that sounds good talking to thank you for joining us i did a custom cue. now to a breakthrough in the treatment of hiv for only the second time ever doctors say that an hiv positive patient has been cleared of the virus that causes aids this new case raises the hope that a cure for the disease which affects over thirty seven million people worldwide might one day be found it's the second time someone has been shown to be free of the virus of the stem cell treatment but is transplant therapy a cure for the pathogen that can cause aids researchers are urging caution.
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so we were now eighteen months in and we're confident that this mission but it's too early to say as to whether this is a cure. the treatment works by transplanting cells from people who are immune to asia to the infected patients but finding a donor who has a gene that makes them immune is like finding a needle in a haystack more than ten years ago to feed brown also know when to bone marrow transplant and was cured of hiv yes i'm advised i'm going public. i would say take your time in if you if you want to become public do it it's been very useful for science and for giving hope to. positive people. to people would be with a k. v. some researchers have held a new development. emphasize that the procedure has little to offer for the almost forty million people living with hiv that in itself is it is not
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a treatment that one would want to give to somebody he was living with hiv on the current medicines and is very healthy patients have a normal life expectancy and we would never want to give somebody treatment that could potentially threaten us for now drawbacks of the treatment mean the search for a cure to be set to continue. well as all looks very hopeful let's get more from top of the full use of their ologist from nothing and university welcome to day w. how much of this breakthrough was deliberate and how much coincidental i mean which condition was the cancer or the h i v that was the doctor's principal focus. the principal focus would undoubtedly have been the cancer but what they've done is take advantage if that's the right word that comes to try and also the same time as cure in the concept to try and rid the body rid the patient hiv and as you recall this is the second sign in a nice within ten years that we've seen such
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a potential cure hiv individual and the danger of this hoax is that i'm told it's a particularly aggressive treatment so there's there's no talk yet to sort of rolling this out. under the thousands of people. no it's not feasible to to roll it out to the wider public i think this was as much proof of principle just to show that if you could transplants these resistant. into an individual and remove their own small sensitive blood cells then you could try and then generic iau for hate hiv and it's an important print proof of principle because last nobody would advocate widespread treatment like this stem cell transplants individuals because it is a very aggressive disease it renders your own immune system and ineffective and it's got quite
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a high fatality rate so whilst nobody would say that this is feasible for rollout what it does show is that in principle you could engineer patients. to make them resistant by removing the same gene from those cells and therefore hopefully give them long term protection from the effects of haitian i.v. without having to undergo lifelong treatment and so in terms of the technology where are we now given that we have identified the gene mutation that confers they say hiv immunity do we have the technology to placate or indeed manufacture these genes. in principle we have the same knowledge and i think the biggest advance in recent years and some of the o. . viewers may have heard of the technology is called chris because and this is incredibly powerful gene had eating gene editing tool which can be used in the of archery so that any facts what you can do is remove. the infected patients oh yes
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you can add this magic potion code chris because which will knock out the the gene hiv uses to gain entry into the cell and then when you read send cells into the patient you hope that most of the cells that the patient one produces are resistant to hiv as we think has happened with the berlin patient and also the recently reported london patient but but these aren't trivial things and i think the reality is that standard therapy has guns and remain the main regimen the main protection against the ill effects of page of infection. because of cost. it is because of cost and also still very much experimental we really don't know what proportion of cells we need to target with it with the gene i just until how easy it is you know you can't remove every cell from the body genetically modify them and then return them so what percentage of cells would you need to add it to effect what we call
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a functional cure in other words something that will render the individual resistant to the adverse effects hiv infections i think the reality is that standard treatments will remain the main tool in the main weapon against h.p.v. infection and i think one of the biggest positive well this was discovered way back in the in the ninety's essentially through studying individuals who are exposing themselves to hate these people understood that they were exposing themselves to hiv and yet they seemed to be mutants of the virus when they've been isolated the blood cells from these individuals are certainly some of them when they try to infect the cells in the laboratory that they were resistant to infection and so that led to the discovery of the so-called c c o five molecule which the virus has to use or the majority of strains have to use to get into the south. it's extraordinary good talking to you for joining. us from university thank you.
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attentions in south asia big last week after pakistan shot down an indian air force fighter jet and captured its pilot wing commander was subsequently returned to india where he came home to a hero's welcome but it's his unique gun slinger style moustache that has become the object of fascination in the country with many going in for the unique look. that he may have been shot down and captured but this fighter pilot is now flying high as india's new national hero and his macho mustache has become a star. now man you want to be just like him only half to get in. here in bangalore fans are lining up for the special.
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similar to mine surf when it turns my look inspired me why do you like him do you think that is because. yeah he is he's my hero. these days because that place. he came back from. the pilot's dear sweet fans now paying their respects to his close shave with danger. tyler short. then in india the. to make anyone feel like
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a hero. so there is mardi gras or fat choose day no i didn't know either this marks the culmination of carnival celebrations ahead of the start of the fasting season europe's most famous condo in venice revelers wearing costumes and masks have been packing some square party goes dance along to do school acts ahead of a new light said dinner show later in the evening. and that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. news at phil gail don't forget to use a hash tag of the day and leave it out with images of a tribute to the late designer karl lagerfeld use last collection has been show of the chanel a fashion show in paris the show had a decidedly look. avodah. i
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going. to. trade in goods and services and with this entire world more. artificial intelligence will influence our buying assets. we want better for them faster than human. so what's left for us today will the digital transformation make people superfluous. made in germany next to dublin. helping refugees in the pope's. catholic communities
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organizing safe escape routes to young. especially vulnerable refugees are even visas and arms against it so that they can enter here legally. and encouraged to is made as an christian charity in forty five minutes. earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate most green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about
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environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on g.w. . bush may i take use of the television department bring him. please not so fast please speak up to the b b. yes he is a creature of stunned shocked feelers. a robot so that helps you with your shopping.


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