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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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take part and send us your story you are trying to already understand this new culture. you are not a visitor and i think yes you want to become citizens. through migrants your platform for reliable information. you. chinese tech giant sure way has opened a promotional office in brussels to reassure european policymakers that its policies are transparent and that its technology is safe. also on the show tesla watch out the geneva automotive show is full of higher costs for all charged up to electrify the market such. a low welcome to do business i want to johns in berlin good to have you with us chinese tech company sure way is on
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a charm offensive now the normally secretive company kicked off the year with a mega p r campaign to counter u.s. warnings it could be used by beijing for espionage and some will toss next to rolling out a needy a welcome mat at it's a headquarters in the southern chinese city of sen she away also just opened a cyber security lab in the capital of the european union brussels in a bid to show more transparency here in europe. the security labs launched comes amid lobbying efforts by washington to shine while way over concerns its equipment could help china carry out digital espionage while way executives hope the new center will reassure e.u. policymakers about the company's cyber security efforts we believe that both cost and distrust should be based on facts. not fit not
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speculations not based. and we believe that fact must be verifiable. and verification. must be based on and. the sun our world our wireless companies to review the source code running wild ways network here the industry understands that a combined effort is needed to bolster security laws there is no silver bullet i'm sure we cannot guarantee one hundred percent security search things do not exist collaboration is the key and that's why i said it was like this all the while we transparency center here in russia so important to ensure that previously and security of individuals of networks and actually in future whole industry sector abounds in europe because we're always biggest market outside of china so the company hopes to play a key role in building the continent's five g. infrastructure but it faces competition from rivals ericsson and nokia. fifth
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generation technology enables lightning fast download speeds and reduces response times advances that will transform many industries. now the united states and china could soon reach a deal on bad trades dispute but there are clouds on the horizon let's bring in the u.s. so monsoonal joins us in taipei as these the high profile case against you know ways chief financial officer the main one shoe is moving forward and it's due she's due in court later today to set a date for the extradition proceedings to stop what is to us latest response to that. well china's ministry of foreign affairs as usual is the lamb canada to proceed with the extradition and a spokesperson said. abi treated has been cuz it shoots a serious violation of the legal rights and interests of the chinese citizens so
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they really consider this to be a severe political incident as we know that beijing has backed up huawei and cole that action against hallway to be immoral and unfair and that they are actually viewing all this the trade war the action against huawei and more ones all to be part of this broader american effort to disrupt china's advancement in technology so how is this incident that you mentioned this case how does it fit into the current toluene which is supposedly quite nice the current u.s. china trade negotiations while china has that in its reaction to hallways indictment is that american government trying to punish china for being competitive if you look at this way if more one's ost case is not well taken care off that it will worsen the tension between the two countries as we know that donald trump and she will meet him era lago this month to finalize the trade
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deal it's really hard to imagine that these indictments or no one's always extradition don't come off in some fashion in those conversations because this company is so closely allied with the chinese government and more one's own destiny is in the two leaders hence. soon i'm sure from. taipei thank you so much. now china will no longer force foreign companies to give up technology secrets in exchange for market access that's according to a top economic official complaints that beijing demands the disclosure of intellectual property from foreign investors have been at the haas all the u.s. china trade disputes the provisions designed to quote clarify investment drills are expected to be rubber stamps at the annual meeting of the country's national legislature. and the future is electric so say the world's major common
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factors of the geneva motor show currently underway in switzerland it's an old tune of course we've heard it before but this time they just might really mean it thanks to the fallout from the diesel emissions scandal and the european union's climate targets. the audi q four each trans world premiere an electric car industry tearing an image shattered by the diesel emissions scandal the english based company has been hemorrhaging customers to rivals b.m.w. and. these new c.e.o. shows is giving top priority to electro mobility the q four each on goes on sale next year aggressively price to forty thousand euros a bold attempt to conquer a sizeable chunk of the electric car market. for the twenty five that will be one third will be electrified meaning seventy percent is still not electrified but when we look at the feedback from introducing our each one you could be in for
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a surprise you know i think probably markets would be accepting electrification a little bit better and sooner than we expect french persia's also to make inroads into electric vehicles for the first time it's but teach it will be marketed in a petrol and an electric version persia is banking on electrifying small models. but really it sits around it's going even further it's a m i one won't only be electric but also autonomous. what is the current. set and obviously what we what we're testing now is to people like it does it make sense and then we will we will then if if people say ok that actually makes sense we then look at the feasibility in the business plan and that obviously if we were to bring a car like that into the market of course we would want to make many to start to is ready for mass production of all those new electric model a clear challenge to us electric car maker tesla's mid-sized sedans it was developed under the leadership of chinese parent companies eally the global auto
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market is on the cusp of seismic change the industry analysts agree that the future is electric. many of the current shown here can be bought within the next couple of months during two thousand nine hundred so it seems to be a little bit like a breakthrough experience here. in geneva curation automotive is counting on not putting forward a study for a fully electric sports car for most folks in chief ferdinand ph sun head to the company it's a toss up as to whether or not it will ever be built for no though all it has to do is impress the professionals. i was crossing over to a market correspondent. in a frank thirty four of course a lot of. a list of german ones how credible is their push forward and we believed them. i think one can when you look at the listings that you just mentioned of the
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car companies a lot of investors is skeptical that it will work cars shares are valued very low at the moment that also has to do with trade but when you look at all the billions and billions and billions of the major car makers not just here in germany are earmarking so far earmarking for e-card development and production it is an impressive list and you can count on many cars that are electrically powered or hybrid able to get to the market central question will be how to manage the production and the production and the sale of the batteries and all of this of course this is a requires a lot of investment will be worth it will consumers play along. this is the big question until everything's empowered and the companies are making profits from it profits have to come from conventional cars combustion and so far there's very little customer interest for those e-cards that are around they've been on offer but very few people taking the offer price is one of the major issues we just heard
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in our report from geneva it is aggressively pricing a car at forty thousand euros well it may be aggressive price for audi but forty thousand euros is a lot of money for the average car customer there's no question that free range and also infrastructure for loading up these cars not everybody has a garage with a socket in it yeah absolutely right about the had. in france had to thank you so much. twenty four days to go until breaks it britain is due to leave the e.u. on march the twenty ninth so far without a little drawl agreement in place a hot or no deal breaks it seems ever more likely and that would have huge consequences especially on the supply chains trucks in and out of britain would have to be checked at customs borders a trial run shows just how time consuming that would be. here at the ports of cali customs officers have no way of knowing what exactly they are preparing for after
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all it's still unclear whether britain will lead the european union with or without a deal later this month still whatever the details of the exit checks will inevitably increase as a new border between the u.k. and the e.u. comes into force. that will bring new customs challenges checking an additional border is an entirely new demain. everyone will have to declare their goods both operators and individuals in the coming days we don't have enough resources we risk having even longer traffic jams than today. our own three hundred customs officers walk in cali no the plan is to deploy an additional seven hundred staff and create new border control facilities but if britain leaves the e.u. without a deal. in some period. of the initial we're ready for this revolution of the
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borders there won't be a bottleneck of the century in cali we'll obviously check the goods arriving on european on french soil we'll watch smart with digital solutions and this one checks to take place so that things go smoothly and march and april and here we did it well it's a postcard no one not so good with the unions aren't sure what to mistake the for your customs officers will have to work extra shifts as well as at night if additional officers aren't deployed on time. and that's a business update here in the w. you can find more business news in background stories on our website dot com slash business and on social media thanks.
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for. the first clue it. was a grand moment to run a joint direct attack on. returns home. mulcher is weak in german politics than europe resolve bitter divisions over of migration
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the government of the said stick it into the abyss could friendly fire from president trying to defeat one of the strongest military alliances in the streets going oh my guests have to say on quadriga. clustering go on t w. l o welcome it's also in culture all the way for the next quarter and merrill is what's coming up. final creations on the paris fashion week we'll take a look and talk about his legacy. hagan's allman aerial photo showed humankind's devastating impact on the landscape.
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and the russian artist who's best known of his minutes of sculptures pencil tips we put them under the microscope. we begin with the culmination of paris fashion week that has already been dominated by the absence of design a legend. died for the nineteenth at the age of eighty five cheers they saw the presentation of final collection for chanel in the famous garage a scene of some of his grace's trial the show transporting. village with. against the backdrop of mountain peaks now i'm joined by dedicated follower of fashion mr. q. and a big day for the fashion industry yes. invariably the high point of any paris fashion week now but off to the relatively funeral in accordance with.


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