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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is from. germany's ambassador. has been declared persona non grata. despite this germany says mr. support also on the program new satellite images from north korea suggest it is rebuilding one of the. last year of peace moves with the united states.
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the next fifteen minutes. conservative. talk about women's sexuality is taking center stage. i'm still going to welcome to the program venezuela's government has ordered germany's ambassador to leave the country after he expressed support for opposition leader. was one of a number of ambassadors to greet plans for self declared interim president when he landed. on monday the government accuses the creator interfering in the country's internal affairs has given him forty eight hours to me. the latest from d.w. chief political correspondent linda crane welcomed. the german government reacted.
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german foreign minister said just a short while ago that he finds the decision taken by mr maduro's regime in comprehensible that it would only aggravate the situation and he said they must understand that both germany and europe will continue to have unwavering support for one guy doe as interim president so pretty strong words there beyond that the government has confirmed that mr clean or the ambassador was declared persona non grata they've said that they are calling him back for consultations which is presumably an attempt to remain flexible in in what is a developing situation and the german government said furthermore it is also talking to its partners to other e.u. member countries to try to understand what's happening and where to go next but just looking at pictures of ambassador corrina standing next to. it is this what is
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so enraged venezuela. well if we look back a month germany at that time along with other e.u. member countries did recognize mr. as interim president and there have then since been statements by mr crean or by the ambassador that were quite supportive of mr why do in very critical of the doable regime but none of that provoked this kind of an action and so the fact that this action was taken today just two days after mr crean along with other e.u. diplomats went to the airport to meet me to meet mr why do with the express purpose of ensuring to the extent possible mistook why those safety and freedom from arrest i think we can presume that that is probably the reason that mr maduro's regime
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chose to act now and they said in their statement not only that he mr clinton was accused of meddling in them as well as internal affairs but also that the ambassador had associated himself with extremist sectors in the political spectrum so again that would indicate that he is very clear support for mr dillwyn he did also express that support in interviews with the international press is probably the reason for this action at this time and as you mentioned he was one of a number of hamas is a great one why don't. we can know what other countries has been sanctions in this way. that does seem to be the case again it is a developing situation so we don't know what moves might come next but one possible explanation and certainly that's something being discussed here in berlin is whether germany is being set up as a kind of an example as
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a kind of warning and one person who certainly seems to see it that way is one god or himself he said after the declaration that mr greener would have to leave the country he said that this is an illegitimate government taking an illegitimate action but undoubtedly in order to put pressure not only on germany but on other countries as well. to claim thank you so much. it's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the riot police in kenya have broken up a strike of ground stuff the country's main international airport in the capital nairobi hundreds of passengers faced delays as flights were diverted the aviation union said the structure of the proposed takeover of kenya's airport or thorazine by the country's loss making airline kenya airways. is really has opened applications for its new citizens income ski residents who earn less than seven hundred eighty euros a month will receive prepaid debit cards to pay for groceries bills and rent the
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initiative fulfills a key campaign promise of the five star movement to be judged poverty and employed . israel's hebrew university has unveiled more than one hundred manuscript pages written by albert einstein they include hundred unmathematical notes from the one nine hundred forty s. and never been shown before. the german born physicist that won the nobel prize for physics in nineteen twenty one to bequeath his scientific and personal writings to the university. of human rights watch says the iraqi government charged hundreds of children with terrorism because of their names to islamic states the ngo says the iraqis and the regional kurdish government used torture to coerce confessions in some cases they estimate around fifteen hundred children are being held in detention for alleged i asked affiliation that sas supports is under victims of i asked many of them children to live in the groups final all claim that from age of
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back in eastern syria. children caught up in islamic state leave behind a world many of them were born into. most are now orphans and face an uncertain future. while some may be handed over to aid agencies there are concerns about the fate of the older boys in particular. a report by human rights watch says around fifteen hundred children are being held on terrorism charges over the border in iraq some claim they've been tortured this teenager says he has the scars to prove it at sixteen he was arrested for alleged links to i.a.s. and held for twenty two months on a solution to an early tortured me using plastic pipes. they said confess what you we're vile yes. i told them i wasn't. a forced me to confess that they put out cigarettes on me. this woman's thirteen year old son is still
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missing even him and my son has nothing to do with i asked he was not trained by us but people thought he was because his father was. the iraqi police said it's just an interview and we'll bring him back he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened to him is he alive or dead human rights watch says thousands of children were recruited by us in iraq as the jihad is took over large swathes of the country some were forced to join others did so because they were hungry or felt they had no other choice. i feedback you ation from islamic states final enclave continues this report is a timely reminder that up at three child detentions violate international law. and north korea is reported to be rebuilding its long range rocket launch sites
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following the collapse of last week's summit with u.s. president donald trump welcomed dismantling the so hey satellite launching station began last year but satellite images taken from taken by us think tanks and south korean intelligence services above the site at on china right now show evidence of reconstruction the u.s. has warned the north that it faces fresh sanctions if it fails to denuclearize. bent bag as a senior fellow at the german council on foreign relations is an expert on asian affairs especially with regard to north and south korea welcome to detail be so let's start with this this is rocket science itself tom told china really. what is it and what is its authority reconstruction terms. well i think kim has returned from the summit in honduras quite a bit of confusion about what's going on now trump has changed the agenda
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everything that worse discussed during the consultations before the summit was no longer velvet and trump has that in your gender he wanted an old formula that means he wanted to develop the country cannot make clear in return for completely nuclearization it's a very old formula that failed in past negotiations and when that was not accepted he went home and broke up the negotiations completely so now i think what's happened is that the north korean leadership is trying to put up the states itself for future negotiations less interest because it's the story that came out after how know it was that this was down to complete denuclearization in exchange for a complete removal of sanctions but you're saying behind that there is this this economic push because there was all this talk about vietnam being held up as a sort of western model of dictatorship doing its own thing where what was negotiated before was a partial relief of sanctions and was only used economic sanctions that existence
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to solve and thanks gene and in return for some small steps in to nuclear is asian what was really discussed on the summit and then what was to be agreed was that experts would come together a negotiated process a peace process but also didn't lose asian poses which would take many years so there won't be any instant results so there has been change with drums and forth on them having them completely and so does this mean then that there are no negotiations it's just the two sides it's just came going his own way we're at the moment both went home and it remains true species and how they come back to the table i think commutes to be some discussion health future talks can and should look like if this top down approach can continue where trump is giving orders to. the missionaries or whether they can have some real team that is negotiating with the north koreans a team of experts and then there's always the question of perhaps mediation would
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be useful because at the moment they're not going anywhere. well. well feels a little a little more unsafe and bad baggage thank you so much for joining us. so it's maybe the world's best known piece of famine a stance that eve and says the vagina monologues premiered in new york more than twenty years ago this week the first of a language production opens in minot tonight will be breaking new ground in a country where sexuality and women's bodies are still very much to but. it takes courage to say the china out loud in myanmar. never mind talking about periods or pleasure when it comes to sex. it was but these women are warming up getting ready to break taboos. the. trend we have to start
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a trend toward people realize it's ok to talk about these issues i want people to understand there's no problem talking about it that's why i took part in the play and i'm ok with on the whole. many among the cast say they were taught growing up that bringing up their bodies birth control and especially rape was seen for. much closer to. a movie really where has this play is very powerful for women in myanmar because it's putting the spotlight on women telling their own stories. and we have thousands what. an openness about sexuality is growing like this condom ad it warns men will get a red card in their relationship if they play dirty but he will image and reminds them to use kiss condoms or get the good of
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a. marina. but women steering the dialogue in a country where men are said to be born morally superior the place director says there's still a ways to go. move me to what i have not yet at the stage where feminism is positively accepted to me a ma people are ready to talk about feminism people are ready for questions this is progress for us. and a show where the vagina is a starring character. a chance to get the conversation started. just did a balloon news still to come u.s. president donald trump promised to get a grip on the u.s. a trade deficit but it is at a time yeah high despite his worldwide tried complex steve is it tough more on top cop business updates. so that a lot and just
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a programs out now with more news at the top of the out in the meantime of course as always the websites d.w. dot com after the. birth. home. of species. a home worth saving and. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and in the.


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