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the at. the at. this news coming to you live from berlin child abuse pornographers jailed in germany the court hands lengthy prison sentences to four men accused of operating one of the world's biggest child abuse platforms on the dark net also coming up goodbye ambassador and germany's daniel kenya expelled from in israel for backing opposition leader one by bill the self-proclaimed interim leader has also got the support of ecuador and the ecuadorian vice president tells you why. and
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a new future for facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg says it will focus on private messages that even facebook will not be able to see but the critics are skeptical. i don't work and i'm on the. we start in germany where one of the ross cases of child sexual abuse on the silk or dark net has ended with a long jail sentences for the perpetrators a court has handed down prison sentences of up to ten years to four men accused of operating a platform. it was one of the largest such websites worldwide until investigators shut it down in june two thousand and seventeen. it took prosecutors months to gather the evidence the four men work used of setting up and operating
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a child pornography platform on the dark net investigators said the men had managed the illegal pornographic content on the elysium network was meant to be out of us of the material posted on elysium showed every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers and i was played on the victims included newborns and babies the platform was discovered in twenty seventeen and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts paedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany prosecutors said the network allowed the exchange of illegal material to be as easy as online shopping investigators will continue to sift through the evidence and work with international authorities to bring additional prosecutions. that he'd have used chief political correspondent melinda
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crean is following that story and joins me now melinda the convicted men received jail terms of between three and ten yes what has been the basis of those sentences . they were convicted of possessing and publishing child pornography and in the case of one defendant he was also convicted of having molested children himself and then uploaded images of those acts to this website the sentences actually somewhat exceeded the sentences that prosecutors had asked for nonetheless child protection n.g.o.s here in germany are saying that the sentences in their opinion aren't aren't as hard as they would have wanted to see now we have some a distressing details in our report tell us more about the investigation which came out of the cooperation between germany and australia that's right there was a tip off from australian investigators who had been working to uncover and expose
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a website there called the gift box and in their work they came across a german who was involved in that site and who subsequently became one of the people who administered this particular site called elysium so they did indeed work closely with the german police and that is perhaps not surprising given the fact that these operations like so much else on the web are global of those hundred ten thousand users of italy's e.-m. many were also in other countries and therefore the cooperation with officials in other places was absolutely critical and i think it's also important to note that the german police work together with a platform called chap box which they praised in fact when the arrests were first made saying that it had been very helpful to them well one reason that it was helpful is that chap box was working under u.s.
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law which required chat box to immediately inform authorities of any suspect content on that site that would be much more difficult under german data protection laws right melinda debby's chief political correspondent thank you very much. the european union says it hopes that his in every reconsider his decision to expel the german ambassador daniel creedo president nicolas maduro has accused crean of interfering in venezuela's in turn to fend off express support for opposition leader fun why though but why has the khatib says interim leader says the german ambassador should stay he scored on europe to tighten sanctions against the much regime why there was speaking during ash wednesday mass in caracas. this regime the disease power has no right to declare anyone persona non-grata this is simply a threat and that's how it should be sane by the free world the german ambassador
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and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. seems to madeira regime want tolerate anyone who wants to help them that's why law. and jimmy's foreign minister. strongly condemned the decision to expel them bassa mosque said in germany it would continue to support the opposition media fund by bill these kinds of lies and outs of. this will in no way mean that we would reconsider our support for one who i don't know is in term president though with the task of organizing free fair and democratic elections is the right thing. to supporters in revokable and it will state our vote just clark that was germany's foreign minister hun why though has the support of some fifty countries including ecuador he was there last week to meet the president now the country's vice president ought to sign on hall it's now is in berlin well political correspondent simon young i asked
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him what ecuador was able to offer. well support for him he was proclaimed by the national assembly all sort of plan as well as press interim president and we think since he's offering a way back to him ocracy were backing him up on the way that's what all that he's asked for and we're supporting the idea of what you all can call for a new election in minutes when your government has recognized one kaleido as president interim president. as has the united states new estimate duros says that the united states is planning a coup against him what do you say to that first of all theories that he has been as well as of east who we are facing that issue in ecuador every day with the hundred thousands of immigrants that are coming through our border colombia is also facing the venezuelan issue every day so there isn't proof over three million people three million people have less than as we left been as well in the last two
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years at least and it is clear that the only way to solve their own as well i'm problem is with democracy in the countries missing that venezuela has expelled the german ambassador now what does that tell us about whether this conflict is hotting up those are issues between venezuela and germany we don't have an opinion on that i know that germany is also backing and recognizing one way dawes as president in term of venezuela and in that same swirl together in the contact group even with venezuela working on solutions for the venezuelan people and finally how destabilizing he's these conflicts for the region generally it's the biggest migration issue that we have seen in the in many years maybe in decades in latin america i cannot even think about another comparable if an issue like that one as i told you colombia alone has over one and a half million and as well an immigrant in colombia we have around four hundred
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thousand per our own eight hundred thousand chile these are people that are willing to go buy food for. venezuela to chile i mean kendry magine the situation that they're leaving in venezuela so it's it is a big issue and we're thankful for all the support that we get from the international community in order to handle this issue you hopeful that it can be solved without violence that's all or whole be a where not and we will not back a military intrusion in venezuela we're against that we think that it would not be a solution so we're working on the democratic solution thank you very much thank you. that was a vice president on a horse there talking to simon young city now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world police in somalia say at least four people were killed and several more wounded when a car bomb exploded in central mogadishu the car was parked close to a security checkpoint near the presidential palace the extremist group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility the government has been battling the radical islamists
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for years. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has admitted making mistakes in the handling of a growing political crisis but insists nothing illegal happened to blame the scandal that's cost him two ministers on a breakdown of trust and communication with former justice minister jody wilson ribble and she accused trudeau of pressuring her to help a major construction firm avoid a criminal trial. and the two hundred in prime minister viktor orban says controversial billboards put up by the ruling death sparty come down next week for this has refused to apologize for and to an anti immigrant rhetoric and posters across the country the billboards trying to european conservatives to push for three days to be expelled from the group in the european parliament. now facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says his company plans to shift its focus to private messaging
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services in a post on his own profile page said the company would encrypt conversations on more of its messaging services and make them compatible he said people increasingly want to connect privately in the digital equivalent often livingroom. audition report and shattered drink is with us and welcome jad i'm not quite sure what mark sokolich is trying to do can you explain what his plans so what's he up to so we know facebook really has a networking tool that can mix people all around the world and now mark zuckerberg kind of has he's authorized it on what we say in private to each other on the messaging services that facebook owns so platforms like whatsapp facebook and facebook messenger and instagram and he wants to make those compatible with each other as you say so if you write to me on whatsapp i'd be able to write back to you
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on facebook i'm missing and he wants to add a layer of security to these as well by making what we say the messages encrypted and that basically manes are in the eyeball to be read by the person they're intended for so facebook wouldn't be out to get its hands on those messages and it wants to copy something that snapchat is doing whereby the messages would also delete after a certain period of time and i guess facebook's tapping into what is a growing messaging market because it's traditional business being a social network isn't growing as fast as the messaging market so this is kind of part of the reason why he's doing so facebook is trying to meet more privacy fendi but in the past facebook and privacy haven't privacy hasn't been a strong suit of facebook facebook's had a pretty shocking time of it in the last little while when it comes to privacy i mean we just have to look at the cambridge analytic a scandal as an example where some eighty seven million people. ended up in the
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hands of a political consultant see that worked for donald trump but it's got bigger problems to you know the russian interfering in the election hate speech abuse and extremism mark zuckerberg has had to go in front of various panels like congress and the european parliament to to defend himself and he's got a bit of a. challenge to convince us all that he's serious about privacy and also ward off the coals up every now and again people saying that facebook should be regulated he wants i guess to stop that too what i need to point out though is that when facebook encrypt private messages to each other on its platforms it's still got everything else like it can still monitor what we do on facebook and elsewhere on the internet and work out how best to target ads to us to sell us things and that's how it makes its money so this is just really one one part of the story that's the extent to me that is its business model is what critics say so about this latest
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move when it comes to private messaging people are pointing out the fact that just two years ago facebook said its goal would be to make the world more open and connected and now we've got to believe it's wants to do the opposite so people saying well hang on a minute. others are saying mark zuckerberg is trying to ward off competition regulators because i kind of want fame spoke to stop sharing dotter across these messaging platforms and if it can merge them into one and maybe he can get around the competition regulators so people are a bit suspicious about it but they are saying he might be just be jumping on the privacy bandwagon to keep facebook being the dominant player in this messaging market because billions of people use it i found a funny tweet it said facebook putting a focus on privacy is like a fast food company prioritizing healthy eating so bit of skepticism and we have to see how it plays out fascinating stuff thank you very much. you're watching new day
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