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so millions can live. this is the w. news life from germany jails child pornographers full man received sentences of up to ten years of operation one of the world's biggest child abuse platforms on the top and also on the program germany's ambassador expelled from venezuela for backing opposition leader one quieter the self-proclaimed interim president also has the support of ecuador the country's vice president tells. us is life
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a state really as harmful as its makers say we may soon find out and a new guy courts or says officials must release studies on the safety of the cops social we will hear from one of the lawmakers who helped bring the case. i mean a tourist inspiration for design address in thailand a look at sea change the fashion craze sweeping into thai pop culture. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. we start in germany where the trial of wall of the worst a case of child sexual abuse on the so-called dock and that has ended a regional court handed down prison sentences of up to ten years to four men who operated a massive child pornography platform one of the defendants was also found guilty of physical child abuse and may be kept in preventative detention after his sentence
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ends the platform called elysium was one of the biggest child abuse pornography websites in the world until investigators closed it down two years ago it took prosecutors months to gather the evidence the four men were accused of setting up and operating a child pornography platform on the dark night investigators said the men have managed the illegal pornographic content on the elysium network that's not to be out of us of the material posted on elysium showed every kind of abuse imaginable of children and teenagers about and i was playing on the victims included newborns and babies the platform was discovered in twenty seventeen and immediately shut down the case made international headlines due to the large number of subscribers investigators found one hundred twelve thousand user accounts paedophiles around the world were offered photos and videos of the worst kind of child abuse on a platform operated from germany prosecutors said the network allowed the exchange
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of illegal material to be as he's as online shopping investigators will continue to sift through the evidence and work with international authorities to bring additional prosecutions. during a phone why is there a psychologist and director of the i g o innocence in danger which off i spread of child pornography on the web welcome to day doubly so this is the case a so many of these these horrible cases which which is happened on the dark web where investigators just lucky to stumble across it yes actually there were because the dark web is a vast web of many things going on and law enforcement does not have necessarily the manpower or the resources to seriously tackle everything going on in the darkness so we must recalls that lead and. beat be chasing baby always be two three steps behind these people. well i think that's the nature of crime is that they just do what they want to do and law enforcement has to by law so yes
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most of the time you pretty much are. the sentences that were up to ten years it's quite a harsh sentences do do harsh sentences deter people in involved in this sort of thing. maybe they might deter people who are starting to think about of using children but i think it's not only about deterring people but it's also a sign for survivors to say you know what happened to you was really a terrible crime and people are going to jail for that and it's a sign society sends out to everybody the judge in this case that paedophiles don't make conscious decisions to be the weather valid but they can decide on how to deal out of whether or not to act out so people who do behave in this way do they believe that what they are doing is wrong or do they think that they're just being misunderstood well some something like that and others think the other way but
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basically you have to understand that they decide that they're their need for this age group encounter with a child is more important than the wellbeing of the child so that they are taking a conscious decision and they are responsible for everything they do and i think they have to own up to that responsibility thanks for joining us. via for instance in danger here in the european union says it hopes that venezuela will reconsider its decision to expel germany's ambassador presenter nicolas maduro accused daniel crean of interfering in venezuela's internal affairs after held a press conference expressing support for opposition leader while i'm quite there but mr goh i don't know who has declared himself interim president says the german ambassador should stay and that europe should increase sanctions against the majority of the regime he was speaking during an ash wednesday mass in caracas. this regime the disease power has no right to declare anyone persona non-grata this
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is simply a threat and that's how it should be sane by the free world the german ambassador and his country have helped bring in humanitarian i. mean it seems the madeira regime want tolerate anyone who wants to help and it's why. germany's foreign minister of course has condemned the expulsion heiko mass said german support for one would continue these kinds of lies the dots of. this will in no way mean that we would reconsider our support for one why dollars in term president off with the task of organizing free fair and democratic elections lies are you putting. to support is irreversible and it will stay there just off line. that quote was one of about fifty countries to back down who was actually in that country last week making the new president now the country's vice president is here
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in berlin the w. political correspondent so many young asked autozone hopes know what ecuador could offer on quite a. well support for him he was proclaimed by the national assembly all sort of plan as well as pressure interim president and we think since he's offering a way back to him ocracy were backing him up on the way that's what all that he's asked for and we're supporting the idea that one there while you all can call for a new election in venezuela your government has recognized one kaleido as president interim president. as has the united states mr maduro says that the united states is planning a coup against him what do you say to that first of all theories that he has been as well as of east who we are facing that issue and that quote every day with a hundred thousands of immigrants that are coming through our border colombia is also facing the venezuelan issue every day so there is proof over three million
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people three million people have less minutes left but as well in the last two years at least and it is clear that the only way to solve their own as well i'm problem is with democracy in the countries meeting that venezuela has expelled the german ambassador and now what does that tell us about whether this conflict is hotting up those are issues between venezuela and germany we don't have an opinion on that i know that germany is also backing in recognizing one way dawes prescient in terms of venezuela and in that sense we're all together in the contact group even with venezuela working on solutions for the venezuelan people and finally how destabilizing he's these conflicts for the region generally it's the biggest. migration issue that we have seen in the in many years mean decades in latin america i cannot even think about another comparable. issue like that one as i told you colombia alone has over one and a half million call it
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a venezuelan immigrants in colombia we have around four hundred thousand per our own eight hundred thousand chile these are people that are willing to go buy food from venezuela to chile i mean kendry magine the situation that they're leaving in venezuela so it is a big issue and we're thankful for all the support that we get from the international community in order to handle this issue you hopeful that it can be solved without violence that's all or whole be a we're not and we will not back a military intrusion in venezuela we are against that we think that would not be the solution so we're working on the democratic solution thank you very much thank you. there are two thousand troops in more than thirty african and western countries have been taking part in going to exercises in became the fast so this is a major surging terrorism and violence from groups in west africa and the region. is called flintlock is a u.s. led debate dame to add to boosting the capacity of african armies in the region
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especially the g five psi held group comprising between a faster chad mali mauritania an asia. friendly volley has been embedded in the ministry exercise and sent assists report. training field. will be terrorist it's a simulated attack designed to be seen there with stuff we can likely to encounter on the battlefield this is just an exercise clean through our brains together more than through thought from west africa europe and the us. it's a military exercise supported by the us in africa but it's been led by an african nation every us install thousand and five. you know when this exercise is over we've established relationships we've established in iraq for the already training
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and left behind real capability for security forces to be confident in their ability to deal with the security for security problems they face in their country or in regional organizations like the g five so how are the chairs multinational joint task force. looking officer a member of the g. five sahara has climbed into a hotbed of violent extremism. terrorist the french embassy in the military headquarters in we're going to group this official memorial reminds of broken people of their loved ones who perished in the. broken off was once a secure country but since two thousand and fifteen two hundred ounce of people have been killed in terrorist attacks only in two thousand and sixteen thirty people in this restaurant where killed in a single day. what is different. we
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lost many people. we were badly hit financially. we lost our cars motorbikes and small stores were destroyed. we lost all those things. the government said they would help us but nothing has been done. we have the courage to carry on. this ahead is flooded with challenges ranging from food insecurity and terrorist related security threats to the negative impacts of climate change if you count of the challenges the u.s. government is expanding its programs in this a hell. i would say that we see the situation where burkina faso is in a fight and the fight is getting tougher all the members of the g five to hell are
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united in that fight but we don't. we don't. disabuse ourselves of the fact that we are in a tough fight we are making progress against that fight but we know that it's going to be a struggle over the long term and that's why our investments in developing partnerships are long term so. now the training is over all eyes are on the west african multinational joint forces i'm told they would be fine they have concrete form to hide these groups without dying on the backing of western troops but to achieve their goal they need to be. meant you know that to stand a chance in the fight and they need some guidance drawings to truck down. in the vase sahara region. actually some of the other stories making news around the world police in somalia say least four people were killed and more wounded when a car bomb exploded in central mogadishu the car was parked close to
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a security checkpoint near the presidential palace jihadi script al shabaab has claimed responsibility the government has been battling the vertical islamists for years. canada's prime minister has admitted to making mistakes in the handling of a growing political crisis but insists that nothing illegal has taken place justin trudeau claimed the scandal which has cost him two ministers a breakdown of trust and communication with former justice minister jody wilson bravely she's accused him of pressurising her to help a major construction firm avoid a criminal trial. french cardinal philippa barbara says he will resign as archbishop of leo in as the decision after a court found him guilty of failing to informal for just that sexual abuse allegations against a priest that priest has confessed to abusing boys in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's a will be tried later this year. turkey's biggest mosque has opened in istanbul a jam lay
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a mosque and hold up to sixty three thousand people it took six years to build and was strongly supported by president branch of time to one's government the complex features a library museum and six minarets each representing a war in which turkey has been involved and how great an excuse me in hungary the ruling finessed party is to take down billboards attacking the european commission president john prine younger and billionaire philanthropist george soros on the move comes after the european people's party of which both fish and young members in the european parliament threaten to expel finesse they pose to suggest there is a plot to bring in migrants into hungary the prime minister viktor orban is a euro skeptic on his official website he's quoted as saying that if they say that you are force us to accept the un migration pact or the european commission's decisions so as to make us effect their own western concessive policies a breakup cannot be ruled out mr obama has been a consistent critic of the e.u.
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last september the european parliament voted to punish hungary for breaches of the e used core values. hungary's ruling fit as party is skilled in the art of provoking its critics this time even prime minister viktor or bonds allies were offended thousands of taxpayer funded billboards across the country depict you commission president shankar juncker and liberal billionaire george soros as conspirators in a plot to bring migrants into hungry. hungry as partners in the european parliament the european people's party called the posters fake news saying there is no conspiracy hungary's government now says the posters will come down next week according to the original plan they say but manfred weber's leader of the e.p. p. welcomed the move as proof that hungary is willing to play ball it is a good signal to putting down their their posters there that was one of the quests
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i made this week the posters are just the latest flashpoint in a long running quarrel several member states one hungry expelled from the party they cited or bans brussels rhetoric as well as its effective dissolution of the central european university on political grounds for hungary and nationalist hardliners this wouldn't be a bad move. leading pro-government newspaper magyar numbs it called on prime minister orbán to leave the conservative bloc and form a new populist coalition with italy and austria or bonn responded to the editorial with a call for cool heads fit as for now intends to stay in that you p.-p. the e use largest and most influential party if you just wait for dez is a member of the european people's party and it wants to remain a member. for orbán the goal is to win over europe's conservatives to his anti immigrant politics not to go his own way. now the european union's top court has
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ruled that the block's food safety agency must release details of research into the controversial life the european commission had classified it as safe based on scientific studies presented by the manufacturers but when a new law makers demanded access to those studies and requests were denied on the basis that it might harm the manufacturers interests critics suspect life state harms the environment and can cause cancer. easier to apply cheap and effective life as a destroys ball unwanted vegetation the only things it leaves growing other crops it's meant to protect the. market and the name around up the herbicide is a bio monsanto product it's in use on forty percent of germany's farmland. it's also used in over one hundred fifty countries worldwide. since it was introduced in the one nine hundred seventy s. over ten million tonnes of life or say to have been sprayed on crops enough to fill
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two thousand three hundred lympics swimming pools that makes it the most widely used weed killer in the world. it's also the most controversial environmental protection activists blamed life are set for the disappearance of many plants which once grew wild in nature and a corresponding loss of bird and insect populations. and they say it trickles down into the ground water scientists have found traces of blight for satan humans which has crept into the food chain the world health organization classifies blight for sate as probably carcinogenic to humans. that's fine gold is a green party member of the european parliament and this case joins us from brussels welcome to d.w. have you now got what you wanted. well we have very happy of course that transparency has prevailed over business secrets that this shows the e.u.
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is finally enforcing european legislation but i have to say it's not yet the very top level of court still the f's could go and appeal the judgement we hope that they are reasonable and are now releasing the documents the public is waiting for and look what is that the commission's reason for keeping these documents secret well that two different legal principles business secrets on the one hand and public safety on the other hand but such a key decision as you were quietly rightly saying on approval of a pesticide which is so widely used and of which they're responsible you and body is saying it's likely to cause cancer in such a situation the studies have to be published because signs is about replication and only if the studies published which have been put forward by the chemical
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company then independent scientists can check whether they're accurate but that the u.n. has has one opinion whereas other countries have others france and belgium are skeptical for instance well brought to germany broadly accept the use of life to say so why this lack of consensus well first of all i wouldn't say that germany is backing it there's also a decision by our government to face alkali full state but so far they haven't delivered on the promise and it's really high time to do it generally to use less pesticides because we have if you're forgive me for interrupting for interrupting but time is short how do you explain the lack of consensus. the lack of consensus is simply that economic interests are struggling with public safety and sometimes
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unfortunately even against reason and public safety narrow interests when talking to thank you for joining us and spend a good gold green party and maybe. the chinese tech giant in the united states for limiting its access to america's telecoms equipment market huawei is challenging a u.s. law that labels a country a security risk and cost federal agencies from buying its telecom products. companies legal challenge comes at a critical point for trade negotiations between the u.s. and china for years while way has sought to reassure the world of two things that it is not under the control of the chinese government and that it doesn't spy on consumers. a shift in tone from defense to accusation the u.s. government hides. way its right it has hacked into our servers
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and just storing our you merril's and us source code allegations of american government interference and theft of corporate secrets while ways message to the united states we can play the blame game two hours before the announcement the backdrop to what's becoming an ever escalating dispute while ways chief financial officer among you leaving her house in canada for an appearance in course she's been detained in the country since december accused of helping her company violates u.s. sanctions on iran she claims the arrest violated her rights and is politically motivated. well ways decision to sue the american government to an already high cost conflict the u.s. effort to get allies to shun the firm threatens to bar the company from major
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markets and puts billions of dollars of investment in super high speed five g. networks out of risk it also adds tension to an of ready complicated trade relationship between the world's top two economies own unlikely set of symbols is making a splash in titan's popular culture nazi iconography like swastikas and images of hitler are becoming popular fashion items since and that's a regime that some six million jews during the second world war of symbols arriving banned or restricted in many countries but in thailand so a different story. in thailand he's become a designer dictator here in the markets of bangkok nazi symbols are in vogue and hitler is the rock star of fascist fashion it's a trend that's creeping into pop culture like the swastika t. shirt worn by a member of the thai girl band b m k forty eight
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a recent fashion folk that when fire old was the lot of i was shocked i felt it's my fault i wasn't aware even though i should have known. this response from the israeli embassy presenting nazi symbols by the band singer hurt the feelings of millions around the world whose relatives were murdered by the nazis. but this time fan calls for forgiveness saying not everyone may know that nazi symbol please let her learn from the mistake. here to the longhorn university students say her claim of ignorance rings true and that growing up they learned little about the full scale of nazi atrocities. in thailand high school the not taught that even myself. and the german since my high school but we get a little knowledge about and i think germany in the you tube all social media like
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facebook. i the type you are talking about hitler you know who would be quite a lot like they if the hitler as the strong dictator or. the good leader that. that bring the nation to earth to a something better. a twisted fascination that despite the recent outcry shows no sign of disappearing. in football you wife is investigating premier league powerhouse manchester city full possible violations of financial monitoring rooms this after leaked documents about the club's business with published by german magazine der spiegel the possible violations of financial fair play rules are relates to man city officials allegedly deceiving you i thought i disguising the source of revenue from sponsorship deals tied to the club's owners in abu dhabi if
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found guilty the top could get a champions league back. it reminded the top story at this hour a german course in a seven hundred prison sentences of up to ten years to fold man but use of operating a fast child pornography platform on doc now is one of the men's also found guilty of sexually abusing two young children. coming up next here all day dublin is the day i'm still world of age is at the top of the column on school she gets out of dates around the clock on the website that's t w dot com i'm good today.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire. the social media critic is critical to editing the book and thousands of followers are joining the cause mom on the streets they are women who were changing the world to bring the. digital. stores march. on g.w. . cut. the. and an ironic twist to the ongoing fight between the united states and the chinese telecommunications giant holloway the company is now threatening to sue they say the u.s. government ban on the use of their products in america's critical five g. infrastructure is unconstitutional i think serious where is this likely to end i'm phil galen but then this is the day.


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