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if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make it look accident. raring to. never read a book like this. which list. the streets. we make up over three quarters of office that hundred thirty five we are the civil services. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join the misters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent each of these platforms for for charging.
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was. not as you look out i would call what i had gathered by that dialogue and make that read on the last c.i.s. money done so no one else will ever meet those some of them on the phone with us and for the office wasn't for the one side of the guys and the outside. you out on the one that was that it was it was i mean isn't it possible. i fight for peace because i understand the consequences for it and i understand the
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price but one has to prepare for war and. the people who are lost the family will never be able to recover from that. when you social media to tell our story to and as chance. moving here three million go. why is it that we're being silent. about the lives of these girls. there's a dainty war in iran about my lifestyle. they have guns and but let's be our facebook tree church instagram and our social media they cannot keep those people silent that's something that i never use hope.
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it's a punishable crime which are beyond veiled in public according to the laws sharia laws in iran you get lashes you get jailed and fined but more important than this you won't be allowed to get an education from the age of seven if you take off your head scarf you won't be allowed to get a job. you won't be allowed to live in your own country.
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was. this great and i am going to come to you and challenge for my own play them without getting asked that. cameras will be. my campaign was born from a simple picture. it was a picture of me wrong thing in a beauty food street in london it was a spring made the trees were full of blossoms and i wrote a caption on my picture that every time when i wrong in
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a free country and i feel the wind through my hair it just reminds me of the time when my hair was like a hostage in the hands of iranian government. i also women whether they want to share their pictures with me so the moment of freedom with me i was bombarded by pictures from women inside iran being unveiled. so i created my. page on facebook has more than a million followers on more than a million followers and it's all about. it's all about.
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choice. and you. want to play this. game you know. all the all of. this. aftermath and you know i mean i feel a lot
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a lot of all that after that they gave me one of them so i think it was the last fight and their mother lost i mean this is the most going to get in the u.s. . we have a man station must win it in your interests they said yes he thought they know your common man to be an. equal well thought up we have every seal is a liberal nobody has what i saw rolling of their way and i suddenly mama yes or into the somewhat hostile robot in the purcell and they are you for one thing we for this one obviously we shall sort it all in a moment on my show you he said that of bill clinton in there on the bus. in the hallway don't want chili you to tell me how much time and how much of this emotion i don't know what you see here you know what don't but wish it had.
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come out of mr lawson we're feeling now and this is your this isn't the end of a lot you know a fellow who's balco mom would rest of the law who does is this offer they see will or no mrs deal if i should see one don't want to say you know the still here what you know. if you push on your new medical center of your age or another. whether or not they will meet only caught up so. put a kid you were covered. for the record a song from a book about things so we're bored of canada or for you and so we're going because they don't go where. people can read who do you think.
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so you know me i want only one credit. but i guess i would games the. british era. i.e. . they. could nk is do i say it's always. try to. be all that why this is the man in the man also the boy whom we've seen sent. down and i realize how much. more not we will need as i know to. miss him of
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not knowing enough what i know of my you know no almost shouted at them quite as southside and i thought that on their own but as a guy and this woman. and this. and what do you. believe i. am not a convener. friend for meaning mall seem pretty. much the malls all that i see honest i know is i want to sort it burned i left and i've been my lord. and we did ok going to be a movie that is nice enough is enough. good
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on top of the body. and there's no next is no. no no no no just the only one yeah ok. sure. this is the house where the cutting happened. i remember that day like it was yesterday.
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this is where i went from being just a normal young girl to being a survivor of f.g. on. the. female genital mutilation name is rampant we are the country with the second highest rate of girls and women who are caught between ninety six percent and ninety eight percent of all women and girls in guinea have caught the reason why fighting f.e.m. in the country is so difficult is that it crosses social barriers educated people according to children not educated people not getting their children poor people are cutting rich people are cutting christians are cutting muslims are cutting people who don't believe in any religion and i actually practicing religion and also cutting. the. girls are cut from one
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day of born to about anywhere between ten and eleven sometimes if it's later it's twelve thirteen fourteen so it's from one dad born usually from a week old to each adonis since the cut. there is no limits foundation was started in two thousand and eight with my sister mariama when they come our representatives and myself we started with one thousand dollars. so with it in that list and the dream we knew that we wanted people to have dignity and to be able to help themselves so all of our programs are based in communities we work with locals and we do micro loans we give women and girls opportunity to have economic mobility to own their own
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businesses to take care of themselves. that you know when you go to us it is not just about dropping the rate of at g.m. it's about creating a new culture it's about creating a new tradition and a new norm in our society no american folk will never have a little mother oh our. what our social media are working in d.c. . i actually use social media to connect with other sister activists around the world. and i fighting against after sisters from saddam from india from you know somalia all working in the all corner anough g.m. and we use social media through the group to salvage arms to support one another.
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sometimes an activist might get death. and tell us what do i do and we help them respond to it so we social media is critical critical to everything that we do. my father's captain the thing he was an army officer who lost his life during the
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cargo boy on sixth august one thousand nine. of oil rigs wanted to be away ever since i was twelve i knew that i wanted to write this book. it's called small acts of freedom it's a family of three it's a memoir a story about three generations of thing over men who have lived life and their own town i lived in sort of where the memories that i have of my father. he comes back sleeping in a wooden box with a bandage on his chest on the same spot where he used to lean my tiny head against and sleep listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. my father is finally on.
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i don't understand how he can sleep amidst all this noise and crying. people have taken his name over and over again but he does not become. my past experience at all but in this. case. it was the first time i saw a woman in a book called and because i was stored that muslim. response for the death of my father that is responsible for the better my father i took a knife. and i left to. go try and. my mother just caught on to me as he saw me coming she had no idea what i was going to do but when she noticed i think of how much hatred i had been having in my own
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heart. to. push me there has been this. country's have been fighting a war but it's just the style you need and it's divided us to such a great extent you have to face so much in some damages and that so many people like me so many young paying the price for this kind of hatred on both sides of the water. i. i. i i.
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only three seventy. happens every day where soldiers from the pakistanis dangers and the soldiers from the indian side they shake hands and then this is a demonstration no far on who's more powerful. was. there just to be it's. across the gate the crowd looks the same to my ears but the same color for speaking the same language. the least of me as such as themselves human beings can do is and the hatred that's in our heart and cross that fire metaphorically. even.
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i grow up and i'm small it's less which is close to cusp and see. what i get homesick. the only thing that makes me feel home and happy is just going to nature climbing that thing going to mt sand are walking the c.s.i. just reminds me of home. a to our kitchen in the village are designed for women it's shorter because women are shorter than men so. i remember i used to say to my brother i know this is short for you but there is a chair said alan and washed the dishes so that shows that i started my feminist movement my feminist revolution from my kitchen. that is important for women we
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have to start. being a rebel. in our house. in our village we didn't have toilet in our house we had outhouse. and in the darkness we had to go out. my mother used to say that the darkness is a monster a shapeless black demon that feeds on your fear. if you are scared of it then the shadow grows bigger and it will invalid pew and swallow you. open your eyes wide as wide as possible she did me when i was a young girl stare into the darkness and the shadows will disappear never be afraid of the darkness but stay down. my father
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has stopped talking to me he doesn't support me the things that i am against islam i mean against my own country and chain my country but i think these are all happening just because you know the governor really brainwashed. people like my father otherwise my father loves me. it was just weeks before the controversial election two thousand and nine my car got the wind allies in iraq and two of my journalistic car was on there my vehicle so that was a message for me that you know it's going to happen to you as was so i decided just you know leave the country. now i am here and i'm not going to keep silent.
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this is the room that i was moving. when i was cut. so i heard conversations and saying get. this thing it is really close to. really pretty good because. there would be. a path. so i wanted to run away. but they come we walk outside. and then we lined up with my cousin and others. and i would take that long walk.
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i can't see what they're doing but that persist moment where in that movement where i just feel like. they're not. imagine when you open. that saloon the us open.
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and the. i mean my dad and the. heat that's easy. to take he only takes easy. you said nora who trade dame have to have a family more than three crafts son t. como sophism ah. no support practice may kill so. less. and less screwed yourself.
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girls who are out on your goober again. he's a big song on. the move. today due to d.v.m. pulls all songs over on google plus one of the good outcome to late nights is even a good listen. if. it. doesn't stop it from a guy that he knows this was hot was all within the fun so i would write blogs and i would write stories and i would interact with people and just slowly ever came out of these into fog google and slowly i became part of the new online movement going for a. social media is that i can be proud to be where it was
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just so many people like michael from uganda i'm strange man look at numbers i'm quite surprised but i also understand it's a lot of responsibility. and we thought that camping in somebody's whereas the right wing mostly figured out one
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flat card from my video to make a point that i am an anti national. human being and i have anti national tendencies because i asked for peace with pakistan. who had caught a young student of maybe freedom college was ignited a fiery debate on social media and beyond on nationalism and free speech or tried many at the time was the belief that pulpit lloyd did up giving a piece of shit to pakistan. she wants peace with pakistan and she gets softer the wording became national news after van was on every single prime time and it was a very very very scary time my phone was hot because there were so many messages coming back to back. and the strangest thing is that we're all messages of hate symbol of messages of. messages of how somebody would want to. coach me how somebody would be one of the way very explicit messages of how one would one of my
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limbs the five and how they would want to rape me you know who these people are well they call you up to try to new what was it on social media you about and you have reported this to the police now it doesn't matter how the trick is coming to you with respect to do you already feel it's also should read a little release calling you a very. definite sound ok these are not you you're feeling your life because you don't pick. just one thing get to you that you can go to the police and report you are it's it's one hundred different accounts one hundred different people saying to you that gets to you i think you no matter how strong you are that kind of that volume. has a way of getting into. i
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launched myself the freedom but after three years it was everywhere so like the president of iran knew about it talked about it with all the media around the war the media inside iran the reigning clerics and i thought oh my god now this is the time we have to shift all line movement to something off line these people need to identify each other so in two thousand and seventeen i decided to actually you know pick and they pick a color and help these people to identify each other in public. these run on white wednesdays there are the only soldiers only warrior i called it one person inspiration because they never have the permission to take this.
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they will be shot they will be you know into prison they will be torture but they are brave they found a way to protest against oppression. oh . she was i don't always argue about if i let that go enjoy you know i'm going to need to r.c. our families i mean. let's get it out let's have. some let's head out now more ok by. the time you through.
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her. this is the time men should get involved in women's movement so i created another campaign called the many. the government often don't want to control the society because they know that this generation is not going to keep signing. their rituals the way to. go are being lined up when they actually think those rituals come from the past and it is still something that people are
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continuing. to out. think that. was.
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what we are doing is to remove the secrecy around the cutting so we want people to be able to understand it so that they understand that one you know the cutting is not necessary so we are doing alternative rites of passage. and. what the community showed us was how do you use to celebrate the girls but den you will end with a cutting and what we are trying to do with that is to teach them that you can still send a bridge girls you can still celebrate exhibition but you don't need to do the kind of. what we're doing and dance we use social media to tell people where we are going to be. the young people that post and also
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a full media tag us to web and talk about how we are talking about have to go out and decide they have to now saying that. and i mean. if i. didn't think it would. this is. the moment. that i used to make go out of. where we. don't.
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get the oil by me lol where are they going to. get to where. they had us the. last oh and. i mean more. than anything. i might need a community. when i lay there or. does that that i was that me and i'm one of the. more and they've got me knowing that. what i'm.
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most. knowing. what they're not only to toss them beloved and fabulous on a set of people don't. but i don't decide if it will articulate them in the. same ana. really funny but i'm. just. going to get. the question have a few have actually go oh yeah. that's what i was. so i don't have the ideas that you know it's either choose to believe about me it's not a good thing i'm someone who doesn't you don't buy a shit for the shit that
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a lot of you should devote to draw you into the show you live on yet i'll shut realize this is not the ball not the construct to come out of my long hard about it to get a lot of them were going to say yes yes. this is a big show actually in this show i give the platform to women inside iraq i mean mostly women it's about you know people inside iran who can use their camera and be their own voices be they or need to be on sunday video to me. i feel like i'm holding the whole iran you know they picked out from my country but they couldn't take iran out of me so now social media and this show is my window toward you're all. going to go to the shop that does the show of course i am scared of receiving a lot of death threats specially when i see the government attack me through cyber army calling me a prostitute calling me ugly the agent of cia agent of m i six this kind of things
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actually from the beginning it was kind of hurting me but not now not anymore. i'm ready. maybe. ok so now. i. am i come here in my happy times to crying god for everything good that has happened but i also come here whenever i'm sad whenever i need have been evident feel so
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hopeless that after reach out to something greater than me. life has changed a lot and now i'm going to be a public figure people who know me by my face by my walk just give me strength that i can take this position of influence this position where so many people are looking at me in this thing to what i have to say for you give me strength still so that i can give the best to the word the best to mankind. i have so many bad the biggest one is one day one many wrong
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have the power to run the country. my dream is just to see what men are as equal just met. well. now. that he's.
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laundry go international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week ensign national women's day when taking a close look at women in power and asking alms ladies abets a politician's on what same passion for the next generation of young female politicians likely to have to join us on quadriga show. quadriga ninety minutes on d w.
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sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. college just began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike i. see nothing else. in the fleet even to. my living. by their culture history. only a promise to. the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the results reverse culture shock. her prize winning country from the forest starts april first on t.w.
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. cut . cut cut. cut cut. this is d. w. news coming to you live from five years after the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy we meet the son of one of the passengers like many family members of the disappearance he's refusing to give up the search for answers in one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries it's also in the program it's international women's day and we're taking you to pakistan where the simple acts for driving a bicycle is challenging the norms and one of the world's most repressive countries for women and girls.


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