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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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does the financial wrong doing x. news sound all scholars gold walks from prison on bail is set at nine million dollars. this is business on the w. i'm good how the authors in berlin welcome china will change a key policy to ease restrictions on foreign companies investing in the country most importantly china will no longer force foreign companies to give up technology secrets in exchange for market access according to a top economic official complaints that beijing demands the disclosure of intellectual property from foreign investors have been at the heart of the u.s. china trade dispute the provisions designed to clarify investment rules are expected to be rubber stamped at the annual meeting of the country's national legislative. well made in china twenty twenty five that's the banner under which the world's second largest economy is plugging its plan to transform itself from the world's factory floor to a high tech manufacturing hot and it's
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a plan investors abroad are keeping a keen eye on a staggering nine hundred fifty thousand foreign companies already operate in china if invested a total of some two point one trillion u.s. dollars so far that's the equivalent of a sixth of chinese total economic output last year and that's despite china up until now forced foreign companies to how to what technology secrets now that's apparently going to stop details are still sketchy but here's the chairman of the national development and reform commission. do you know what is on we will protect and boost the system of investment for foreign companies we will ensure the legal protection of intellectual property belonging to foreign investors you know administrative measures will be taken for a forced technology transfer this should provide a more powerful and comprehensive legal guarantee that once legislation is passed will fully comply. so is change really on the way it was need to discuss this
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is a must count for us he's an economic analyst from the mcconnell institute of china studies him berlin welcome marks is this the big breakthrough we've been waiting for i think we're going to have to wait and see but for implementation china has quite generous laws in other respects but they're not always implemented or not always followed and when not to wait for that the law does look good in certain census. to seen so far is a is a draft which will be discussed for one friday in an attempt potentially put into law monday at the law has several clauses which some quite promising and it's it's what it primarily does is that it's removed a lot of administrative costs that existed in the past so foreign investment. approval who will be easier for from now on it also grounds national treatment to companies because it made the foreign companies are to be treated the ass chinese companies as long as they're not investing in different sectors apart from that as
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you mentioned in and in the in the opening to the segment. technology transfer is not going to be such a big thing anymore and additionally discount to be more ip protection and so on is it very clear cut i mean is it or will it be exceptions will there be a several clauses to it can they still come to to western companies and say look you've got to tell us this because maybe you're in the defense that that doesn't seem to be the case so national security is meant. several times in the last of for example if a if a company doesn't it hit the chinese national security it can be exceptions can be made additionally there will be a negative list that will be published by the state sec council at some later point do you think it is this going to be watered down abuse that it's a draw is this going to be watered down during this people's congress or is it just going to be way through i'd honestly can't tell you where we'll have to wait and
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see ok. will this really make foreign investment easy and will it bring money into the country looks like it will make foreign investment easier as to whether or not it will bring foreign investment into the country i think well it makes it easier but foreign investment depends on all kinds of factors such as how quick the economy is growing the month of capital looks it's not a conscious and so instead there are many factors at play but as far as legal restrictions go it's becomes a little piece you know. why does this where does this change of heart come from why does it come now i think it's hard to think that it's not related to the american trade negotiations especially since things like forced technology transfer are explicitly mentioned in the documents. about this is exactly the seems related to that but apart from that china has been talking about to open in more to foreign investment for a long time so there's also economic reasons that does foreign companies have been complaining about not getting equal treatment so and the chinese economy has also
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been slowing down a little bit recently so bringing in more fat foreign capital can definitely help that that. the institute for china's thank you thank you very much for joining me this do. for disgraced former miss on boss call's go on it's third time lucky he's finally been released from japanese present on an almost nine million million dollar bail he's now awaiting trial on a variety of serious charges amounts to underreporting his salary for years and passing on personal losses to this son if convicted he could be facing a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison. carlos grown seen here where in the light blue cap is out of jail after a three month stint behind bars now the ousted nissan chairman can discuss his defense strategy with his lawyers in a private accommodation his new home is monitored by cameras and his internet access is limited and was granted bail thanks to his new legal team which he hired
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mid february. i don't think the facts have changed i think that it's possible that grown through lawyers have made a stronger case. but it's quite clear that the only basis on which he could have been. detained indefinitely would be that he was likely to escape. is accused of underreporting millions in tax revenues and engaging in gross business misconduct goannas responsible for a merger between french car manufacturer no and japan's nissan motors now the go on scandal has thrown the relationship between the two companies into disarray. malaysia is this year's showcase country at the i.t.v. tourism firm brilliant berlin that's the well's biggest trade show off the tourism sector but the decision proves controversial was making headlines recently for
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anti-semitism and discrimination of homosexuals the official government backing it seems january the malaysian government announced it would stop posting sports events with israeli participants malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad said i was sexuality was part of quote vast western values and doesn't want those values forced on malaysians. a southeast asian paradise is how malaysia is presenting itself at the i.d.b. berlin. but the muslim majority country faced criticism in the run up to the fair over attending of jews in l g b t q people accusations the country's tourism minister rejects. us. you know they're coming over and we're never asking them what. orientation you know. what we want to know only coming. to this. malaysia realise above all on the
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so-called while tourism the number of muslim tourists is increasing from year to year in total the industry marks new records every year one point four billion people worldwide travel abroad in two thousand and eighteen this brought in trillions in revenues around the globe china has sent the most tourists abroad but the most popular destinations are in europe. but mass tourism is also causing more and more problems in many places for example so-called over tourism in places like dubrovnik. cruise ships with air masses of tourists are especially problematic. the first in two thousand and eighteen the succeed it's to organize cruise ship passengers to succeed it organize the buses coming to the old city centers and we succeeded to have a much better check without any day of congestion in the city. the climate cost of tourism is also a topic at the i t b. so are human rights questions as organizers gear up for next
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year's fair with partner country oh man. the future is electric so say the world's major common factor the geneva motor show currently underway in switzerland it's an old tune we've heard it before but this time they just might really mean it's. the audi q four each trans world premiere an electric car industry tearing an image shattered by the diesel emissions scandal the english based company has been hemorrhaging customers to rivals b.m.w. and. a new c.e.o. showed is giving top priority to electrum ability to queue for each on goes on sale next year aggressively priced at forty thousand euros a bold attempt to conquer a sizeable chunk of the electric car market. twenty twenty five that will be one third will be electrified meaning seventy percent is still not elected fired by the
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way we look at the feedback from introducing. you could be in for a surprise you know i think probably markets would be accepting electrification a little bit better and sooner than we expect the french persia's also to make inroads into electric vehicles for the first time it's pretty two zero eight will be marketed in a petrol and an electric version persia's banking on electrifying small models. affiliate sitter and it's going even further it's am i one won't only be electric but also autonomous what is a concept and obviously what we what we're testing now is to people like it does it make sense and then we will we will then if if people say ok that actually makes sense we then look at the feasibility of the business plan and that obviously if we were to bring a car like that into the market of course we would want to make many. start to is ready for mass production of all those new electric model a clear challenge to us electric car maker tesla's mid-sized city. benz it was
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developed under the leadership of chinese parent company gili the global auto market is on the cusp of seismic change industry analysts agree that the future is electric. many of the current shown here today can be bought. weather the next couple of months during two thousand and nineteen so it's a little bit like a break through what we experienced on t.v. in geneva kerry said automotive is counting on not putting forward a study for a fully electric sports car full of folks logging chief said in an ph sun heads the company it's a toss up as to whether or not it will ever be bills for now though all it has to do is impress the professionals. suppressed me that's it from the business and business.
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services. more. artificial intelligence will influence on buying habits knows what we want better and faster than humans. so what's left for us to do well that digital transformation make people some perth loons. made in germany thirteen it spawned w. two the new zero maxim you tube channel. a good line of stories.
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