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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from the push for peace in afghanistan the u.s. says talks with the taliban are making progress but what will be the price for ending seventeen years of war given the terrible legacy of the taliban in afghanistan the people even in these talks will have the latest from kabul also coming up activities detected at a north korean rocket launch side which promised to dismantle last year researchers in the u.s. fear north korea is rebuilding the facility following the collapse of the summit
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with donald trump. the meth crisis sweeping through myanmar locals are struggling to cope with sucked into the country's ruthless drug trade. and football's kings of europe are out of champions league title holders rail adrift are starting to. overcome a one goal deficit from the first leg by scoring four times in madrid. is. blues for. fellow i'm terry martin thanks for joining us we'll have more on those stories that just mentioned in a moment but first multiple attacks are said to be underway in eastern in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad. at least three people are feared dead after
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a suicide bomber blew himself up at a construction company near the city's airport armed men are then said to have stormed the building an exchange of fire with security forces is reportedly all in going or joined by t.v. is a journalist based in kabul ali what more can you tell us about the bombing and this assault so so far we know that three employees of the construction company have been killed and the six have been injured and there are reports that the five attackers have been killed and attacked is that overages waiting for official word from the ministry of interior the ministry of defense to fully concerned that but it seems as if it wasn't a particularly long attack and not wait luckily. about this site attack so that you know about airport is actually outside of the city it's on the road to detroit on
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the route route that you're from crossing which leads to the durand line and eventually into foxed on. and it's not really a civilian airport it's militarized airport it's not meant for commercial or civilian flights but because the employees of the construction company are civilians in which it has obviously led to civilian deaths always stay with this because that attack enjoy about it comes as a talks between the taliban and u.s. officials aimed at ending the violence in the country are continuing in qatar and the taliban have launched a charm offensive it seems to try to win over the international community and its former foes. malawi calum again once wielded enormous power he led the enforcement of taliban regulations during their rule of afghanistan from one thousand nine hundred six to two thousand and one now he's
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hoping for a comeback as the taliban and the us hold peace talks after years of guerrilla warfare the taliban want to be in charge again calum again says that's long overdue . afghans want to live in the shari'a law again about how a holy war wasn't in vain that. all afghans want to shari'a law over again not just the holy warriors from the taliban. afghanistan under taliban rule movie theaters destroyed films burnt everything considered western was strictly forbidden men were forbidden from shaving their beards women were forced to wear burkas infractions were met with severe punishment prison or death by stoning kalam are doing today has a different spin on this brutal oppression. we never punished anyone better than
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those people advice and if we threatened anyone because he didn't have a big it wasn't because we wanted to be the one of god's commandments for men as covering up for women. who want to be a law must accept these rules. afghanistan is a conservative islamic society but the country has changed in recent years more than half the population is under the age of eighteen most young afghans want the war to end but they reject the idea of others telling them how to live their lives . at least there isn't censorship of the internet not yet anyway. i'm afraid if a taliban it's not just the internet we would lose all of our freedoms. the taliban present themselves as more moderate than before malawi calum again appears on talk shows to promote his interpretation of islam but western analysts consider this a charm offensive not
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a sign of long term change that is the individual vital to secure individual and democratic rights this is doubtful with the taliban they haven't presented any clear ideas about how they see the future of afghanistan. compromises are inevitable to end the war with the taliban these are likely to come at a high price let's go back to journalist latif in kabul eliot the u.s. is negotiating with the taliban even though secretary of state might this week called the taliban terrorists how do ordinary people in afghanistan feel about negotiating with the taliban. i mean a thing is the ordinary person wants peace there's a very small majority minority people who may be anti peace at this moment but everyone wants this war to end because everyone has seen that the very real human
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cost of this war the biggest problem with these negotiations is that there is no up on president other than that all of what the negotiations are between the taliban and the united states which is exactly what the taliban has one thousand and once you know the trump administration has sent. as their representative to doha but he's not there as an eye on he's there as a u.s. representative you know you have to remember that under the bush administration he was u.s. ambassador to afghanistan also later to iraq so there's really no indication that he is there to represent anything having to do with the people of afghanistan or the government of the on his son he's literally just there for washington the afghan government itself as you pointed out they're not present at the talks in doha all what does it say about washington's expectations for the taliban in afghanistan after a u.s. withdrawal. i think the u.s.
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has no other expectations i think they're only expectation that they've made very clear is that the taliban wouldn't allow a lot of sun to be used for attacks on u.s. soil or any of their allies but the truth is that never really happened since two thousand and one and the taliban were not directly involved in that attack anyways the majority of those attackers came from saudi arabia. does not exist at the level that it used to at that time so their expectations out of the taliban are very little having to do with the country itself and with the people that they would somehow be joining now there's no guarantee that they would take over the government but when a peace deal is struck as we've seen with previous warlords you know who now serve in vice presidential running for president who are ran for president the past two or parliamentarians and and ministers and things like that they will get a chance to to join the government in some way or another but as far as it's being
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told right now the u.s. has no real expectations of how they will deal with that how the taliban will deal with up on people once they come in back into the fold if the taliban regain control in afghanistan what impact will that have on people's lives on women's rights and education for example. the thing is no one knows i mean because we really don't know what is the i can't stress this enough we really don't know is being negotiated we don't know it was on my father has handed over the keys to the presidential palace of the taleban and we're just waiting for his announcement so we don't know how involved they could be possibly in a government right away there are chances that they would stand for election things like that but in terms of an immediate government we have no idea what their role would be and the biggest fear for people is that do the taliban realize that it's not one thousand nine hundred six anymore because when they came into power in one thousand nine hundred sixty was a very specific window of time in afghanistan coming out of a civil war coming out of soviet occupation where people were desperate for for
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a civil war that that that partition kabul that that made it into ethnic ghettos that that that had sought hundreds of thousands hundreds if not thousands of rockets being launched every day throughout the city killing civilians and rape and kidnapping and all of these other abuses you know that's what led to the taliban coming to power that doesn't exist anymore and the fact is that the people of afghanistan are not willing to even quote unquote temper rarely give up their rights for some semblance of order so this is the message that needs to be conveyed to the taliban and hopefully my follies of who is the only other person i'm just talking to them is making sure that they know this. thank you very much for your insights journalist ali t.v. there in kabul. now moving on to some other stories making headlines around the world today venezuela's president nicolas maduro has vowed to crush what he's condemned as a crazed minority seeking to remove him from power he's pressing his supporters to
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join so-called anti imperialist marchers the weekend opposition leader says he'll step up pressure on the u.s. is considering new sanctions against. clashes between riot police and revelers have broken out at the rio de janeiro carnival officers dispersed thousands of fans who gathered for a performance by singer. there are conflicting reports over why police intervened with some local media reporting they were trying to stop a brawl among concert go. counterterrorism police in the u.k. are investigating a series of small improvised explosive devices sent to staff buildings three london transport. it's emerged that they were sent through the post with irish stamps on them the devices were discovered at heathrow at london city airports in the
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country's busiest railway station waterloo. you're watching news still to come on lars meth crisis and see how a flood of cheap kills is creating a new generation of. north korea is reported to be rebuilding its long range rocket launch site following the collapse of last week's summit with u.s. president. work on dismantling the so hey facility began last year but two american think tanks and media in they bring south korea say there's evidence of reconstruction the u.s. as warned the north that it faces fresh sanctions if. fails to take steps. to do think denuclearize. for more now let's cross over to seoul south korea we're joined by reuters correspondent josh smith u.s.
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and south korea at alyssa been studying satellite imagery they think they see new building work being done on a missile site in north korea what are they claim it shows what they say it shows is that at the end of february. to early march right in the run up to trump and kim's latest summit the north koreans apparently started to reverse some of the dismantling be done at this so a satellite testing site last year's had reportedly promised both trump as well as south korean president mugabe and that you would dismantle this test site i mean there had been some signs observed it become that process now these reports say that that process appears to be being reversed with the north koreans not only having stopped any dismantling but actually starting to rebuild some of these facilities now north korea had promised the united states that it would dismantle
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this site does this show the tone yang is not keeping its word. it did certainly raise a lot of eyebrows especially as you said coming right after trump failed to reach an agreement with kim at their summit in noise. analysts we talked to however are somewhat cautious because they do know that this is not intercontinental ballistic missile site it is not been used to launch military missiles that could potentially reach the united states before work that being said it has played a major role in north korea's development of these long range missiles and any kind of tests there could potentially pour pito of future talks well let's talk about this news does come on the back of the failed summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders is this revelation another setback for negotiations on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. u.s.
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secretary of state might pump aoe it said on monday he was hoping to send a team of negotiators back to pyongyang to try to restart talks with north korea i ever that has not been confirmed and these developments will certainly pose a challenge for those negotiations it also comes as u.s. secretary or u.s. national security adviser. also said that the united states could in fact increase sanctions if north korea does not get rid of its nuclear weapons and so all of this sets the stage for sometimes negotiate. josh thanks so much josh smith reuters correspondent in seoul south korea. fears are growing about human rights in china after it emerged that the government has begun penalizing citizens who engage in anti social behavior some twenty three million people have been blocked from buying plane or train tickets for offenses such as
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not paying taxes or walking a dog without a leash reports shine a light on how china is using personal data not only to boost prosperity but also to tighten control. china and fascination with a booming economy that produces masses of data. more than eight hundred million people here use the internet and they've embraced digital life like almost no other society payments wouldn't bookings it's all done by smartphone. china's population is a gigantic bubbling source of data and veritable boon to chinese companies like the successful voice recognition fem i fly take. the company says they take data protection seriously but they need to use the data to improve their software in a world all that data is used to to create a better wallet to their humans save time to increase their efficiency to create more value jobs so i won't i suggest or not care so much about that china's
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government is also constantly collecting data cameras are everywhere many are used for facial recognition chinese society doesn't get a say but people here are generally well disposed towards technological changes at the same time there's increasing awareness about data protection and rules are getting stricter for companies data is the oil it leave for leisure society so we know that data is very important for most of learning for the artificially tell it is industry etc so. we know that we have to sacrifice or to contribute a certain amount of information data to the culturally for them to learn this flood of data is given china's authoritarian government more control over the people they're aiming to build a nationwide social credit system to collect a wide range of data on all citizens like how responsibly they pay their debts so far only pilot projects are in place. we're compiling
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a social mechanism that will give advantages to those who are trustworthy and restrict those who disappoint us it's aimed at honoring honesty. commission when. millions of chinese people have already been blacklisted and apart from flying the list of dishonest people is publicly available on the internet while it's hard to predict the exact shape and extent of china's digital future many fear there is a very fine line between smart cities and total surveillance. now to myanmar which is the battling a deepening drugs crisis this week police seized more than ten million meth pills with a street value almost twelve million euros it another massive hole in the country thought to be the world's largest producer of methamphetamine north eastern shan state is the epicenter of meth production with
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a network of local armed groups linking up with transnational trafficking gangs but it's the rampant drug use in myanmar itself which is causing major concern as drug gangs push cheap pills through a growing number of addicts. is a shame to go home to. the twenty seven year old has been a drug addict for almost a decade. he left his village for fear of gang violence but he's real escape as being crystal meth. i use drugs because i get depressed. and they help keep me calm. and. this is the drug of choice for many in myanmar it's called yabba locally may have come down at rock bottom prices the u.n. calls it a ruthless strategy to feed local demand. so we're looking at increasing use across
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the country demand is rising. a youth population which is very vulnerable and a lack of health of the structures it's a crisis looming right now if it's not there already. could cry a key town on the supply route to shan states illegal meth labs. you know reverend salmen and other church goes on with sticks have been fighting the rampant drug use here which is turned parts of the town into no go zones. anonymous death threats both the vigilante operations to a halt but the rivers work continues in the community. he's baptist church also serves as a refute and rehab center. i nine when was a heavy yeah but in heroin user he's been trying to kick the habit since two
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thousand and fourteen. when i ran away once because i couldn't control myself. they dragged me back here and explained all about it to me after that i really suffered only sleep for several days. in the seclusion of rehab unknown when keep his addiction in chick with music and prayer. but outside on the streets sense two battles with these demons in the thick of me and miles run away drug crisis. the best football in europe best football club in europe rather for three years running has been knocked from the champions league rail madrid is out thanks to a surprise loss at home i.x. the club from amsterdam dominated the second leg of this tie in madrid to overcome a deficit from the first leg and win five three on aggregate meanwhile it was harry
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came providing the touch for tottenham as the english club brushed aside bonus legal leaders dortmund four nil the total score there after two matches. or talk about all this we've got are so busy from our sports sparkman here in the studio hey or so the reigning champion of frail a drip out why well they've been struggling for a while now in the league at home in the spanish league their twelve points behind league leaders barcelona so they're pretty well don't have a good chance of winning the spanish title they've been knocked out of the spanish cup the copa del rey and frankly in this first leg against the dutch team i.x. of amsterdam even though they won two to one away in amsterdam they were not the better side and so in the second leg that x. team took the game to them and that's the way to do it against a team that supposedly on paper is stronger than you and the first goal was scored early in the first half by a hockey. and rather and then second goal by the dutch side that was a nag and both goals were scored thanks to passers by douche on top of each
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a serbian midfielder who had struggled for four years in the premier league but he said that night that was the best game of his life and then he scored a spectacular goal himself early in the second half three no up spanish pulled back one goal to make it three one but then finally the dutch scored another one for one to win overall five to three on aggregate in this game and it was just amazing high stakes game very exciting in your opinion would you say rebel were two weaker two strong both i mean ryall were struggling for the reasons i just gave but also i.x. of amsterdam has a pedigree and they created total football. back in the seventy's and they were trying to emulate that again in this game and also they didn't have any respect for real madrid which is also the way to go against a big name team history of the game take the game to them and see what happens all sense is the best defense in this case it was for the second dortmund there were hoping for
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a wonder for some sort of miracle they didn't get it one well that they they copied i axes strategy take the game to them you know so they took the game again. hotspur and they created chances tons of chances eleven shots on goal in the first half mark royce was everywhere in this game and they couldn't score that was the end result of the first half and then early in the second half the big gun came out harry cain and he's a little scoring machine and he made it one nil for the for the british side and they have danced then for nothing and they were just too strong for dortmund very briefly are more surprises coming up the saving well there's an amazing game. p.s.g. is up against manchester united they won in manchester the french side did and now they're going to go up against at home probably be able to beat the manchester side the match of the side is missing ten starters there got five players teenagers from their football academy that's how desperate is but their coach by an amazing norwegian who came off the bench once in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the champions league for manchester united and that is. not so scary to win two to one
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against match night in extra time he says anything is possible or it says it from did every sport thanks so much three of germany's best known players from its twenty fourteen world cup winning squad will not be playing for the national team as a prepares for the european championships. that's the word from coach you want him who was roundly criticised for his team's poor performance in last summer's world cup. four years they took to the pitch for germany and were pillars of the twenty fourteen world cup winning squad thomas moore twenty nine and the two thirty year old defenders. and tang currently employed by via munich but now their international career is coming to an end after last year's disastrous world cup. is finally making radical changes.
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in the year of qualifying for the european championship two thousand and twenty we are sending out a clear signal the young national team players will have the space they need to fully develop they have to take responsibility now. thank you even at munich the three players have dealt with frequent injuries and delivered modest performances so the lives decision did not come completely out of the blue as suggested by boa tens reaction on twitter i'm sad about this news because it has always been the greatest thing for me to represent my country however i respect the new course and understand the decision of the national team coach now boa tang and will have to make room for the next generation. you're watching news just the top story. at least three people have been killed. in a suicide in the city. with
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security. coming up after a short break. he
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came as an illegal immigrant lead a productive life and got to cause it more than i can say is gone and he's not welcome back lady liberty is pite is looking down and shaking her head at night what happened to america. donald trump's zero tolerance policy has torn apart illegal immigrant family in america. close up next on a d.w.i. .
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