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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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made for mines. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin. expels germany's ambassador to the venezuelan government declares daniel cleanup persona non grata for backing opposition leader one why go despite the move germany says why do has its wavering support also on the program china's huawei takes the u.s. to court over a security law limiting the tech companies access to the american market for telecoms equipment. natural beauty and a manmade conflict the himalayan valley of kashmir is once again seeing flare ups
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in the decades old atom also the between india and pakistan our correspondent meets people there who say that all they want now is peace. and images of sexual abuse on the dark net a german court is expected to deliver a ruling in the case of four men accused of operating one of the world's biggest child pornography platforms the prosecution is demanding prison sentences of several years. following terry martin thanks for joining us but despite his government has declared germany's ambassador persona non grata and is demanding he leave the country the foreign ministry accuses daniel cleena of interfering in venice with his internal affairs. after he expressed support for opposition leader why go
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germany is among the countries backing why those bed to oust president nicolas maduro. lonely freedom says this lawmaker thanking germany his words applauded by deputies in venezuela as opposition controlled national assembly. germany backs one quite venezuela's legitimate leader. it seems that's one reason the government of his rival nicolas maduro has told the german ambassador to leave the country. this regime the disease power has no right to declare anyone persona non-grata this is simply a threat and that's how it should be same by the free world the german ambassador and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. mean it's seems the madeira regime won't tolerate anyone who wants to help them is why law. always with
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the german envoy was among a group of diplomats he met quite at the airport on his return to caracas on monday helping him evade arrest. so far daniel crean a is the only one of them to be expelled the government accusing him of meddling in internal affairs germany says this kind of pressure won't work. he dodged a bullet so you'll have to determine government has decided to recognize quote god was interim president who should bring about free fair and democratic elections in minutes with this. completely income principle reaction will in no way change our positions kind i still live. and quite is most important back stepped up its campaign to topple my dear. united states will revoke seventy seven visas including many officials of the madeira regime and their families we will continue
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to hold them to during regime accountable until labor ta is restored in venezuela. matures expulsion of a western diplomat and the tightening of u.s. sanctions it's just the latest round in the battle between madeira and his opponents. as venezuela's political crisis deepens. we're joined by d.w. political correspondent husband hugs german foreign minister who says it's in comprehensible that modern regime would declare the german ambassador non grata but can generally really be surprised given its open support for one go i don't know. yes indeed germany has over the past few weeks and months repeatedly supported quiet to criticize man douro quite severely and said that it regards why do is the legitimate interim president of venezuela and that obviously means
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all that to germany if it were to stick to that position should not be able to accept a decision by an illegitimate president by my dura to throw its governor its ambassador out of the country in fact why don't himself in an interview this morning with german media has also said that the germans should simply ignore this ruling that leads germany in something of a quandary and at the moment what the germans have to side it is that they will. recall their ambassador from venezuela for consultations could recall him to berlin so he is likely to leave witness to a lot within the next couple of hours but at the same time germany has not really. acknowledged the power of the world to in fact send the ambassador crocker. many countries have expressed support for one quite oh is it clear why then this well it has singled out the german ambassador. if you look at the statement from the i'm
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a dural government. accusing the german him. of exceeding his role as embassador of getting involved in the internal politics of winners whaler i think that is a reference to the fact that the german ambassador has spoken to the press several times and has in some sense become a kind of spokes person for the ambassadors of the various countries that have been supporting quieter why do in recent times this was specially visible on monday when guardo returned to caracas to venezuela to the airport there and a dozen of us came to support him and to prevent him from being arrested and i think this is the first reaction of them adore a government against a reaction against that action by the ambassadors is it clear how germany is going to react what sort of steps of light taken response to this move by then as well. at the moment that's not very clear apart from the fact that germany is saying it's
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now recalling it's a basket of full consultations imagine what will happen is that there will be further consultations between germany and its various allies and europe and across the world the united states the various latin american countries the lima group including canada these are the countries that have been coordinating the pressure on the dura regime and i suppose i presume germany will now try to coordinate its next steps with those other countries hans thanks so much political correspondent hans punt. chinese tech way is suing the u.s. government for labeling it a security risk and limiting its our excess to the american market move comes after the u.s. sought to convince its allies not to do business with the company while way accuses the american government of hiking its e-mails and stealing corporate secrets dispute is likely to overshadow crucial trade talks between beijing and washington
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. well for more now we're joined by kate ferguson from our business desk good morning kate the winning so quite way is striking back in the courts saying that it's being unfairly discriminated against in the united states so what do we make of that all this is such a dramatic shift in tone so for the last few years huawei has taken a really defensive stance so they've endured accusations of being in cahoots with the chinese government of spying on customers stealing corporate secrets and now they're saying well do you know what you are doing the exact same thing but i think it's really interesting because that strategy is being defensive has been very deliberate because holloway knows what's at stake so at the moment it's already the second largest smartphone maker in the world and it's a leader in five g. technology that's the super high speed highly reactive internet of the future but it knows that if it doesn't have the trust of the world it doesn't really have a future at side of china so up to now it's enjoyed these accusations it's been
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quite patient and even despite lack of evidence it's taken quite quite a cautious tone now that has shifted dramatically they're fighting back they're saying you have no evidence you have absolutely no right to accuse us of things that you yourself are guilty of now this comes as the u.s. and china are trying to negotiate their way out of a bitter trade dispute what does this legal move away mean for those negotiations way isn't. officially part of the trade negotiations between the united states and china but it's definitely going to overshadow them because when a chinese company sues the american government a political issue and it's also going to be drawn out over a really long time because even though the chief financial officer who's who is arrested in canada she's only going to start those extradition proceedings in may so that whole process is probably going to take several months and with the legal
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proceedings against the u.s. government it's just going to draw and it's going to overshadow any sort of relationship between the united states and china and it's also really significant because of this race to draw it five g. technology and it's all the power again you know the way he knows it's a leader in this technology a lot of countries want to get in on the game they need this kind of know why and this is the point at which while way his saying maybe you need us as much as we need you ok thank you so much for your analysis kate ferguson from the that your business. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says his company plans to shift its focus to private messaging services in a post on his own profile page bird said the company would encrypt conversations on more of its messaging messaging services and make them compatible but he cautioned that details of his plan could change as facebook consults experts throughout this
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year. u.s. president donald trump says he will be very disappointed if it's confirmed that north korea is working on its missile program as after a u.s. think tank published satellite images purporting to show on yang is rebuilding and dismantle test sites that was say north korea began to work after the failure of last week's summit in hanoi. and australia's former top catholic clergy money is facing a fresh legal battle as he awaits sentencing on five counts of child sexual abuse a man who alleges george pell molested him as a boy has filed a civil suit powell is appealing last week's criminal court. you're watching d.w. news still to come child sexual abuse images all in the dark net a german court is said to deliver a verdict today on one of the world's biggest child pornography rings.
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now at least eighteen people have been injured in a grenade attack in the city of job in india administered kashmir the blast comes amid escalating tensions between india and pakistan after an attack on indian troops in the region in february the disputed kashmir region is at the heart of a decades old dispute between the two nuclear armed powers or india correspondent sonia file that goes sent us this report from srinagar the summer capital of india administered kashmir. me it's a battle guys patrols visitors from all over the world. but ever since a major terror attack and strikes by india pakistan they've stayed away quickly the region's key tourism industry. has been fending people across. into chicago a typical kashmiri bought since he was a young boy. the recent born has carried away his clients and decimated its own
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things. for seven hundred there are about four thousand here five business is a terrible situation. sprains have seen the income wax and wane over the years. in line with the militant attacks protests and crackdowns that really are to clean up inflame tensions in the indian held parts of the region. i don't know what the problems are between india and pakistan kashmir is passed between them not a football is just used politically. it's a sentiment shared by many on the streets of srinagar indian administered kashmir soldiers are everywhere the recent war games between india and pakistan have added to the sense of unease no one was willing to speak out on camera why tensions
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between india and pakistan are winding down after last week's aerial strikes a climate of fear prevails in the heavily militarized. here in downtown shops and businesses are open today after days of intermittent strikes and. causing major disruptions to public life. rio's mani's first thought was to stock up on rice if you will when tensions erupted over bush meat last week because the rice. has been through decades of shutdowns and go fuz. and even started his own kitchen garden in his backyard to prepare for an emergency . father of two with terrified for his family when india and pakistan engaged in retaliatory aerial strikes last week just a few hundred kilometers from here but in the entire region age. the very first
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days were very scary forus jets funded overhead we had the news that one or two jets were brought down and people got killed maybe but you can choose what talk now that would be better for everyone in. the conflict in kashmir has dragged on for decades. for people here remains elusive in this beautiful closed valley. here in germany a verdict is expected in the case against poor man accused of operating a dark net platform for child sexual abuse images called ella see of it was one of the largest such websites worldwide with more than one hundred thousand a celt users the prosecution has called for prison sentences of up to nine years it took state prosecutors several months to gather the evidence the facts point toward a jail term for the four suspects for having offered child pornography on the lucy
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i'm at work. that's not the out of us the material posted on a lewsey i'm show every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers. the victims included newborns and babies the platform was discovered in twenty seven thousand and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts pedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany the man are accused of setting up and operating the child pornography platform on the dark net they can expect a prison sentence of multiple years. or with us here to talk about it is really a fun byler she's a psychologist and director of the innocence in danger that's a network that fights the spreading of child pornography and the internet thank you
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for being with us this morning. what more can you tell us about the child abuse media platform that's at the center of this case being decided here in germany was one of the biggest so far known platforms and it was actually only discovered because the australian law enforcement put up a so-called honeypot they stumbled across the site and they kept it running in order to catch the people behind it and then pass on the information to germany because it's something that german law enforcement would not be allowed to do so it already tells how difficult it is to to really get into the darkness and into these networks so if the australians stumbled upon it that's just this was a the clients of this network if you will were global absolutely and we don't even know how many clients there are there and what we do not know is how many times each person downloaded child sexual abuse imagery and then pass it on to other people so for survivors of these crimes the passing on the spread of the child
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because of images is really a terrible fact of life what can be done. to prevent children and adolescents from becoming victims of pedophiles. and sexual abuse well if i knew the real answer to that question i would win the nobel prize i believe what we need to be aware of is that child sexual abuse happens around us every single day every single second and we need to be aware that we need to look for signs that children are distressed and then if we suspect something like child sexual abuse we need to ask for help and what we also learn from many international studies is that child sexual abuse happens within the schools surroundings also in these cases where it's about child sexual abuse networks so that means social work . we need to be aware of these dimensions and we need to tackle so it has many different dimensions the network at the center of this case that's being decided
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here in germany in the court it operated in the so-called dark net how well equipped are authorities to to deal with that not really i mean they're trying their very best all law enforcement offices all over the world are really digging deep into that but they're it's just such a vast dimension and the laws are different in different countries so i think we need to tackle the problem until a different aspects one is strengthen law enforcement and their equipment and manpower and the other is find ways to technically remove. child sexual abuse imagery something that actually the canadian center for top protection has started to do they developed a weapon called iraq needs and they cross the net and searches for police known child sexual abuse imagery and they removed more than one million images with within the past two years what would you like to see come out of this trial in
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germany i would like for us to be more aware i would like to strengthen law enforcement i would not. to strengthen a corporation with the canadian center for child protection i would like for everyone out there in this in this social system to be aware that we need to ask these questions and see if images have been produced and spread thank you very much for talking with us this morning yulia while a director of the ngo innocence in danger my pleasure. the european court of justice is set to rule on whether e.u. law makers should be allowed access to studies on glyphosate to controversial pesticides the e.u. commission has classified lies for sate as safe based on scientific studies presented by private companies but when lawmakers demanded access to those studies the request was denied on the basis that it could harm those companies interests well before we speak to an e.u. law maker but here is get a close look at what the debate is about. easy to apply cheap and effective
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like to say destroys ball unwanted vegetation the only things it leaves growing other crops it's meant to protect the. market and the name around up the herbicide is a bio monsanto product it's in use on forty percent of germany's farmland. it's also used in over one hundred fifty countries worldwide. since it was introduced in the one nine hundred seventy s. over ten million tonnes of life are say to have been sprayed on crops enough to fill two thousand three hundred lympics swimming pools that makes it the most widely used weed killer in the world. it's also the most controversial environmental protection activists blamed lie for sick for the disappearance of many plants which once grew wild in nature and a corresponding loss of bird and insect populations. and they say trickles down
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into the groundwater scientists have found traces of blight for satan humans which has crept into the food chain the world health organization classifies blight for sate as probably carcinogenic to humans. of mordor let's speak to spend gold he's a member of the european parliament from the green party and one of the supporters of the case being decided today by the u. he joins us from brussels mr gold thanks for being with us so why is this ruling today so important. it is so important because. when it comes to health and safety concerns of food there should be full transparency and this case is about getting access to the original data and the original studies which have been used by the european food and safety agency in order to approve got to say and the whole point of science is that results can be read can be tried to
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be repeated by other researchers but this is only possible if the original studies and their main basic data is published and this is not the case this was we asked for the data it was refused and now we went to court to get it what do you think would change if the court decides to grant you access to those studies. well scientists all over the world could check the date and very fine whether the testing and the conclusion if it was correct or not and life est is the most used pesticides in the world this is truly relevant but i have to say that this case is more about the past than about the future because for new pesticides approvals all this has been changed in e.u. law for the future there is wide havoc access to the studies which have been used
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this was a fruit of the citizens initiative which has been signed by more than one million europeans and we mate as the european parliament we made that law and this is why we wanted this access for the past but for the future for the new pesticides all this is already ensured. the debate about bligh facetted safety continues to rage you're suing for to get access from the studies from corporations does it does do you not yourself or have already have proof that life is saved as carcinogenic to humans and degrading biodiversity. well the biodiversity effect is fully clear and we need to reduce pesticides and we are fighting for and you agricultural policy which gives money to farmers who are more careful with the environmentalists with our health and also responsible and social ways on the other hand we have a majority in the european parliament which want basically to continue with the
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status quo basis when it comes to biodiversity when it comes to health. well at the global you said it in the beginning the united nation helpful for it he has come to another conclusion then the european agency and in order to verify who's right we need access to these studies. saying gold their member of the green party in the european parliament thank you so much for talking to us. pleasure thank you . and manchester united are through to the quarter finals of the champions league after a dramatic finish to their time against probably sunshine man united took advantage of defenseless defensive lapses on the part of the hosts in the first half roommate who scored twice with p.s.g. responding through one then in stoppage time the ref the referee checked a replay of the handball incident before giving marcus rushworth
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a chance to win it with a penalty kick rush for it in manchester united are through to the final eight the champions league. well tuesday's other champions league game also featured a dramatic finish with porto overcoming roma thanks to another controversial penalty roma led the time after the first leg but porto managed to push the match up into extra time and in the waning minutes alex thomas scored from the penalty spot to put the portuguese through the fire and just remind of the top story we're following for you here today on the news venezuela's government has ordered the german ambassador to leave the country that's her dad you'll cream their expressed support for opposition leader. germany which is one of the country's backing why those bid to oust president nicolas maduro. while they don't have business is up next in monaco is here to tell us what she got about the impact of the german
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export ban arms to saudi arabia has been a shipyard especially the people there as production has come to a standstill so a lot of unhappy people there with german politics that and more coming up in business terry thank you so much looking forward to it stay with us. come get. the bombs going to. come in. the beginning.
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of. the. helping refugees in the pope's name. catholic communities all organizing safest paper in studio. especially vulnerable refugees are given visas and and nigerians so that they can enter here legally. and in a corridor to is to me as an christian charity in forty five minutes. more
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dream go international talk show this miniature mulcher is weak in german politics than europe resolve bitter divisions over migration the government it is said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump to defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history pano my guests have to say on quadriga because we got on d w. your link to the news from africa and the world join us on facebook at g.w. for. good players. the table. at this stage going to troll going to get in a good game of power and money the competition is fierce the is most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play
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and who will win this do we believe that removal energy new clean important role in the future. the good poker game the june political establishment starting moji take on g.w. . profits are down but to dodge a post d.h.l. is optimistic about the future of the world's second largest logistics company by sales volume expects an operating profit off at least five billion euros in twenty twenty we speak to the group's c.e.o. also coming up john as you always.


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