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we're going on the point that you constantly global news that matters d.w. made for martin's. the at. this news coming to you live from berlin child abuse pornographers jailed in germany a court hands lengthy prison sentences to four men accused of operating the world's biggest child abuse pornography. on the dark net also coming up a new future for free stroke c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says it will focus on private messages that even facebook will not
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be able to see will that help the platform should ask congress and board of government regulators. plus is really as harmless as its makers say and your court says officials must release studies on just how safe the controversial weed killer really is. i don't work and i'm honored that shima a pleasure to have your company. a german court has handed down prison sentences of between three and ten years to four men accused of operating a dark net platform for child sexual abuse images the platform was called elysium and it was one of the largest such websites worldwide investigators closed down in june two thousand and seventeen. it took prosecutors months to gather the evidence
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the four men were accused of setting up an operating and child pornography platform on the darkness and investigators said the men had managed the illegal pornographic content on the elysium network does not to be out of us of the material posted on elysium showed every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers and i was playing on the victims included newborns and babies the platform was discovered in twenty seventeen and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts paedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany prosecutors said the network allowed the exchange of illegal material to be as easy as online shopping investigators will continue to sift through the evidence and work with international authorities to bring additional prosecutions. chief political correspondent linda crean is following
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that case and joins me now melinda the convicted men have received jail tales of between three and ten years what has been the basis of their sentences. the basis in general was that they possessed and published child pornography and in the case of the longer sentence it was it was increased because that particular defendant had also himself apparently committed. molestation and then uploaded to the photographs of his own acts to the website now these sentences actually met or even exceeded what the prosecutors had asked for but some child protection n.g.o.s here in germany are saying that the sentences are nonetheless too lenient but as i said the
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prosecutors were in fact satisfied and there we had some a distressing details about the website in our report that is more about the investigation which came about as a result of cooperation between germany and australia. that's correct in fact the tipoff came from australian investigators who have been looking at it different child pornography a website called the gift box and became aware of a german parent a perpetrator who then in fact became one of the three who have now been convicted and who did then create this other web site called illegal now the fact that the tip off came from a foreign country from australia is not simply coincidental the fact is that authorities in a number of other countries have more room for maneuver in investigating dark web
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pornography of pornography on this hidden part of the internet than investigators do here that's for a couple of reasons first of all for example in the u.s. google and other platforms can be required by federal and local authorities to screen content and upload problematic content directly for for a supervision that would be impossible in germany due to the data secrecy laws secondly investigators themselves have the ability in many other countries to for example log themselves on to illegal sites and pretend to be offenders in order to get access to data that would be very very difficult in germany right melinda debby's chief political correspondent thank you. the european union has said
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it hopes venezuela reconsider its decision to expel the german ambassador daniel crean and president nicolas maduro has accused crean no of interfering in venezuela internal affairs after he expressed support for opposition leader fund by the why there has said that the investors should stay on germany's one of several countries backing why those bit to oust. lonely freedom says this lawmaker thanking germany his words applauded by deputies in venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly. germany backs one quite venezuela's legitimate leader. it seems that's one reason the government of his rival nicolas maduro has told the german ambassador to leave the country. this regime the disease power has no right to declare anyone persona non-grata this
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is simply a threat and that's how it should be same by the free world the german ambassador and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. say mz the madeira regime want tolerate anyone who wants to help them that's why law. already sort of the german envoy was among a group of diplomats who met quite the airport on his return to caracas on monday helping him evade arrest. so far daniel crean a is the only one of them to be expelled the government accusing him of meddling in internal affairs germany says this kind of pressure won't work. i dodged a bullet so you'll have to determine government has decided to recognize one guy do as interim president who should bring about free fair and democratic elections in venezuela that's. completely income prehensile reaction will in no way
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change our positions kind are still afraid. and quite is most important back stepped up its campaign to topple madeira. united states will revoke seventy seven visas including many officials of the duro regime and their families we will continue to hold them a durable regime accountable until labor is restored and venezuela. matures expulsion of a western diplomat and the tightening of u.s. sanctions it's just the latest round in the battle between madeira and his opponents abroad. as venezuela's political crisis deepens. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around one hundred canadian prime minister justin trudeau has admitted making mistakes in the handling of a growing political crisis but insists nothing illegal happened to blame the
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scandal that's cost him two ministers on a breakdown of trust and communication with former justice minister jody wilson reboard she accused trudeau of pressurising her to help a major construction firm avoid a criminal trial. french cardinal philip barbarian says he would resign as archbishop of lille he announced the decision after a court found him guilty of feeling to inform authorities about sexual abuse allegations against a priest that priest has confessed to abusing boys in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's and will be tried later this year. now facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says his company plans to shift its focus to private messaging services in a post on his own profile page said the company would encrypt conversations on more of its messaging services and make them compatible he said people increasingly want to connect privately in the digital equivalent often livingroom.
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digital report in shattered dreams is with us and welcome jad i'm not quite sure what mock secular is trying to do can you explain what his plans so what's he up to so we know facebook really as a networking tool that can mix people all around the world and now mark zuckerberg kind of has these eyes set on what we say in private to each other on the messaging services that facebook owns so platforms like whatsapp facebook and facebook messenger and instagram and he wants to make those compatible with each other as you say sorry if you write to me on whatsapp i'd be able to write back to you on facebook and messenger and he wants to add a layer of security to these as well by making what we say the messages encrypted and that basically means are in the eyeball to be read by the person they're intended for so facebook wouldn't be out to get its hands on those messages and it
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wants to copy something that snapshot is doing way of by the messages would also delete after a certain period of time and i guess facebook's tapping into what is a growing messaging mock it because it's traditional business being a social network isn't growing as fast as the messaging market so this is kind of part of the reason why he's doing so facebook is trying to meet more privacy fendi but in the past facebook and privacy haven't privacy hasn't made a strong suit of facebook facebook's had a pretty shocking time of it in the last little while when it comes to privacy i mean we just have to look at the cambridge analytical scandal as an example where some eighty seven million people dot ended up in the hands of a political consultant see that worked for donald trump but it's got bigger problems too you know the russian interfering in the election hate speech abuse and
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extremism has had to go in front of various panels like congress and the european parliament to to defend himself and he's got a bit of a. challenge to convince us all that he's serious about privacy and also ward off the coals up every now and again people saying that facebook should be regulated he wants i guess to stop that too what i need to point out though is that when facebook encrypt private messages to each other on its platforms it's still got everything else like it can still monitor what we do on facebook and elsewhere on the internet and work out how best to target ads to us to sell us things and that's how it makes its money so this is just really one one part of the story and that's the extent to me that is its business model doesn't want to act critics say so about this latest move when it comes to private messaging people are pointing out the fact that just two years ago facebook said its goal would be to make the world more open and connected and now we've got to believe it's wants to do the opposite
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so people saying well hang on a minute. others are saying mark zuckerberg is trying to ward off competition regulators because they kind of want facebook to stop sharing dr across these messaging platforms and if it can merge them into one then maybe he can get around the competition regulators so people are a bit suspicious about it but they are saying he might be just be jumping on the privacy bandwagon to keep facebook being the dominant player in this messaging market because billions of people use it i found a funny tweet it said facebook putting a focus on privacy is like a fast food company prioritizing healthy eating so yeah bit of skepticism and we have to see how it plays out fascinating stuff thank you very much. turning now to syria scores of suspected fighters for the so-called islamic state are being screened and searched for concealed weapons and explosives after emerging
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from the last pocket of tree has by the group hundreds have been leaving the tiny stretch of land controlled by it's close to where the army's on alert to stop the jihad these crossing the border. just two kilometers away is the last town still controlled by us sabri watched as the siege of bugs from his checkpoint the iraqi major hears the constant drone of u.s. fighter jets it's easy to see the signs of destruction about a thousand jihadi is a believed to be holding out on the syrian side in caves and tunnels beneath the destroyed houses and buildings on the syrian side. don't like. i know they have no will left to fight. they have no chance against the kurdish uses of us are under siege their mission is to seal off the border to google's three hundred soldiers and special forces patrol the kilometer long stretch.
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barricades and razor wire against the self-proclaimed holy warriors none of them will be allowed to break away into iraq those who try. but will this be a final victory iraqis now remain vigilant after years of war and terror abraham hopes iraq has learned its lesson. you're watching the news coming up ahead and about face in hungary as the ruling party the grease to replace a controversial set of anti billboards our correspondent in with the fish explains . that for us tensions between india and pakistan soared last week after both countries scattered strikes across the line of control the defacto border but. in the two countries in the disputed region of kashmir now this came after an attack on indian security personnel which daily blamed on pakistan although the nuclear armed neighbors have now pulled back from the brink
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the life for the people in kashmir on both sides of the border has not become any zia our correspondents sent us this report from sheena go the capital of indian administered kashmir. push me of the bad guys because visitors from all over the world. but ever since a major terror attack and strikes by india pakistan stayed away quickly reagents key to his ministry. has been ferrying people across sri lanka. in a chicago a typical meal bought since he was a young boy. recently has scared away his clients and decimated things. there are about four thousand here five all lost business is a terrible situation. even sprains have seen the income wax and wane over
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the years. in line with the militant attacks protests and crackdowns that will inflame tensions in the indian held parts of the region. i don't know what the problems are between india and pakistan kashmir is passed between them like a football is just used politically. it's a sentiment shared by many on the streets of srinagar indian administered kashmir soldiers are everywhere the recent war games between india and pakistan have added to the sense of. no one was willing to speak out on camera. why tensions between india and pakistan are winding down after last week's aerial strikes a climate of fear prevails in the heavily militarized valley here in downtown shops and businesses are open today after days of intermittent strikes and. causing
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major disruptions to public life. rears bonnie's first thought was to stock up on rice if you will when tensions erupted over kashmir last week was the worse. he's been through decades of shutdowns and co fused. and even started his own kitchen garden in his backyard to prepare for an emergency. the father of two with terrified for his family when india and pakistan engaged in retaliatory strikes last week just a few hundred kilometers from here but in the entire region the. phrase days were very scary for as jets funded overhead we had the news that one or two jets were brought down and people got killed would make of it you can choose we'll talk now that would be better for everyone. the conflict has dragged on
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for decades for people here remains elusive in this beautiful coast. and the european union stop court has ruled that the block food safety agency must release the details of research into the controversial weed killer seat and the european commission had classified as a feed a safe based on scientific studies presented by the manufacturers but many lawmakers demanded access to the studies their request was denied on the basis it could harm this company's interests. easy to apply cheap and effective like to say destroys ball unwanted vegetation filmy things it leaves growing other crops it's meant to protect the. market and the name round up but herbicide is a bio monsanto product it's in use on forty percent of germany's farmland.
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it's also used in over one hundred fifty countries worldwide. since it was introduced in the one nine hundred seventy s. over ten million tonnes of life or say to have been sprayed on crops enough to fill two thousand three hundred lympics swimming pools that makes it the most widely used weed killer in the world. it's also the most controversial environmental protection activists blamed leifer set for the disappearance of many plants. which ones grew wild in nature and the corresponding loss of bird and insect populations . when they say trickles down into the ground water scientists have found traces of blood for certain humans which is crypt into the food chain the world health organization classifies life was ate as probably cost on a journey to humans. he spoke earlier to the hotel and one of the lawmakers in the european parliament who had filed that suit we asked her with the court's ruling
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had she got what she wanted yes we actually got more than we expected because it's a total victory in the key questions there's an overriding public interest which goes above the commercial interests of the companies in terms of disclosure so health and environment are more important than a company's financial and commercial interests this is wonderful and then the court actually defied the defined the emissions into the environment which was a bit of a key element in the dispute as real that not something which would be just hypothetical so we have a landmark ruling also on the or who is going to mention on public access to environmental information which now confirms that when. substance is released into the environment by virtue of its function it will have real emissions and they have to be covered by public access to information so very good judgment for health and safety that was member of the european parliament highly hotel are talking to d.w.
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. let's go to hungary which is to take down billboards attacking european commission president president. and billionaire philanthropist george soros the move comes after the conservative european people spotty of which hungary is a member said the billboards crossed a red line the posters depict and soldiers as leaders of the conspiracy to promote mass migration to europe the head of the european of people spot equal the post is fake news saying there was no such conspiracy many members have called for hungary and prime minister viktor orban and his british party to be expanded from the block . for the very latest we're joined by correspondent stefan both who is in budapest seven firstly why has viktor orbán finally decided to pull down this controversial post as like the one behind you. well of course under the pressure
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that he's being of course that was one of the main reasons why he's pulling it down but i have to say he is going to replace poster we saw a poster showing the vice president of the european commission use executive and his name is from steam then will also be shown soon on posters here so it isn't over yet at the moment and this post behind you cause a lot of anger in brussels does this issue have implications for the european elections coming up this summer. well i certainly think it has a black asian. name picked because. of crime to viktor orban really tries to get vultures behind him to sway there are many people in hungary actually still supporting us views only migration and of course disposers is all about we have to defend ourselves against muslim migrants that he says the european union is forcing
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form hungary and the rest of europe so that you saw an important reason why i think he hopes to gain momentum we state sponsors ok stefan a book thank you very much for that update from the hunger games in the capital with uppish. didn't just fall to manchester united to the quarterfinals of the champions league after a dramatic finish against paris says the man united took advantage of p.s.g. is defensive lapses in the top romelu lukaku scored twice the french side responded through one bed not and then in stoppage time to referee checked a replay of the handball incident and gave a mock rush for the chance to win it with a penalty kick which he did punching when you stick it to the quarterfinals. tuesday is on the champions league game also had
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a dramatic ending porth though got cost roula thanks to another controversial penalty room i led the match up after the first day with forethought managed to push the match up into extra time and the winning minutes alex tellus court from the penalty spot to put the portuguese teen through. let me recap the top story that we're following for you a german court has handed prison sentences of up to ten years to four men accused of operating a vast child pornography platform on the dock met one of the men was also found guilty of sexually abusing two young children. among the touching my thank you for your company keep in mind you can also get the latest news and information on our web site that's dot com more coming up a focus on europe if you want you can stay with us for that.
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in two years this may be the european capital of culture but the city of illiteracy you know has lost its luster. it's currently home to a huge ship graveyard. burgeoning bureaucracy and a lack of funding for stifling cleanup operations. so when will the less you know sparkle again. next fall d w six. eco india. how can a country's economy grow harmony with its people plant. when there are do workers
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who look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clever projects from europe and. eco india on g.w. . to jerusalem. do it yourself network. the news. channel subscribe don't miss out on. what's the connection between bread. and the european you. know guild motto d.w. correspondent and the baker crap. turn. and let's go about recipes for success and the strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w.
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. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe glad to have you with us. here in europe the number of syrian refugees arriving has dramatically declined after nearly eight years of civil war fighting has ceased in most parts of syria well the so-called islamic state has lost vast swathes of territory and u.s. backed troops are close to.


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