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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 9:30am-9:45am CET

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bluffing betting checking how much will be able to play and who will win this truly believes it renewable energy will play an important role in the future. the commuting the jew political system is stored in moji take on the job. profits are down but to dodge a post d.h.l. is optimistic about the future the world's second largest majestic company by sales volume expects an operating profit of at least five billion euros in twenty twenty we speak to the group's c.e.o. also coming up john has to go away suze to challenge us sick security nor its limits the tech companies access to the american market with telecom equipment. and a german town course in the crossfire of an international route over arms exports
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this shipyard was meant to bring jobs and much needed cash. hello welcome to do business america jones and berlin good to have you with us germany's deutsche post d.h.l. says its profits tumbled to last year as it implemented a costly restructuring program the globalist extrude says its operating profits dropped by fifteen point five percent to three point one six billion euros that's pretty much what analysts were expecting the company is closing down its costly and sprawling network of post offices in its key domestic market of germany that is creating an outcry among customers but helping daughter post focus on delivering packages for online retailers now earlier i spoke to the group's c.e.o. frank apple and i asked him how he hopes to turn business around and ensure customer satisfaction. you know first of all we have very much still in the black
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you know the profit warning was that pecan grow as much as we hope for we have to live out in the remainder of the year our adjusted gardens and we are satisfied with three outcome we are as you said growing air in all parts e-commerce is a significant part of it but of course we want to increase even the satisfaction of our customers globally that's the reason why we continue to invest in our service quality we perceive ourselves as a premier provider in whatever we do and we have invested last year and we will continue to invest more even this year we just announced that we engage more people employ more people in germany we added actually globally more than twenty five thousand people last year already to our global workforce ok so you invest a loss also in manpower at the same time as a logistics company operating well why you cannot be in the unit to what's going on on a global scale the o.e.c.d. has just lowered its global growth forecast citing trade issues and so forth that
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means probably less old us less august means less business for you right. yes so at the moment we definitely have more on center uncertainty than usually but still we believe that we will see a global g.d.p. growth for free to free and heartless and we even measure also the dia should that apparent better meter you know how the economy does and we definitely expect that we'll see a continuation and certainly it's not good because consumers potentially delayed purchases of products or goods or investments and that is not healthy but we have seen in the last years and i'm now in my job eleven years i have seen so many make a crisis would show not as big as people said at the beginning so we should leave a little bit more relax and focus on what we can do as a company so how relaxed are you about the upcoming bracks it's you haven't seen that in the last eleven years. no the berkshire this definitely not good for europe
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it is not good for the u.k. it's a lot of small nobody will benefit from that nobody is better off by going on its own particular in europe where we have to work together with his superpowers and china and us should really not good for both parts what will happen we don't know we can say our customers we're well prepared for any situation even for a hard. but it's not good for business and it's not good for the people of respective countries. dodge opposed d.h. a c.e.o. from apple speaking to. the end of the toyota issued stock warnings about the impact of a no deal breaks it would have on their plans in the u.k. to go to said it could end its production in britain by twenty twenty three if the country exits the european union without a deal such a move would affect more than three thousand employees he said to go test two factories in britain b.m.w. said the future of the mini planting cowley near oxford would be thrown into doubt
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that munich parent company said the production could be moved to holland if the u.k. crashed out of the e.u. without a deal on march the twenty ninth. chinese take joint two way is suing the united states for banning use of the company's equipment your way is challenging a u.s. law that labels the company a security risk and would limit its access to the american market for telecom equipment for years while way has sought to reassure the world of two things that it is not under the control of the chinese government and that it doesn't buy on consumers. a shift in tone from defense to accusation. the u.s. government had said. it's right it hurts our service and this story are you merril's and told allegations of american government
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interference and theft of corporate secrets while ways message to the united states we can play the blame game two hours before the announcement the backdrop to what's becoming an ever escalating dispute while waves chief financial officer among wang jew leaving her house in canada for an appearance in course she's been detained in the country since december accused of helping her company violates u.s. sanctions on iran she claims the arrest violated her rights and is politically motivated. while ways decision to sue the american government to a ready high cost conflict the u.s. effort to get allies to shun the firm threatens to bar the company from major markets and puts billions of dollars of investment in super high speed five g. networks out of risk it also adds tension to an already complicated trade
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relationship between the world's top two economies. the financial world is looking to frankfurt today where the european central bank is meeting and what about our financial correspondent is keeping an eye on the action that will he what can we expect. i think a new prognosis for the economy in the euro zone that's expected and also for the inflation and of course these are key parameters for what the b. does in order to support the economy or to reign in inflation and it's expected that the forecast will be subdued it will be a lower forecast than before and that will be in line with basically everyone who is speaking out on economic prospects whether it's the bundesbank or the german government the o.e.c.d. or the international monetary fund and people in the markets are hoping for a hint that new long term credits loans to banks will be renewed this is an instrument and sharing that banks have enough cash and enough prospects for growth
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do you think that will also be a hint as to who could possibly succeed mario draghi at the head of the european central bank was it to. well i don't think he would answer a question like that directly i think he's asked that at every press conference and one of the colleagues will probably pose that question today but it's a question that one should level that the heads of government and state who will decide on it in the end chancellor merkel has made clear that she would rather have put her cards on the table for an e.u. commission president from germany monfort favor of the c.s.u. is a candidate for that then going for an e.c.v. president gents weidman he's the head of the bundesbank highly qualified and but with a completely different view of monetary policy than a lot of people on the board and a lot of politicians in the e.u. he's antagonized a lot of people with that and it's unlikely that he will be successful there are
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other candidates highly qualified to a whole slew of them to choose from all right we'll have to keep an eye out for that box in frankfurt thank you. germany announced it will extend a temporary ban on arms exports to saudi arabia until the end off a month the ban has led to both domestic and international tension lynas facing pressure from the german arms industry and sectors related to it like this on germany's politics see. this is what the fuss is about for patrol boats to fend off coastal threats from the likes of pirate this is the closest to film for security reasons the pain of af shipyard wants to deliver the boats to saudi arabia but that's out of the question now following palin's export arms to the gulf kingdom production is at a standstill twenty percent of the workforce of hard. on their hopes are sinking. as. politike does. of course the politicians initially
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signaled that they decided quickly whole thing's been delayed now three times the way things stand. today and of course that's left the workers in a mood that can only be described as one of disappointment and resignation. it was supposed to be a billion dollar deal for the shipyard listen group subsidiary promise to tarnow patrol boats for the saudis that invested millions of euros in the equipment needed to build them and. the money also went into building a supply chain for the task. in the four hundred one phone system by mutes obviously the suppliers now want to hear what's going to happen and when and the workers want to know how and when things will happen or when do we come up produced work hours when and when you touch it all up commercially it's an enormous strain for the shipyard to have to deal with it's a foot off not a moment to shipyards hometime evolved is also suffering under the export pain of
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death and its suppliers are the largest employers here the slump in pain as income has led to a shortfall of. millions in the times budget money are gently needed to repair school buildings for one the times mayor has come under a barrage of criticism for speaking out about the problems just because he didn't please if i'm trying to balance the health and prosperity of a community against producing armaments and i'd like to put armaments in scare quotes here the reality is that we're short of money that we need to fulfill our responsibilities and this defeat is that the enemy appear perfidious to some but we're busy building a child daycare center and renovating a school in our financial contribution to that is missing the. most involved one an end to the constant delivery delays people want to know whether the finished patrol boats can be delivered are not. and if the risk can then be built or if the shipyard will have to launch
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a search for all the buyers and she caught some fresh business instead. of a raid in hackers have reportedly stone and corporate secrets and data from more than two hundred companies over the past two years the allegations reported by the wall street journal were revealed by software giant microsoft the cyber attackers allegedly stole secrets and wife's data from energy and production firms in saudi arabia germany of u.k. and the united states iran denies the claims. and that's your business update here in the w. for me and the team in berlin thanks for keeping us company. it's
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time to take. the. time just such the. fun for the truth. is hard to overcome. and can actually. it's time for the. if you don't view the is coming up ahead. minds.
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first in school in the. first clip listen and then sure is grand moment arrives join the ringgit tang on her journey. you know where interest you don't you're. entering it returns home. hello welcome it some culture all the way for the next quarter of an admiral is what's coming up. a new superhero film captain marvel starring breed opens around the. country. correspondent reaches belgium on his feet you read banking adjustment. box we begin with one of the major exhibitions of the year in
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germany two giants of the renaissance. and giovani bellini coming together in an exhibition of bold them one hundred of their works this is being made possible by cooperation between london's national gallery and berlin's committee the gallery who between them zest the most works by these artists outside yesterday. mikhail eisenhower is the man in charge of and state museums. quite a lot in his time but even he is getting quite a few civs about this latest. visit by communities three paintings by mind incredibly influential in the history of oh it's me.


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