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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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from the forest people first on b.t.w. . this is the news live from berlin women take to the streets on international women's day. thousands demonstrate in turkey's largest city istanbul and around the world people marching protesting and striking in the name of gender equality also on the program the biggest demonstrations so far against president clinton. protesters object stealing eighty two year old plan to
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run for a fifth term as president. and a cargo plane prepares to welcome to and usual passengers little grains and little wipes are leading a life of showbiz in the chinese aquarium they're being airlifted to iceland to the world's first open water sanctuary all the way. i'm calm assman welcome to the program police in the turkish city of istanbul fired tear gas at demonstrators taking part in a band international women's day march thousands of women had gathered at the city's central square for the protest police pushed back another group of women at the entrance to istanbul's main shopping street many of the protestors were demanding the release of women in prison in syria the organizers say nearly did coup in two thousand and sixteen. well first of all it's of course the
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internationals the women's day it's a meaningful protest but as you rightly said especially since the failed coup here in turkey in summer two thousand and sixteen we have witnessed a massive crackdown on media organizations civil society organizations on private persons as well we have been criticizing the turkish government or president out on himself so all kinds of demonstrations be it workers unions or demonstrations the gay pride they have all been banned so that shows how difficult it has become for many people to voice their concerns at their anger how little space there is left and i think today tonight is just another example and that's why actually women's day is so important for many people here not just for women but for many others as well. there in istanbul it was one nine hundred seventy five when the united nations adopted international women's day but it actually began more than one hundred years ago in new york city here in berlin thousands
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took part in a march for women's rights the capital is the only state in germany to declare the day a public holiday. there's a festive atmosphere here at germany's biggest women's day demonstration but the issues a serious thousands of women and men marched through the center of berlin to protest pension poverty and inequality at work issues that affect women around the world including in germany. funnily enough there is no equality between men and women we don't get equal pay for equal work and that's why it's important to have a symbolic day like this to show everyone we're here and to continue our battle for women's rights. and how as a woman i think every day is room in state not just once a year but it's good that we can come out and say we stand together to help each other to empower women and to show how much love we have to give out and says i'm
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going on to feel even given. this is the first time that international women's day is a public holiday in reunified berlin many people use the day off to demonstrate for gender equality the world bank says there's still room for improvement when it comes to gender equality in germany which the bank put on thirty first place in their rankings that's ahead of the u.s. and china but below most european countries making international women's day a funny day as berlin has done might help to take those issues many less hearty berlin this may have stayed home rather than go out to demonstrate in the wet weather and some even doubt that making women stay a public holiday makes much sense. is far less good isn't it that it exists but it's not very important to me i'm already emancipated. in my own support who i think it's important why because maybe there'll be an international men's day some time when
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a few more minutes. but march the eighth is about women and has been for more than a century the people at this march are hoping it doesn't take another hundred years . to achieve gender equality. for more an international women's day i'm joined by sylvia hoarder in new york she's a policy advisor at un women that's the organization founded in two thousand and ten with the goal of strengthening the work of the united nations on gender equality and women's import and power meant. what are the most important things the un can do to support women around the world. thanks for asking most important thing we are doing is to make visible that whether we work on development peace and security economic empowerment you name it we will only make progress if we fully involve women if we integrate women's perspectives in our work how exactly can the u.n.
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achieve that i mean those are some pretty lofty goals we do that at different levels we work with governments to develop. policy recommendation but we also work with governments at national levels to provide technical assistance concrete advice on what governments at different level across all sectors can do to make sure that women's points of view are integrated in their policies in their programs in their concrete activities. so that women and girls spend if it fully from the work that governments are doing whether it is on health and education on infrastructure. you name it on a day like today it's easy to focus on the problems on the other issues that women are facing around the world but what about recent success stories i mean is there anything that stands out for you in terms of success. well there has been
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progress in changing laws that have discriminated against women we have more women in politics than ever before. we have a growing understanding that any issue is relevant to women we have more girls in schools than ever before. so yes we have made progress. to me to movement if you will is a sign of progress that there is increased visibility of the violence that women have faced over centuries and there is a lot more goodwill to take action. to provide services to change laws. to work together for gender equality is gender equality a total equality a realistic goals are something that hopefully someday
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i sometimes say. i'm not sure we'll recognize it when we see it but yes it's a goal it's. we will not make progress in whether we look at climate change economic growth conflict resolution if women are not fully part of the discussion of all solutions all right sylvia or dodge in new york with u.n. women thank you very much. thank you. now let's take a look at some the other international women's day stories from around the world women also took the streets in the spanish capital madrid for international women's day many of them skip work to demonstrate against any quality and gender based violence the parade ended in a protest at the headquarters of the conservative people's party which refused to take part in women's day activities. emmanuel mccall has awarded france's first
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gender equality prize to activist duma and got tons of french president described her as an example of courage for her work helping victims of rape and forced marriage the cameroonian will receive one hundred thousand euros as part of the problems. hundreds of women have demonstrated in the indian capital delhi their calling for an end to domestic violence sexual assault and gender discrimination with boys still prized more than girls in india prejudiced against working women remains lawmakers have yet to an actual legislation to increase the number of women in parliament. women in the kenyan capital nairobi have also been protesting against gender based violence calling for perpetrators to face justice especially those in power when demonstrators at assault survivors needed more protection in order to feel safe enough to speak out. international women's day is of course an opportunity to highlight the systemic problems women face every day and how they're being overcome in the kenyan capital nairobi the korogocho slum was once notorious
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for violence and sexual assaults against women but thanks to its oldest female residents things are changing the. ball but a group of grannies you really don't want to mess with. just a few years ago this place was known as nairobi slum residents and co got to live in constant fear especially women like the sixty five year old jerry. white a cool american he would hear screams all the time women were attacked by boys who had come to rape them. the grannies of coral gotto as they call themselves were regularly targeted superstitions attacked us believed the women were hiv free and that sex with them could cure the only faction almost daily one of those numbers all the women were sexually assaulted raped on that it. one day
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we found dead with broken bottles inside her body we carried her body to the police but they closed the gates and didn't let a sin to get up on his part we took her body to the mortuary. where to and on that day we decided enough is enough and we women will start helping ourselves on the plane to decide to do. in a force like korogocho other women have had to bear the brunt of society neglect and crime it is in this very community that many of them have been assaulted often sexually targets it is it. running decided to fight back and the same. as granting rob between sixty five and ninety years old meet once a week to learn martial arts and defend themselves. and when i'm walking down the street and an attacker approaches this is how i fight. and i'm proud to say that i'm a strong elderly woman. it is with
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this pride and dedication that they have gathered to tackle and raised awareness in that community for a piece to be a daily reality with the. now running can said she only use of the case every second. and she will keep on fighting until every woman. and her. man. ten years from now this will be a new car. he said why even it will be known is one of the neighborhoods that people are proud to live in. who are different. all twenty eight members of the united states women's national football team have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation this comes just three months before the team sets out to defend the world cup title they won in canada four years ago the superintends of the
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players in the women's team earn less money and work under worse conditions than players on the men's team. d.w. has launched a page for women on its facebook profile to coincide with international women's day just log on to facebook and search for d w women to algeria now where people have held the biggest demonstrations seen against president. since protests began two weeks ago the eighty two year old leader has ruled algeria for the past twenty years and is an ill health or demonstrations are mostly peaceful police used tear gas to block the brode to the presidential palace and in several other areas of the capital. this has been a common sight on the streets of algiers for the past two weeks. president up to as he's beautifully constitution to run for fifty has led to protests all over the country. many algerian say they've had enough of the current government and the
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appetite for protest is undiminished. i'm saying no to the regime. we need a better future for our children we did not live the good life but we want our children to live a better life. the president confined to a wheelchair as try to assuage public anger by promising reform. he has also lashed out against the protests saying they have been infiltrated by foreign powers some even doubt that is still alive political activists rushing to make us station demonstration in front of the hospital in geneva where the president is reportedly being treated. to be able to tell you there are forty million algerians who want to know where they are during president and those he's going to flee to is because no one has seen him since his last speech in cities on may eighth two thousand and twelve where he declared publicly in front of all algeria he would withdraw from
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algerian political life people. and their cousins try to list himself as a candidate but was barred by the government he was later arrested after demanding access to the hospital. young people in particular are desperate for change. but you. know we want to get rid of. he can't even open or close his eyes anymore. he's half dead and he really has to be for power now. we're really grateful for all he did but it really is time for him to leave and now other candidates to run for president if the ailing president is listening he shows no sign of honoring these demands. all right well i'm joined now by a journalist so sore he's in algeria he's been tracking this story for us first of all how much political support is there left for the algerian president. political support he has in the last fifty or even twenty years is
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a clean green party cancer camp that stands behind him was composed of a group of fractions within the business each year from political parties that were bucking and since he was elected in one thousand nine hundred nine but also for powerful trade unions the relationship but in the last days with a lot of tensions with some of the parties that are battling to turn to the water then several members of the central committee also from members of parliament. public t.v. set that they were leaving the party and the parliament as well. within the city other trade unions federation we're seeing the same the leadership is still the hike which is peter buck a lot of local branches and unions says it's too easy to publicly credit caring now for days that they're not ducking. the president anymore and they're joining the protests i mean look put of legal he's eighty two years old he's been
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president for nearly twenty years as you mentioned his supporters when dealing will these protests convince him to finally step down. there's no question that third attributed to her will not run again he will not. be able to keep the first charm of this very very clear all or listen to her concrete conduct agree when the first time we hear them are kotor in the streets and also on that day you could say that this is the biggest. protest movement the country is witnessing since nine hundred eighty eight so we're not talking about something that the slabbing on a regular basis a massive massive skunky wide protest movement what we have right now as well which might be the last nail in the political hot zone of the procedure is to call for a general strike because a lot of talk about it wasn't for the week or ten days but now it's getting more poke it maun like likely that this will he happen to separate events. were
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caught calling for a five day general strike starting on sunday the tenth of from march so when this really materializes i think next week might be the last day of which if you just can't be able to maintain his presidential bid. journalist cannot store in algeria for thank you very much for that update. and now to some of the stories making news around the world britain's prime minister theresa may as called on the european union to make what she called one more push to get a revised deal on bret's it the u.k. parliament is scheduled to hold a second vote on the deal next week the prime minister has so far failed to gain the concessions that she says she needs secure lawmakers support. by former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning has been jailed after refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating the wiki leaks website she says she objects to the secrecy of the proceedings and that she's already told authorities everything she knows
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manning served a jail term after leaking documents to the site in two thousand and ten. a capsule built by the american company space x. as splashdown off the coast of florida ending its test flight to the international space station if all goes well it could carry its first astronauts into orbit later this year. a six hour descent. ending in a splash. with its lending in the atlantic ocean the unmanned space x. crew dragon capsule completed its six day mission to the international space station . it marked another milestone for billionaire iran musk's private space company. this mission was to demonstrate that space x. is capable of carrying astronauts to the i assess. mission accomplished.
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ripley the capsules captain would have survived but she was a mere dummy covered in sensors but with no voice to return greetings to her space station comrades when her capsule docked by remote control on march third. welcome to the crew dragon. congratulations to all of the teams who made yesterday's launch and today's docking a success. these amazing feats. show us not how easy our mission is but how capable we are of doing hard saying. welcome to the new era in space flight . space x. is one of a handful of private companies around the world hoping to usher in a new era an extraterrestrial travel one in which entrepreneurs rather than governments hold the key to the heavens. they're watching news still to come these two beluga whales are about to leave a life in the spotlight for the peaceful quiet whale sanctuary but first they have
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to undertake a complicated journey we'll tell you all about. how much of venezuela is without electricity right now about the country's worst ever blackout president nicolas maduro has ordered schools government entities and businesses to close in order to aid efforts to restore power the blackout is raising tensions in a nation already on edge from the ongoing political turmoil. dining in darkness at this restaurant in the capital caracas at seven usual but outside shops a shuttered unable to do business venezuelans are quite familiar with power outages but this time the question is how long it will last trams and subways are off buses are packed full many commute hours on foot. right next hour to have any i was traveling to buy groceries cheese and me but now all the shops are closed and the a.t.m.'s aren't working event but i think that i think you know i. aapc they're
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looking for let's imagine ourselves in a hospital right now what would an emergency be like right now in a hospital. they don't even want to imagine it i just pray to god for those people that are in the operating room right now. and at the moment. the government says the problem is here at the gury blaming the enemies of socialism for damaging the country's largest power station the opposition says government corruption and economic mismanagement caused the blackout as politicians passed the. venezuelans left to wonder where is the power. sports now and in business legal football all eyes will be on dortmund when they host stuttgart on saturday earlier this season you might remember dortmund held a nine point lead in the title race but now perennial champions by munich have drawn even with them on points with only goal difference separating the two sides the pressure is on dormant to refine their form dortmund's captain marco royce was
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sorely missed royce's injury started in december keeping him sidelined for a period where the team suffered a dip in form but even without the superstore the table toppers could have not stuck more points then they ended up doing. positive we have to stay positive we always create enough scoring chances to win we have to eliminate the individual mistakes. despite the bumpy weeks in the bundesliga and the sobering in to do it means champions league campaign the fans remain one hundred percent behind their team it over the fence i believe that almost all teams have phases in the course of the season in which things don't go so well and that's what we just had. up the club wants to believe the crisis is over on saturday we'll find
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out if opponents stuttgart are willing to play along. beluga whales are some of the most intelligent and social marine mammals so for conservationists is a travesty that so many are kept in captivity to perform tricks and aquariums around the world now a project has been launched that aims to change that with the help of a jumbo jet meet little white and little grey. two female blue whales. they've been in captivity for a decade now and this is their daily routine. performing tricks to shanghai aquarium. but now their lives are about to change. this jumbo jet is being dreaded to take them to the other side of the world whales on a plane suspended in mats in a container in the hold with
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a team of vets and specialists. travel some ten thousand kilometers. the goal is a brighter future for a little white in the fifth grade but the larger prize if you like is we're going to provide a blueprint a template for other species and other locations all around the world to offer wells and dolphins a brighter future. that's future is here the island of jaime just off the south coast of iceland a secluded cove is being turned into the world's first sanctuary for belugas with just a net shutting them off from the open ocean they'll have near natural conditions. the project is the brainchild of a conservation group working with the entertainment for which now of the shanghai aquarium. there's a body of evidence now that shows that we can't really care for these incredibly
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complex social intelligent animals in an aquarium environment and merlin entertainments believe they shouldn't be on the show for public entertainment as well so it's much better to provide these to these two amazing animals with a much more natural how to live in a world wide between three and four hundred palookas live in captivity organizers hope some of them might leave concrete news behind and make their way to iceland joining little gray and little white. that's it for now don't forget you can always stay up to date with the latest news and headlines around the clock on our website d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news i'm called aspen the day is coming up next also with us for.
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today is international women's day focal point for activists around the world combat in the issues facing women like the gender wage gap sexual violence and discrimination while progress has been made recently what do we including men still need to work on i'm called assman in berlin and this is the day.


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