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and i said i'm not going to set them. up once you get us into sassy quote i've only said that i caught it going on what are you finding. this is the that we do is lie from violating the germany jails child abuse pornographers full man accused of operating one of the world's biggest child abuse potful on the dock net received sentences up to ten years also on the program just with the south boston expelled from about venezuela for backing the self-proclaimed president why don't you also has the backing of ecuador the country's vice
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president tells d w y. s there's like a site really as harmful as it's made to say we may soon find out and be you close as officials must for these studies just how safe the controversial is speaking to a little banker who helped bring that case to court. hold back backstab election posters that angered the hunt galleon prime minister's european allies ought to be removed. i'm still going to welcome to the program. we saw it in germany where one of the worst cases of child sexual abuse of the so called doc that has ended a regional court handed down prison sentences of up to ten years to four men accused of operating a child pornography platform called elysian it was one of the largest sites in the
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world until investigators closed it down in june twenty seventh. it took prosecutors months to gather the evidence the four men were accused of setting up an operating a child pornography platform on the darkness and investigators said the men had managed the illegal pornographic content on the elysium network does not to be out of us of the material posted on elysium showed every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers being bought and i was played on the victims included newborns and babies the platform was discovered in twenty seventeen and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts paedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany prosecutors said the network allowed the exchange of illegal material to be as easy as online shopping investigators will continue to
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sift through the evidence and work with international authorities to bring additional prosecutions. worldish from database chief correspondent melinda crane welcome melinda those jail sentences were between three and ten years is what determine the lengths. they were sentences that were based on possession and publication of child pornography and in the case of one of the defendants who got the longest sentence also on his having molested children himself and then put the images of those acts online they were in fact the sentences more or less that the prosecutors had asked for in fact they even slightly exceeded what the prosecutors had asked for nonetheless child protection n.g.o.s here in germany have said the sentences aren't harsh enough like the ventilator itself that this was an investigation that crossed borders. absolutely it was those hundred
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twelve thousand user accounts mentioned in the report they in fact did span countries all over the world and germany cooperated here closely with law enforcement authorities in other countries most particularly australia one of the first tips about german involvement in this website called elysium came from australia the investigators there had been looking at a different pornography website called gift box exchange and became aware of a german who was involved in that he was one of the ones who then went on to create this website iliza and the german authorities then worked with them now one reason for that is that investigators in other countries sometimes have more room for maneuver than investigators here do particularly in areas that involve data
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protection for example in this investigation german investigators also work very closely with a chat site called chat step that's an american based site because it's based in america it is required to notify the authorities immediately when it's suspects pornography is involved and for that reason again in vesta gaiters had more leeway than they might otherwise have under germany's very strict data protection laws and with more than a hundred thousands uses on this it leaves the network they will speak and so that someone else is going to set up something else to replace it. absolutely it is very very difficult to police the dark web as it's known it is entirely encrypted investigators liken it to essentially working in fog where it's very very hard to trace ip addresses for example in fact one of the breakthroughs here in this
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elysian case came because very briefly the dark way of didn't work and an ip address was visible but it is very very hard to get it other such cases and there are millions in the dark web melinda crane thank you. of the european union says it hopes of venice way that will reconsider its decision to expel the germany's ambassador president nicolas maduro accused of daniel craig interfering in venezuela's internal affairs after he held a press conference expressing support for opposition leader kwon quite a mystery why don't who has declared himself interim president as the german ambassador should stay and that europe should increase sanctions against mature a regime he was speaking to ring ash wednesday mass in caracas. list regime the disease power has no right to declare anyone persona non-grata this is simply a threat and that's how it should be same by the free world the german ambassador
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and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. mean it seems to mature a regime one tolerate anyone who wants to help them that's why a lot. of those germany's foreign minister has condemned the decision to expel the ambassador i called german and german support for one would continue. kinds of lies the dots of fuel and. this will in no way mean that we would reconsider our support for one why dollars in term president with the task of organizing free fair and democratic elections lies are you putting. to supporters irrevocably and it will stay that way just life. and ecuador is one of about fifty countries expressing support for mr why don't he was there last week to meet the president now the country's vice president is here in berlin d w political correspondent and young asked autozone hopes know what ecuador could offer on. well support for
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him he was proclaimed by the national assembly all sort of plan as well as pressure interim president and we think since he's offering a way back to him ocracy were backing him up on the way that's what all that he's asked for and we're supporting the idea that wonder why you can call for a new election in venezuela your government has recognized one kaleido as president interim president. as has the united states minister to do or say is that the united states is planning a coup against him or do you say to that that's hold theories that he has been as well as of east who we are facing that issue in a quote every day with a hundred thousands of immigrants that are coming through our border colombia is also facing the venezuelan issue every day so there is proof over three million people three million people have less minutes left but as well in the last two years at least and it is clear that the only way to solve their own as well in
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problem is with democracy in the countries missing that venezuela has expelled the german ambassador and now what does that tell us about whether this conflict is hotting up those are issues between venezuela and germany we don't have an opinion on that i know that germany is also backing and recognizing one white horse as president in term of venezuela and in that same as we are all together in the contact group even with venezuela working on solutions for them as well and people finally how destabilizing he's these conflicts for the region generally it's the biggest. migration issue that we have seen in the in many years mean decades in latin america i cannot even think about another comparable if an issue like that one as i told you colombia alone house over one and a half million call it in as well an immigrant in colombia we have around four hundred thousand put our own eight hundred thousand children these are people that
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are willing to go buy food from venezuela to chile i mean kendry magine the situation that they're leaving in venezuela so it's it is a big issue and we're thankful for all the support that we get from the international community in order to handle this issue you hopeful that it can be solved without violence that's all hope yeah we're not here we will not back a military intrusion into as well or we're against that we think that it would not be a solution so we're working on the democratic solution thank you very much thank you so good also vice president out of southern hans not speaking to simon young let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a french cardinal for the past barbara says he will resign as archbishop of leo and as the decision after a court found him guilty of failing to inform or sources about sexual abuse allegations against a priest priest has confessed to abusing boys in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's and will be tried later this year. police in somalia say at least four
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people were killed and several more wounded when a car bomb exploded in central mogadishu a car was parked close to a security checkpoint near the presidential palace a jihadist group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility the government has been battling the radical islamist group for years. oh you're paying union's top court has ruled that the block's food safety agency must disclose details of its studies regarding the disputed weed killer lifeless eight members of the european parliament sued to see the fighting zone which the european commission based its ruling that life a site was safe to use the commission had previously refused to release these findings life is eight is the key ingredient in roundup weed killer a widely used we can assume by german chemicals giant by critics suspect it can how it can cause cancer and harm the environment i spend giggled is a green party member of the european parliament and back this case he joins us from
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brussels welcome to d.w. have you not got what you wanted well we have very happy of course that transparency has prevailed over business secrets that this shows the e.u. is finally enforcing european legislation but i have to say it's not yet the very top level of court still the f.'s could go and appeal the judgement we hope that they are reasonable and are now releasing the documents the public is waiting for and look what is that the commission's reason for keeping these documents secret. well that two different legal principles business secrets on the one hand and public safety on the other hand but such a key decision as you were quite rightly saying on approval of a pesticide which is so widely used and of which they're responsible you and body
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is saying it's likely to cause cancer in such a situation the studies have to be published because signs is about replication and only if the studies published which have been put forward by the chemical company that independent scientists can check whether they're accurate but that the u.n. has has one opinion whereas other countries have others france and belgium a skeptical for instance well brought to germany broadly accept the use of life a state so why this lack of consensus well first of all i wouldn't say that germany is backing it there's also a decision by our government to phase out lifeless eight but so far they haven't delivered on the promise and it's really high time to do it generally to use less pesticides because we have if you're forgive me for interrupting for interrupting
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but time is short how do you explain the lack of consensus the lack of consensus is simply that economic interests are struggling with public safety and sometimes unfortunately even against reason and public safety narrow become nomic interest when we're talking to you thank you for joining us i spend a gig old green party and i meet. scores of suspected islamic state fighters in syria have escaped from the last pocket of territory held by the group hundreds have been leaving a tiny stretch of land controlled by i ask close to iraq where the army's on alert to stop them from crossing. just two kilometers away is the last town still controlled by us ebrahim sabri watches the siege of bugaboos from this checkpoint the iraqi major hears the constant drone of u.s. fighter jets it's easy to see the signs of destruction about
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a thousand jihadi as are believed to be holding out on the syrian side in caves and tunnels beneath the destroyed houses and buildings and didn't die. i know they have no will left to fight. he has no chance against the kurdish uses of us are under siege according to the information we have they have hardly any food left and are now starting. to move. their mission is to seal off the border to google's three hundred soldiers and special forces patrolling a kilometer long stretch. barricades and razor wire against the self-proclaimed holy warriors none of whom will be allowed to break away into iraq those who try risk their lives. when we recently observed a group of twenty five i.a.s. fighters getting close to the border we called for u.s. fighter jets. they killed all of. them. but
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experts believe hundreds of other jihadi s. are thought to have fled to iraq and are now hiding out somewhere in the no man's land of the western desert where they can hardly be detected. they are believed to have two hundred million dollars with them reserves from when i still controlled a third of iraq and syria devastation hatred and mistrust remain even as the end of fighting grows near. thanks also to the american airstrikes it should only be a few more days. the terror militias last fighters are trapped encircled and under constant watch but it's a bittersweet victory. many of my friends and comrades lost their lives in the fight against us i pray they are now in heaven they are heroes. without their blood and their lives i never would have achieved
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victory. but will this be a final victory iraqis now remain vigilant after years of war and terror abraham hopes iraq has learned its lesson. you're watching news still to come the images of nature proving popular with the fashion in thailand ice nazi iconography the latest right in the country. hungry. party is to take down billboards attacking the european commission president. and the billionaire philanthropist george soros the move comes after the european peoples party of which are both. members in the european parliament threaten to expel finesse they post this depicts a young and sources leaders of a conspiracy to promote mass migration. hungary's ruling feat as party is
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skilled in the art of provoking its critics this time even prime minister viktor or bonds allies were offended thousands of taxpayer funded billboards across the country depict you commission president shankar juncker and liberal billionaire george soros as conspirators in a plot to bring migrants into hungry. hungry as partners in the european parliament the european people's party called the posters fake news saying there is no conspiracy hungary's government now says the posters will come down next week according to the original plan they say but manfred veber leader of the e.p. p. welcomed the move as proof that hungary is willing to play ball it is a good signal to putting down the posters there that was want to take their side made this week the posters are just the latest flashpoint in a long running quarrel several member states one hungry expelled from the party
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they cited or bans brussels rhetoric as well as its effective dissolution of the central european university on political grounds for hungary and nationalist hardliners this wouldn't be a bad move. leading pro-government newspaper magyar numbs it called on prime minister orbán to leave the conservative bloc and form a new populist coalition with italy and austria or bonn responded to the editorial with a call for cool heads fit as for now intends to stay in the p.p. the e.u.'s largest and most influential party if usa will fight for dez is a member of the european peoples party and it wants to remain a member for or ban the goal is to win over europe's conservatives to his anti immigrant politics not to go his own way. well steffen bosses in the capital budapest to welcome a staff at finesse which has been under pressure to take these posters down for some time why have they finally agreed at this stage. i think to be honest
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a were so much under pressure by the members of the european peoples party that i think prime minister viktor orban sole p.s.s. simply not any other choice than backing down i think he does not want to be isolated we see in the european parliament that could be the alternative because it has been made clear to him that if he doesn't stop in may well be thrown out of european people sparky so i think that is the main reason really why he backed down to disappoint mr obama is playing an interesting a game with brussels at the movement on one hand he's dismissed calls to turn his back on the e.u. but on the other he's quoted on these governments websites as saying that this is a it's a saying this in a new book if we are left alone and they meaning brussels do not force islamization on us europe can continue to live as
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a club of free nations but if they force us to accept the un migration pact to the european commission's decisions so as to make us fit of their own western concessive policy is a breakup cannot be ruled out so stephan viktor orban making much of the whole migration crisis and he wants to fight the european elections in may on a ninety immigration platform is that popular in hungary. yes death is actually a whole strange it may sound that is actually very very popular in hungary unfortunately the critics would say many hungry and still support his said duff stans all know what he views as supposable muslim innovation in europe and that is i think the situation it has also been i would say demain seen by his ruling fetus party ahead of the european elections so i think he still feels debts he can get
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a little support from hunger ariens for discount of political views of course we have a little bit to see how this will be in the near future because the opus issue parties are also planning a lot of protests in the coming weeks so that remains to be seen how that will develop further you've mentioned that part of the pressure on mr ovando particular from the european peoples part of the sort of center right bloc within the european union mr obama's critics are saying he should leave them anyway and join the far right populist pos is that he seems to be ideologically close to is he likely to do that. well i think he is he is really as a strategic politician he realizes that if he joins that group you mentioned that he may well be isolated and of course the last seeing he wants is to be isolated with a smaller group a much smaller group than the european peoples party and then his voice may not be
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heard as much as now so i think he doesn't want it and that's why i think he wants to stay for now at least in the european people sparty grouping but of course they have also made clear day remain tough all migration so i think we have some difficult and turbulent weeks ahead steffen both in budapest thank you. well to football the premier league powerhouse manchester city is being investigated by your wife of a possible violations of financial monitoring rules this after leaked documents about the club's business were published by german magazine der spiegel the possible violations of financial fair play rules are related to man city officials and that deceiving us by disguising the source of revenue from sponsorship deals tied to the club's owners in abu dhabi if found guilty man says he could get a champions league ban. and an unlikely set of symbols is making
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a splash in thailand's popular culture not the iconography like swastikas and images of a family available as fashion items since the nazi regime murders six million jews during the second world war those symbols of a band or restricted in many countries but in thailand it's a different story. in thailand he's become a designer dictator here in the markets of bangkok nazi symbols are in vogue and hitler is the rock star of fascist fashion it's a trend that's creeping into pop culture like this swastika t. shirt worn by a member of the thai girl band b n k forty eight a recent fashion folk that when viral. about the mob i was shocked i felt it's my fault i wasn't aware even though i should have known. this response from the
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israeli embassy presenting nazi symbols by the singer hurt the feelings of millions around the world whose relatives were murdered by the nazis. but this tie fan calls for forgiveness saying not everyone may know that nazi symbol please let her learn from the mistake. here at chulalongkorn university students say her claim of ignorance rings true and that growing up they learned little about the full scale of nazi atrocities in germany since my high school but we get don't know less about and i think germany in the you tube all social media like facebook. i fear type people talking about hitler you know who would be quite a lot like they if the hitler as like the throng did to all. the good leader that. that bring the nation to its. to something bad.
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a twisted fascination that despite the recent outcry shows no sign of disappearing . as a reminder of our top story jump and of course as hundred prison sentences about to ten years to four men who operated a fast child pornography platform on the dock met with a man was also found guilty of sexually abusing two young children. on venezuela's government has ordered germany's ambassador to leave the country that's after daniel craig expressed support for opposition leader one glider germany is backing as one of the country's backing mr grimes bid to oust president nicolas maduro. the get you can always get news on the go just download from google play from the op a still to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news to also use it to some sort of terms on the good news. or quadriga is the next
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here on day w asking if women are the better politicians that's next on the back at the top of think of yourself good that the for. the for.
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my laundry guy the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week it's not international women's day we're taking a close look at women in power and asking always a better politicians don't want to impact is the next generation of young female politicians likely to have to join us on quadriga. quadriga next d.w. .
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story so that people of the world over w. on facebook and twitter us up to date and in touch follow us. it's all happening goats of british african. tour linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exception stories and discussions hello and welcome to student news after going program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy now i would say d. deputed close match africa to join us on facebook at d w africa. belonging to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia needly and illegally. already uncle walter was
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returned to the past while a. visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. a lot of very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of bird lane and this week to mark international women's day the focus is on women in power take anglo-american germany's chancellor for over thirteen years and for many the most powerful woman in the world women are also on the advance in many other countries in the u.s. they're calling for a different kind of politics on the street sounded congress women are also for instance make.


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