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for moderns. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin pushing for peace in afghanistan the u.s. says talks with upon the ban in qatar are making progress but given the brutal legacy of the taliban really ending seventeen years of conflict comes at too high a price on the program hundreds of children charged with terrorism a reporter alleges iraqi and kurdish officials torture children to force them to confess to suspected allegiance to the support islamic state. and in football
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a stunning upset in the champions league defending champions the ahl madrid are out eliminated by the dutch side i.x. is this the end of the needle for one of europe's best clubs. cullen of a warm welcome to you i'm on the touchy. the sun has been hit by a new wave of violence in the last hour as a key sixteen people have been killed in a militant attack in the eastern city of. the a sword began early this morning with militants detonating suicide bombs before storming a construction company near the city's airport security forces zoster the scene an exchange file with the militants all five of the assailants are now said to be dead . now this latest attack on those negotiations between the taliban and u.s.
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officials are underway in the talks aimed at ending more than seventeen years of violence in afghanistan the u.s. says progress is being made but that more time is needed more on those talks in just a bit but first a look back i just how the taliban came to power in afghanistan. the taliban emerged in afghanistan in the early one nine hundred ninety s. their aim was to turn afghanistan into a theocracy and bad foreign influence from the country in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the taliban seized the capital kabul and began to enforce strict laws women were forced to wear burkas girls' schools were closed television and music was banned. after having been largely ignored by the west for years the country became the center of attention in two thousand and one in the aftermath of the nine eleven terror attacks. at the time the taliban kept close ties to al qaida the
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terrorist network behind the attack of the taliban also sheltered its mastermind osama bin laden. i gave taliban leaders a series of clear and specific demands close terrorist training camps hand over leaders of the al qaeda network and return all foreign nationals including american citizens unjustly detained in your country none of these demands were met. and now the taliban will pay a price. only weeks after nine eleven the united states led an invasion of afghanistan and drove out the taliban regime. the u.s. that alliance brought a new president to power and funneled billions of dollars of aid into the country. the taliban fighters were forced into hiding but soon after they regrouped and launched an insurgency against the u.s. backed government and foreign troops. despite the taliban insurgency continuing in
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afghanistan most foreign troops pulled out of the country in twenty fourteen leaving a small contingent to train afghan security forces. the taliban used this to their advantage by taking back large parts of the country. and president intends to send even more u.s. troops home. to washington's priority is no longer to defeat the taliban but negotiate an end of the conflict. and for some analysis i'm joined by correspondent just reported extensively from afghanistan a welcome sondre now since the taliban fell in two thousand and one big gains have been made in afghanistan but the country is still myatt in conflicts the talks are going on between the u.s. and the taliban what are you expected to come out of those talks we're not anyway and. a peace deal yet what we're seeing here is framework talks between the u.s.
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and the taliban that could potentially lead to a road map to peace so this is still very preliminary stages it is a sliver of hope but it's precariously hanging because it's happening behind closed doors so we don't know if any red lines have been defined as of now but if you ask me personally talking obviously it's always better than fighting. but there's a certain convergence of interest between the two sides in these talks the u.s. wants to get out of afghanistan donald trump has said that many times and the donovan would like all foreign troops out of the country is and then that playing into the hands of the taliban this is really now depending on the u.s. administration if this wrote to peace is timeline based i think this is going to be a big problem but if it's conditions based and we don't know that i think it could potentially lead to discussions that need to be inclusive because what we don't see
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at the moment is the u.s. is the u.s. government stepping aside and letting the afghan government you know be involved in the peace talks we don't see civil society being included in the peace talks we don't have representatives from the countryside being included in the peace talks because the vast majority of the afghan population is residing in the countryside and if you look at the countryside people for nearly four decades there have been denied the most basic human rights which is the right to life but how do you explain the fact that you're having these super frame book talks for peace in afghanistan without the of gun government i think everyone involved here has to a certain extent lowered expectations so the u.s. which originally said we are not going to negotiate with the taliban now do negotiate with the taliban got to tell you on because as you rightly said u.s. president wants his troops out and the taliban also i think they do have realized that they need to compromise to a certain extent what we haven't established yet is where is the red line you know
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where do we stop saying ok this has to be an inclusive process for the taliban as well so what about the afghan constitution which parts of this constitution that the taliban reject and non negotiable and which parts are we haven't established concern sundra about the involvement of the taliban we north brutal legacy. is the prize then for peace erosion of democracy of human rights women put back into work us pulled out of schools. i think the threat just there again you know we have seen a development of nearly eighteen years and i think to a certain extent some sections of the taliban have evolved you know the people you're seeing now are not the same people that were in power back then now how far that goes to the soldiers on the battlefield we will have to see but what i have seen in afghanistan is that strong urge and hunger and desire for peace even on the
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taliban side last year we had this you know three days of troops and you could see taliban marching into cities and people welcoming them so that was three days of not fighting off not dying and this is raiding what people are longing for but the price might be high we might see a spike in violence before we're going to get anywhere sundered petersen our correspondent who specializes in afghanistan thank you for your assessment. the human rights rights watch says the iraqi government has josh hundreds of children to terrorism because of their links to islamic state the ngo says the iraqis and kurdish government use torture to course confessions in some cases the estimated fifteen hundred children are being held in detention for alleged affiliation. children caught up in islamic state
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leave behind a world many of them were born into. most are now all friends and face an uncertain future. while some may be handed over to aid agencies there are concerns about the fate of the older boys in particular. a report by human rights watch says around fifteen hundred children are being held on terrorism charges over the border in iraq some claim they've been tortured this teenager says he has the scars to prove it at sixteen he was arrested for alleged links to i.a.s. and held for twenty two months and. they tortured me using plastic pipes. they said confess what you with us. i told them i wasn't in it. but they forced me to confess that they put us cigarettes on me. this woman's thirteen year old son is still missing every man and my son has nothing to do with i asked
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he was not trained by us but people thought he was because his father was. the iraqi police said it's just an interview and we'll bring him back he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened to him is he alive or dead human rights watch says thousands of children were recruited by us in iraq as the jihad is took over large swathes of the country some were forced to join others did so because they were hungry or felt they had no other choice. i see evacuation from islamic states final enclave continues this report is a timely reminder that arbitrary child detentions violate international law. that may not bring you up to date at some other stories making news around the world north korea is reported to be rebuilding its long range rocket launch site following the collapse of last week's summit with the us president from satellite
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images from several u.s. think tanks and south korean intelligence services show evidence of reconstruction the u.s. has warned the north it faces fresh sanctions if young young fails to take steps to denuclearize. in kenya riot police have broken up a strike of ground staff at the main its national airport in the capital nairobi hundreds of passengers face delays as flights were diverted the national carrier kenya airways is in dispute with the aviation workers union over contracts and job security. for his son boss card laws goodson's been released from prison after putting up bin of nearly nine million dollars goodness charged in japan with under reporting his salary for years and passing on personal losses to miss on the tycoon was detained for more than one hundred days but maintains he is innocent.
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israel's hebrew university has unveiled more than one hundred manuscript pages penned by einstein. handwritten mathematical notes from the nine hundred forty s. that have never been displayed before the german born physicist who won the nobel prize for physics in one thousand twenty one she'd be creased his scientific and personal writings to the university. germany's announces extending a ban on arms exports to saudi arabia until the end of march the german government is making the move over ongoing concerns over the saudi's involvement in gammon's civil war and the apparent use of german weapons there but the ban has hit some of the german companies hard and the country is facing mounting pressure to ease some of the restrictions. workers at the pain of aft shipyard in northern germany are supposed to be building patrol boats right now saudi arabia has ordered thirty of
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them but production has been at a standstill since november berlin imposed a ban on german weapons exports to saudi arabia following the murder of saudi journalist. that temporary ban has now been extended until the end of march german foreign minister heiko mass says the extension was due to concerns about german weapons exports. we have decided not to deliver armaments to conflict parties for the rest of this month. called for the coming weeks we will be reviewing the decision in light of developments in the conflict in yemen. is interest on the deficit we will continue to monitor the situation. not only will we not be issuing new export permits but those products which already had export permits will not be delivered. is that a source or a stupid doctor historically from. any aim in
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a saudi led coalition has been fighting the hooty militia since twenty fifteen many members of the governing social democrats are worried about german weapons being used there they want the government to maintain the export ban. in collaborative effort daughter bella was able to prove that german weapons had indeed been used in the war in yemen and on a larger scale than previously thought despite berlin's export restrictions chancellor merkel's christian democrats have rejected tighter export rules for saudi arabia they argue the export ban endangers jobs and also affects german businesses that supply components for joint weapons projects with european partners . i find it highly problematic that an entire project relevant to security policy with european partners might be halted by our strict rules and berlin has been taking fire from britain and france both have pressed the german government to lift
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the export ban the german coalition government has now given itself three weeks to find a compromise. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin still to come will have topped the bundesliga table most of the season but in the champions league there were no match for premier tottenham striker harry came and cove beach bird was here for the second time in two weeks on tuesday. but. the world's biggest companies are going electric at the geneva motor show currently underway in switzerland they're ruling out electric us to meet tough for european limits on greenhouse gas emissions that will go into effect in a year's time we take a look. the audi q four each trans world premiere an electric car industry tearing an image shattered by the diesel emissions scandal the english based company has been hemorrhaging customers to rivals b.m.w.
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and. he's a new c.e.o. schultz is giving top priority to electro mobility the q four goes on sale next year aggressively priced at forty thousand euros a bold attempt to conquer a sizeable chunk of the electric car market. for the twenty five that will be one third will be electrified meaning seventy percent is still not electrified by the way we look at the feedback from introducing our heater on we could be in for a surprise you know i think probably markets would be accepting electrification a little bit better and sooner and we expect the french persia's also to make inroads into electric vehicles for the first time it's pretty two zero eight will be marketed in a petrol and an electric version persia's banking on electrifying small models. but surely it sit on it's going even further it's am i one won't only be electric but also autonomous. what is
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a concept and obviously what we what we're testing out to people like it does it make sense and then we will we will then if if people say ok that actually makes sense we then look at the feasibility in the business plan and that obviously if we were to bring a car like that into the market of course we would want to make many the start to is ready for mass production of all those new electric model a clear challenge to us electric car maker tesla's midsized sedans it was developed under the leadership of chinese parent company gili the global auto market is on the cusp of seismic change and industry analysts agree that the future is electric . many of the car shown here to be bought within the next couple of months during two thousand nine hundred. so it seems to be a little bit like a breakthrough experience. creation automotive is counting on not putting forward a study for a fully electric sports car full of folks logging chief said in an ph sun head to
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the company it's a toss up as to whether or not it will ever be built you know though all it has to do is impress the professionals. ok sportsline i'm joined in the studio by tom good noise from the sports for the latest on champions league action welcome to all not the miracle that dortmund was hoping for didn't happen didn't just to talk to them what happened well i mean as we know it would have been a miracle they had they left themselves with a very tough job to do often a disastrous three no defeat in the first leg they still believed they went in there feeling fairly confident i suppose but unfortunately it did not materialize they did create plenty of chances for themselves early on in the guy in fiji inveigle and of course the returning captain marker voice. the chances didn't really come to anything and eventually it was this man how he came in who found himself with far too much space through on goal just off the hof time and he made no mistake he's made himself by his top european goals for ever but yet there was
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no coming back for that from. the round of sixteen is the end of the road for them in the champions me percent less be so disappointed they were playing at home i'm also they disappointed but how do positives they could take away from last night's game because they're out of the competition as you said yeah of course and you know dortmund is of course a club that has ambitions to get beyond that stage of the champions league for them is still a bit of an early exit. tottenham are brilliant saying there's no real shame in losing to them their third in the premier league for a reason. and it was a very positive attacking performance from dome and yesterday they created a lot of chances for themselves unfortunately they won't be able to use them but it was better than we've seen from them in the blues the game recent times the stadium was rocking so i think there was still a positive. despite the defeat yesterday for dortmund and i think one thing this was so good is that now they can focus on the bundesliga because as we know they're under a lot of pressure from by munich who are level on points now on top of the button as we go so yeah it's back to german competitions for them and all eyes on the
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domestic table ok but look going back to last night matches it was even a bigger shock defending champion st at you know real riyad immigrated to the last but not that they do stay with trashed at zero they really were put to the sword by x. yeah it's not going very well for real madrid that's whoredom i mean they were beaten three nil by boss alone in the semifinal of the cup of del ray last week then beaten again by boss alone in the league and now they were smashed four one at home by underdogs i.x. all of that. this season has basically crashed a hole in the space of a week but of course in terms of last night's game it's all credit to our hats they pulled off a well deserved upset and we can in fact hear now from toni kroos from real madrid yeah and he's got no complaints for the result let's listen to what he had to say it's disappointing today of course we are not used to go out in this competition that early. but today we have to be honest that we deserve to go out thing i
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actually was was a better team in both games. some judicious and very stoical reflections they have across unfortunately it looks basically like the end of an era for that fantastically successful roma did start absolutely ok now you can go ahead what can we look forward to yet we've got two more champions league games to not support a host roma roma go into that one with a two one lead in paris p.s.g. play host to manchester united p.s.g. a two nil up in that clash but manchester united have been experiencing a bit of a nice runs under their coach are going to and souls of course won the champions league himself with much the knocks it back in ninety ninety nine p.s.g. obviously one of the kind of ascendant teams in european football at the moment thomas to hold the coach looking to prove himself but he said that they need to be very wary of the spirit which carried united to champions league victory back in ninety nine. yes of course
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a potential turnaround on the cards that i'm only going to social said but you know it's it's really need to get the first goal so to attacking teams going to be going at it very hard each other in paris tomorrow definitely a big highlight of this series champions of the season surface so a lot to look for all the time saddam going to have from the split says thank you very much you. a case of going to stay with football or soccer if you before three starts from jemmy's two thousand and fourteen what cup winning squad have been got from the national team coach you walk in live made the decision as a piss prepare for their first qualify for next year's european championships live was criticised for his team's dots before less in the cup in russia and he's been struggling to find a winning formula ever since. four years they took to the pitch for germany and were pillars of the twenty fourteen world cup winning squad forward thomas moore twenty nine and the two thirty year old defenders much formals and jerome boa tang
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all currently employed by by in munich but now their international career is coming to an end after last year's disastrous world cup. is finally making radical changes. in the year of qualifying for the european championship twenty twenty we are sending out a clear signal the young national team players will have the space they need to fully develop they have to take responsibility now. even at byron munich the three players have dealt with frequent injuries and delivered modest performances so lives decision did not come completely out of the blue as suggested by boa tang's reaction on twitter i'm sad about this news because it has always been the greatest thing for me to represent my country however i respect the new course and understand the decision of the national team coach now boa tang and homo's will
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have to make room for the next generation. and not a spot of the different gun change will need a country's mocking the hundredth edition of political ashwin stay a boisterous makes of beer and political insults from his humble varian origins the event has grown and to become the biggest events in the political calendar a surge in driving populism across germany and europe loomed large over this is event the gentleman who wants to be the next commission she faced particular scrutiny. the various conservative c.s.u. party prides itself with having invented the annual be a tent bonanza that marks the end of carnival in germany's southernmost state but there is today paso's europe's biggest and we are proud of that be the european people's party's top candidate for the upcoming e.u. elections steered clear of acknowledging his close links to hungary's prime
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minister viktor orban the about altogether avoided mentioning the man whose few deaths party may have to face exclusion from the e p p family he heads this after obama had launched an anti e.u. poster campaign but i was the meat they had also pulis he has to be created from the center not by left wing nor by right wing bozos and that's why i tell you i want to i can and i will become the next commission president president. in nearby biz wolf and one could be forgiven for forgetting that the social democrats are governing in coalition with that same c.s.u. party here the s.p.d. his own top candidate cried foul over the pro e.u. rhetoric. yeah millions klyde ago they were only changing their tune ahead of the e.u. elections because they want to see one of their own get the top post lotteries their victory but if you've courted or been for that long time and time again inviting him to party conventions you don't want
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a functioning euro kind. both declared the far right populist if the their political enemy the upcoming e.u. elections if teasley to use the occasion to extend an open invitation to a new rightwing bloc in the e.u. parliament. if you came to join us i would roll out the red carpet for him. while germany's conservatives might feel most at home with the political format they created they may have to brace themselves for some uncomfortable truths over there. who could soon join the other side of the political spectrum. if you've just joined this you're watching need of any use coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of our top story at least sixteen people have been killed and many others wounded in a militant attack in the city of jalalabad in eastern afghanistan the attackers stormed a construction company near the city's airport after setting off
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a series of suicide blasts. up next our business magazine made in germany focusing this week on e-commerce a whole your shopping experience do stay with us for that if you can.
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trade goods and services and with it the entire world more. artificial intelligence will influence on buying habits. we want better and faster than humans. so what's left for us today will the digital transformation make people superfluous. made in germany next on d w.
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he takes it personally with the wonderful people and stories that make the games so special. for. kickoff like look how to display. on t w. players. to stay cooped up. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce the world's most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to
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play and who will win this do you believe that renewal energy will play an important role in the future. of putting the geo political system shown starting munching on. cuts. may i take you to the television department. please not so fast please speak up to the be beat.


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