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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin rival protests in venezuela opposition supporters clashed with police in caracas and venting their anger over a nationwide blackout and calling for president but drove to resign but his supporters are also rally against what they say is foreign intervention in venezuela's affairs also coming up germany's two biggest banks could soon become one bunch of banks ford reportedly agrees to merger talks with troubled rival after two years of losses for both banks. algerian police arrest nearly two hundred as
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clashes break out following huge demonstrations calling for the country's leader to step down but will he listen to their demands. i'm calm asked them both into the program opposition protesters have clashed with riot police in the venice way than capital caracas one the country's self-proclaimed leader had urged his supporters to take to the streets they're venting their anger over a nationwide power outage and are once again demanding an end to president nicolas maduro government but my duro has also called on his supporters to rally today as the power struggle between the rivals intensifies. the day caracas begins with anger and. the police are trying to still proposition supporters. gathering for the
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protest. i'm going to join us let's hug each other. don't shoot us don't kill us come on cops. an elderly woman thanks so far all the opposition has been able to demonstrate peacefully and on the hindrance but now it seems the police have started to use pepper spray. or go to intimidate to get my fortune i say they have orders to prevent us from assembling so there will be no demonstration like that but we're not giving up in the way citizens have a right to freedom of expression it is time said the secret police arrive on the scene the workers who wish to do is to wreck the stage for self-proclaimed president one going to have been arrested making tensions worse is the biggest power failure in the nation's history the government says it's the result of an attack by foreigners and it will defend itself it is an attack on the homeland without any doubt it is an attack on venezuela. supporters of president hu do or
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have also been gathering to hold their own protest against what they say is imperialist aggression. the board of germany's largest bank has reportedly agreed to merger talks with the second largest. newspaper says the board of daughter bank will discuss the fusion with its traditional rival mats bond the german government has been urging the two banks to merge after years of losses deutsche bank has also faced scrutiny for several recent scandals including accusations of money laundering and an interest rate scam. and joining me now to break that down is lars halter he's with business look large we've been talking about this we've been hearing these rumors about a merger between these banks for a long time now how likely is it that will happen this time around i think it's actually pretty likely and the interesting thing is call we don't actually need anonymous insiders here to give us any hints because we're getting pretty good
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clues if we just listen to leadership maybe let's just take a listen to what a c.e.o. martin see it is that just a couple of weeks ago. strategy is right and it's working just a profit is increasing because we are growing in a core business. because their action is the right one but the atmosphere of negative interest and price pressure severely limit the profitability of banks in germany and out of this the current speculation of a merger with dr blank is understandable. but you also understand that don't participate in it this day nor in general. so we hear a lot here about the reasons why the trouble we hear about the speculation of autumn merger between commercial and what we don't hear is the denial and that is of course pretty a rare one ever in the business community you have rumors about a merger and they don't want you to know of course it's going to be denied right away you don't have that here and you have the same answers coming from deutsche
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bank c.e.o. kristen saving just recently said exactly the same thing of course a merger is an option we might not be talking about it right now but it's pretty clear that they're really looking at that ok so some clues there sorts of on for one i mean this was a global powerhouse this was a respected bank i mean what happened talk about the fall of the oh well first of all of course the financial crisis happened that of course happened to the entire global financial sector and that brought down with it what happened after that of course might have been even worse for the arch of punk than most of its competitors it was scandal after scandal you mentioned some of them earlier whether it was the menu palatial interest rates off of the gold price whether it was tax evasion moving clients people clients money abroad just think panama papers whether it was breaking sanctions there was no financial scandal in the last decade that deutsche bank was not part of or even leading the pack and that cost them billions and
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billions of dollars and what happened now is just have a look at where the a chipmunk stands now in comparison to other intern. national banks if we just want to rank them by assets under management you have tortured bunk with just the bold one point eight trillion dollars that is far less than the european competitors if you look at u.b.s. or a h.s.b.c. over in england it is far less than the american competitors and of course they are way way far away from the chinese competition some of those things are three times the size so today deutsche bank ranks just about under the top twenty and is not really much of a global player anymore i don't mean left behind we can see if maybe this will be a potential marriage made in heaven so to speak lars also from the business thank you so much welcome thought through our nose take a look at some the other stories making news around the world supporters of the far
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right national core party have clashed with police in kiev the demonstrators were protesting corruption in the army ukrainian president petro poroshenko has made tackling corruption a key issue head of elections there on march thirty first. armed militia men have attacked an ebola treatment center in congo for the second time in two weeks one policeman has reportedly been killed there are many armed groups in the region hampering efforts to contain the disease the able outbreak in the east of the country has killed almost six hundred people. algeria has seen the biggest demonstrations against president. to flee cussons protests began in the country two weeks ago the eighty two year old ruler has ruled algeria for the past twenty years and is in poor health but he wants to run for a fifth term in upcoming elections the demonstrations were mostly peaceful but police used tear gas to block the road to the presidential palace and in several other areas of the capital state television says almost two hundred people have
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been arrested. a force of blue helmets and riot gear pushes forward into the streets of algiers the police fired tear gas into the crowds of demonstrators ahead. armored police vehicles plows through the streets as protesters throw stones in defiance of the ruling government. for two weeks running demonstrations have become a common sight on the streets of algeria's capital city but now the movement has grown larger than ever before with tens of thousands of algerians demanding president abdelaziz bouteflika not run for a fifth term many say they've had enough of the current government and their appetite for protest is undiminished. by him saying no to the regime. we need a better future for our children we did not live the good life but we want our children to live a better life. the president confined to
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a wheelchair has tried to ease public anger by promising political reform has also lashed out against the protests saying they have been infiltrated by foreign powers some even doubt that beautifully is still alive political activists rashid neck us staged demonstration and front of the hospital in geneva where the president is reportedly being treated. to be with you here are forty million algerians who want to know where they are during president and those he's going to flee to is because no one has seen him since his last speech in cities on may eighth two thousand and twelve where he declared publicly in front of all of syria he would withdraw from algerian political. cause tried to list himself as a candidate but was barred by the government he was later arrested after demanding access to the hospital that young people in particular are desperate for change that he. knows we want to get rid of. he can't
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even open or close his eyes anymore jim he's half dead and he really has to be for power now. and we're really grateful for all he did but it really is time for him to leave and allow other kind of. to run for president if the president is listening from his hospital bed he shows no sign of honoring these demands. joining me now in studio is a bus share a room he's with arabic now but you actually just returned from algeria just a few hours ago you were at yesterday's protests what did you see there in algiers is this a turning point for the country well for me it was quite overwhelming around one million people going out in the streets of. peaceful. was very very. friendly to each other they were playing music it was quiet festival they were not chanting political slogans so for the people
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they're very proud to have managed such demonstrations peacefully and i think from a psychological point of view it's a turning point dismiss these unprecedented i mean one million people a lot one million people alone in the capital and we have also dozens of other cities how much political support is left for the president i think has no supports since the last five years if not even long most of his supporters supported him. opposed to newsom all by shia and now the people have no fear to say that they are fed up with him and his clan so that's why we see you know that it's getting increasingly silent around but if you come we're also hearing about some pressure on algeria's military to defuse this crisis me just tell me what role does the military play there it's not quite the military as an institution you have clans
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inside the regime consisting off of the military of the intelligence services and the all the guards and the internal struggles with each other. that still is in office is because they didn't or couldn't agree to have one person as his successor but now with the protests getting stronger they really need to have a plan b. to choose another successor and the crucial point is that the people are aware of this point speaking of plan b.'s what about algeria's political opposition i mean how strong are the the opposition parties could they come in and fill the void if you think a step down not at all in these two have no real opposition beautifully because of g.-man it in the in the last twenty years to destroy every real position and movement from inside that infiltrated them they bought them so the really really
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powerful opposition from the people tell me about your experience there you just returned from algeria what was it like as a reporter is it safe to be reporting there i wasn't as a reporter the official the i had paid the family visit and of course at the airports for example the police told me that they were aware that i'm a journalist and they have that they have no credentials for working as a journalist inside the drea for the moment all right by sheer broun from you arabic service thank you so much for that insight thank you. it's in changing gears now it's two bonus league of football infernal champions by munich have demolished valse berg six nothing to snatch away first place from dortmund six different players found the net for bahrain who are now lead dortmund on goal difference dortmund had been at the top of the table since the match day six that was all the way back in september if you can remember that let's take
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a look now at all the buddhist leader results so far this weekend as we saw byron took care of dormant defeated stuttgart three to one freiburg snuck past half of berlin two one and a scoreless draw between leipzig and barak and on friday it was a bremen downing show. coach you see him there dominik go to disco desperately wanted those three points and it looked for a bit that his team might make that happen midway through the first half they went up one nothing with that goal by a real and bolo but bremen then took charge scoring four goals to finish with a comfortable when it's now the third straight loss for shelter and this goes job may well be on the line. under way right now we have minds against gladbach and on sunday hoffenheim take on durham back and hung over me deliver cruzan on monday will see dusseldorf against frankfurt. that's all for de
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news right now we'll have more news for you coming up at the top of the hour but up next our documentary film on israeli soldier. murderer or hero. thanks for joining us to. play. the floods have taken everything. now despair please god the climate refugees the day. they seek shelter. but. the waters causing. the floods. to w. .


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