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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm CET

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will be talking about the all school winning documentary that highlights the stigma surrounding menstruation impulse of india. and we meet meet a brave female took to us risking all in conservative iraq. war photographer has to be one of the most dangerous professions around life expectancy is not very high however it is definitely not a male domain indeed one of the more recent tragedies was that of german photographer need ring house she was killed in afghanistan just four years ago a neighboring house is one of eight female photographers featured in an exhibition until sold off cold photographers at the front. when she takes pictures carolyn cool has a clear and camera i but she doesn't normally find subjects for her photographs in
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museums she is a war photographer. you have to be curious about the world you have to have compassion for people around the world and you have to have persistence to get into these situations because many of this is so it situations shown here are very difficult to get into those kind of situations where there is no one else there to show what's going on gives me a real sense of purpose. at this exhibition and dissolute on the display is made up of one hundred forty works by eight female war photographers from the one nine hundred thirty s. up to the present day all of the photos were taken by women who ventured with their cameras to the front line. their photos show that in war there are no winners death is an ever present theme. back in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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in iran or in the western sahara photographers such as christine staying there from france even had their cameras under headscarves by doing that they often gained access to areas that were off limits to their male colleagues. of being a woman as a war reporter is a big advantage. women can not only use their physical power in this profession and stead death in the face but they also have the advantage that they can be androgynous women can be comedians. they're such like this women mother and soldier beauty and hoarder are never far apart. in war it's all about survival and not just for the locals for the photographers too german reporter anna needing house was shot dead in afghanistan in twenty fourteen her photos are also an splay in the exhibition. there's no specifically female
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eye when it comes to war photography just like their male counterparts women are also searching for the truth their lens is subjective they are there to give a voice to the people affected by conflict. they appreciate somebody coming and trying to tell their story it doesn't require even speaking to somebody there is an almost an instant connection that i make with people they know why i am there they know what's going on in their country they want people to know what's happening. paying attention to the people who are so often forgotten in the chaos of war photographer such as carolyn cool and christine spang their show parts of life that many people would be all too keen to plough. and in doing so the risk no less than their lives. joining me now is my colleague michael kroger here to talk about an extraordinary
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story indeed that was made into a documentary film and got an oscar this year now before we see the seat here behind yeah they're going to the oscars before we see a bit of the film tell us about the but because this is a true story yeah well the whole story started with an english teacher and hosts you then. at a school in los angeles. and the papa school in india and that flicks production twenty six minutes full of emotion hope and love for really strong women and girls. and the school topic was in the beginning how many straight changes the life of a girl and how different the situation is in india this group of quite normal american girls were just thinking about how they started to learn to handle demonstration and that they had so many opportunities here we are we see the girls because of the background education freedom and wealth they have first period
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sometimes perhaps missing one day in school but in india that often means the end of classes for ever period should be the end of a sentence not. a girl's education and this became the slogan of the documentary was intended as an advert for a project the american girls initiated to finance affordable sen the paths for women in india ok we'll hear a bit more about let's have a look now at this oscar winning film. yes there was. again you had a minute. i had you not on duty to.
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do and if you don't do it would you measure. to be. given how many you would be true for me and if you believe that is a game. that is i mean even. it's kind of strange for us in here in europe to see that fear of that sort of stigma surrounding this subject in the twenty first century is not it is and there are studies studies which claim that more than fifty percent of the women in india
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knows nothing too little about their own period and the director of the firm. explained that they met an elderly woman and their work who thought all the time that there was something wrong with her. it was so many women and girls we get to know in the film who were talking for the first time in their life about this topic they solve all the problems usually that come along with the menstruation all by themselves so. when it comes the first time to. the peer if they take the first thing they say for example an old zombie on them but this stuff secretly somewhere that's really unbelievable and in some areas the women are excluded from the village communities neighboring needful exclusion is also common woman and some places are forced to spend the time during the periods and small hot so i think there's really a lot to do to help these women ok now you mentioned that there's
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a project to find affordable sanitary pads does a bit about this could be a really clever solution if it's to set up a small production line for senator kerry pats because. education is the one topic and the other one is poverty many goats cannot afford the pets. and so this simple technology helps the local people to create a foldable and beauty great of all paths from locally so materials and a man cold i have to read it. then to this machine and it does more than just producing the pots and i will have to leave it she would should just mention the website with the story the pav project dot org look at that very well website micah thank you very much a wonderful story there finally today to iran to meet enterprising to truest to jews not strictly forbidden in the islamic republic but they are frowned
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upon by the authorities who see them as a western phenomenon which is wrong because to jews been around for thousands of years and are found all mummified bodies all over the world anyway are sonic hardy is a beautician in toronto who when asked does a bit of body art as well. this is how absent they had to spends most of her time perfecting the contour africa's tamar's eyebrows her beauty salon is tucked away in the first floor of an apartment building in eastern tehran. but the thirty year old artist also offers a different service to women who know what to ask for one that is not openly advertize and can be only performed behind closed doors here in iran. a tattoo ng is the job she's most passionate about and her preferred form of art i think it's much more beautiful to me than drawing or painting on paper which i used
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to do when i have a sketch and then i took to it on someone's body it's amazing the fact that i change someone's appearance of my art gives me a good feeling a good feeling that's shared by the women she tattoos but none of them want to talk about it on camera or even show their faces that's because having a tattoo is widely considered taboo in iran. in public body art mostly remains hidden beneath the moderate dress code that's mandatory here but inside coffee shops where to rounds hipsters gather tattoos are openly displayed. so hayloft lucky is one of the scenes most famous artists he considers tech tooling to be a symbolic form of medical treatment for his generation a way for people to heal what he sees as spiritual wounds well living in a culture in crisis. getting more and more hollow.
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for this survey used to use and also expensive clothes as a beautiful cloak to hide what's missing inside. so as a business tattooing is getting more and more successful. for customers or is hard to make an educated choice. because when something is kind of illegal in a society you know it and it's hard to find out information about it and. that's something i've seen a heidi would like to change as well instead of creating her art secretly inside a beauty salon she would like to bring it out of the shadows. i guess that. would open my own tattoo studio. time that i began then i could work along with many other tattoo artists to quote expand the business and get better at what i share a passion that's not without risks here in the islamic republic but for absent
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a being able to pursue her art is worth it. a brave warn in fact it was brave women all the way on our show today if you want to see the show again d.w. dot com slash culture and in fact find all sorts of things about arts and culture from around the world. but that's. all we've got time for today thanks the crew here in berlin thank you for watching bob i found.
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one tree guy international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week most international women's day we're taking a close look at women in power and asking the bets of politicians and what impact is the next generation of young female politicians likely to have to join us on quadriga scholefield. quadriga thirty minutes w. . what's the connection between bread. and the european. nose guild
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use safe water and safe for all materials to avoid content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in a home by plying the five key is to say for food use them you also have a role to play. police in the turkish city of istanbul have fired tear gas at demonstrators taking part in a march to mark international women's day many of the protesters were demanding the release of women imprisoned in syria authorities said the march was an authorized peaceful marches took place in cities around the world in berlin women.


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