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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 12:45am-1:01am CET

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rather than. our very own correspondent matters reaches belgium on his bread making business. but we begin with one of the major exhibitions of the year in germany two giants of the renaissance and grandma giovanni bellini coming together in an exhibition of bold them one hundred of their works this is being made possible by cooperation between london's national gallery and berlin's good measure the gallery who between them zest the most works by these artists outside disobey. mikhail eisenhower is the man in charge of berlin state museums. quite a lot in his time but even he is getting quite a few sieve about this latest. these are communities three paintings by my tenure incredibly influential in the history of arts to me it is also the first time that these three paintings have been blown
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together from the queen's collection they were exhibited once in ninety two but that they might be done to germany to berlin that was really unthinkable until perhaps two or three years ago. the unique selling point of the exhibition is the direct comparison of the two were nice aunts painters giovanni perini and andrea maintain you know who painted himself into the picture here. historians still argue about that. undisputed is that any and maintained were the unlikely dream team in italian history artists who copied and sought to emulate each other one was more interested in mood the other in detail both created works with extraordinary stories to tell and corrected. most of them on the left leaning from the louvre on the rights. on loan from washington. i'm making this is the just
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a position that will certainly never be repeated at the side of the painting from washington hangs in washington in a single room it's the highlight of the national gallery of art people travel to washington to see this work so it's even more exciting that we can show it here in berlin. bellini's the continents of skip hero and mine ten years introduction of the cult of sidney exhibit a clear kinship of ideas the exhibition is a unique encounter between two songs giants with a special contribution from the collection of queen elizabeth. her. time now for some superhero action or i should say super heroine action because yes marvel comics have a soul female lead in one of their films after twenty superhero films brie larson is the super heroine playing captain marvel
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a top air force pilot my colleague melissa holroyd has seen the movie and will give us the lowdown in just a minute but first see some action with the captain marvel tells the story of x. sixteen pilot carol danvers i.k.a. captain marvel. a freak accident danvers winds up with some unexpected superhuman abilities she can fly and shoot five from. an hour he. trusts bree lawson leads the charge is danvers according to her costars lawson has much in common with the warrior of justice she plays. she also has this real life thing that's very genuine for young women and women in general.
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she's a champion of women's rights sees. a believer in. the quality of standards for everybody to live by. and. people respect or for that. film deals with a war between two an alien races and what happens when that conflict spills into mid nine hundred ninety s. america a time of dial up internet and video stores. captain marvel crackles with energy and on the whole it delivers what fans of the superhero genre want to see. so melissa rocket the oppression you generally like the film but you did say that on the whole so some reservations yeah a few reservations i think the film who tries to take a few too many boxes it comes off as
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a little bit of the stuff that tries to introduce a few too many elements and so it lacks a bit of a center but it does come with a lot of expectations it's the first like you just said one with a female protagonist and it also comes on the heels of black panther which won an oscar and was a big hit at the box office yeah but they've got brie larson she's a good actress for a loss and is a to rethink actress she's fabulous she is perfect for this role she's very solid she's very still she's truthful she's also funny i actually think i could have given her a little bit more room to a little bit more room to bring her performance actually holds the film together he she is learning the moves from mr jude law and. anyway is this the film is doing quite well to spot a bit of a. future there's been a bit of moaning and groaning hasn't there from. sort of a real marvel comic fans was spotted by well brady lawson at
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a press conference mention diversity she mentioned that a lot of her films had been reviewed by white men a lot of people didn't like this and they started writing negative reviews on websites like the rotten. mottos review the website rotten tomatoes reacted to that they stopped people being able to post comments before a film comes out this i mean when they in the past this is had a very very negative effect on some films the back of the film is how i have to know who are the baddies what i like the baddies in the beginning of the film a cold the scrawls they are a shape shifting lizard he type alien with el cid and is. huge we're going to watch her fighting with one in a little bit and they can also take a human form so he is one in a human form out of the head of the elites crowd is played by fellow astray in bed
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mendelson and he really crazy with his a strange in this in this in this character he really has a very strong strain you next year on the shapeshifter. i think is the fun he has in his role is really infectious he's witty he doesn't suffer fools he's even a bit sexy as the lizard shapes you don't succeed listed for. now so why does it take place in the ninety's always thought superhero films are in the future . then they're not it takes place in the ninety's it's a it's a nice thing that they have this ninety's nostalgia and the film does something which is quite clever the way it uses music from the ninety's sometimes the music is done in opposition to the film and sometimes it's it to the scene and sometimes it's fits too well to the scene so there's a lot of humor with the way they use the music yeah i mean the night is you were in
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the ninety's i don't know if i was in the ninety's are going to see the very we'll have to leave it there but that's all right thanks very much. now it's time for one of my favorite bulbous of the wait yes our intrepid your culture spawned a hobby by this is basically bread from all twenty eight european union member countries and at the same time giving as a light hearted look at politics today it's the turn of belgium and you have to take your time making this. which came first bread. pasta belgian. and you'll get. beer beer beer and they might be right there is evidence that early humans grew grain not for food but for being here mark. so how did the bread come about
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the for meant to be here spilled when it dried they baked it on the stove. and why law. spelt is an ancient grain it's very popular in belgium it's one of the three key ingredients that make up this loads the others being water and a pinch of salt three ingredients that's also the recipe for belgium as a country. french and flemish speakers with a pinch of drama. sound simple. it's not. especially when you put the key ingredients together ever since the formation of belgium the french speaking volumes. and the flemish have been involved in
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a centuries long bunfight now if you need to spell flour and water in a jar for a long time you also get a life and culture. lactic acid. and yeast. need everything for ten minutes preach a pillow and transfer it to approving baskets. someone know just like belgian needs time to take the two thousand and ten elections after the vote the country took five hundred forty one days to form a government after all why rush the same goes for commuting brussels the use capital is one of the most congested cities in europe people spend eighty three hours per year in traffic jams so in true belgium fashion if you're sourdough at
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least twenty hours in the stretch. finally store the loaves and place it in a hot oven at two hundred fifty degrees celsius. during the first few minutes of baking the loaf will rise rapidly as the gases trapped inside expand for other. baking boss call this final rise the other spring just like the feel of start the whole package should it all feel it's a foreign policy the former belgian prime minister is known to let off steam he said that matter that cannot work in the european parliament that you'll get mr if i don't buy mr. president of you. now steve is also great for your bread it helps it cook even. after thirty minutes your belgian loaf is done and should there be leftovers there's a belgian solution for that. our ancestors may have made bread from beer
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but modern day belgian brewers like this one are making beer from bread bread that otherwise would have gone to. just. rubble belgian. and indeed more episodes of baking bread are available on our website along with recipes as well if you should be so interested in baking yourself that's it. d w dot com slash cultural cold that's all for the day thanks for watching bob i. think. it.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p. phillyblog who sits on the european parliament's reps at steering committee as the e.u. negotiated in good faith and is not famous for unity of the twenty seventh beginning to cry good doesn't look like. a conflict so few pertinent to the. average in the west bank two palestinians armed with knives attack israeli soldiers one of the attackers is killed the other is lying on the ground severely injured what happens next will divide israeli society.
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or. murder or hero in seventy five minutes on w. stories of people who world over information provide. the fenians they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us and. we make up oh but we want tons of space that found out that if we are on december seventh to say. they want to shape the continents future to speak part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges
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of the seventy seven percent platform for africa jarred. germany state by state. the most colorful. clearest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. venice while this government has ordered germany's ambassador to lead the country daniel craig who was one of a number of foreign ambassadors to great the country self declared interim president when one white i landed to correct his airport on monday when the government accuses cranor of in defeating in the country's internal affairs.


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