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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2019 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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what makes a scene and how. my name is dr costly i talked to medical experts. i watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to go ahead. stay tuned and let's try to stay with. you. there is less than a month to go before britain shed your departure from the e.u. and the union is staking out its final positions on the terms of withdraw my guest this week here in brussels is the belgian m.e.p. philippe lambastes who sits on the european parliament rex it steering committee has the e.u. negotiated in good faith and is that famous unity of the twenty seven beginning to crack.
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down banks welcome to comfort zone thank you let's talk first about bracks it if we may on the possibility that britain might seek an extension of the article fifty process you said the other day an extension must be accompanied by a credible plan for holding a people's vote on the final deal that includes an option to remain in the e.u. well that's my preference but that's most there must be a credible plan but since when is it your job to tell the british people that they should have another vote on the referendum not taking them out on i'm not telling them i know that my people must they must my my people in britain tell me that's what they want my allies in britain the greens s.n.p. and oh well party do want these people so i support it some people do but i know but my people in britain wants to one day so are you happy but you come out and say this and you're interfering in the democratic. processes of the sort and see i'm
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just picking up my mind i'm not instructing the brits what to do what i'm saying is that if they want an extension they need to say for what and it can be the people's fault it can be a new election it must be we need some time to actually say what angela merkel says that they should have their extension we're not going to say no to it she says there should be an orderly breck's i agree with that for the for britain but not at any cost not at any cost because i know it is in everybody's interest isn't it you don't notice you don't want to see an orderly burn not just not just any old only breaks it just imagine that we do it the way the argy wants us to do it basically what they want us is to open a five hundred fifty kilometers backdoor into the single market uncontrolled and policed and that any that's not true that he settled that is simply not true that they have offered all kinds of means of checking what goes through and this is all james you misspeak including a common rule book whereby they would agree by a treaty to harmonize the xians journeys with the e.u.
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most really dealing you're talking about the european research great seconds of total wreck government i'm talking about the government i mean british government i mean you go around saying that britain wants you to stop policing your i will use let us know they've offered you they've offered you a number of different ways they've offered shocking what go through the not border absolutely not and this is why they have what those are you know book i mean that's the reason i suggested i'm sorry to say it's not because you say something that it is true. it's not because you say that they've offered controls that it is true they've just said maybe technology will save us you know what i want to twenty more than i would want to turn to and he turned down the technological suggestions exactly because they because the suggestion was made you can see this is fantasy you can say their fantasy you can not like them but don't say that they weren't offered they were off i mean if i offer you a double sun in the sky i can say that it doesn't make it happen this is number
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this is the key sticking point the irish border the border between the irish republican northern ireland if britain crashes out without a deal day one on this border what happens there will be controlled host putting up those concerns well both sides will need to put their own says it isn't an arm themselves it isn't of course of an hour and says it doesn't well we will need to have contingency plans for that of course so what are your contingency from day one of course you don't expect that smugglers will start importing goods into europe because at the moment we have alignment but very soon if this border is not policed well it will be of use and either the e.u. has plans than what you can believe that we are going to put these plants in the only one to two hundred and eight border crossing yes and you propose to police all those to you when we will need to control we will need to come against the wishes of the irish state against the wishes of the irish while i believe made it perfectly clear what we are saying is very clear this from simon the foreign
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minister the irish government will not support the reemergence of border infrastructure on this island can it be clearer than that no it cannot be clearer than that but then they know the consequences that then we will put the checks elsewhere than on the in try responder who who will put the chair was the european union member states what do you believe what do these checks look like then who who's going to put them up front tax not from takes i mean did the customs. the. the various member states i mean what you believe do you believe that we are going to let any good enter the european union just unchecked and so if if the irish don't do it then of course people on the continent will and so there will be a border between learned and other and and you have to tell you that the republic of ireland is very much your pride about the integrity of the single market and doesn't want to be excluded from the single market and believe me and this is the calculus that many british are just ignoring is that yes heartbreaks it will be
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damaging for you twenty seven it would be even more for the u.k. but that is not our problem it would be damaging for the twenty seven but. does lose regime lose simon kovan he said absolutely lose absolutely but then again disintegrating the single market just to please the g. will be even more damaging and between two evils we have to to some lesser one so it's a choice between the good friday agreement in the single market for. what it is in france or a you want dublin that if it came to a choice between those two things you would decide that the single market was more important well we will decide that they are playing i mean the british or the british politicians remind us too often and not only about the british position too but what you i'm talking to you i mean how do you decide whether you want to listen or not i mean i don't care i mean that's your point you want an answer i give it to you i mean the brits are responsible for the good friday agreement we are not i
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mean the two parties to the good friday agreement other republic of ireland and the united kingdom and i mean it is the responsibility of the united kingdom to stand by its word and what is not doing and what the extremists the extreme break cities are doing is basically we need seeing the good friday agreement you cannot want all the details here who are going to agreement you where to start as we are in dream but we cannot defend it if one of the two parties to the good friday agreement doesn't give ireland a choice don't you good friday i mean the brits or the single mother. have to make of their minds whether they want to stand by an agreement an international agreement that they cite it is their responsibility you told an audience in dublin that if the irish government said to hell with the single market let's keep the good friday agreement any cost well there be twenty six other member states who won't see it that way exactly so you're opening up a huge rift between arland and the rest of the lawyers for it for again the two parties to the good friday agreement to decide what they want to do but the prime responsibility lies with the british government and the british parliament because
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they are the ones with sacked the very basis of the foundation on which a good friday agreement is built that is the common membership of both the republic and the united kingdom to the european union it is what made possible the good trade agreement if the brits removed their part of the foundation they have to replace it with something you were you simply went to threaten ireland then or your message to dublin was worse don't want to hear that the e.u. whose interests are more important than yours know we are not just saying we are just saying that we ever responsibility for the single market island and the united kingdom have a responsibility for the good friday agreement we'll do everything we can within the reach of the space of reason to support a good trade agreement but if one of the two parties to the good friday agreement breaks it what can we do what can we do and just to ram home your message to the irish you gave the example of the greek crisis where you said the e.u. dylan did whatever it took to keep the integrity of the manager and would do
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whatever it took interesting that you mention the example of greece because it's one of the great examples of how the e.u. was willing to trash the economy of a member country and humiliate its people simply to keep its precious rules intact and you were basically offering the same to ireland no no whatever the cost to you will be it will keep the single market in and i think and i have reasons to think that the irish government also want to keep the integrity of the single market believe. and look what look what your measures did to greece one in three my first my ears measure i don't know who you are but i was naive group i was not well we fought against these measures one in three living below the poverty line some five hundred more suicides registered a month and a writer in two thousand and nine i mean. this this is how you impose your rules on the countries are you looking at. you know i'm not. the troika
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i'm not that took over the economy i my detroit and i european union no but you want to say that they would use the same priorities to keep the single market is that i take my cue from history and when the european council wants to keep the integrity of the monetary you know single market dead to me nation is complete i'm not a head of state and government i am a member of the european parliament i will never accept to be taken well made accountable for policies decided by politicians which with whose political orientation i don't share as you know if you follow greed policies that we fought against the memoranda were imposed on greece all along because we know that the greek rescue plans were actually rescue plans for the bank for been paid back by folk in the i could call and call you know debt so if you want to make me appear as if i were mr troika mr european council well this is this is a game right so no i am not
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a player in that game sorry so you're against maintaining the integrity of the single market at any cost what are you playing at our yamaha skiing you question i'm saying no i want to keep the integrity of the single market i don't want whatever the cost to the member state whatever the cost to the member state but the actually what you are asking if i may is basically that we give way to the most extreme in the u.k. who one day cake and it is why should we do this one if you end up with no deal on bricks because neither side has blinked your rules the e.u. is rules would have served no useful purpose were they going to do so they say they would have taken everybody to a place they don't want to get to you know is that a lose lose lose situation i suppose but i think that doesn't get you to that i think that one hundred to use one to go there and fine by me i mean they do whatever they like if they have a majority in parliament to do that work who am i to oppose this but i do believe that the vast majority of british. citizens don't want that to happen let them
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manifest themselves through their representatives in the house of commons if rules don't produce winners was the blue of having a well don't you believe that the single market produces winners i mean we are better off with a single market in a globalized economy than by the outage in this instance if everybody will lose from we would lose from the outcome if britain crashes out there's no deal victories will lose from what you say the rules do then go and say to europe we kept our rules intact but never mind i mean they've lost badly and we're losing out bad everybody loses let me let me just remind you one thing is that if we destroy the single market just to please to hand-pick city is to damage will be an order of magnitude bigger so yes it's an evil yes situation but giving the extremists their way would be massively more damaging and yes we would have preferred to avoid breaks it but if it comes to that well we will choose the form of brakes it that is the least damaging the damage there will be you cut off
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your nose to spite your face you do something that damages you as well while we are protecting our interests as best as we can do those who caused the damage in the first place are those who chose to interpret the results of the refrain done in the most extreme way there was not one way to interpret the result of the referendum a form of it to be negotiated quite obviously there was a mandate for fifty to forty eight to do that but nothing nothing to must force a messy democracy is messy you'll see it exactly when the prime minister said we are going to be out of the single market and customs union and jurisdiction of the c.g. and everything we are going to respect the good friday agreement and we are going to have no divergence between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. you know what she was just saying something that was impossible i mean the three things are mutually exclusive i mean it's not because you say and you keep repeating them that you make them possible. i mean when they are mutually exclusive
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they are and actually the predicament of theresa may is one of her hand making she decided to go that way she could have chosen a different interpretation of directed and actually what the hundred cities fail to recognize is that many promises they made during the campaign were made were actually made impossible by the existence of the good friday agreement and i want to move on because i want to talk about prioritizing rules ahead of results no no no no it's prioritizing results ahead of root look at i mean at the security arrangements for instance new security arrangements between the e.u. in the u.k. and the haste in which the e.u. is going to cut britain out of databases showing data face and europe data base how does that serve the security interests of europe prioritizing rule those rules and procedures over safety and security because the e.u. will be less secure without britain as an item passed part of that system and
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britain will be less secure israel will be but are you prepared to have that you could prioritize the facts how are we going to get the best deal we have and then again i'm sorry to instead of just cutting them out of the databases i don't know what game you're playing but the point is that you fail to recognise that. do you mean union as a value in itself a single market as a value in itself in terms of providing leverage right and basically what you say is that for short term expediency we should sacrifice a leverage the safety of europeans is short term expedient absolutely because you really achieve the same goal you can achieve the same goal while keeping the integrity of the european union the united kingdom can have security agreement with the united european union but decent to be negotiated if the united kingdom wants to become a third state fine but that it will be treated as a cert state and we will have bilateral negotiations and we'll see what comes out of the numbers were europe is concerned about forty percent of everything that
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europe or does is linked to work but is the provided or requested by the u.k. in twenty seven is one area where the u.k. invested in a you institution twenty seventeen the u.k. contributed over six thousand pieces of information to your opponents more than any other country yeah and you will lose that by necessarily we'll go she out we will negotiate we will negotiate but do you think that negotiation starts by accepting what your opposite number wants no that's not how it works out negotiated long enough in my life to know that the negotiation starts when the customer says no right and he turns when the customer says yes what you negotiator seem to obsess about is the britain must appear to lose no from this absolutely not you have made it clear that leave leaving the e.u. is a mistake and that should become a self-fulfilling prophecy now no written has to lose its losers britain has to lose i mean you played the part but that again is
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a lunacy i mean. no we just say that membership of the european union has benefits and of course if you're not member you don't enjoy those benefits it's not punishment it just you know that you've got my point is that you could have enjoyed those benefits you could have prioritized. results over process but you don't do that you say that you say that you are the one who said but i think it's twenty so now you have preserve the integrity of the european union and its single market in the negotiation with britain become entirely certain of your complain that the e.u. was a bureaucratic leviathan. now you seem to be a cheerleader and i know you to be a period before i mean democracy is messy as you said i mean this is bureaucracy we're talking about yeah but we're talking about the did the rules we have talking about the institutions of the first attempt in the world of having a transnational democracy do you believe that it happens without difficulty snow of course not that would have the rules certainly not we thought you would be selected
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the e.u. is pretty selective about which rules it says and which it doesn't give me an example ok let's take the stability for pact yes right fact is that since it was introduced not a single year has gone by without at least one member countries firearms is between your examples your i don't perfectly well i share your criticism about that because indeed it seems to be a sort of a two speed judgment on public finances if you're a big country you will be treated differently in a small country and there's evidence to that and so i mean twenty sixteen when spain and portugal breached the rules brussels decided to set fines what level zero exactly what message does that send that these rules are not really credible i exist you agree with you get rid of your rules when you feel like you're new and force them well yeah but then again when it suits you well it's really interesting because you treat me as if i were the european union you know european union is diverse there's diversity in our democracy this people who are greedy with certain policies and those who disagree with them and i happen to
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a gruesome and to disagree with your shampoo that if they were crazy you are in favor of i mean the system to be yeah but it's all right single mom ok yeah but i'm also on record saying that the budgetary rules of the european union and fit for purpose that's reality they have no scientific ground at all we rolled the three percent rule so the fact that public budgets cannot go over three percent deficit and public debt cannot go over sixty percent of g.d.p. and you know what these figures exactly zero scientific substance you are purely arbitrary. and so indeed you cannot do good policies without well just based on arbitrary figures so if these rules are unfit for purpose i am not that worried that well we play with them because well they are and you know you do you play well to me yeah let's talk about human rights because this is a season that you care about you wrote a couple of years ago that the most powerful breath of hope for all those who were
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living under the oppression of oratory regimes was the european union well i'm not anymore is it you're right i mean when i do you know how we are we go in bed with a likes of mohammed al sisi or putin or mama those who say let's take that example a couple of days ago you happy that the u.s. was given legitimacy absolutely not absolutely not so in ohio as you rail about it but nothing's ever done that well we you continue with let association agreements with egypt you will hit them you where they give you again i mean you don't get them where you can continue playing that game as if i were the european union and i'm not i'm a member of the european parliament one of seven hundred fifty one and i happen to disagree with those policies and you know i'll just tell you one thing the number one customer of the weapons industry in france in belgium in the united kingdom is which country so. with a dictatorship being put in place by mohamed bills and sound that i have taken
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risks in my own country saying that we should have an arms embargo against soldier depriving the main belgian weapons producer of its main client we have taken political risk to stand by all five use yes we did. but those values were show in sharm el sheikh where they now they were maps was instead of concentrating on rules and regulations and protecting the single market we you should show a bit more principle i think that that indeed we should stand by our principles and again our principles should be underpinned by orit issue sions but when politicians decide to ignore them what can i do the good news is that well there's various flavors of political leaders in europe and not all of them are prepared to do just anything to. just serve their short term interests small wonder the when the scene as you said before is a bureaucratic leviathan and doesn't live up to its human rights principles the number of people voting in european elections cures going down i wasn't it and
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that's already fourteen was the lowest of a very true and six percent are nothing to be proud of is not not absolutely not we are fighting psychological illness ever closer union i want more of the same no that's again a misrepresentation we want more integration but more not more of the same because you can have an integration with different policies poor and money into a democratic corrupt countries involved in the balkans you know we didn't say that we didn't say that so i mean you get you can spend your whole time putting words in my master diet that i don't agree with it won't but it won't but little very modest of conversation does it mean this ever closer union ever closer union is basically a statement of fact united kingdom france germany italy let's take this for countries the biggest in europe. barely one percent of the population age of the global population i mean those well some people and you may be part of there maybe not may thing that the united kingdom once was
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a global superpower and will be one again these days are over over but the only good let me finish the only way for europeans to carry any weight on the global scale facing the putting so of this world facing the direction of this world facing climate change facing the power of pickup rates is to act to get a days no way around this if you want to have hungry poland with questionable views on the rule of law that's what ever closer union with them well there's many democrats hungry again we have a hunger and government which is sort of critic which is not respecting the principles of the european union which wants to retake the usual you're in a very different dogs actually from you but i fear you will do so union vote but i have confidence that the forces of democracy of real democrats in europe will be stronger than these autocrats and i hope they will because indeed there is a rise of populism in europe doesn't look like it doesn't well wait for the results of the twenty one thousand elections and then we'll talk i know you did better in
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bavaria and you done a little better in your city but there but they're very strong and they're very powerful and we will see whether they keep gaining strength and i doubt it will see people in europe and happy with the way the european union deals with fraud for instance we had a new report in january revealed that the e.u. lost more than nine billion euros to fraud between two thousand to two thousand seven hundred member states doing very little to prevent or punish those who were identified as suspects major issue i agree i agree and you mentioned later how as i was closer union going to do anything about that when it's not it's not as if closer union is necessary closer union with that kind of behavior i mean the united kingdom would you advocate the solving the united kingdom because well we observe that at the moment we are not fighting fraud enough in the first looking for. this is that working a lot of people are talking about dissolving the united kingdom you know well i'm not one of them so no it's not because well some processes don't work well
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invention that we so we should be sold belgium or france or any country mansoul it takes them they've got a prime minister says less is more he doesn't want to see you know i mean all closer union you know what he says do fewer things better yeah of course he's been a consultant i've been long enough in business to recognise that kind of offer glossy glossy guys who will come with slogans which mean nothing less and you don't you don't come you're not of you'll see a guy coming with slogans no sorry sorry i've been there i've been there twenty two years in real business i've seen the economy from the inside i've seen i've seen the newly built version of globalisation from the inside so you can just say that i'm a glossy politician want to impress me much want to press me much and talk to my well talk to my photos they will they will make their judgment as to also lead i will see fit if number closely or not it's good to have your own comfort zone thank you so much a real pleasure i just enjoyed every minute of. i'll. i'll
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. i'll. i'll. i'll be good. to. the egypt.
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