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about recipes for success or strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . this is deja news live from the venezuela expels germany's ambassador to the venezuelan government daniel clean up persona non-grata backing opposition leader. despite this germany says it's unwavering support of bringing reaction from berlin on caracas also on the program fresh violence and the push for peace in afghanistan
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the u.s. says talks with talks with the taliban in qatar making progress but given the brutal legacy will ending more than seventeen years of conflict coming too high a price. new satellite images from north korea suggest it's rebuilding one of the rocket launch sites it dismantled last year was also a peace moves with the united states. also coming up on the program breaking taboos in conservative me and not talking women sexuality is taking center stage as the famed for china monologues makes its thank you. i'm phil gal welcome to the program venezuela's governments are sold to germany's ambassador to leave the country after he expressed support for opposition leader. i know crane was one but number of foreign ambassadors to greet from a splinter cell to self declared interim president when he arrived at caracas
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airport on monday the government accuses ambassador crean of interfering in the country's internal affairs i was given him forty eight hours to leave. mission d w correspondent all scotiabank in caracas and that chief political correspondent belinda crane the parliamentary studios in bed and welcome both a son with you in caracas tell us more about this move from venezuela. we will go to this is the origin of a person i love rob. external no minister of external affairs and every asset however run by those. in our parliament saying this is just a threat and it should be considered just a threat if. you serve or you certainly have no real power to declare any military persona non-grata however he had seen that.
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he better really has been home for. you go back to germany and go back. melinda crane in berlin just a cigarette says what and why don't but a threat the german government presumably is taking seriously. well yes so the german government did confirm that mr cleena has been declared persona non grata and they did say they will be calling him back for consultations presumably in fact trying to figure out how to handle the situation where essentially we have two leaders claiming to be the legitimate head of government in venezuela so the foreign ministry and essentially its official statement perhaps trying to keep things fairly low key but we have heard german foreign minister since then. since
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then saying that this step is in comprehensible that it aggravates the situation he said that mr my duro needs to understand that european and german support for why i'm glad go as interim president is absolutely unwavering. as voters want to talk to any other foreign ambassadors. not not to use the terms of. how one government tried to expel the u.s. government right after they recognize one weapon or just. as it is in charge. and. all that most of the matter. for some time but you know. you still hear it in minutes what was. it you were also
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a master. by the way that was sitting back on monday so you haven't seen any other . two any other words right like this one the other the scene. yet so melinda crane that designs the government to work why it has been singled out in this way. there's been no official statement from the german government on that but the speculation and basically is speculation amongst some commentators here in germany is that this has everything to do with the fact that mr clean of the ambassador did in fact go to the airport as you noted to meet when he reentered the country and reacted venezuela on monday and at that time the ambassador did speak to international press who were gathered there at the airport and said that his presence in the presence of other european diplomats there as well as of latin american diplomats was intended to ensure the safety of
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mr gladstone now we did hear in the statements today coming out of caracas one statement saying that mr crean there had not only meddled in domestic politics in venezuela but that he had associated himself with conspiratorial extremist elements so presumably that is a reference to the fact that mr crean i did express support there at the airport very clearly for one goal i do know and i think mr why doe's own words after hearing about this declaration of his own a non grata saying that this looks very much like a threat i think people here in berlin feel yes germany is being set up as an example and a way of putting pressure not only on germany itself but on other countries as well than to try and build an ostrich like here in caracas argue both. let's move on to some other stories making news around the world the u.s. trade deficit search from
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a ten year high last year to six hundred twenty one billion dollars that's despite the trumpet ministration imposing towers on a range of imported goods slowing global growth and a strong dollar weighing on demand for u.s. goods last year the u.s. posted record trade deficits with china mexico and the e.u. . but police in kenya have broken a strike of ground stuff at the country's main international airport in the capital nairobi hundreds of passengers of face delays as flights were different diverted ideation units of the strike reserve the proposed take of earth can use that authority by the country's last making airline kenya airways. has opened applications for its new citizens income scheme residents who are less than seven hundred eighty euros a month old receive a prepaid debit card to pay for groceries bills and rent the initiative fulfils a kick out pain problems of the five star movement to reduce poverty and boost employment. afghanistan has been hit by
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a fresh wave of violence at least seventeen people were killed in a militant attack in the eastern city of jalalabad. early on wednesday with militants detonating suicide bombs before storming a construction company in the city's airport a five hour shootout so afghan security forces corn and assistance from u.s. troops five assailants on are dead. and this comes as talks between the taliban imes u.s. officials and ending the violence in the country continue into the taliban's launched a charm offensive to try and win over its former enemy and the international community there are concerns that that brutal legacy doesn't all go well for peace in the country. malawi kalama dean once wielded enormous power he led the enforcement of taliban regulations during their rule of afghanistan from one thousand nine hundred ninety six to two thousand and one now he's hoping for a comeback as the taliban and the us hold peace talks after years of guerrilla
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warfare the taliban want to be in charge again callum again says that's long overdue. afghans want to live in the shari'a lore again about how a holy war wasn't in vain. all afghans want to shari'a law over again not just the holy warriors from the taliban. afghanistan under taliban rule movie theaters destroyed films burnt everything considered western was strictly forbidden men were forbidden from shaving their beards women were forced to wear burkas infractions were met with severe punishment prison or death by stoning kalimba doing today has a different spin on this brutal oppression. so we never punished anyone better than those people advice and if we threatened anyone because he didn't have a big it wasn't because we wanted to be the one of god's commandments the men as
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covering up for women. who want to be a law must accept these rules. afghanistan is a conservative islamic society but the country has changed in recent years more than half the population is under the age of eighteen most young afghans want the war to end but they reject the idea of others telling them how to live their lives . at least there isn't censorship of the internet not yet anyway. i'm afraid if a taliban is not just the internet we would lose all of our freedoms. the taliban present themselves as more moderate than before allowing kalam again appears on talk shows to promote his interpretation of islam but western analysts consider this a charm offensive not a sign of long term change that is the indigenous lytle to secure individual and
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democratic rights this is doubtful with the taliban they haven't presented any clear ideas about how they see the future of afghanistan because of. compromises are inevitable to end the war with the taliban these are likely to come at a high price and graeme smith has many years of experience in afghanistan working as humans political affairs officer others correspondent for the canadian newspaper the globe and mail he joins us from montreal welcome to g.w. what do you think will come out of these u.s. talks with the taliban. well with any luck we'll get the end of the largest war in the world i mean more people are dying now in afghanistan that in syria and yemen combined last year by some guesses the total is forty four thousand dead combatants and civilians and so when you think about the huge human toll in this conflict. you can understand why there is so much appetite on all sides for an
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end to the war no it's true as your correspondent says there is a lot of exile in the urban parts of comparable because they fear what will happen when the people who live in the villages have a voice politically in the political future of the country and that's understandable because a lot of people in the rural areas disagree with the people in the urban areas but the fact is we have to find a way for all afghans to live together they have a shared future together and that goes by i don't need to be had political untalented and tastefully if the government is excluded from these talks between the u.s. and the taliban. well right now we have a presidential election campaign season getting underway in kabul and so you have not just president ghani who's seeking reelection but a number of political opposition figures vying for power you did see
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a number of those political opposition figures represented in recent talks with the taliban in moscow but it's true that the president got his team was not represented there needs to be some kind of agreement about format former interim afghan talks and we're likely to see a lot more wrangling. before that actually happens because everyone has their own idea about how those talks amongst afghans should happen and it's going to be tough getting there for math. so let's check in like that let's look into your crystal ball or let's say that a deal is struck that involves the taliban government what do you think the country would look like and what sort of democracy family would it have. well worth noting that even if the taliban are absorbed into the government in some form it would still be a country at war because the taliban are at war with the local isis affiliate isis
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correspond and the taliban are also at war with of some other small streams groups as is the government and so the expectation would be that gether they would fight to tackle the squares of international jihad as. and then in terms of policies well you know probably there would be some modification of the constitution probably some modification of state institutions and we don't know yet would have to be negotiated but the point is that that is a conversation that has to happen between afghans. and it can't be something that you know i or any other foreigner can dictate it's ok thank you very clear graeme smith in montreal. a human rights watch says the iraqi government has charged hundreds of children with terrorism because of their links to islamic state and here says the iraqis on the radio kurdish government used torture to coerce confessions in some cases faster right
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around fifteen hundred children are being held in detention for alleged i association knots of supporters and victims of i asked many of them children a living the group's a final on clay village of who's in eastern syria children caught up in islamic state leave behind a world many of them were born into. most are now orphans and face an uncertain future while some may be handed over to aid agencies there are concerns about the fate of the older boys in particular. a report by human rights watch says around fifteen hundred children are being held on terrorism charges over the border in iraq some claim they've been tortured this teenager says he has the scars to prove it at sixteen he was arrested for alleged links to i.a.s. and held for twenty two months on a solution to in
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a tortured me using plastic pipes. they set confess what you with us and i told them i wasn't. but they forced me to confess that they put us cigarettes on me. this woman's thirteen year old son is still missing every match and my son has nothing to do with i asked he was not trained by us but people thought he was because his father was. the iraqi police said it's just an interview and we'll bring him back he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened to him is he alive or dead. human rights watch says thousands of children were recruited by us in iraq as the jihad is took over large swathes of the country somebody forced to join all of this did so because they were hungry or felt they had no other choice. i see evacuation from islamic states final
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enclave continues this report is a timely reminder that up at three child detentions violate international. a north korea is reported to be rebuilding its long range rocket launch site following the collapse of last week's summit with u.s. president donald trump work on dismantling the so high satellites launching station began last year but satellite images from u.s. think tanks and south korean intelligence services above the site at the tone channel really show evidence of reconstruction the u.s. has warned the north that it faces fresh sanctions if it fails to denuclearize. baghdad is a senior fellow of the german council on foreign relations is an expert on asia in the fast especially with regard to north and south korea welcome to day doubly so let's start with this this is rocket science itself tom told channel three. what is
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it does it's a part of reconstruction tabs. well i think kim has returned from the summit in honduras quite a bit of confusion about what's going on now trump has changed the agenda everything that worse discussed during the consultations before the summit was no longer velvet and trump has set a new agenda he wanted an old formula that means he wanted to develop the country economically in return for completely nuclearization it's a very old formula that failed in past negotiations and when that was not accepted he went home and broke up the negotiations completely so now i think what's happened is that the north korean leadership is trying to put up the stakes itself for future negotiations what's interesting is this that the story that came out. was that this was down to complete denuclearization in exchange for a complete removal of sanctions but you're saying behind that there is this this
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economic push because there was all this talk about the vietnam being held up as a sort of western model of a dictatorship doing its own thing where what was negotiated before was a partial relief of sanctions and was only used economic sanctions that existence to solve and thanks gene and in return for some small steps and to nuclear station but was really discussed on the summit and then what was to be agreed was that experts would come together negotiate a process of peace process but also to do nuclearization poses which would take many years so there won't be any instant results of that has been changed with drums and put on them have been completed so does this mean then that there are no negotiations it's just that the two sides it's just came going his own way where at the moment both went home and it remains true species in how they come back to the table with a good needs to be some discussion health future talks cannot you look like if
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these top down approach can continue where trump is giving orders to. the missionaries or whether they can have some real team that is negotiating with the north koreans a team of experts and then there's also the question of perhaps mediation would be useful because at the moment they're not going anywhere ok well. the world feels a little a little more unsafe. bagga thank you so much for joining us. member of the european parliament steering committee says the good friday agreement that brought peace to northern ireland is that you case responsibility and not that of the european union belgian m.e.p. a feeling that told the dortch of honest conflict zone that israel. is in a difficult position but brussels would have to prioritize the a used common market over the peace deal but your message to dublin was crystal clear the e.u.'s interests are more important than yours no we are not just saying
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we are just saying that we ever responsibility for the single market island and united kingdom have a responsibility for the good friday agreement we'll do everything we can within the reach of the space of reason to support the good friday agreement that if one of the two parties sort of good friday agreement breaks it what can we do what can we do and just to ram home your message to the irish you gave the example of the greek crisis where you said the e.u. did it did whatever it took to keep the integrity oh it was one hundred three. and you see the whole interview here on d w in about ten minutes or you can see it live on demand dot com forward slash conflicts. to the geneva motor show which is currently under way in switzerland world's biggest car companies are rolling out more electric vehicles to make tougher european limits on greenhouse gas emissions doesn't come into effect in a year is a look. the audi q four each trans world premiere
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an electric car industry tearing an image shattered by the diesel emissions scandal the english based company has been hemorrhaging customers to rivals b.m.w. and. these new c.e.o. shows is giving top priority to electro mobility the q four goes on sale next year aggressively priced at forty thousand euros a bold attempt to conquer a sizeable chunk of the electric car market. twenty twenty five that will be one third will be electrified meaning seventy percent is still not electrified by the way we look at the feedback from introducing our heater on you could be in for a surprise you know i think probably markets would be accepting electrification a little bit better and sooner than we expect french persia's also to make inroads into electric vehicles for the first time it's pretty two zero eight will be marketed in a petrol and an electric version persia's banking on electrifying small models.
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affiliate sitter and it's going even further it's am i one won't only be electric but also autonomous. what is a concept and obviously what we are testing out to people like it doesn't make sense and then we will we will then if if people say ok that actually makes sense we then look at the feasibility in the business plan and that obviously if we were to bring a car like that into the market of course we would want to make money to start to is ready for mass production of all those new electric model a clear challenge to us electric car maker tesla's midsized sedans it was developed under the leadership of chinese parent company gili the global auto market is on the cusp of seismic change and industry analysts agree that the future is electric . many of the costs shown here. paul. within the next couple of months during two thousand and nineteen so it seems to be
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a little bit like a breakthrough experience here. in geneva. to automotive is counting on not putting forward a study for a fully electric sports car for most folks and she said in an ph sun head to the company it's a toss up as to whether or not it will ever be built for no though all it has to do is impress the professionals. there is one of the world's best known pieces a feminist eve and the vagina monologues primate in new york two decades ago this week the first ever language production opens in me and i will be breaking new ground in a country where a sense of honesty in women's bodies is still very much to. it takes courage to say vagina out loud in myanmar. never mind talking about periods or pleasure when it comes to sex at was
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but these women are warming up getting ready to break taboos. trend we have to start a trend people realise it's ok to talk about these issues i want people to understand there's no problem talking about it that's why at passing the play. many among the cast say they were taught growing up that bringing up their bodies birth control and especially rape wishing for. much because they could. get a movie really where has this play is very powerful for women in myanmar because it's putting the spotlight on women telling their own stories. where thousand was what. an openness about sexuality is growing like this condom ad it warns men will get a red card in their relationship if they play dirty but he will image and reminds
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them to use kiss condoms or the. limited. but women steering the dialogue in a country where men are said to be born morally superior the place director says there's still a ways to go. moved me to what i have not yet at the stage where feminism is positively accepted to me. people are ready to talk about feminism people are ready for questions this is progress for us. and a show where the vagina is a starring character. a chance to get the conversation started. is a reminder of our top story this hour for this web stuff which has given german its ambassador twenty four hours to leave the country accusing the new creator of
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meddling in the country's in terms of public and backing opposition leader flying quite. this estate over news luxembourg and coming up next conflicts with your face set to meet the european union weeks and get some insights on any people in parliament spreads it steering group. terms sebastian so that next . the phone.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p.
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philippe lama who sits on the european parliament prestigious steering committee has the e.u. negotiated in good faith and is not famous or unity of the twenty seven beginnings across europe doesn't look like. a conflict so falls. off the cliff. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights and for peace. they mobilize against fantasised. or compulsory veils.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire. social media is quite critical in the anime townsend's of phoners are going to cost them on the streets of. women who are changing the world to bring. digital. stores march. on t.w. . there's less than a month to go before britain's shadow departure from the e.u. and the union is staking out its final positions on the terms of withdraw my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p. philippe lamberts who sits on the european parliament's breck's it steering committee has the e.u. negotiated in good faith and is that famous.

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