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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm CET

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i am. this is d.-day of the abuse coming to you live from berlin venezuela expends germany's ambassador from the country daniel p. you know has been banished over his support for the opposition leader why though he's been given forty eight hours to leave the country we have the latest reaction from berlin also coming up hundreds of children charged for terrorism a reporter alleges iraqi and kurdish officials torture children to force them to confess to suspected illegal to the support islamic state. plus
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a relax at goldman sachs the storied u.s. investment bank is poised to loosen its dress code does it mean the beginning of the end of the suit and the tie. kind of a warm welcome to you i'm under that shima venezuela's government has declared the german ambassador to the country a sauna non-grata daniel krishna has reportedly been ordered to leave in israel within forty eight hours the country's foreign ministry accused him of interfering in the country's internal affairs that's after creedal and other foreign ambassadors went to support venezuela's opposition leader one guy in the arrived at caracas airport on monday. you know. for more on the story i'm joined
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by our chief political correspondent lyndal crean at our elementary students linda what more can you tell us about this move above it is very. well venezuela declared to the ambassador persona non grata on grounds that he had interfered in domestic politics and certainly the ambassador has had some pretty clear words of support for one why don't know as interim president of venezuela after some initial hesitation germany together with other e.u. member countries did acknowledge or recognize mystical ideal as interim president months ago in the beginning of february and we can hear a brief sound bite from the german ambassador after that in which he strongly expressed his support for mr goh i don't know because my daughter knows what i mean not only does nicolas maduro lack the democratic legitimacy necessary to do
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politics but he negates the humanitarian situation in venezuela which is worse than the situation in government representatives wanted to suggest to us that the humanitarian crisis is nothing more than a fabrication like research money thought of your food and they have done that many times in the past so you see it on the basis. by recognizing one as the interim president germany recognizes at the same time legitimate authority of the country you months before use. so quite strong words there from the german ambassador and the fact is that a premature recognition of a new leader under international law could be seen as a form of interference in domestic politics but the fact is here this recognition occurred several weeks ago that statement that we just heard several weeks ago but
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the venezuelan government is only now taking action which is why many people here believe although the venezuelan government didn't clearly state it that this particular expulsion of a diplomat has everything to do with out appearance at the airport that you mentioned in your introduction because in fact the german ambassador not only went there with other ambassadors from the latin american region and also other european ambassador ambassador he spoke to the press at the airport and had again very clear words of support for one so there's much reason to believe that in fact venezuela is making an example of the german ambassador here also as a warning to other international diplomats perhaps to lay off the support for mr why do as interim president a lot of that news of the jhelum diplomats expulsion by venezuela is only just emerging but hasn't german government reacted the german government has simply
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confirmed that it is the case that mr creator has been declared president a non grata and said that they are consulting with other countries their you partner countries and examining what to do about the situation and now we're starting to hear some reactions from german politicians as well saying you know what it may be time to think about sanctions against them as with the current venezuelan government right melinda chief political correspondent thank you. human rights watch says iraqi government has charged hundreds of children with terrorism because of their links to so-called islamic state the n.g.o.s says the iraqis and regional kurdish government use torture to coerce confessions in some cases there's two major out of fifteen hundred children are being held in detention for alleged affiliation that's as supporters and victims of many of them children
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are leaving the group's final enclave in the village of bongos in eastern syria. children caught up in islamic state leave behind a world many of them were born into. most are now all friends and face an uncertain future. while some may be handed over to aid agencies there are concerns about the fate of the older boys in particular. a report by human rights watch says around fifteen hundred children are being held on terrorism charges over the border in iraq some claim they've been tortured this teenager says he has the scars to prove it at sixteen he was arrested for alleged links to i.a.s. and held for twenty two months. tortured me using plastic pipes. they said confess what you with all yes. i told them i wasn't.
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forced me to confess that they put out cigarettes on me. this woman's thirteen year old son is still missing i mean him and my son has nothing to do with i asked he was not trained by us but people thought he was because his father was. the iraqi police said it's just an interview and we'll bring him back he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened to him is he alive or dead. human rights watch says thousands of children were recruited by i.a.s. in iraq as the jihad is took over large swathes of the country some were forced to join others did so because they were hungry or felt they had no other choice. i think evacuation from islamic states final enclave continues this report is a timely reminder that up at three child detentions violate international.
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not with me in the studio i have a wenzel mikulski he's a director of human rights watch in germany welcome mr mccance key the first of four what is the basis of your concerns about these children in iraq well actually the fact that they are to turn there are children who have been tortured who have been mistreated and who have no chance to be really happy to take to or reintegrated into their society even when they are released from prison many of them don't have to go home because the ice is affiliation whether it's true or not brants them as president on crutches ok so how do you mean talking to the iraqi government and the local authorities about this condition how responsive have they been to you they haven't been very responsive so far that's why we publish the report and hope that there will be international pressure on the government of iraq but also on the kurdistan region to treat those children according to international
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juvenile justice standards because even if they have done something horrible then they can be tried on completely different standards than for example it does so because we don't know in what kind of circumstances these children were drafted into the i.a.s. so explain this juvenile justice system how does that work well it works like a grown up justice system but it takes into calculation that these people are children that they're not make sure that their brains are still developing and according to these standards the fines very much lower but what is asked of even more concern is the reports of torture. and the conditions in the prison so children are imprisoned together with adults in iraq in the kurdish prisons the situation is better. and that is obviously going to have
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a disturbing development given as you said this shouldn't be probably traumatized from what they've been through anyway now who should then take responsibility for enforcing the juvenile justice system is it up to the country or do international organizations need to get involved where we all have a responsibility for us and mostly it's the country itself but the north of the international community the u.n. member states they have a responsibility because it's a human rights abuse human rights are globally so we hope that our government the german government will put pressure on the iraqi government to change the situation and how difficult is it to mccoskey to reintegrate in reality if these children into normal society after an experience like that what has rights watch learn from the other examples the child soldiers have been used in certain conflicts we have. nobody we haven't found anyone who has been integrated or we have militated because
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there is no program they are either in prison or they are released and then these kids on their own and india know that whether they will be accepted back into their communities and into their families after being associated with a stigma of being involved with the so-called islamic state or having been in prison that's the problem they're not being accepted by families on neighbors and their community and so that's why many many children don't have to go home because they fear for the lives them so of a difficult situation because key directive human rights watch here in germany thank you for shedding light on this issue. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world police in the u.k. have carried out a controlled explosion on a package sent to scotland's glasgow university the package had early of course buildings to be evacuated and classes canceled essex university in england was also
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partly close to two suspicious packages. north korea's reported to be rebuilding its long range rocket launch site following the collapse of last week's summit with u.s. president donald trump satellite images from several u.s. think tanks and south korean intelligence services show evidence of reconstruction the u.s. says warns the north if it faces fresh sanctions of young young fails to take steps to denuclearize. in kenya riot police have broken up to strike a grand staff at the main its national airport in the capital nairobi hundreds of passengers based deal is as flights were diverted the national flag carrier kimya aires is in dispute with aviation workers union over contracts and job security. italy has opened applications for its new citizens income scheme residents who
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understand seven hundred eighty euros a month will receive prepaid debit cards to pay for groceries bills and rent the initiative fulfills a key campaign promise of the five star movement to lure poverty and spur employment. turning out of ghana stan which has been hit by a new wave of violence at least seventeen people were killed in a militant attack in the eastern city of jalalabad this sort began early this morning with militants detonating suicide bombs before storming a construction company near the city's airport u.s. troops were called in to assist afghan security forces in the ensuing five hours shoot out all five of the assailants are now dead. this bombing comes as talks between the taliban and the u.s. officials aimed at ending violence in the country are ongoing. and the taliban has launched a charm offensive to try and win over the international community and its former
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foes. malawi kalamu dean once wielded enormous power he led the enforcement of taliban regulations during their rule of afghanistan from one thousand nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and one now he's hoping for a comeback as the taliban and the us hold peace talks after years of guerrilla warfare the taliban want to be in charge again callum again says that's long overdue. the. afghans want to live under sharia law again our holy war wasn't in vain that. all afghans want to shari'a law again not just the holy warriors from the taliban. afghanistan under taliban rule movie theaters destroyed films burnt everything considered western was strictly forbidden men were forbidden from shaving their
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beards women were forced to wear burkas infractions were met with severe punishment prison or death by stoning callen moving today has a different spin on this brutal oppression. we never punished anyone back then those people advice and if we threatened anyone because he didn't have a beard it wasn't because we wanted to be it's one of god's commandments for men as covering up for women. who want to be a law must accept these rules. afghanistan is a conservative islamic society but the country has changed in recent years more than half the population is under the age of eighteen most young afghans want the war to end but they reject the idea of others telling them how to live their lives . at least there isn't censorship of the internet anyway. i'm afraid if a taliban is not just the internet we would lose all of our freedoms. the taliban
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present themselves as more moderate than before but now we cull them again appears on talk shows to promote his interpretation of islam but western analysts consider this a charm offensive not a sign of long term change. in the bottle to secure individual and democratic rights this is doubtful with the taliban they haven't presented any clear ideas about how they see the future of afghanistan because of. compromises are inevitable to end the war with the taliban these are likely to come at a high price you're watching the news coming up ahead u.s. investment bank goldman sachs the relaxes its dress code but not everyone is happy about it is very well first give us a fashion forward and analysis of the significant significant move in the business
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flood. but first here in germany the country is in a marking the hundredth edition of political ash wednesday a boisterous mix of beer and political insults from its humble bavarian origins the event has grown to become one of the biggest events on the political calendar a surge in driving populism across germany and europe loomed larger with this year's event the german who wants to be the next e.u. commission she faced particular scrutiny. the various conservative c.s.u. party prides itself with having invented the annual be a tent bonanza that marks the end of carnival in germany's southernmost state your party is party day paso's europe's biggest bar talk session and we're proud of that be the european people's party's top candidate for the upcoming e.u. elections steered clear of acknowledging his close links to hungary's prime
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minister viktor orban the about altogether avoided mentioning the man whose few desh party may yet face exclusion from the e p p family he heads this after obama had launched an anti e.u. poster campaign. that i was to meet they had also pulis he has to be created from the center not by left wing nor by right wing bozos and that's why i tell you i want to i can and i will become the next commission president president. in nearby biz wolf and one could be forgiven for forgetting that the social democrats are governing in coalition with that same c.s.u. party here the s.p.d. his own top candidate cried foul over the pro e.u. rhetoric. yeah millions politically are only changing their tune ahead of the e.u. elections because they want to see one of their own get the top stories there but if you've courted or been for that long time and time again inviting him to party conventions you don't want
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a function in your own kind. both declared the far right populist if the their political enemy in the upcoming e.u. elections by the d.'s leader used the occasion to extend an open invitation to a new rightwing bloc in the e.u. parliament. if he came to join us i would roll out the red carpet for him. while germany's conservatives might feel most at home with the political format they created they may have to brace themselves for some uncomfortable truths over there. who could soon join the other side of the political spectrum. that support by the. for does chris former boss a car lost a good in its time lucky has finally been released from a japanese prison on an almost nine million dollar bail he's not awaiting trial on a range of serious charges amongst them under reporting new salary for years and
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passing on the losses to his company if convicted he could face a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison. carlos ghosn seen here where in the light blue cap is out of jail after a three month stint behind bars now the ousted nissan chairman can discuss his defense strategy with his lawyers in a private accommodation his new home is monitored by cameras and his internet access is limited and was granted bail thanks to his new legal team which he hired mid february. i don't think the facts have changed i think that it's possible that grownups knew boyer's have made a stronger case. but it's quite clear that the only basis on which he could have been. detained indefinitely would be that he was likely to escape to. go on is accused of underreporting millions in tax revenues
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and engaging in gross business misconduct goannas responsible for a merger between french car manufacturer know and japan's nissan motors now the goan scandal has thrown the relationship between the two companies into disarray. is goldman sachs going cash the legendary u.s. investment bank is losing its rescue and urging employees in a company wide memo to simply excise what they call good judgment in their attire and the company has traditionally favored business where colored shirts and suits for men and women although in two thousand and seventeen it did lose in the dress code for its tech division in the new member of the company noted at the changing nature of what this is to once a move cash an environment. who better to talk about the significant development in the business world then my colleague.
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from his business desk famed for his serious dress code welcome thank you the shop mistress non-intuitive at this five percent given and the view of many other people i know they you must take a very dim view of this yes i do i mean you know that i'm a bit of a suit and tie fundamentalist and i think it's the appropriate attire for. anyone to serious business. attire for the present as of course we do that because where we want to appear serious and. it's also a sign of respect so i was a bit dismayed that such an venerable institution like goldman sachs would actually do that and i first thought it you know of course it's changing times and all that but it's i don't think it's a really ok so why is goldman sachs doing it then well they are competing for good reasons they are competing with the likes of google now and apple and amazon for
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the top talent across the world really and similar money to be made in google and these places so young men especially who looking for their first. right of of college they say jury want to wear a suit and tie every day and that might actually prefer to go to one of those tech companies making roughly the same amount of money but having a relaxed culture that he what is the i'm going to be confused about what people should wear because some people hang it on going mood as shots and double stick as to what. i think i think that's also a very german a very good thing. to add i mean for me from a certain age let's say from thirty five homeless if you have a white collar job i think it's always a good idea to wear a suit and a tie and this also makes life simple because you put on
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a suit and you always probably doesn't always look good because what i don't i'm so good my sex is a use your judgment but that is what i think you know some people's judgment would be actually you know sneakers all flip flops and i think what they mean is if they have client contact they still need to with the old dress code of suit and tie if it's just a day at the office with internal meetings you know it's all more like i don't think that buddha shorts t. shirts will be allowed ok anyone who wants to lord above god emphasis he has a series called dress code to which you can see on the net that he all the details about how you should dress up get edifice a bit better to have you here thank you for it. ok now going to move on to sport in three styles from germany's two thousand and fourteen was winning squad have been cut from the national team coach ja cumulative made the decision as a piss prepare for the find it fust what if what if i have a next his european championships now live has been criticised for his team's back
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before months and not someone's leg up in russia and since then he's been really struggling to find a winning formula. four years they took to the pitch for germany and were pillars of the twenty fourteen world cup winning squad forward thomas miller twenty nine and the two thirty year old defenders much formals and jerome boa tang all currently employed by by in munich but now their international career is coming to an end after last year's disastrous world cup. is finally making radical changes. in the year of qualifying for the european championship two thousand and twenty we are sending out a clear signal the young national team players will have the space they need to fully develop they have to take responsibility now. going to be even at byron munich the three players have dealt with frequent injuries and delivered modest
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performances so lives decision did not come completely out of the blue as suggested by boa tends reaction on twitter i'm sad about this news because it has always been the greatest thing for me to represent my country however i respect the new course and understand the decision of the national team coach now boa tang and her will have to make room for the next generation. coming up next on d w news africa the u. and human rights office is the latest agency to fortify the present period and going to crack down on critics we hear from the un and rights activists. castro knew to consult over attacks on people with albinism as my lobbyist or press for a general election deputies africa talks a campaign as one demanding authorities do more.
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those stories and more coming up in the news africa after a short break endure remember there's lots more on our website that's d w dot com the good orders follow some twitter as well as on facebook for me on the thought she must pleasure to have their company.
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wait a second we want the whole picture facts instead of make ideas shifts to live a. little reality to cryptocurrency your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk a little. shit. w. . look closely. listen carefully. to suit the needs to do cool. live discover the. live. live. subscribe to documentary on you tube. you're going into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans and even colombia legally and illegally. return to.
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visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. they're in witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes takes more steps to restrict criticism president. has been isolating international agencies critical of his actions from the u.n. and rights activists. and bring huge concerns attacks on people with albinism in malawi as the country prepares for a general election campaign is demanding.


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