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the alibi . oh. this is news coming to you live from berlin been as well as the president nicolas maduro express the german ambassador he says i'm just there done interfered in his country's politics by backing opposition media one by bill proclaimed interim leader why do also has the support of ecuador the ecuadorian vice president tells why also coming up child abuse for not jailed in germany of course hands lengthy
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prison sentences to four men accused of operating one of the world's biggest child abuse pornography platforms on the dark net. and a new future for facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says it will focus on private messages but even free spoke will not be able to see but critics are skeptical. that china goes on the offensive the tech company is challenging a u.s. law that limits its access to the american market for security reasons it says the law is unconstitutional. in a warm welcome to you. the european union has said it hopes that his venom would reconsider its decision to expel the german ambassador daniel cleena president nicolas maduro
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has accused embassador crean of interfering in venezuela's internal affairs often he expressed support for opposition leader one by bill why this is the german ambassador should stay on and has called on europe to tighten sanctions against the regime why there was speaking during ash wednesday mouse in caracas. this regime the disease power has no right to declare any one persona non-grata this is simply a threat and that's how it should be sane by the free world the german ambassador and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. think it's aims to madeira regime one tolerate anyone who wants to help and it's why law. i would. mean like jim is fine mr has condemned the decision to expel them buses or caracas mohsen and jimmy would continue to support the opposition media one by bill these
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kinds of lies and outs of. this will in no way mean that we would reconsider our support for one y. dollars and term president with the task of organizing free fair and democratic elections is a good thing. to supporters in revokable and it will state our vote just large so that was germany's foreign minister now the vice president of ecuador auto zone and is visiting berlin his country supports venezuela's opposition leader and political correspondent simon young asked him what ecuador was able to offer. well support for him he was proclaimed by the national assembly all sort of plan as well as pressure interim president and we think since he's offering a way back to him ocracy we're backing him up on the way that's what all that he's asked for and we're supporting the idea of what you all can call for a new election in minutes while your government has recognized one kaleido as president interim president. as has the united states mr maduro says that the
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united states is planning a coup against him what do you say to that that's all theories that he has been as well as of east who we are facing that issue in a quote every day with a hundred thousands of immigrants that are coming through our border colombia is also facing the venezuelan issue every day so there isn't proof over three million people three million people have been as we left been as well in the last two years at least and it is clear that the only way to solve their own as well i'm problem is with democracy in the countries missing that venezuela has expelled the german ambassador now what does that tell us about whether this conflict is hotting up those are issues between venezuela and germany we don't have an opinion on that i know that germany is also backing in recognizing one way doors as president in term of venezuela and in that sense we're all together in the contact group even with
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venezuela working on solutions for them as well and people finally how destabilizing he's these conflicts for the region generally it's the biggest. migration issue that we have seen in in many years maybe in decades in latin america i cannot even think about another comparable with an issue like that one as i told you colombia alone has over one and a half million call it even as well and immigrants in colombia we have around four hundred thousand per our own eight hundred thousand chile these are people that are willing to go buy food from venezuela to chile i mean kendry magine the situation that they're leaving in venezuela so it's it is a big issue and we are thankful for all the support that we get from the international community in order to handle this issue you hopeful that it can be solved without violence. we are not here we will not back a military intrusion as well or against that we think there would not be a solution so we're working on the democratic solution thank you very much and that
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was auto zone and how it's now ecuador's vice president talking to simon young but here in germany one of the cases of child sexual abuse on the so-called dark match has ended with long jail sentences the puppetry it is a courtroom was handed down prison sentences off between three and ten years to four men accused of operating a platform called the elysium it was one such one of the largest such websites worldwide until investigators shut it down in june two thousand and seventeen. it took prosecutors months to gather the evidence the four men were accused of setting up and operating a child pornography platform on the darkness and investigators said the men had managed the illegal pornographic content on the elysium network that's meant to be out of us of the material posted on elysium showed every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers and always played on the victims included newborns and
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babies the platform was discovered in twenty seventeen and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts paedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany prosecutors said the network allowed the exchange of illegal material to be as easy as online shopping investigators will continue to sit through the evidence and work with international authorities to bring additional prosecutions. that would have used chief political correspondent and a crane is following that story and joins me now melinda the convicted men received jail terms of between three and ten yes what has been the basis of those sentences . they were convicted of possessing and publishing child pornography and in the case of one defendant he was also convicted of having molested children himself and
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then uploaded images of those acts to this website the sentences actually somewhat exceeded the sentences that prosecutors had asked for nonetheless some child protection n.g.o.s here in germany are saying that the sentences in their opinion aren't aren't as hard as they would have wanted to see now we have some a distressing details in our report tell us more about the investigation which came out of the corporation between germany and australia that's right there was a tip off from australian investigators who had been working to uncover and expose a website there called the gift box and in their work they came across a german who was involved in that site and who subsequently became one of the people who administered this particular site called elysium and so they did indeed work closely with the german police and that is perhaps not surprising given the
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fact that these operations like so much else on the web are global of those hundred ten thousand users of italy's young many were also in other countries and therefore the cooperation with fishelson other places was absolutely critical and i think it's also important to note that the german police work together with a platform called chapped box which they praised in fact when the arrests were first made saying that it had been very helpful to them well one reason that it was helpful is that chap box was working under u.s. law which required shot box to immediately inform authorities of any suspect content on that site that would be much more difficult under german data protection laws right melinda is chief political correspondent thank you very much. with not being up to date with some other stories making news around the world
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canadian prime minister justin trudeau has admitted making mistakes in the handling of a growing political crisis but insists nothing illegal happened to blame the scandal that cost him two ministers on a breakdown of trust and communication it's former justice minister jody wilson rebuild she accused trigger designers archbishop of leo he announced the decision after a court found him guilty of feeling to inform authorities about sexual abuse allegations against a priest that priest has confessed to abusing boys in the nineteen seventies and eighties and will be tried later this year. the biggest mosque in turkey has opened in istanbul the mosque on monica last can hold up to sixty three thousand people its construction took six years and was strongly supported by president richard jones government last features a library a museum and six minarets each one representing
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a war turkey was involved in. turning out to syrians cause the suspected fighters for the so-called islamic state are being screened insist for can see twelve bins and explosives off to emerging from the last fuck it of to a tree has by the group hundreds have been leaving the tiny stretch of land controlled by us it's close to where the army's on alert to stop the extremists from crossing the border. just two kilometers away is the last town still controlled by us ebrahim sabri watches the siege of bugaboos from this checkpoint the iraqi major hears the constant drone of u.s. fighter jets it's easy to see the signs of destruction about a thousand jihadi as are believed to be holding out on the syrian side in caves and tunnels beneath the destroyed houses and buildings on the syrian side. and. i know they have no will left to fight. they have no chance against the kurdish
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years of us are under siege. according to the information we have they have hardly any food left and are now starting. their mission is to seal off the border to about google's three hundred soldiers and special forces patrol the kilometer long stretch. barricades and razor wire against the self-proclaimed holy warriors none of whom will be allowed to break away into iraq those who try risk their lives. when we recently observed a group of twenty five i.a.s. fighters getting close to the border we called for u.s. fighter jets. they killed all of. them. but experts believe hundreds of other jihadi are thought to have fled to iraq and are now hiding out somewhere in the no man's land of the western desert where they can
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hardly be detected. they are believed to. two hundred million dollars with them reserves from when i still controlled a third of iraq and syria devastation hatred and mistrust remain even as the end of fighting grows near. to key thanks also to the american airstrikes it should only be a few more days. the terror militias last fighters are trapped encircled and under constant watch but it's a bittersweet victory. many of my friends and comrades lost their lives in the fight against i guess i pray they are now in heaven they are heroes. without their blood and their lives i never would have achieved victory. but will this be a final victory iraqis now remain vigilant after years of war and terror abraham
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hopes iraq has learned its lesson. hungary is to take on big bullets attacking european commission president. and billionaire philanthropist george soros the move comes off the conservative european people spotty of which hungary is a member said the billboards crossed a red line the posters depict and sold us as leaders of the conspiracy to promote mass migration to europe the head of the european people's party called the post as fake news and said there was no such conspiracy many a p.p. members have court for on giving prime minister viktor orban and this party to be expelled for the very latest we're joined by correspondent stefan both who is in budapest shivan firstly why has viktor orbán finally decided to pull down those controversial post like the one behind you. well of course under depress your.
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own grouping of course that was one of the main reasons why he's putting it down but i have to say he is going to replace poster we saw a poster showing the vice president of the european commission did he use except he did and his name is from steimle stet man will also be shown soon on posters here so it isn't over yet at the moment and this post behind because a lot of anger in brussels does this issue have implications for the european elections coming up this summer well i certainly think it has a blue cations. name picked because hungary a promise to viktor orban really tries to get voters behind him days away there are many people in hungary actually still supporting his views only migration and of course this pollster says all about we have to defend ourselves against muslim migrants that he says the european union is forcing form hungary and the rest of
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europe so that he saw an important reason why i think he hopes to gain momentum we state sponsors ok stefan bush thank you very much for that update from the one dave in the capital with uppish. and the chinese tech giant way is saying the united states for limiting its access to the american market for to take on equipment finally is challenging a u.s. law that leaves the company a security risk and bonds federal agencies from buying its static on projects legal challenge comes at a critical point for trade negotiations between the u.s. and china for years while way has sought to reassure the world of two things that are finishing up that it is not under the control of the chinese government and that it doesn't spike on consumers. a shift in tone from
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defense to accusation the u.s. government had said. that we wrecked it hurts our servers and storage are you merril's and this source told allegations of american government interference and theft of corporate secrets while ways message to the united states we can play the blame game two hours before the announcement the backdrop to what's becoming an ever escalating dispute while waves chief financial officer among wang jew leaving her house in canada for an appearance and course she's been detained in the country since december accused of helping her company violates u.s. sanctions on iran she claims the arrest violated her rights and is politically motivated. while ways decision to sue the american government to a ready high cost conflict the u.s.
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effort to get allies to shun the firm threatens to bar the company from major markets and puts billions of dollars of investment in super high speed five g. networks out of risk it also adds tension to an already complicated trade relationship between the world's top two economies. now for this book see lock zuckerberg says his company dance to shift its focus to private messaging services in a post on his own profile page said the company would encrypt conversations on more of his messaging services and make them compatible he said that increasingly want to connect privately in the digital equivalent often livingroom. audition report and shouted read is with us and welcome jad i'm not quite sure what mock secular is trying to do can explain what his plans say what's he up to so we
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marry facebook really as a networking tool that can mix people all around the world and now mark zuckerberg kind of has he's our eyes set on what we say in private to each other on the messaging services that facebook owns so platforms like whatsapp facebook and facebook messenger and instagram and he wants to make those compatible with each other as you say sorry if you write to me on whatsapp i'd be able to ride back to you on facebook and missing and he wants to add a layer of security to this as well by making what we say the message is encrypted and that basically manes are only able to be read by the person they're intended for so facebook wouldn't be out to get its hands on those messages and it wants to copy something that snapchat is doing whereby the messages would also delete after a certain period of time and i guess facebook's tapping into what is a growing messaging market because its traditional business being
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a social network isn't growing as fast as the messaging market so this is kind of part of the reason why he's doing this so facebook is trying to meet more privacy fendi but in the past facebook and privacy haven't privacy hasn't been a strong suit of facebook facebook's had a pretty shocking time of it in the last little while when it comes to privacy i mean we just have to look at the cambridge analytic a scandal as an example where some eighty seven million people dot it ended up in the hands of a political consultant see that worked for donald trump but it's got bigger problems too you know the russian interfering in the election speech abuse and extremism mark zuckerberg has had to go in front of various panels like congress and the european parliament to to defend himself and he's got a bit of a. challenge to convince us all that he's serious about privacy and also ward off the coals up every now and again people saying that facebook should be regulated he
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wants i guess to stop that too what i need to point out though is that when facebook encrypts private messages to each other on its platforms it's still got everything else like it can still monitor what we do on facebook and elsewhere on the internet and work out how best to target ads to us to sell us things and that's how it makes its money so this is just really one one part of the story that's the extent to me that is its business model is what critics say so about this latest move when it comes to private messaging people pointing out the fact that just two years ago facebook said its goal would be to make the world more open and connected and now we've got to believe it's wants to do the opposite so people saying well hang on a minute. others are saying mark zuckerberg is trying to ward off competition regulators because they kind of want facebook to stop sharing dotter across these messaging platforms and if it can merge them into one then maybe he can get around the competition regulators so people are
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a bit suspicious about it but they are saying he might be just be jumping on the privacy bandwagon to keep facebook being the dominant player in this messaging market because billions of people use it i found a funny tweet it said facebook putting a focus on privacy is like a fast food company prioritizing healthy eating so bit of skepticism and we have to see how it plays out fascinating stuff joe drape thank you very much. now the use section three for homeland security has defended president donald trump's decision to declare a national emergency on the mexican border in testimony to congress committee kristin neeson describe the situation there as a real crisis a testimony came a day after u.s. customs and border protection released new data on illegal border crossings. the department of homeland security presented photos and data to show that illegal immigration has reached a level that makes it
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a legitimate emergency the agency counted seventy six thousand illegal entries in february alone a third more than in january most of the arrivals are families who hope that bringing children will improve their chances of getting into the u.s. . the message from the smugglers asians to parents and. door is clear if you bring a child you will gain entry to the united states and you will be allowed to stay in . u.s. courts have in fact repeatedly ruled that authorities may not detain families and definitely or deport them officials also say the trumpet ministrations declaration of a state of emergency and its vows to improve border security has fueled the spike in immigration testifying before congress the head of the department of homeland security described a growing crisis one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year our capacity is already severely restrained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely the question now is whether the new data will persuade some
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lawmakers to support the president's state of emergency. turning out a sport and manchester united through to the quarterfinals of the champions league after a dramatic finish against paris sent young man united took advantage of korea's she's defensive lapses in the first half romelu lukaku scored twice the french side responded through kwan bed up then in stoppage time the referee checked a replay of a handball incident and gave a mock rush for the chance to win it with a penalty kick which he did punching menus take it to the quarterfinals. tuesday is the champions league game also had a dramatic ending porto got roma thanks to another controversial penalty rule on live the match up after the first leg but poor thought managed to push the match up into extra time and in the waning minutes alex tellus scored from the penalty spot
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to put the portuguese team through. away from sports now and israel's hebrew university has been given a new collection of the physicist but einstein's manuscripts by a foundation in the united states the documents have never been displayed in public before and the experts say they could shed new light on the mind of the nobel prize winning physicist ahead of the hundred and forty eight anniversary of his birth. the precious cargo arriving at jerusalem's hebrew university the gift from a donor in the us has arrived just in time for albert einstein's one hundred fortieth birthday over one hundred documents and letters penned by the physics genius will now be made available to the public for the first time. they let us here. really reflect him as a mensch and he signed this letter is signed papa einstein wrote it while in exile
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to his son in switzerland in the letter he expresses his great fear the rise of the nazis. but he maintained a naive hope that change was about to come even in germany. blot flunk them then. einstein never returned to germany. in one thousand nine hundred fifty one he here mercifully wrote a close jewish friend who had conferred it to christianity telling him you certainly won't go to hell sometimes he expressed his views bluntly he was a man with two feet of mud on the ground most of the new documents are work notes among them one hitherto unknown one stemming from his decades long search for a unified field theory the trove will compliment thousands of documents already in the hebrew university archives and study was one of the university's founding
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fathers and entrusted his intellectual legacy to it. up next the gender news is showing me looking at the situation in kashmir as tensions between the two neighbors picked last week.
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are fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as apply mcinnes who are you to. say nothing is just the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made some minds. up.
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an extravagant venue. and to those who really know their stuff. groups. which float building and definitional. the party in check with musicians from around the world. groups every week double. booked players. table. the state going to troll games in a good game of power and money the competition is fierce the world's most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win this thing we believe that renewable energy moves play an
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important role in the future of the cook poker game the geopolitical mistake shown starting march eighteenth t.w. . this is the dove there's a show coming up on the program a region on tenterhooks people in kashmir try to return from the mother see a week off to india and pakistan nearly went to wall how are they coping also coming up a high court dissolved the party that wanted a princess as a candidate albert supporters react with national elections this and more than two weeks away. and i'm not told us inspiration for the design of dogs in thailand where look at sushi the fashion for.


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