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in the u.s. government it says a law limiting its access to the u.s. market is unconstitutional if a legal challenge comes with trade negotiations between the u.s. and china at a critical cost. and venezuela's government has ordered the german ambassador to leave the country that's after daniel treanor expressed support for opposition leader following why do germany is one of the countries backing why those bid to oust president nicolas. sawyer so now soon we will be with you at the top of the next hour thanks for watching. we make up over a week watch as a food found out that your pipes. the civil service and. the want to shape the continent's future you should be part of it and join our dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams you can hear challenging the seventy seven percent
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platform for africa shark. me i'm. a warm welcome for people in desperate need. a terrible and tragic fate for others. thousands of refugees have died in the mediterranean. but some are fortunate enough to travel to italy via a humanitarian corridor neither risking their lives nor paying human smugglers sums they can't afford. politicians seek to turn europe into a fortress christians are building bridges. these people are welcome. in their new
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home and have settled in well they are among a group of only eighteen hundred from syria eritrea somalia and south sudan. who are they. how did they get here what is the humanitarian corridor that pope francis has praised as a project that unites solidarity and security. our journey takes us to ethiopia many refugees from syria eritrea somalia and south sudan across the border near the town of she read. ethiopia is home to africa's second largest refugee population. the humanitarian corridor established by the catholic community center g.t.o.
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and current us italy is designed to help refugees languishing in camps here often in very poor conditions. a safe and legal pathway to europe the program grants visas to people in acute need of help and flies them to italy where they are assigned mentors by use in ethiopia where in a few p.r. was a country that's taken in a million refugees. it's opened its doors and done what it can to take care of the refugees in camps and to give them a future with a guy thirty ceased and that should be a lesson to european countries which do none of that even though they have far greater wealth and resources than a country like ethiopia will be resolved to replace a woman if you will be a commissioner to the wisdom of far. by chance we meet a group of eritreans they fled their homes and managed to. lost the border to
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ethiopia they've been travelling for nine days and the baby was on the way. right there more to the laurels when you got. somebody was obviously lots of people are paying to cross the border. not all of them do because some of them know the region quite well. from the us so they pay the passer someone who allows them to cross. it's dangerous of course they have to take care not to be picked up by the eritrean army the. police have to do in israel they didn't commit the. tickly to his family live in one of the many camps along the border they've heard about the humanitarian corridor and hope to be chosen for the program.
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he doesn't know what the criteria are he his wife and their two children oh nothing . from them that we're completely constrained in what we can do we get a bit of money that's all we have sometimes i find work but it's hard labor i'd like to get away life here is meaningless italy would certainly be better there's no hope for us here. is on his way to an interview. he knows he'll be one of many candidates. many eritreans are desperate to leave. the humanitarian corridor initiative is financed by current us italy and the center g.t.o. community. their representatives decide who is most in need of help. john carlo danielle and olivia listen to everyone stories take leigh tells them his brother is missing. he could be dead or in jail keep. no.
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should you simply deficient selecting candidates is always hard stories we hear are all very different because all these people are marked by their experiences of untold suffering the pain of having to leave their homes or torture they've lived through unimaginably distressing situation. both in this community. and those are the criteria that help the team select candidates who needs medical assistance who has experienced persecution or torture for their women in particular need to support two candidates have family they can join in italy. even with that we do three rounds of interviews with them in the third b. ask them if they really want to go to italy believing in god you describe conditions there and what awaits them as a commitment takes a heavy toll see we're often very moved by the stories we hear or sense that i wasn't about answer but ultimately we have
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a clear conscience because we're doing what we can to the best of our abilities as we try to make the best possible decision and give it. but today nothing is finalized the best checkley can hope for is that he'll be invited back for a second interview and that. three more people coming in october well i always keep in mind the words of jesus in the book of matthew about the last judgment see this is where he identifies completely with the poor and needy saying for i was hungry and you gave me food i was thirsty and you gave me drink i was a stranger and you welcomed me i was naked and you closed me this is always been the basis of our work with the poor and now we're. refugees people who have no home
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and have had to flee. but burritt and her family have lived in a border camp for seven years thanks made it into the next round of interviews and a new life is starting to feel within reach. she and her husband have two children. they both have health problems which is why the family have been deemed in need of help. arrived in the refugee home in twenty eleven daughter was born there around the time that president mellers and now we died my wife doesn't hear very well and has psychological problems we have to retract because i oppose the government's logs on military service is compulsory meanwhile under a lot of pressure it's not a democratic country we couldn't lead a normal life that. all they have left to remind them of home is
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a coffee pot. for fifty years the same to didio catholic community has been working to help people in need refugees the homeless the elderly prisoners or street children. it was founded in rome in one nine hundred sixty eight by eighteen year old underage ricardi and some of his school friends. in one thousand nine hundred one pope john paul the second gave the community a home in the basilica of santa maria interest a very. it's a tale of completely normal men and women who understand the meaning of the words of jesus in the acts of the apostles it's more blessed to give than to receive the material of santa g.t.o. is by all means a turbulent one but it's a tale of service to the poor. it's
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a mission it's also a joyful tale the joy of giving into working for other. but. the biggest diplomatic success in the fifty year history of center g.t.o. came in one thousand nine hundred two. it played a key role in brokering the mozambique general peace agreement which put an end to a fifteen year civil war that had claimed up to nine hundred thousand lives. but center g.t.o. is perhaps best known for its aids program in africa the interreligious meetings it organizes and its tireless campaigning against the death penalty. the humanitarian corridor initiative is a logical step in its work to promote peace. and over china. in one thousand nine hundred six there were many christians in turkey who had fled the iran iraq war. they came into contact with our
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community. and explained how much they wanted to escape the region and emigrate to the west just. the italian interior minister at the time was. it me get out if you know and crucially he came to their assistance for. their minister really means that i'm not really just god for. the community of santa g.t.o. is built on a dedication to prayer service to the poor and peace. pope francis himself took part in the celebrations marking the fiftieth anniversary of scented didio. he was vocal in his praise for the humanitarian corridor initiated by santa g.t.o. together with the wild indian church and carita. courage is not a. one off gesture but
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a daily effort was here and in the wild one that requires patience. it is a mission of overcoming walls and borders and uniting. open more humanitarian corridors for people fleeing war and hunger. but that is sound. pope francis under a riccardi refugees and helpers they're all lobbying for more humanitarian corridors around the world. a particular team but political support is needed to. either be a most updated. you're going to do many times some i think the humanitarian corridors are model because we have two kinds of reactions towards refugees or there's the idea of a wall we have no room the boat is full sort of attitude but then the way is paid for the brokers of death illegals. are most open safe passages for people for people in the order of protection so that they can come to our countries but if we
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need anything else to pays. it's. a start has been made france belgium and dora and sam marino have already adopted the italian model will germany follow suit and by its own estimates the center g.t.o. community numbers over sixty thousand members worldwide including german branches in berlin munich and mention god but. back in ethiopia we leave the border to eritrea and drive to the region around and the border to south sudan . refugees from somalia and south sudan are fleeing war terror and hunger. this young mother of four has lived here for five years.
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and we ran for our lives we couldn't stay there one of my children died on the way here we couldn't save him. the watching only. many children don't survive the journey. and in the camps there's not enough to eat . only be under four to is a father himself his encounters and experiences put his own life into a different perspective. than time including. because i see these children here like my own children and i would give them the same opportunities i give my children that would die hard but what i experienced here helps me when i go home to see all the things that seem so important to us in the west and in a different life and. knowing much of that it makes me realize how fortunate we are . and that's something i also want my children to understand they got it done with
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which it could be gotten if you. started trust contributes four million euros to fund the humanitarian corridor the italian bishops conference and the italian government are also supporting the initiative. that. the two into a family has lived in the slums of addis ababa for seven years the couple shares the cramped space with a single mother and a total of eight children you know when they're going to come teaming up as the only way they can afford it here to work is hard to come by. when you get pulled over you know you go on i mean you want your little four month. well i know about the not inability to. be ditched the eldest son wants to learn study and make a better life for himself and maybe one day return home he offers to show us around . my lovely homeland country i love them but. that's what
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i could offer you to meet me in another country by the willing or even my country be at peace when i can go back to see. because i'm looking for. and he used me to. seek you the he's a key to the kitchen is next door but is shared with the whole neighborhood. kitchen for everyone to see so it's for the whole area. b.t.s. family is about to say goodbye to their life here a life without schooling or gainful employment and with inadequate housing soon they'll move to italy via the humanitarian corridor and only one thing this is the dunny see when we talk to south sudanese here in the camps and ask them if they would like to go to europe they say they have no intention of going to italy to europe and they want to go home with
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a little bit so if we really want to invest in their future on the system we need to bring peace to their country. i. come from refugees has long been a top priority for pope francis it's been the cornerstone of his pontificate. almost all of. his first trip as pope was to lampedusa the small italian island which is to many a symbol of europe's misguided refugee policy. thousands of migrants who made the perilous journey across the mediterranean have reached its shores. countless others have lost their lives somewhere between north africa and europe. want to. be men we as a society have forgotten how to cry it's not my fault it's nothing to do with me someone else will take care of things. but today nobody in the world feels
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responsible anymore. he said and. culture prosperity is to blame it for the. the fact that we think only of ourselves she had rain the incident makes us insensitive to the cries of others it allows us to live in a bubble all of the support gets on our tail but meaningless on fleeting distractions and too much of everything will lead to indifference towards others get bored of that even if it is. worse even lead to a globalization of indifference he said to ordinary daily in the face. holy thursday the pope knelt and washed the feet of refugees demonstratively caring for them and listening to them. his actions have raised awareness of the plight of the millions of refugees around the world. he has also visited the aegean island of lesbos home to the biggest refugee camp in greece.
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to ask you. about france's frequently refers to the parable of the good samaritan and urges politicians to do everything in their power to stop the mediterranean from becoming a graveyard. the europe is the homeland of human rights. and whoever sets foot on european soil ought to sense this. course he says and there are and thus become more aware of the duty to respect and defend those rights he said a detail. when he left lesbos pope francis spontaneously brought twelve syrian refugees back with him to rome. there the community of santa didio immediately
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offered them a home and a future. in recent years the pope has repeatedly ever. to heads of state and governments for help. five years after his visit to the island of lampedusa he celebrated mass with refugees and volunteers in st peter's basilica. policies son's human being so everyone who is suffering. policy seeks appropriate solution was to protect the integrity of human rights and human dignity and the. many welcome such appeals made by pope francis but all too often they go unheard. was. the last leg of our journey in ethiopia takes us to addis ababa after months of
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anti-government protests a new prime minister took office in april twenty eighth and in november the government signed a peace agreement with eritrea. if you know where the last all out war was years ago remains a destination for thousands of refugees from neighboring countries many of them are christians as are two thirds of ethiopians. i. think. the next step in the humanitarian corridor initiative is underway. so it's only a few hours until the departure for italy. of the refugees are leaving everything behind with no idea what to expect. from you have one for me for an album called so i go for a. soul plane. so i go to sit down in the south
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of the study people know the special day. which is closed to make clothes and. all of the people living there normally are very hope and there is the sun. it's important for us to tell you once more that at the end of this year you you have to walk with your legs but after one year we are sure that if you know italian you will find it but even after the limited time you are you will be allowed to work without waiting for the recognizing of the vo. but the important thing we repeat is the faster you learn italian the faster you will get a job. and i sat down at the battle.
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saturday though. the italy that is generous and united is the one that i want to represent and not just me. i and many others in italy and daniel are here want to pave the way into a new life for these new arrivals. keep it on the record yet politicians make no humanitarian effort there is nothing we can say why the we can't make up for a lack of national action if i'm going to stop. everyone can take along two suitcases to clisby and his wife for it already the excitement is mounting. and. you know cause. you know. what awaits them in italy the family has no idea but they pray that things will get better. i feel i. have to each ways are also ready
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final instructions on how to cope with their new life in italy a logistical challenge for a family of ten. they can't imagine how they would cope without the team from the humanitarian corridor initiatives between not be easy if you're listening to them. because life for answers is not easy but if i'm nobody and. life is a toy to ease we'll also be settling in sort until we meet you eluding you consider danieli and john carlo explain once again that the visas they receive are only valid for italy. and i just want to sign you. as an agreement between you and us so we make a lot of effort to make your own. later. but it was almost a year. in the program that we have established in
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italy. helps to prevent hatred. when refugees have no worldly possessions no roof over their heads. if they're not listened to and have no prospects for the future. then there's a greater likelihood that they will mourn their pasts and the decisions they've made who somehow that doesn't happen with our program. we're company of them during the integration process to get through it was struck by the way to think of it. the fate of thirty three families one hundred thirteen individuals is being decided. until the very last moment there are bureaucratic problems with faeces. no one is taking much with them so the little they have matters all the more.
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sad. an overnight flight to italy none of them have ever been on a plane before. the first of many new experiences. i'm not afraid i'm just grateful to everyone for a new life in. the old days when i'm not so. i don't know anything about the lives telling now easily on the. the first humanitarian corridor that opened was to lebanon with an estimated population of seven million the country has taken in millions of refugees including most recently many from syria. some two point five million palestinians have also
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built a new life here. center g.t.o. and the indian church have been working here since twenty sixteen. s l j he is live in beirut palestina. in quarter the family of six pays two hundred dollars a month for what is essentially a windowless hovel. the rents are very high here everyone knows that the palestinians who are refugees themselves make a profit on a house. what's his work as a baker but his children can't go to school. his wife rarely ventures out she's too afraid and yet they don't want to risk their lives on the mediterranean. there's no future for them in lebanon. but they don't believe that they can ever go home to syria even though that is their dream. a lebanese initiative has classified the muslim family as being in need of support and they've been selected for the
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humanitarian corridor program. so. they believe their children will have a better future in italy. i don't really know anything about it but i know that europeans live in dignity that for us that's the most important thing that. every child can go to school and need a normal life. oh yes most barely two thousand refugees have arrived in italy via the humanitarian corridor a negligible figure some might say given there are almost seventy million refugees worldwide. but for the j.d.s. the initiative is a godsend they place their full trust in the italians. francesco p.o.v. he works for italy's protestant church after a two thousand and thirteen shipwreck off lampedusa claimed four hundred lives the church resolved to bring refugees legally and safely to europe via
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a humanitarian corridor that politicians were failing to provide the process they're working on building walls and that won't solve the problem it's a pity that they support governments that do not respect human rights. christian groups have already been able to organize one thousand to tell you and visas for refugees in lebanon and the italian government has approved another one thousand. it's possible that further humanitarian corridors will open up but with the n.t. immigration league party now in government that seems unlikely i. would say my name you could see the answer to the issue of refugees is often instrumentalist in europe. it's used to scaremonger any money at all because that's been done in the coal fields but our experience with the humanitarian carter has been positive. fact that they must be all from the northeast and the fact that many people open up their homes to refugees is both astonishing and positive and as they will see evil
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. the journey from beirut to their destination reaction in southern italy will take twenty four hours despite some apprehension the mood is happy and excited. it's wonderful and dream come true i hope that the children will forget their traumatic experiences and sadness. leave. the rival in rio at the southernmost tip of italy. are welcome here the town has taken in hundreds of refugees and become known as a model town for integration. before they came was a ghost town. on the road i'm just the mayor of a small town with a population of fifteen hundred for me it's tremendously gratifying to were founded the town that welcomes refugees which has become known around the world for its
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humanitarian message you want a job. these have been given a far better apartment than the one they lived in in beirut once the father finds a job and begins to earn a living. the family will start to feel like they have really arrived. do you know what when we first got here i wanted to go right back i told them take me back to lebanon on the very first night i was so tired but then i was able to rest people treated us well italians are good warm hearted people. but he must have changed his mind from one day to the next the l.j.b.f. disappeared save the locals to this day there's no trace of them. approximately fifteen percent of the participants in the humanitarian corridor initiative end up going underground. until you're all just. so i don't know but oh well even the swiss watches sometimes don't work for me.
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these are people who have gone to find family members in other european countries. they didn't just give up this employee took a different path. the majority of people integrate in italy. in germany political debate has been dominated for several years now by the refugee issue and questions concerning transit centers repatriation and fortress europe. the government in berlin is familiar with legal migration options. like their one day be a humanitarian corridor to germany. the chancellor has repeatedly expressed her approval for such projects. including at the center didio international peace meeting in minster in september twenty seventeen. that.
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you helped to prevent refugees from forming into the clutches of human trafficking and from taking life threatening journeys across the mediterranean for the help that i. deeply grateful that's a given dhamma though i'm one of you are also a wonderful example of the role that civil society in general can and should play in making the world more humane and mentioning his. standing religious communities demonstrate humane creativity which politics in many parts of the world is there unfortunately often lashing into end of it it's off to mung that . in fact germany was widely praised for its humanitarian response when the flood of refugees reached its peak in the summer of two thousand and fifteen. many people found a new home here refugee helpers and volunteers worked around the clock.
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the german bishops conference appointed a special representative for refugee issues the archbishop of hamburg stephan has said would like to establish a humanitarian corridor in germany he says. we face major challenges on the government level and so far as the interior ministry is not on board with the plans like. if years the initiative could bring about a shift in thinking. from that's why we as a church are in conversation at the state level. there are possibilities. we have to see now whether there is scope for cooperation between state governments and churches and church groups who claim it won't be easy and false on. the number of refugees arriving in germany is now considerably lower than it was in two thousand and fifteen. many refugee homes are now empty. but the german government's new
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policy is to regulate refugee numbers with border controls and deportations and limited applications for family reunification. germany's churches would like to see a different approach were over german law does not grant fisa. on humanitarian grounds but think i was getting it before i think it would overwhelm our missions abroad if it were possible to apply for visas or asylum them. in the interior ministry do support however is a private sponsorship program for a total of five hundred refugees. about this sponsoring book i mean cooperate on this with the evangelical church of germany your mom has commenced and if one can also offer the program to carry tasks and the catholic church. on. march into its mine is the representative of the council of the event helical church in berlin and brussels he welcomes the interior ministries offered under this program those in need of protection will also be selected according to the
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criteria of the un refugee relief organization u.n.h.c.r. and be assigned mentors. was the initiative was proposed by the interior ministry. is to food from the pilot project allows up to five hundred people to come to europe safely and legally. of people of their own have residence permits for three years. so it's a good solution. because it factors integration into their lives from the outset that. goes well the private partnership program will launch in twenty nineteen and state programs might follow. it's an initiative that has much in common with the humanitarian corridor. twenty refugees
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have now been in sorrento for about six months. it's a picturesque town west of the coast about an hour's drive south of naples. two families from southern sudan and eritrea live in a current house run shared house in the middle of town. initially operate and her husband struggled to settle in at first the couple and their two children lived with a host family but that didn't work out. it has difficulties with her hearing and is often depressed. but slowly they're starting to feel at home. as. we have understood that we are guests here and as such we are treated in
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a very special way. our lives are very different now. will eventually become part of the community but there will always be challenges. but the difference between the refugee camp in ethiopia and life here in sorrento it's like the difference between heaven and hell in terms of climate and quality of life. the children have learnt the language. they were out here that's very important they are the lucky ones. i don't mean molly annette is responsible for the current project in toronto together with his team he wants the refugees to feel at home here. the budget to meet their daily needs is fifteen euro's a day per person. there's
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a schedule for household chores. nobody wanted to use the dishwasher at first the kitchen appliance was unfamiliar to them as was italian cuisine. now everyone likes pasta. and that. i was surprised and happy when i first arrived there have been rainy days since we got here but it's never rained inside the house in august the roof leaked out everything was drenched when it rained you'll be here the roof doesn't leak there's an electricity running water food at this. heat here. twice a week the adults have italian lessons where the children have picked up the new language easily the grown ups are struggling you know. was.
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there me and yeah this was after years of hardship settling into their new lives is a challenge it can't happen overnight but time is not on their side of the. full integration can only work in a year for those who are very very motivated you know if you look at our group two to three percent of them are because the more the the others. we'll need a long time. the number of children is a challenge in which the family from southern sudan has eight children. of course the children are learning italian quickly but managing to provide for a family with eight children would be a challenge for italians too they put only tell you how do you. know what mom did not get. i the refugees in sorrento will be mentored for a year. here scarred by their experience of war and refugee camps.
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it will take time to heal. i. go for all since we got here we've had medical treatment i have problems with my knees very painful i'm waiting for an operation my wife is hard of hearing and she's also being treated. doing so well here but people in south sudan a suffering so much. more like a big big big. after some initial difficulties locals have grown used to the new arrivals and gotten to know them. you manage hereon corridor program has helped put a human face on
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a controversial issue in italy. really fine here we still don't speak much italian about enough to make ourselves understood it's a hospitable city we appreciate that. the people are so cordial friendly and warm hearted. we're incredibly glad to have been welcomed here. ok so. the question remains will the governing coalition made up of the five star movement and the far right league party continue to support the humanitarian corridor. it's not out of the question. i've always praised the humanitarian corridor it's a good thing it's a form of immigration that is safe legal comfortable and orderly for people who
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have the right to come to italy. good news for the one thousand eight hundred or so refugees who have already arrived in italy bere the humanitarian corridor and for others desperately hoping for a chance to reach europe without risking their lives. but. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. my guess this region in brussels is the belgian and me feel fairly blonde who sits on the european parliament for exit steering committee because the e.u. negotiated in good faith a new sound fine mr unity of the twenty seven beginning to cry doesn't look like
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there's a conflict of golf. tournament in dublin. in two years this will be the european capital of culture but the ancient city of illiteracy known has lost its luster. it's currently home to a huge ship graveyard. burgeoning bureaucracy and a lack of funding for stifling cleanup operations. so when will the left ciena sparkle again. if ninety minutes on d w. with nick different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. given freedom
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before it's global news that matters w. made for moderns. this is deja vu news live from berlin china swallow way goes on the offensive the tech company is suing the u.s. government it says that a law limiting its access to the american market is unconstitutional. also coming up persona non-grata venezuela's government expels the german ambassador daniel cleena for backing opposition leader one why don't germany says why don't still has
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it on wavering support or to.


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