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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 3:02am-3:30am CET

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failed to give sufficient thought to what happened after victory terror groups like the islamic state exploited the chaos today human rights watch accused iraq's government and kurdish authorities of detaining and torturing children with alleged links to i asked i'm still going and berlin and this is the day. my son has nothing to do with he wasn't trained by us that people thought he was because of his father. he said confess you were without us i told them i wasn't they force me to confess. the police said well just ask him a question and bring him back but he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened if he alive dad i know they put out cigarettes on me. they hit me with cables and sticks i think hit on some tortured us. being away from my
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family is really hard. i haven't seen the for two years and four months i think about them twenty four hours a day. so human rights watch says the iraqi government says charged hundreds of children with terrorism because of and thanks to the islamic state the angio says the iraqis on the original kurdish government used torture to coerced confessions in some cases they estimates around fifteen hundred children are being held in detention for alleged iris affiliation. children caught up in islamic state leave behind a well to many of them were born into. most and now all finns and face an uncertain future. while some may be handed over to aid agencies there are concerns about the fate of the older boys in particular. a report by human rights
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watch says around fifteen hundred children are being held on terrorism charges over the border in iraq some claim they've been tortured this teenager says he has the scars to prove it at sixteen he was arrested for alleged links to i.a.s. and held for twenty two months and so they tortured me using plastic pipes. they said confess what you with us and i told them i wasn't. of a forced me to confess that they put us cigarettes on me. this woman is thirteen year old son is still missing every man and my son has nothing to do with i asked he was not trained by us but people thought he was because his father was. the iraqi police said is just an interview and will bring him back he's been gone for four months i want to know what happened to him is he alive or dead human rights
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watch says thousands of children were recruited by us in iraq as the jihadist took over large swathes of the country some were forced to join others did so because they were hungry or felt they had no other choice. i feedback you ation from islamic states final enclave continues this report is a timely reminder that treat child detentions violate international. law about this further with a rough elbow song who's a security and terror expert at the german institute for international and security offensive welcome to day w so we have these charges now from this latest human rights watch report but as there have been of those that have made these sort of allegations in the past the kurdistan regional government rejected them saying that torture is prohibited and that children are afforded the same rights as other
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prisoners who should we believe while i mean of course human rights watch has a particular way of presenting its case very very forceful with very vivid and sort of testimonies so i mean i wouldn't say you can prove that this happens in every single instance of every single prison every single location but unfortunately there is a history of these kind of events and these kind of allegations of torture by human rights watch and others i mean clued in the european union in official statements so i think unfortunately yes it is something that is probably rather widespread and systemic and not only concern children but generally the treatment of prisoners ok so so western powers fought a couple of wars to topple saddam hussein then they forward and i asked insurgency that spangle because they didn't they weren't fully prepared for the pace now it looks as though with these latest reports we've we've installed another sort of brutal regime with with scant regard for international norms well i mean nobody can
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say that iraq isn't a good place and that things have gone really well after toppling of saddam hussein . but of course it's also just not fair to say you know one bad has just been replaced by another bad i mean the. regime by saddam hussein and this is not to legitimate the intervention which really was also highly problematic but for saddam hussein really killed its own population in the hundreds and thousands and there were much more widespread allegations of torture and of the actions and you know you name it whatever human rights or violations you could name so this is not to say this is insignificant what's happening there but i don't think it's fair to say it's just as bad and just a serious and again that doesn't mean that there is not are many many things that need still fixing in iraq and that this is a thing who should fix it because the west does not cover itself in glory in going into iraq and trying to fix things well just as in many many other places of course
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it's to the peoples themselves of iraq to primarily take this process into their hands they can get support from the outside and of course rushed withdrawals from the u.s. won't help it at the moment either if you just kind of throw them into the ultimate out in the open but we can't all the violence that we've seen in the past but this is still to to to be seen and i think for the time being we really have to to understand that for iraqi authorities proly there are many many other things that are much higher on the list of priorities than these kind of allegations and this is not to justify them but i think the key thing for iraq is yes to come out of a posse of she isone and could ish infighting and massive killing on each side on the sides and bring the country together into one single government that sort of more or less speaks for the whole country because now it's not forget the i.s.i. also could rise to its strength as it did because if we'd exploited those divisions
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in the country and let's look at the wider fiction i don't talk about the idea of returning i-s. fighters president trump wants europe to take back eight hundred of them european governments are not keen one instance in the u.k. the u.k. should strip a teenager of a brit. his citizenship when she said she wanted to come back home from. being amongst us what do you think european governments should do with these people coming by this very uncomfortable situation of course and nobody is racing to get these people back but on this one i think i agree with a lot of commentators that that say yes actually the u.s. is right that european countries have a responsibility was these people it's not something that should be done overnight and we really need to be careful that we take people in a process that is orderly and also trying to collect as much evidence as possible when transferring them. but it's not
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a solution to just let them linger out there maybe there are a few cases of dual citizenships like the one you mentioned where you can say they're going to not going to be able to return because they have another citizenship but it's not allowed to create stateless people and last but at least you know it's not solving any real security problem if we leave them there you know al qaeda in the way was also a result of having which he thousands dispersed around the world know having nowhere to go and then they kind of form new terrorist cells all around so if you really want to contain terror than as uncomfortable as it is we better take charge of it ourselves so even though right mr president trump says is virtually wiped out in iraq that as far as we're concerned here in europe that's not the end of the problem. well with i asked i mean it's hard to say that many people worry that they mad reconstitute polls in the region because of the unresolved issues of sectarian violence i mentioned but also in other parts of the world or in the virtual in the
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internet but i think i don't we do not only want to focus on the yes it's more the question is you have a militant full militants and they have to be taken care off and some of them may be or many of them actually disillusioned maybe rehabilitated but some of them are hardened. fighters and just throwing them out in the open not giving them a court case or just thinking that they're going to go away is not going to solve the problem so maybe it's going to be asked maybe they're going to join al qaeda maybe they're going to join some other group so that's the question rather than one organization that could talk to you thank you for joining us. from the german institute for international security affairs that. is when his government has ordered germany's ambassador said leave the country after he expressed support for opposition leader. daniel a clean it was one of a number of foreign ambassadors to greet venezuela's self declared interim president when he landed at kodak example on monday the government accuses the
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queen of interfering in the country's internal affairs and has given him forty eight hours to leave. more on this from d.w. correspondent in caracas that chief political correspondent linda crane parliamentary souter's inbound and welcome both. in caracas to tell us more about this move from venezuela. we have to do something we've seen many times where the u.s. ambassador's only persona non grata i'm trying to the diplomat from venezuela that we've seen it was in the past but it's quite different now because there is an. isolated us a lot you got that one has a track record of course this one might well have a grip on the diplomatic relations most countries that are recognized as the legitimate president so it would be a matter of trying to get a comfortable position because quite the opposite she drink is just like rest
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because my wrist ministers have no power to declare any persona non-grata but then again that's what's called backstrom and concentration so it seems like it was a threat or not work from what we can gather that's part of the point. right here and then tell us about the response from the german government. well in fact the response was as we just heard to issue a statement confirming that mr cleena has been declared persona non grata but saying at the same time that he is being called back for consultations which is clearly an attempt to inject at least some flexibility into what is a developing situation and the foreign minister masterman for the star also spoke some short time ago and said that this move on the part of my dear of the same is in his view in comprehensible and simply aggravates the situation and that
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the regime needs to be aware that european and german support for one quite go as interim president is in his words quote unquote unwavering it's also slang one of the many weird things about the situation is that president maduro is expelling a foreign ambassador so meeting a man that he's threatened to arrest and still has and so the ambassador's told the packers bags is still walking around free what does this tell us about majority well it's just a matter of moments and from what we can gather there is a lot to proposition from that he wanted to make and after he got an example to other embassies without members also points that i place of the matter is not something that worries me for the moment and i think it's because we've done very severe close diplomacy and. and there is not change in how to go about doing it for the real want to show strength and you know play this as
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a victory because you know that's what this is and will eventually meet up with as well as for the points that crane what is being made of the fact that germany was singled out on this that melinda. well one thing we do need to say is that so far no other ambassador and certainly plenty of other european union member countries have engaged in behavior similar to germany's from declaring their support for one guy i don't know over a month ago and recognizing him as the legitimate interim president to going to the airport last monday to meet mr why do when he landed with the clear intent of trying to do what they could to ensure his safety and freedom from a rest so yes that makes it peculiar that this one particular ambassador has been singled out perhaps it has something to do with the fact that mr crean or spoke to
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international press at the airport on monday and was very clear about the reason why he was there and about europe support for a cleaner but i think going beyond that most people here do see this as an attempt to make germany an example to put pressure on europe the germany and yet as i said the german foreign minister made it clear that in his view that's not going to work. linda germany now says it is consulting with its allies how united is europe ball on this issue of recognizing one. so far quite united and we've even seen countries that aren't always on the same page as their other e.u. fellow members like hungary getting behind one gado very quickly and even taking in refugees people who are leaving venezuela to get away from the current turmoil so
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at the moment there is a lot of solidarity and especially between those countries that did send their ambassadors to the airport on monday that was portugal spain france germany all of those very much now on this line of saying we completely support why do as interim president and we want to see action from venezuela to resolve this so just like the. president now seemingly has pretty much most of the world except for china and russia right against him. and yet he's still in power why dole is still around which way is this moving. well we have a history of the last few months and that's a little surprising right. and a strange one when you go yeah they're going to have help in ensuring a secret church that's what but there were a lot of people now the people around well you know and that all shows the
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strength and support within the country yesterday that he met with. workers that were once. and for the government so on no now needs to charlotte strain and actions like the one caveat against. will be used for propaganda and show i'm not. sure on what happens in minutes where they are and i think that what is going up towards. declarer's on on ground. so we have a situation where a lot of other singles out the german ambassador is german his response was likely to be a german response so part of a wider european response absolutely part of a wider european response so one of the things the foreign ministry did say today is that germany is consulting with its e.u. partner countries and talking to them about where this goes from here so i think we
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can certainly expect some form of collective response and as you know the. foreign policy their own foreign policy official that federico morgan he has also been very outspoken in her support for the interim president so there's not a level of daylight here between the member countries and i think we can expect to continue seeing them try to act jointly but at the crane and bank and caracas thank you both. ok sure interested the latest news of breck's it is at essentially there is no news that talks between british ministers and the e.u. chief negotiator and let the european commission to say today that bracks in negotiations have been difficult and that dos aleutian has been identified to the irish backstop in parliament a prime minister threesome right once again lawmakers to back that agreement but
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she said the rights of e.u. citizens in britain would still be respected if britain leaves the room without a deal at the end of this month. so let's talk to a man with a particular insight into this is thomas matthew second form a german ambassador to the united nations and the united kingdom is now a senior advisor with flynn to global lobbyist and risk management welcome to d w. so this is a great big mess two years on what do you think prompted britain's decision today. i think it's a combination of the combination between the feeling that my everyday life is being determined by some unelected grey man in brussels you know telling me what to do and how to live plus outrageous lies by the backs of campaign like the three hundred fifty million on the side of the boston globe or britain etc etc so that's
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that led to this decision ok so when you went to the u.k. back in the two thousand and two view of germany's ambassador what sort of people did you find there i found wonderful people you know i came back to britain i lived in britain in the late seventy's already and many friends my kids went to school there the study my daughter has become a british citizen the second time the life my grandchildren are british and so on i thought. it's a wonderful country which i admire a lot and much is made outside the u.k. of the volt the plant the press plays in formulating and leading public opinion about the e.u. what did you experience the british press as very very special. part of the prez run by an australian who has his own agenda and i think once you get
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used to it you can take it with a little bit of uma and i left for my successor a big file with. opticals about me which were absolutely hilarious about my nazi pos the bottom a coalition etc and i just loved it you know just for the record i you and alcoholic it's not sit no i'm not an alcoholic not not even an ex nazi. and it's interesting that yesterday overstates three years after the referendum back in two thousand and sixteen france's president said that bracks it symbolizes the crisis of a europe that has failed to respond to its people's need for protection from the major shocks of the modern world for what you said you you get it does seem that he sort of got that right i think he's got it right i think he's got it right because the e.u. has become a very very big machine which concentrates very much an institutional procedure and
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which does not bring across what it does for the normal for the common man so it doesn't sell its message it doesn't sound the message and what's even worse national governments or ways tell the people that the painful decisions are due to brussels but the good stuff is coming from the national governments ok so given given that characterisation of the brussels grayness when you look around the twenty eight countries do you see another opportunity for. an exit from the e.u. well i would have said yes about two years ago about people who watch very carefully what's going on in britain and i think that has gary not you later has a minister even they tell you ins on this so this is one of the very very few good things about breaks it if you be look at that mess which is going on in westminster if we look at the enormous amount of venom and poison i think there are not many
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takers for another go it breaks it and so given that then what does that you do just to see you continue as it always has done. focusing on principles and procedures it talks about change when the price it's a vote happen the day after that chancellor merkel said yes we we must listen to what has been said that we wish and then she talked about more europe but closer europe. they don't seem to be listening. they don't listen but some people listen i think it was absolutely fascinating to watch mark or running at selection compan on the slogan he put europe which protects and he's come out with a with some slogans with some programs which all of a sudden had an enormous residence especially the young generation you had huge demonstrations across europe parts of europe if you look at the german state
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election of area for instance the greens on a pro european edge and did very very well i think if you explain to people or properly what you quote europe can do for you how it can protect you against the winds of globalization against unregulated immigration thing then you can make a case but you're absolutely right we in germany didn't do it so far this is still as far as it is difficult to generalize across a block or twenty eight countries but you talk about macro selling europe he's been criticized he was criticized yesterday that his this statement that he sounds have mentioned france once and his critics say well whatever and in hungary there was a little whatever there was the czech republic actually of the czech republic or saying whatever france talks about we need the greater the greater you're abusing the main just france it's not it's a message that's easily misinterpreted isn't it of course you can misinterpret it
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but you can also interpreted right he did not speak about france he spoke about europe because he feels european look when the tectonic plates are shifting in the world you have the empire china russia you have trump going at the international order with a slight schama the only chance for europe is to get their act together and to do things together how do you see straight trade wars for instance against an regulated immigration on climate etc and i think you know one of the founding fathers. they you all only spock seventy years ago said that two kinds of european countries small countries and countries who haven't understood yet that small and we are all small we only have a chance to survive if we get our act together on foreign and security policy and on financial and economic policies so those are the big things right. do you think that that's a daily level that people understand but people get ok there's the fast but there's
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also how migrants are put food on the table that they don't link those two issues with necessarily the dollar and i think this is a big failure of political elites and some off all countries perhaps including oman and we leave the complex on to complex issues so the demagogues will give the easy answer but the wrong on so this talking to you thank you so much for joining us to tell you so much as that. was the day the conversation continues on line you can find some twitter. fill. the day a good. trade
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in goods and services in strangers and with a tire worth more. artificial intelligence will influence our buying habits knows what we want better and faster then few months so what's left for us to do will that digital transformation make people's superfoods. made in germany next on digital. printer. the conflict zone fronting the powerful. my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p.
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philippe lama who sits on the european parliament for exit steering committee because the e.u. negotiated in good friday news non-famous a unity of the twenty seven beginning to cry good doesn't look like. a conflict zone told sixty minutes. i'm not laughing at the gym because sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter that i don't think sneak into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes clad it is the the future of the country that i don't blame. you yet you don't seem to take it as grandmother they are to me it's all about. my my job join me to meet the jetman from d.w.
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