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to life. from the forest starts first on t.w. . this is news live from women take to the streets on international women's day if thousands demonstrate here in the german capital world the people are marching protesting. as they call for gender equality. grandmothers in kenya one that's really. changed from a culture that threatens women living in one of the country's most dangerous slumps . past a welcome to the very special passengers. on living a life of. chinese aquarium that took the world's first century.
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in iceland. i'm still going to welcome to the program events taking place in many parts of the world to mark international women's day here in belgrade thousands have been marching in support of women's rights for the first time it has been declared a public holiday in the capital the only part of germany to do so the marches in protest against sexism and gender discrimination worldwide. melinda crane is covering one of those rallies in. georgia and find out how things are going. tell us about the turnout to tell us what's expected to happen today. turnout's good the police have just done the count and say they're at seven thousand five
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hundred but the crowds been expanding rapidly over the past hour the march is just now gotten underway and it will be going on for about another hour hour and a half and winding up not too far from here where at five o'clock our time there will be a global shout from this crowd a shout of rage in protest and in demand that that gender equality move faster and the crowd is very enthusiastic i just made my way through it on the way to our camera position lot of young women but not only all ages represented families a lot of men and a lot of enthusiasm i went to germany and the campaign for gender equality. there's a lot of room for improvement various studies give different numbers but for example the world bank says germany is somewhere around thirty first place in the world
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rankings but behind a number of other countries that are less wealthy than this one and if you look at specific aspects of gender inequality the picture is quite uneven for example there's a wage gap here of twelve or twenty one percent in other words men earning on our fridge twenty one percent more than women for comparable work and that puts germany quite low in europe only a stone and austria are behind it so it's quite doing quite poorly on that score or if we look at the degree to which women have broken through the so-called glass ceiling when it comes to the top positions in the private sector there is now a quota in germany for supervisory boards of large come. it is still that they are slowly getting to the thirty percent quota that is required of women on supervised
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reports but it's had very little effect so far on operational management their women are still less than ten percent of the actual operational management so lots of room for improvement there is well and other theories as to why germany is so far behind given its generally progressive reputation. well for a long time and given the fact that the most powerful woman in the world is the head of the german government a supreme irony if you will but there the theories going back to the period of the cold war were that west germany was very eager to maintain conservative social traditions putting women essentially in the kitchen and in the nursery part partly in contrast to eastern germany where women's rights were very very strong but of course that was thirty years ago that the berlin wall fell so there has been change
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since then but it has been slow for example throughout many parts of germany it's hard for families to find a kindergarten place even to this day many schools are go only until lunch time and then release the children sending them home with the expectation that there will be a mother at home to provide a warm watch all of that is changing but it's changing very slowly this government has made some of those issues priorities but as i say there's still a lot of of work to be done when the cry. thank you. now let's take a look at some other international women's day stories from around the world women took the streets in the spanish couple madrid to mark the day that many of them skipped to work to demonstrate against inequality and gender based violence the price. and in a protest at the headquarters of the conservative people's party which refused to take passed and women's day activities. emanuel mccraw has awarded france's
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first gender equality prize to activist tamara tonsil of the french president described was in the town so as an example of courage work helping victims of rape and forced marriage the cameroonian will receive one hundred sauza yours as part of the prize. the day international women's day is an opportunity to highlight the systemic problems women face every day and how they're being overcome in the kenyan capital nairobi korogocho slum was once notorious for violence and sexual assaults against women but thanks to its oldest female residents things are changing the w.'s melon they call it the bow that's a group of grannies that you really don't want to mess with. just a few years ago this place was known as nairobi's most dangerous slum presidents in korogocho lived in constant fear with especially elderly women like the sixty five
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year old jerry. white a cool american he would hear screams all the time women were attacked by boys who had come to rank them. the grannies of coral gotto as they call themselves regularly targeted superstitions attackers believed the women right to be free and that sex with them could kill the only action almost daily one of those numbers older women were sexually assaulted raped on that it. gave it a few months one day we found moment no good dead with broken bottles inside her body when we carried her body to the police but they closed the gates and didn't let a sin to get the police but we took her body to the mortuary distributing the moved with it and on that day we decided enough is enough and we women will start helping ourselves to fighting to decide to. in the posts about like korogocho elderly women have had to bear the brunt of societal neglect and crime it is in
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this very community that many of them have been assaulted often sexually deemed as easy targets and this in here that they fight to take safety into their own hands. was. monica has decided to fight back and others who have the same options granny roughly twice sixty five and ninety years old meet once a week. and defend themselves. and when i'm walking down the street and an attacker approaches this is how i fight. and i'm proud to say that i'm a strong elderly woman. it is with this pride and dedication that they have to tackle and raised awareness in that community for a piece to be a daily reality with these granny. was. now running says
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she only hears of a case every second day and she will keep on fighting until every woman young or old will say and one. man. ten years from now this will be a new car of his that why even when it will be known is one of the neighborhoods that people are proud to live in new orleans. who is different. it was indeed a new life from birth and still to come the ancient but he's undergoing a revival in iran despite being frowned upon would have to undergo a complicated job. that much of venezuela is without electricity or the country's worst ever blackout president because my daughter has ordered schools government entities and businesses to close in order to aid efforts to restore power the blackout is raising tensions in a nation already on edge from the ongoing political turmoil. dining in darkness at
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this restaurant in the capital caracas at seven as usual but outside shops a shuttered unable to do business venezuelans are quite familiar with power outages but this time the question is how long it will last trams and subways are off buses are packed full many commute hours on foot. by next hour have any i was traveling to buy groceries cheese and mace but now all the shops are closed and the a.t.m. start working event but it did everything you know why. are they looking for let's imagine ourselves in a hospital right now what would an emergency be like right now in a hospital. i don't even want to imagine it i just pray to god for those people that are in the operating room right now. in the morning. the government says the problem is here at the guru blaming the enemies of socialism for damaging the
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country's largest power station the opposition says government corruption and economic mismanagement caused the blackout as politicians passed the buck venezuelans left to wonder where is the power. to take a look now at some more of the days of the stories of thousands of demonstrators are gathered in central algiers after friday prayers and the latest protest against president abdelaziz bouteflika is a bid for a fifth term record sales forces deployed security forces and stop public transport services into the capital. britain's prime minister to resign may house called on the european union to make what she called more push to get a revised the deal on parliament is due to hold a second vote on the deal next week the prime minister has so far failed to gain the concessions she says would secure lawmakers support. a space capsule billed by
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the american company space x. has lashed down off the. to florida and its test flight to the international space station if nasa deems the unmanned mission successful a capsule could carry its first astronauts into orbit later this year. to syria where scores of suspected feiss so-called islamic state of escaped from the last pocket of territory held by the group hundreds have been leaving a tiny stretch of land controlled by us close to iraq where the army is on alert to stop them crossing. just two kilometers away is the last town still controlled by us ebrahim sabri watches the siege of bug goods from this checkpoint the iraqi major hears the constant drone of u.s. fighter jets it's easy to see the signs of destruction about a thousand jihadi as are believed to be holding out on the syrian side in caves and tunnels beneath the destroyed houses and buildings and. i know they have no will
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left to fight. they have no chance against the kurdish use of us are under siege according to the information we have they have hardly any food left and are now starting. to make. their mission is to seal off the border to about google's three hundred soldiers and special forces patrolling a kilometer long stretch. barricades and razor wire against the self-proclaimed holy warriors none of whom will be allowed to break away into iraq those who try risked their lives. when we recently observed a group of twenty five i asked fighters getting close to the border we called for u.s. fighter jets. they killed all of. them. but experts believe hundreds of other jihadi s. are thought to have fled to iraq and are now hiding out somewhere in the no man's
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land of the western desert where they. can hardly be detected. they are believed to have two hundred million dollars with them reserves from when i still controlled a third of iraq and syria devastation hatred and mistrust remain even as the end of fighting grows near. us with joy dickey thanks also to the american air strikes but it should only be a few more days. the terror militias last fighters are trapped encircled and under constant watch but it's a bittersweet victory. feat many of my friends and comrades lost their lives in the fight against i guess i pray they are now in heaven they are heroes. without their blood and their lives i never would have achieved victory. without fail to. but will this be a final victory iraqis now remain vigilant after years of war and terror abraham
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hopes iraq has learned its lesson. iran meanwhile is saying a resurgence of an ancient obstacle to. illegal but they are definitely frowned upon so tattoo artist try to keep their services secret. this is how ass and they had to spends most of her time perfecting the contour africa steamers eyebrows her beauty salon is tucked away in the first floor of an apartment building in eastern tehran but the thirty year old artist also offers a different service to women who know what to ask for one that is not openly advertised and can be only performed behind closed doors here in iran. for absenting tattooing is the job she's most passionate about and her preferred form of art. i think it's much more beautiful to me than drawing or painting on
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paper which i used to do when i have a sketch and then i to tootle someone's body it's amazing the fact that i change someone's appearance of my art gives me a good feeling a good feeling that's shared by the women she tattoos but none of them want to talk about it on camera or even show their faces that's because having a tattoo is widely considered taboo in iran. to artists are often arrested here in the islamic republic although to true or not illegal strictly forbidden by shia islam but authorities consider the more western phenomenon and harmful to iran in values but body art is still very popular among young people here into iraq. in public body art mostly remains hidden beneath the moderate dress code that's mandatory here but inside coffee shops where to rand's hipsters gather tattoos are openly displayed. so hail a flock he is one of the scenes most famous artists he considers tattooing to be
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a symbolic form of medical treatment for his generation a way for people to heal what he sees as spiritual wounds well living in a culture in crisis. getting more and more hollow. for this survey used to use and also expensive clothes as a beautiful cloak to hide what's missing inside. so as a business tattooing is getting more and more successful. value for customers so it's hard to make an educated choice. because when something is kind of illegal in a society then it's hard to find out information about it and. that's something i've seen a how do you would like to change as well instead of creating her art secretly inside a beauty salon she would like to bring it out of the shadows. i guess the thing
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about it they only had enough money i would open my own tattoo studio. time that i began then i could work along with many other tattoo artists i don't want to call expand the business and get better. times at the most out of. a passion that's not without risks here in the islamic republic but for absenting a being able to pursue her art is worth it. a step sister of the jewish direst whose family head from the nazis has visited a california high school after a party that caused outrage last week at the school is facing criticism after pictures emerged on social media showing students giving nazi salutes around a swastika made from bear cubs. d.w. reporter all i'll soccer has been looking into this story will have on tell us more about what happened so this first also last weekend in the town of newport harbor
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in california students there from from high school were having a party at some point someone constructed the sourced accounts of plastic cops they saluted with the nazi salutes take pictures were taken there was uploaded to. snapshots and you know made its way onto twitter now this that the come a bit of national embarrassment to the town last week hundreds of people showed up at a meeting to to show their outrage about this this incident and now it's gone and international attention because of the visit to the school by ever sloss now she is the step sister of and frank who famously wrote her diary while she was hiding in the attic in an amsterdam during the second world war hiding from the nazis she ended up being discovered and you know she later died in a concentration camp. i wish last wanted to come and meet these students to tell them his story and she met them what came out of the reason so it was
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a private meeting with a visual says there was a very emotional meeting she got her chance to really tell them what happened in auschwitz now these kids are around about the same age that she was sixteen when she was finally freed from the concentration camp by that point most of her family had died her brother had died father had died only she and her mother survived now we have a clip of explaining her immediate reaction to these photos and then. she didn't hear. could. tell you know hey if you get school it's like she should still have been very keyed in really to come and speak and hear. able to do it it said. now it doesn't believe that these kids actually knew what they were doing to them it was a bit of a joke that in the midst of their complexity and you also said that they did
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apologize profusely and what's been the fallout now this was the. birthing incident for the school for the students for the parents but. the might be a silver lining to the story let's have an a listen. i think it is actually perhaps. because it has opened and it. specially. or. it might change at get your oh. so she's speaking about changing attitudes she does also say that you know when it comes to education around holocaust it might be an adequate in lots of this of this incident and in the end this is also like every every story about social media. shows what can happen when you post pictures online well saka thank you.
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hungary's prime minister viktor orban says his populist party may quit the center right group of the euro parliament the european people's party have threatened to expel v. the us. media campaign has hinted that he may seek to strengthen ties with poland's ruling and justice party if it does leave. hungary's ruling feeder's party is skilled in the art of provoking its critics this time even prime minister victor all bands own allies were offended thousands of taxpayer funded billboards across the country depict e.u. commission president drawn close and liberal billionaire george soros as conspirators in a plot to bring migrants into hungry. hungry as partners in the european parliament the european people's party p.p. called the posters fake news saying there is no conspiracy hungary's government now says the posters will come down next week according to the original plan they say
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but manfully very early to raise the p.p. welcome to the move as a signal that hungary is willing to play ball. it is a good signal that they are pulling down their post as that was one of the requests i made this week. the post is just the latest flashpoint in a long running quarrel several p.p. member states one hungry expelled from the party they've cited all bans anti brussels rhetoric as well as its effective dissolution of the central european university on political grounds for hungary and nationalist hardliners this wouldn't be a bad move leading pro-government newspaper my gang members that cold on prime minister orbán to leave the conservative blog and form a new populist coalition with italy and austria in an interview on public radio on friday or van said he would still prefer to reform the p.p. swinging it towards an anti immigration platform but he also raised the prospect of
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fetus quitting the p.p. which will meet on march twentieth to discuss the matter. russia has dominated the world junior figure skating championships being held this week in a full podium sweep russian past one gold silver and bronze at the event in the croatian capital graeme. machina alexandra gallium offered in place before this final performance but after a spectacular display they won enough points to take gold this was the fourth podium swayed by rushing past at the junior. blue whales are some of the most intelligent and social marine mammals so for conservationists it's a travesty that so many of them are kept in captivity to perform tricks in aquariums around the world now a project has been launched that aims to change that the help of a jumbo jet meet little white and little grey.
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two female blue for whales they've been in captivity for a decade now and this is their daily routine. performing tricks. aquarium. but now their lives are about to change. this jumbo jet is being readed to take them to the other side of the world whales on a plane suspended in mats in a container in the hold with a team of fence and specialists. first traveled some ten thousand kilometers. the goal is a brighter future for a little white in the grave but the the larger prize if you like is we're going to provide a blueprint a template for other species and other locations all around the world to offer whales and dolphins a brighter future. that's future is here the island of jaime just off the south
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coast of iceland a secluded cove is being turned into the world's first sanctuary for polluters with just a net shutting them off from the open ocean they'll have near natural conditions. the project is the brainchild of a conservation group working with the entertainment for which now of the shanghai aquarium. there's a body of evidence now that shows that we can't really care for these incredibly complex social intelligent animals in an aquarium environment and merlin entertainments believe they shouldn't be on the show for public entertainment as well so it's much better to provide these two these two amazing animals with a much more natural how to live in a world wide between three and four hundred blucas live in captivity organizers hope some of them might leave concrete details behind and make their way to iceland joining little grey and little white. blue news is next i'll be
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back at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site e.w. dot com for that.
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on the trip to be i would not support myself and my harley so much danger but it's a game of the put you to sleep would. love one son to have that one little bit of my husband. he has problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but that much i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. book players. table. the state. patrol. in the cooker game of power and money the competition is fierce for the world's most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win their school we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. the
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good poker game the geopolitical investigation starting march eighteenth on t.w. . this is a dozen years asia coming up on the program the mystery of flight m h three seventy the families of missing passengers austin demanding godso was five yards off the plane's disappearance when you know why they want the sides to go on. and pedaling for empowerment on international women's day we need a group of girls in pakistan fighting the stigma of riding a bicycle.


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